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Keto diet less sleep

There are many benefits of a low-carb diet. It starves the body of glucose, forcing the body to burn stored fat — which can drastically enhance weight loss. For many, however, insomnia is an unexpected side effect of your new dietary regime. Depending on your age, you require at least seven hours of sleep per… Read More »

Are oranges ok on a keto diet

Fiber The orange duet an keto source of fiber for the body. Health Benefits. It is best to think of fruit as a supplement to your keto diet, not as a significant component. Even though an orange contains only mg of potassium, constituting just 6 percent of the daily requirement, it is a very tasty… Read More »

What happens day one of keto diet

You learned in our previous post about how a ketogenic diet causes your body to switch from glucose to ketones for fuel. To help set some clear expectations around the transition, I outlined the general timeline for getting into ketosis and what you may experience along the way. Keep in mind, there are exceptions to… Read More »