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How to prevent muscle loss while dieting

You continue hitting your normal calorie targets but never more and doing intense bursts of cardio on non-workout days so you create a calorie deficit through exercise instead of under-eating. By the end of four weeks, the higher-protein group not only lost more fat than the lower-protein group Meanwhile, those who followed low-protein diet with… Read More »

2 weeks dieting and no weight loss

Sometimes dieting can be a lot like dating. There’s the initial search to find that promising diet person, followed by a honeymoon period where everything seems just perfect. The two of you are really clicking and it seems like maybe you’ve found your perfect match. Mediterranean diet, where have you been all my life? But… Read More »

Can weight loss help osteoarthritis

OA imposes a serious and growing health burden and commands increased attention in terms of pathophysiological understanding in order to optimize management of affected patients. Reduce inflammation. Osteoarthritis commonly affects a number of our weight-bearing joints and can cause pain, disability and negatively affect our ability to exercise and stay active. Research has further described… Read More »

What weight loss diet best suits me quiz

Unless you have an allergy to glutens, there is really no reason to go gluten-free. Keeping a food diary is a proven method for shedding pounds, and the Weight Watchers method incorporates that strategy. You need a diet which includes various healthy foods and provides your body with all the necessary nutrients. According to the… Read More »

How good is mango for weight loss

Any diet is successful if you loss your calorie intake closely and mango more than you consume each day. Here are some health benefits of mangoes that you cannot ignore. If your diet for allows for you to eat a bit of mango, then you must go ahead and incorporate it in your weight loss… Read More »