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Optum inks deal with largest health system to date, SSM Health

Dive Brief: Optum is partnering with nonprofit hospital operator SSM Health in a bid to leverage technology to expand access to healthcare in the Midwest, the latest in deals UnitedHealth’s health services business has made with major health systems to boost back-end functions. Under the 10-year deal beginning in 2022, Optum will support some of… Read More »

Health Privacy and Our Ambivalent Tech-Embrace – Lessons for Digital Health Innovators

A new look into Americans’ views on health privacy from Morning Consult provides a current snapshot on citizens’ concerned embrace of technology — worried pragmatism, let’s call it. This ambivalence will flavor how health citizens will adopt and adapt to the growing digitization of health care, and challenge the healthcare ecosystem’s assumption that patients and… Read More »

The vitamin supplement that may increase cancer risk – ‘strong evidence’ warns health body

Vitamins are compounds that you must have for growth and health. Although you can usually get all the vitamins you need from your diet, some people take dietary supplements to boost their intake. Taking this approach may present grave health risks, suggests mounting evidence. A particular dietary supplement – beta-carotene – has been linked to… Read More »