Liver shrink diet eggs

By | November 11, 2020

liver shrink diet eggs

What you will learn from this blog post. What is Liver shrinking diet? Why does your surgeon recommend Liver shrinking diet before your weight loss surgery? What types of foods are recommended in the Liver shrinking diet? Why are you instructed to avoid carbonated beverages? The Liver Shrinking diet is usually recommended by the Surgeon to individuals who are preparing to have weight loss surgery. The purpose of the liver shrinking diet also known as a pre-operative bariatric surgery diet is to reduce the size of the liver through weight-loss before the weight loss surgery. Shrinking the liver makes it easier for the surgeon to access the stomach and can help to cut down the operative time, hence reducing some risks associated with surgery.

If so then this is the article for you! When I announced I was going on a liver shrinking diet to prepare for my Gastric Bypass Surgery planned in January I wanted to find information on what to eat on the Liver Shrinking Diet. I honestly found very little information and so I decided to share my experience for others searching for information on the liver reduction diet. I believed a Gastric Bypass would also benefit me in many other ways and improve my general health and so my official bariatric preparations began. Before any bariatric surgery, a patient is required to undergo a Liver Shrinking Diet which makes it easier for the surgeon to operate on the stomach. I decided I might as well eat healthier from the first and so I started eating healthier right away after all was my year for major weight loss and so I was ready to start on the 1st of January. Prior to beginning the diet, I had watched a lot of television shows about successful gastric bypass surgeries.

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