Ketogenic diet and cold

By | August 13, 2020

ketogenic diet and cold

January 21, By Leanne Vogel January 21, Being sick makes it harder to stick to any diet. A recent bout with the flu left me with the chance to see this firsthand — and I managed to kick this flu bug to the curb with natural remedies and liquid-only fasting. When you have a fever, fasting can be one of the most effective mechanisms for helping your body heal — especially depending on the type of infection you have. According to a small study 1 fasting can help substantially promote healing from bacterial infections, while eating the right types of foods can help your body heal from viral infections. A previous study on mice with bacterial infections supports this evidence: mice who were force-fed were less likely to recover from bacterial infections in a timely manner, while mice who were allowed to eat according to their appetites had more positive outcomes. For the most part, the benefits of fasting are limited to the most acute days of the infection, when your fever is highest. Fasting forces your body to rely on stored energy to take care of normal daily processes. This may help speed metabolism and help combat the infection more effectively than even many of the medications you often take to help fight off cold and flu symptoms. Fasting is usually in keeping with what your body really wants.

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