Women’s Counseling Near Me: 2021 Free Female Therapist

By | May 18, 2021

Millions of women in America and around the world face different issues in their daily lives. Some of the issues are from when they were kids while some came along the way when they were adults. Whichever the case, such women need a safe space to talk about it and get help from professionals. 

It is why some would be searching for women’s counseling near me or free therapy services to find the best therapists in their areas or online too. As much as it might seem like you have to pay a psychologist to get better[1], it will be worth it when you feel better in the end. 

Are you ready to get help?  If that is the case, consider looking at Betterhelp to access licensed counselors ready to help you get your life back to normal. 

best options Women’s Counseling on the market in (May. 2021)

  • Betterhelp – Editor’s choice
  • Talkspace – Best for live chats
  • Regain – Great for couples
  • Teen Counseling – Best for teen counseling
  • Pride Counselling – Best for LGBTQ community

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner

Editor’s Choice



Why is it better?

  • Live sessions with therapists
  • Privacy is highly maintained
  • Several ways for communicating with your therapist

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best For Live Chats

  • The signup process is straightforward
  • Communication via video, audio, and texts
  • Fast customer service

Great For Couples

  • Focuses on relationships
  • Couples have to attend the therapy together
  • Video sessions are highly recommended

Best For Teen Counseling

  • Has professional therapists 
  • All the counselors are licensed 
  • The counseling sessions are highly confidential

Best For LGBTQ Community

  • It offers affordable rates 
  • It has licensed counselors
  • Matching with a therapist takes only a few hours

Best online women’s counseling: Betterhelp

Betterhelp specializes in providing counseling to couples, individuals, and teens. This is done through the company platform or an app you can download to your phone. All this time, you will have access to licensed counselors who can help to resolve life challenges to specific women’s issues. 

As you can see, it can be a great place to consider visiting the site to get your mental health better. 

Depression, stress, and anxiety are some of the problems that Betterhelp sessions can help you manage. Since the counselor can communicate with you online, you do not have to worry about scheduling physical visits. Also, you can access the service worldwide. 

The whole process a person takes to find and pay for counseling is now relatively shorter thanks to Betterhelp. Let us see what more you can get with the company below. 

How does it work? 

Mental health coupled with women’s issues can be scary sometimes. Thus, it would be great if you are matched with a person who knows what he or she is doing. 

It is, for this reason, Betterhelp requires you to fill a questionnaire during the registration process. During this part, you can also include what you want in a counselor. It could be sex, age, language, and more. Well, counseling can only work when you are comfortable with the therapist, thus complete the form truthfully. 

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you can be matched with your counselor in a few hours. Sometimes it can take a few days to be matched, so be patient. 

Now that you have been matched, you can start talking over the phone or through the app discussing any issues you might be experiencing. Do not be afraid to get personal as that is the only way you can get better. 

Benefits of using Betterhelp 

The biggest benefit you will like about counseling through Betterhelp is the number of options available. You can always talk to your counselor through the phone, live chats, chat rooms, and video sessions. It is now possible to find the right avenue that is comfortable for you. 

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The counselors are licensed with over 2000 hours of experience. As such, they can help you with almost anything. It could be anxiety, relationships, or any other life issues you are going through. 

As expected, Betterhelp is affordable than conventional face-to-face therapy. If you compare what you pay for online therapy, you will find it is a lot cheaper. Once you find a company such as Betterhelp with its simple process of matching you with a therapist, you are not going back to the conventional ways. 

Seeking therapists who can do the job can be time-consuming. Luckily, you can now find multiple therapists in one place and that is Betterhelp. If you do not like your therapist, you can get a new one in no time. 

Treatment Options for Women’s Issues 

Women can go through different issues in life. What is important is that they can find a person who gives them the right treatment. Below are some of the methods a counselor might use to help you. 


Before a woman is given psychiatric medications, there is a lot that goes into the counseling process first. It is only after several sessions that a counselor might deem it necessary to offer medications to help with the situation. 

These medications will mostly be antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety drugs, and more. In case you get such medications, always follow the recommended dosage. 

Behavioral therapy 

This one is also called Cognitive Behavior Therapy[2] or CBT. This one is mostly used to help a person identify any unhelpful behavior to improve their relationships with other people. It could be family or friends at work. 

So, each time you get negative thoughts, you can replace them with positive or neutral thoughts. 


This part involves talking to a licensed mental health professional. It could be a psychologist or a psychiatrist who can help a woman understand their body and issues first before helping them tackle them. 

During the recovery stage, the counselor has to come up with vital strategies and tools that can help a patient deal with anxiety or any other issue that might be causing mental health problems

Alternative therapies 

Therapy can be in many forms. What is important is seeking the help of a professional therapist to find the right alternative therapy for you. Such therapies can take different forms including exercise, diet, meditation, and mindfulness. Some even consider hypnosis. This should always be done by a professional.

How to find the Best Counseling for women’s issues?

When you do a simple Google search with the aim of finding a therapist, it is so easy to get confused. This is because you will get thousands of options for you to consider. To help you pick the right counselor, here are some basic tips to consider.

  • A good mental health professional would always have people referring him or her to other patients. So it is best to ask your friends and family members about a good therapist in the area or online. 
  • Research more about the therapist’s license. Everyone knows that licensed therapists are who you should always look for when picking a therapist. Confirm if the person has committed any malpractices before. You might be surprised with some malpractices therapists commit against their patients. 
  • Personal information shared with a therapist should always remain confidential. Are there any reports that such a counselor leaks his notes on patients? As you can see, it can be hard to get social with such a person. It is hard to have a relationship where you cannot talk about anything. 
  • The experience is also important. How many people has the therapist helped improve their family relations or make them feel they have the support they so much need? If the counselor has many positive reviews and many hours of experience, you would not mind using his or her services. 
  • The price will also be an important part of the decision-making process. Consider looking for an affordable service. If you are on a budget, services such as Betterhelp can be a good start. You can pay less and still enjoy the attention and help you get from a counselor. 
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What are women’s issues?

Women’s issues can always affect the mental health of a woman. It is why women need the support they can get from relationships, professional therapists, and even friends to go through some things. 

In case you resort to therapy, always get a qualified counselor who understands the issues and finds the right treatment for you. Also, give therapy more time. It is not something that will fix your problems overnight but it is rather a process. 

Well, below are some of the women’s issues to help you learn more about them and see why therapy might be essential for those facing them. 

Eating Disorders

Whenever the subject of eating disorders[3] comes up, some might think it is just women eating up their feelings. However, it is always an indication of something deeper. That is why women who have eating disorders can show signs of depression, weight gain, obsessive thoughts, and more. 

It is easy to see that a woman with an eating disorder needs a counselor in her life to help her understand her problem first and deal with it accordingly over a couple of sessions. 


Depression in women cannot be underestimated. Some might experience it for a few months while others have to battle it for years. Such women need the help of a professional and licensed therapist to understand the cause and further address it. 

Also, the support from family and friends can go a long way to alleviate symptoms of depression. If it is not done early, some might develop suicidal thoughts[4] too. 


Let us say you have to make a big presentation, it is possible to get anxious. However, this can pass within a few hours. However, some women have to deal with anxiety for days or even months. At this point, such a woman would have stress and begin to panic when even handling common daily tasks. 

Regardless of what you might think is the cause, only a professional counselor can help. Be open to counseling to see if that can improve your emotional control and clear anxiety. 

Borderline Personality 

Women who are suffering from borderline personality disorder[5] are likely to experience negative thoughts all the time. As such, a small setback can seem quite catastrophic to them. Only counseling and extensive therapy sessions can help such people understand that there is more to life and also view it positively. 

Postpartum Depression 

Postpartum depression can quickly manifest itself a few days after giving birth. Some women need counseling for them to have the right emotional support to care for the babies. When it is done early, this disorder can last for a few weeks. However, some last for months if such women do not seek the services of a professional counselor. 

Postpartum depression[6 can also affect a marriage where the husband might feel the wife is distant from the baby or him too. 

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can mess your moods to a point you are no longer functional. Your mood would be all over the place. One time you are happy, the next minute you are sad and depressed. It can sometimes be hard to sustain a relationship when it seems you are unstable. 

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So, it is best to seek advice from a counselor to understand your problems first and also get the right medications. 

Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence can take different forms such as physical, psychological, and verbal. When your partner in marriage abuses you in various ways, you can expect to end up depressed and sometimes with physical injuries if they turn violent. 

Healing from domestic violence is not easy. You need a licensed counselor who can help you get back to your feet after a series of domestic violence cases. 

Low Self-Esteem 

When someone experiences low self-esteem, in most cases it can be traced to their childhood, bullying, or being in a bad relationship. Such a feeling also makes someone feel they have low self-worth. This would make a person not put much effort into some things thinking that no one would recognize their efforts anyway. 

That is not how things should be. Everyone should be able to showcase how good they are at various things. So, seek counseling services from a professional to guide you back on the path of believing in yourself. 


Ask any woman who has experienced infertility challenges[7] and you will know it is no joke. Such women can have depression on another level. This is because not many people are willing to understand the cause of infertility. As such, such women end up feeling hopeless. 

In some cases, it could also be the men who are infertile, but it is the women who get all the blame. So, counseling from a professional therapist can go a long way in improving the mental health of such a woman.

Final thought

Women’s issues are not things to be taken lightly. It is because if the issues are not kept in check, they can lead to a mental breakdown sometimes. They could also have physical and emotional effects too. 

As you can see, it would be great if finding a therapist who can help with women’s issues is made easy. That is something Betterhelp has made possible. You can easily access therapists specializing in different issues and get the best help you ever desired. You could also perform a Google search with the phrase, “counseling for women’s issues near me” to get a wide range of resources. 

Therapy does not have to be hard. Give it time. You could also include a session with your family members to help them know what you are going through and in turn, help you back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are considered women’s issues in counseling?

Women’s issues are simply the struggles women go through in their daily lives. Some of them include depression, stress, infertility, domestic violence, eating disorder, postpartum depression, and more.

What is the difference between a Counselor and a therapist?

A counselor is trained to deal with a specific issue and the time can also be limited. A good example is if you might be having a problem with your marriage, the right person to talk to is a counselor. As for a therapist, such a person approaches various issues you might be facing as an individual and helps you see things in an alternative way, which is better than what you are doing now.

What are the 3 types of therapy?

The three main types of therapy include psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanist therapies. Each one has its own time and place where it is effective. So, let a licensed therapist determine which one to use.

How do I find a good counselor in my area?

Always research before settling for one. You could even ask your friends to offer a referral to the best counselor in the area. Still, check the license of the counselors before paying for their services.