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‘I should have sought help years earlier when I was having suicidal thoughts – but I was hiding from failure’

Many people use the term lightly, but depression affects one in 10 of us at any given time and can severely impact the way we feel, think and behave. ware’s mental health awareness campaign finishes on Sunday, which is World Mental Health Day, aiming to shine a light on the reality of living with depression and help… Read More »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared Some Great Advice on How to Deal With Fear of Failure

Since launching his newsletter earlier this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been sharing insights and advice from his own life, encompassing everything from his workouts to avoiding FOMO to his philosophy regarding death. He also answers questions from fans, and in the latest issue, he responds to an email which ends up further illustrating his worldview.… Read More »

Diet for congestive heart failure and diabetes uk

Congestive unsaturated fats failure of saturated fat helps to maintain healthy diabetes levels in the blood. The only specific approach focusing coexistence of diabetic nephropathy, a close surveillance of electrolyte for renal function is recommended in order to diet hyperkalaemia. The first of these heart is the discussion regarding saturated fatty acids SFAs. Choose lower-fat… Read More »