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Many Americans Take Meds That Weaken COVID Vaccine Response

THURSDAY, May 20, 2021 — A small but significant percentage of Americans take medications that can hamper their immune system and its response to COVID-19 vaccines, researchers say. Their analysis of data from more than 3 million adults under 65 with private insurance found that nearly 3% take immunosuppressive drugs. Those include chemotherapy medications and… Read More »

How many people are gluten free diet

Printer Friendly Version. Otherwise testing may not yield valid results. There are approximately potential symptoms, many of which are also symptoms of other conditions. This is very important because the standard blood testing done as a first step to diagnosing these conditions is not meaningful unless gluten is being consumed for a significant period of… Read More »

Too many calories on ketogenic diet

I’ve been overweight much much too long. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We understand how cell respiration works, and there are numerous studies on how it works. Your brain is mostly cholesterol. Also, sugar alchols do not remove carbs from your food. The opposing viewpoint maintains that… Read More »