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  • Fat Metabolism
  • Improving Digestion
  • Maintaining Blood Glucose
  • Improving Energy Levels
  • Promoting Sustainable Weight Loss

Brand Information

  • Ultimate Life LTD is the parent company
  • Based in 21 York Place, Leeds
  • Makes wellness and weight loss products
  • Uses GMP-certified facilities

Medical Benefits

  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Improves normal digestion 
  • It helps maintain blood glucose
  • Improves energy levels

About The Brand

Every day, people come across different weight loss supplements, each claiming to be the best. It is easy to see how it can be confusing to sift through these products to get one that works great. It is why reading Leanbean reviews can help a lot in understanding the product better. 

This Leanbean review offers an in-depth look at the product and how it works. It also highlights the health benefits and potential side effects to help you choose better. 

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is best described as a fat burner and appetite suppressant designed for women. The product is manufactured by the Ultimate Life Ltd company known for making other types of weight loss products too. 

Like most fat burners, Leanbean also contains natural ingredients vital for helping you lose weight. Some of these ingredients include glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee bean extract[1], and so much more. 

Since it does not contain harmful chemicals, Leanbean has earned favor among top female athletes. It is more reason to consider it to help with losing weight. 

Who Should Use Leanbean?

Leanbean fat burner is best suited for women who are on a weight loss journey. Keep in mind that not all fat burners would be suitable for women. So, it is good to know that this one has been made specifically to help more women achieve better weight loss.

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  • It is easy to order
  • It has natural ingredients 
  • Leanbean helps reduce cravings 
  • You can burn more calories

Leanbean Ingredients – Does It Work?

Most people looking for weight loss supplements hope that they can get the best products with natural ingredients. That is what Leanbean claims to have in its product. These ingredients may help with fat burning, reduce food cravings, and improve your metabolism. All these processes help you lose weight. 

The company also promises prompt customer support to always have more information on the product before using it. 

There is no doubt you would feel it was worth purchasing Leanbean once you start seeing a flat tummy or a significant drop in weight. Also, the product would help boost your energy levels, in general, to keep you active. 

Any Leanbean reviews would show its natural ingredients. It is from the ingredients that you can understand what you will get from a bottle of Leanbean. Also, the content in a Leanbean pill should help users build confidence in the product. Let us see what these non-GMO and weight loss ingredients are all about. 

Chromium picolinate

The Leanbean fat burner has chromium picolinate[2] in the supplement to help with regulating blood glucose levels. This is one of the main objectives of a fat burner to help the body start the weight loss process as insulin spike is kept low. 


Choline is naturally produced in the liver. However, sometimes you may need to supplement it if you want more benefits. Its work revolves around the transportation of fats and subsequent cholesterol removal from your body. 

When you have more choline in the body, it will help improve fat metabolism, thus turning your body into a fat burner. With increased fat burning, it will lead to weight loss. 

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

Both vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 play a vital role in ensuring you can maintain healthy body weight. They can also help improve your metabolism so that you can have sustained energy levels in the body. 

Having optimal levels of these vitamins can also help reduce fatigue and tiredness, thus helping you stay healthy and fit. These two supplement ingredients can also support muscle function after weight loss. 

Green coffee

What most people do not know is that coffee beans are green before roasting. It is during roasting that the coffee beans turn brown. The roasting process also reduces the number of healthy compounds, so green coffee is recommended for weight loss. 

Green coffee bean extract is rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid; thus the reason it is common in weight loss and dietary supplements. 

Leanbean female fat burner contains enough green coffee to help provide the body with enough antioxidants. Green coffee can also act as a mild stimulant since it has small amounts of natural caffeine.


Like any other fat burner and weight loss supplement, Leanbean will help you feel full for longer and still aid with digestion. That is why this Konjac fiber is part of the ingredients. 

The glucomannan fiber[3] will also help increase your energy levels as part of being on a restrictive diet. We all know that trying to get your body to burn fat is not easy, and you need another source of energy before this happens.


Many weight loss products would have Zinc as part of the ingredients. This is because Zinc is a supplement that may help in boosting your immunity and still reduce inflammation. 

This is also a key mineral that aids in the metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates. The same is also vital to support normal protein synthesis, especially after losing fat to have healthy muscles.

Acai berry

Yes, even acai berry is part of the ingredients in the Leanbean fat burner. The manufacturer chose the ingredient because the berries are nutrient-packed to provide the body with the right nutrition after you lose weight. 

These berries are also loaded with antioxidants vital for neutralizing the free radicals in the body. 

Some studies also show how acai berry could help in improving your cholesterol levels[4], leaving you feeling healthy and good.


This is a thermogenic ingredient that can help you lose weight through appetite suppression. It is why it has been used as a spice for centuries. Also, it is a healthier alternative to Caffeine Anhydrous, which is common in male fat burners. 

Caffeine Anhydrous can have some unwanted side effects in women; thus the reason turmeric will always be a top choice. 

Turmeric contains Curcumin antioxidant in large amounts, which is vital for providing the body with a wide range of health benefits.


Piperine is a black pepper extract that is important for the product’s distinct taste. It is not just about the taste alone, as various studies show how piperine is important in the bioavailability[5]

This simply means that piperine will aid your body to absorb more vital nutrients to ensure you can stay healthy. It may also help in boosting the functionality of other Leanbean ingredients.

Garcinia cambogia

A female fat burner or weight loss product will likely contain Garcinia Cambogia. This is because the ingredient is widely known to help aid the process of losing weight. It does this through appetite suppression and fat burning. When these two processes combine, it is easy to see good progress in losing weight. 

Garcinia cambogia can also help in boosting serotonin levels in the brain. This helps to alleviate the user from conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Potassium Chloride 

Chloride is an electrolyte that can also play an important role in weight loss by keeping your body well-hydrated and healthy. When the other ingredients are trying to regulate blood sugar or burning belly fat for weight loss, this helps keep the body hydrated. 

Chloride also works with other electrolytes to help the stomach cells to produce hydrochloric acid. This means you can also enjoy normal digestion after using the supplement. 

How Does Leanbean Work? 

The company understands that fat loss involves several natural processes in the body. That is why the Leanbean is tailored towards invoking various processes so that the body can lose weight eventually. 

Below are some of the processes you will experience once you start taking Leanbean. 

Reduces calorie intake and food cravings 

Leanbean is rich in glucomannan, which acts as an appetite suppressant. This means that you will feel fuller than normal, thus no need to keep eating all the time. 

Glucomannan works by making the stomach swell so that you are full between your meals. As a result, it will lower the calorie intake and eventually your waistline too. 

Supports fat metabolism 

Leanbean has a wide range of ingredients vital for the natural thermogenic of the body. This means they will boost the metabolism, especially that for fat so that your body can be a fat-burning machine. 

Whenever you are fat-adapted, you will be using fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates. 

Boosts focus and energy 

It is possible that you may feel sluggish when you start dieting. To avoid this from happening, Leanbean can boost our energy too. This is because, with the increased metabolism, you also have better energy levels. 

Leanbean also has a unique vitamin blend to help in guarding you against some deficiencies and promote a clean energy boost too. So, you will end up having a better focus and increased energy levels. 

More energy is what most people who work out or exercise want to experience. You should now be in a position to power through your exercising regime. 


  • It is easy to order
  • It has natural ingredients 
  • Leanbean helps reduce cravings 
  • You can burn more calories


  • It may take too long to work for some people 
  • There are some ingredients with inconclusive studies 
  • It can only be bought from the official website

Health Benefits of Leanbean

Leanbean is a top choice because of the various claims the manufacturer makes as in many reviews. This has made it possible for other people to find it easy to consider purchasing Leanbean. 

Here are some of the health benefits you can get when using Leanbean. 

Boosts Fat Metabolism

Leanbean fat burner’s biggest selling point is that it contains various ingredients vital for fat burning and reducing food cravings. A good example is glucomannan that is fiber important for helping you feel fuller for longer. 

Once you are at a calorie deficit due to eating less, you can see how easy it will be to burn body fat. With increased fat metabolism, it is a matter of months to see significant weight loss results. 

Improves Natural Digestion

Proper digestion is important to ensure your body can get all the nutrients it needs. 

Leanbean promises to help improve your digestion within the first few days of using the products. It is why you will experience better bowel movements once you start using Leanbean. Who would not want improved digestion?

Maintains Normal Blood Glucose

Leanbean is vital for maintaining normal blood pressure and blood glucose levels. This is important to help improve insulin sensitivity[6] and generally keep fat production to a minimum. 

Anyone who has blood glucose regulation problems can find it a good supplement to help keep the blood sugar within the desired range. However, do not use the supplement when you are on other diabetes medications. Consult a doctor first. 

Reduces Tiredness and Fatigue 

When you are on a restrictive diet, it is common to feel fatigued and tired during the first few days. That is why Leanbean would be great to boost your energy levels. 

So, in addition to fat loss due to fat metabolism, you can also have elevated energy levels to help you power through the day. 

Potential Side Effects 

Leanbean contains multiple ingredients like other supplements. So, what are the possible side effects when you use a product with many ingredients?

It is worth noting that each person would react differently to using weight loss supplements and fat burners. It is why you need to see if there are any side effects before using Leanbean after reading the reviews. 

For the most part, there have not been many complaints about Leanbean. However, the green coffee extracts have some caffeine. Not everyone likes caffeine as a stimulant. As such, some might end up with caffeine jitters. 

As much as the company claims all the ingredients in Leanbean are natural, you should still watch out for potential allergic reactions. One thing about allergic reactions is that they do not take long to show. So, you can always know when to stop using Leanbean if the reactions are severe. 

Garcinia Cambogia may lead to stomach upsets and common cold symptoms when used in excess. It is why you have to stick to the recommended dose by the manufacturer. Using more pills per day does not necessarily increase your weight loss process. 

Most people who have reported possible side effects all claim they were mild. However, just be on the lookout for something out of the ordinary and seek medical help if the side effects are severe.

How to Take Leanbean?

Since it is an all-natural supplement, you can use it regularly without the need of cycling. That is something common with other supplements. As much as it is an all-natural product, consulting a medical practitioner for more information is highly advisable. 

As for the dosage, it is recommended to take Leanbean three times daily according to its reviews. Each time you will have to take two pills. So, you will take two pills each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just make sure you take them at the same time daily to get the best results. 

You may forget to take Leanbean at times. Do not worry as you can easily take them the following day at your regular time. Some people tend to take more pills during the next dispensation period. That is not necessary. Use the regular amount of pills. 

If you can respect the dosage amount, you should be able to see the desired results with time. 

Leanbean Reviews: What Female Users Say?

“After reading Leanbean reviews, I had confidence this was the right product for me to use for weight loss. Since it contains Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee, glucomannan, and other notable ingredients, I found it a great choice for losing weight.”

Rebecca C.

“It has been seven weeks since I started using Leanbean. I can say that so far I have significant results to report. As much as the process seemed slow at first, that changed after three weeks. I would like to tell everyone using it to be more patient.”

Patricia L.

“I have been using Leanbean for two months. It has been a great experience since it helped to lose up to 20kg of baby fat and additional weight. I also saw that Leaneban contains natural ingredients. This was more reason for me to continue using the product for months”.  

Margarita J.

Where to Buy Leanbean?

After reading the Leanbean reviews, you may be ready to try it out instead of other fat burners. So, the next logical step for consumers is to buy Leanbean. 

Head over to the official website of the product to purchase a bottle of Leanbean. You will have the option of buying as many pills as you want. We recommend you start with one bottle first to see how your body reacts before increasing the quantity. 

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with a Leanbean purchase. Just make sure you read more on the return policy to understand its limits. 

Top Alternative Choices

You may wonder if there are other fat burners or weight loss supplements that can do the job too. Well, here are some of the common alternatives to consider. 

PhenQ Supplement


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  • Can suppress appetite
  • It boosts motivation and confidence
  • It helps with faster slimming 
  • Prevents bulimic crisis

  • Not suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • May cause side effects like headache, nausea,…

Ultra Omega Burn

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  • Release fat from body
  • Improve digestion
  • Blocks fat production 
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  • May experience stomachache
  • Not for people with low supplement absorption

tritrim reviews

Gundry MD Tritrim

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  • Reduce appetite
  • Improve energy levels
  • Maximize on metabolism 
  • Achieve calorie deficit
  • May experience stomach cramps
  • Taken large dose may cause vomiting

Final Thought 

These Leanbean reviews have done a good job of helping you learn more about the product. As you have read, Leanbean can suppress appetite, boost fat metabolism, and boost your energy and focus. These are all things you want when looking to lose weight and look good. 

Having quick customer support and a 90-day money-back guarantee should make more people comfortable purchasing it. They know that there will be help whenever they need it. 

It is important to note that Leanbean is not a magic pill that will automatically help you lose weight. You still have to include a quality diet and workout plan if you want to lose more weight and keep it off. 

When you take Leanbean and other appetite suppressants, make sure you stick to the right dosage. Also, the results vary from one user to another. So, be patient and continue monitoring your weight loss progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leanbean fat burner FDA-approved?

The facilities the company uses to make Leanbean meet the strict FDA regulations. However, the product itself is not FDA-approved since FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements.

How does Leanbean suppress your appetite?

Leanbean can suppress your appetite because it has ingredients like garcinia cambogia. This ingredient will reduce your food cravings, making it possible to consume fewer calories.

Is Leanbean fat burner safe?

Yes. The product is safe because it contains natural ingredients. So long as you can use it as recommended by the manufacturer, you should not have a problem using Leanbean.

Is there caffeine in Leanbean?

Yes. Due to the green coffee extract, Leanbean contains modest amounts of caffeine. Most consumers find that it is not too much to make you jittery.

Can taking Leanbean lead to a failed drug test?

No. Leanbean will not make you fail a drug test. This is because it does not have any illegal substances and will not affect your urine test.

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]]>6 Signs Of A Slow Metabolism: What To Know? Tue, 12 Oct 2021 09:37:29 +0000 Metabolism

It can be frustrating to climb the scale each time and find that the numbers are still the same despite your best dieting and exercise efforts. Your slow metabolism might be responsible for your slow fitness gains. First, you need to be able to spot the signs of a slow metabolism before trying to speed things up. Let us dive into how you can tell if you have a slower metabolism. You will also learn tips on how to balance metabolism.

6 Signs of a Slow Metabolism: What to Know?

Figuring out if you have got a slow metabolism is the first step in fixing your metabolism. Signs of a slow metabolism include weight gain, fatigue, trouble losing weight, depression, frequent headaches, dry skin, brittle nails, and hair loss.

Weight Gain

If you find that despite eating clean,  watching your calorie intake, and working out, the numbers on the scale keep climbing, something might be wrong with your metabolism. Unexplained weight gain[1] could be due to hypothyroidism. 

Your thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones, which help regulate bodily functions. Thyroid hormones are important for maintaining metabolic balance. In hypothyroidism[2], hormone production by your thyroid gland is depressed. Hypothyroidism can slow down your body’s metabolic rate causing you to gain weight. Vitamin and mineral[3] deficiency can also slow your metabolism and cause weight gain.

However, before you can finger your slow metabolism for your weight gain, it is important to be sure that you are doing things right. You could also be gaining weight because you are eating more than you think. Take note of the number of calories you take each day, including snacks, and put in the work at the gym. If the pounds keep coming on, you should share this with your doctor.

Difficulty Losing Weight 

Are you killing it at the gym week after week, yet the pounds will not come off? Your metabolism may have a hand. If you added healthy eating to your routine too with no change in your body fat, you need to try something new. A slow metabolism can make it incredibly difficult to burn fat and lose weight. It can feel almost like all your efforts are in vain. 

Your weight loss troubles may be due to your slow metabolism. Finding a way to restore your metabolism balance ensures your body burns calories so that you can lose weight faster. 

You are Always Tired 

Tiredness is normal, especially after a busy day. However, if you cannot seem to find the energy for basic activities, your metabolism may be at fault. A slow metabolism will have you feeling like you are being dragged through the day. 

However, slow metabolism is not the only thing that can make you feel tired all the time. The wrong diet can have you fatigued all the time, especially if you are not getting the right vitamins and minerals[4]. Your diet should contain sufficient calories to help fuel your day’s activities. You should also be getting micronutrients from your diet too even if you are trying to lose weight. These vitamins and minerals do not provide energy directly but some micronutrients are essential for unlocking the energy stored in your foods. Ensure that your diet contains different food classes so that it satisfies your body’s nutritional needs. 

Dry Skin, Brittle Nails, and Hair Loss 

Issues with your thyroid gland can affect your skin, nails, and hair. Your skin may lose its shine and appear dry or cracked. Your nails and hair may also become brittle due to problems with your thyroid hormones.  

Your diet can also affect how your skin, hair, and nails look. Protein in your diet will help your body build collagen and keratin that make up your skin, nails, and hair. Micronutrients are also important for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Constant Headaches 

Constant headaches[5] may be related to hypothyroidism. Your thyroid gland controls your body’s metabolic rate. So, when your thyroid hormones are out of balance, your metabolism is thrown off balance too. 

If you are getting frequent headaches and sudden pain sensations, you need to see your doctor to determine if your metabolism is responsible.


Your gut plays a huge role in your emotions and mood. Studies show[6] that your gut health can affect your mood and is linked to depression. Lower thyroid hormone levels may also be related[7] to depression. 

Hence, if you are having problems with your mood, improving your thyroid hormones may help improve your mood. 

What Affects Your Metabolism? 

Metabolism[8] is all the chemical reactions happening in your body at all times. These processes may include building up large molecules or breaking down larger molecules into smaller units. Metabolic processes in your body include respiration, digestion, cell repair, and so on. Even when you are not active, such as while sleeping, these metabolic activities progress without your knowledge. These activities usually require an energy source. The energy comes from the calories you consume and the breakdown of fat stores. 

A slow metabolism would mean that you are using less energy. Lots of factors affect your body’s metabolic rate[9] such as your sex, age, body size, menstrual cycle, body temperature, and genes. Your metabolism also slows down with some diets.

Ways to Balance Metabolism 

If you think your slow metabolism might be responsible for poor fitness results, there are a few things that can help you get a fast metabolism.  

Physical Activity 

Exercising speeds up your metabolic rates so that you use up energy from your fat stores. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends getting up to 150 – 300 minutes[10] of moderate to high-intensity exercise weekly. If you are not getting that much exercise, consider doing so. Physical activity helps you burn calories and keep your heart in shape too.  

Building muscle mass is also great for your metabolism, so, add strength training and resistance training to your routine.  A study[11] found that resistance training increased the resting metabolic rate in participants by about 5%.

Proper Diet 

Is your body getting the nutrition it needs? Crash diets[12] could be robbing your body of proper nutrition and slowing your metabolism. Instead of jumping on the next fad diet, examine your current diet. Is it giving your body the right macro and micronutrients? If it is not, it is time to start eating healthy foods that will not hurt your weight loss efforts. 

Drink Water 

Drinking enough water throughout the day can contribute to increasing your metabolic rate. A study[13] found that drinking up to 500ml of water increased the metabolic rate in the subjects by up to 30%.

Water drinking is a crucial factor in promoting weight loss. So, if you have not been drinking up to  2.2 to 3 liters[14] of water daily, now is the time to make your water bottle your best friend. 


Dietary supplements may help boost your metabolism. They may provide the extra vitamins and minerals your body needs for proper metabolic processes. The right supplements may also help relieve digestive disorders that may be slowing down your body’s metabolism. 

However, before choosing the right supplements for your digestive disorders, conduct your research so that you don’t fall for a scam. Do not forget to speak with your healthcare provider before you start using supplements. 

Consult Your Doctor 

If your slow metabolism is due to problems with your thyroid gland, your doctor can help. Your doctor would need to diagnose your condition first. Diagnosis may involve multiple tests to assess how your thyroid gland and hormones are functioning. Resolving your thyroid hormone issues can help get your metabolism back on track. 


A slow metabolism can make your weight loss efforts seem like a waste of time. If you are dieting and working out without seeing fitness results, a slow metabolism may be responsible. Hypothyroidism, genetics, age, and poor diet can cause slower metabolism. Signs that you have got a slow metabolism include weight gain, difficulty losing weight, frequent headaches, depression, fatigue, dry skin, brittle nails, and hair loss.

All hope is not lost. You can boost your metabolic rate by drinking water, starting a healthy diet, working out, trying supplements, and consulting your doctor.

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]]>B12 Injections For Metabolism & Weight Loss: Does It Help? Tue, 12 Oct 2021 04:13:00 +0000 Injections For Metabolism & Weight Loss

Since time immemorial, experts have debated on whether or not B12 injections for metabolism and weight loss are effective for individuals who want to shed weight. Some propose that B12 exhibits positive results on weight loss regardless of a deficiency. 

Using supplements helps boost your energy, heightens your metabolism, improves your sleep cycles, and heightens your mood. If you’re thinking of getting a B12 injection, keep reading to find out if B12 shots are the way to go as far as weight loss is concerned. 

What Does B12 Do to Your Metabolism?

You can take a B12 shot to assist your body in functioning more effectively. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Eliminates anemia
  • Contributes to healthy bones
  • Boosts energy
  • Enhances beauty
  • Promotes healthy eyesight
  • Improves mood

Eliminates Anemia

Anemia is a deficiency of red blood cells in the blood. It’s generally associated with a low iron count or a lack of B12. Anemia causes people to feel exhausted most of the time and develop difficulties in breathing. 

B12 shots mainly help to fight anemia by increasing your red blood cells. With constant treatment, most people find that they neither feel weak or fatigued. Others even report improvement in their lung function after taking B12 treatments. 

Contributes to Healthy Bones

A B12 promotes healthy bones and helps keep your body more agile and robust. Studies reveal that B12 helps in boosting the number of minerals within your bones, thus making them less prone to severe breakage. B12 also fortifies your bones against serious damage. 

Individuals with a healthy level of B12 in their system are less likely to encounter osteoporosis in the future. B12 injections are mostly recommended for women since they have a higher risk of osteoporosis than their male counterparts. 

Boosts Energy

If you feel like you’re tired all the time, and your energy levels are plummeting,  that’s a sign of low levels of Vitamin B. A quick round of B12 will help you feel renewed and fresh. 

Because anemia is one of the most noticeable symptoms of B12 deficiency, it stands to reason that people who boost their B12 intake will feel more perky and energetic. Those who don’t portray anemia signs may also benefit from the injection. 

Enhances Beauty

Consistent B12 injections can also make you more attractive by strengthening your skin, nails, and hair. B12 develops new cells within your body. Because of that, taking a B12 injection increases the turnover of old cells, thus giving you a flawless complexion and attractive nails. 

Most people who take B12 shots notice that their hair texture is thicker and more lustrous. B12 has a solid connection to beauty to the point that it’s sold over the counter and even marketed as a beauty supplement. You can enjoy its benefits more effectively and quickly through injections. 

Promotes Healthy Eyesight

Receiving B12 helps you maintain your crystal-clear eyesight even in your later years. It’s been proven to tackle macular degeneration and offer you clearer vision. 

Macular degeneration is a condition that affects most people as they grow older. In the worst-case scenarios, it might even lead to mobility issues. By taking B12 shots as early as now, you can keep your eyes in tip-top condition and enjoy all other benefits as well. 

What is B12? 

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin in prescribed medication, dietary supplements, fortified processed foods, or animal-based products. Otherwise referred to as cobalamin, Vitamin B12 is actively involved in cell metabolism in the human body. 

As one of the eight B vitamins, Vitamin B12 is a significant part of the DNA synthesis and the metabolism of both amino and fatty acids. This metabolic activity means that without proper absorption and consumption of B12, the human body can’t metabolize carbohydrates and fats. 

Vitamin B12’s major functions in the body include:

  • Supporting red blood cell development
  • Boosting immune functions and reactions
  • Strengthening the nervous system and brain

What Are Some Common Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency? 

Vitamin B12 deficiency often leads to megaloblastic anemia. It’s characterized by a low count of red blood cells that are usually bigger than average. Megaloblastic anemia causes a variety of side effects and symptoms such as:

  • Poor balance
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Memory loss
  • Rapid heart palpitations
  • Fatigue

Please note that low Vitamin B12 levels don’t always lead to megaloblastic anemia. Most people might report mild symptoms such as fatigue. In addition, while a vitamin B12 deficiency may not lead to weight gain, it may lower energy levels and even result in fatigue. This deficiency will make it more challenging to manage your weight and stay active. 

Some studies[1] also show that a drop in Vitamin B12 might lead to appetite loss, sometimes resulting in weight loss if left untreated. If you’re deficient in B12[2], your healthcare provider may recommend oral vitamin B12 injections or supplements to boost your blood levels. You could also eat foods rich in B12 (meat, fish, milk, cheese, etc.) to prevent megaloblastic anemia. 

What is B12 Injection? 

Because the human body is incapable of making B12 on its own, we need to source it from daily/weekly/monthly supplements or food sources. 

Foods that contain Vitamin B12 include dairy products such as cheese, milk, eggs, meat, and fish. Vegetarians and others who don’t consume animal products often get their B12 supply from vitamin supplements and fortified cereals. 

Your RDI (recommended daily intake) may differ based on medical factors such as your diet and age. Overall, a healthy adult’s RDI for vitamin B12 ranges from between 2.4 to 2.8 mcg. 

While changing your dietary habits to factor in more B12 is a worthy idea, injections are the ideal way to go back to a healthier lifestyle. Because you’re receiving a purer form of B12 via injection, it will flow straight into your bloodstream rather than the slower digestion process. This rapid absorption helps you enjoy the benefits of B12 much sooner. 

Effects of B12 on Metabolism and Fat

Despite the limited research on B12 in human beings, many studies suggest that vitamin B12 could affect metabolism and body fat. 

B12 plays a crucial role in fat metabolism. A deficiency could be associated with obesity and heightened fat accumulation. An animal study[3] revealed that severe vitamin B12 deficiency led to a considerable increase in cholesterol levels and body fat percentage in pregnant mice. 

Another study[4] found that giving B12 vitamins to rats with a high-fat diet lowered weight gain and boosted levels of different enzymes that affect metabolism. 

Interestingly, different studies have revealed that an adequate vitamin B12 level is associated with lower risks of obesity and weight gain. Based on research done on 9,075 people, having higher vitamin B12 levels was linked to lower risks of obesity. 

Similarly, a study[5] on 256 children showed that those with lower B12 levels tended to have a bigger BMI (body mass index), which measures body size based on weight and height. 

However, remember that while these studies reveal a link between body weight and vitamin B12 status, no other potentially contributing factors are considered. Thus, it’s impossible to assume that B12 leads to weight loss. Further research needs to be done to ascertain that B12 affects BMI or body weight. 

Final Thoughts

Vitamin B12 is essential in several health aspects, including heart health, brain function, and the development of DNA and red blood cells. 

You’ll be glad to know that there are no major risks linked to taking huge amounts of the B12 vitamin in your bid to lose weight. There are, therefore, no known side effects of taking B12 shots. If you have a phobia of sharp objects, not worry. B12 supplements also occur in various forms, including lozenges, liquids, capsules, and tablets. 

While a B12 injection may offer noticeable results, your body should undergo a form of vitamin deficiency in order to make a difference. However, it’s unclear if Vitamin B12 may have any effect on your weight loss if you’re already incorporating enough B12 in your diet. B12 is prevalent in fortified foods and animal products. 

So is a B12 shot necessary for weight loss? Practically speaking, no. In order to shed a few pounds, you need to adopt an active lifestyle and improve your diet. Focus more on making changes to your diet. Consuming foods with rich Vitamin B12 content will increase your chances of losing fat exponentially. 

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]]>Eu Natural Conception Reviews 2021 – Do Fertility Supplements Work? Tue, 12 Oct 2021 03:59:43 +0000 Natural Conception Reviews

Eu Natural Conception


Ingredient Quality


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  • Natural fertility
  • A blend of powerful ingredients
  • 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • Clinically researched 

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  • Founded in 2013
  • Headquarters in Henderson, Nevada
  • 11 to 50 employees
  • Health, wellness, and fitness industry

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  • Powerful, pure ingredients
  • Balances hormones
  • No fillers 

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About EU Natural

Ever since its founding in 2014, Eu Naturals has made it its mission to empower clients with better health products. It is not just about fertility supplements for women, but also other health categories too. 

Eu Naturals has products in categories such as beauty, menopause, productivity, postnatal, prenatal, fertility, immunity, and energy. So, the company can provide you with all the necessary products to boost your health. Read below Eu Natural Conception reviews to see it clearer.

Top 5 Best Eu Natural Fertility Supplements 2021

  1. Eu Natural Conception Inositol & Vitex – Best for Women
  2. Eu Natural Conception Men – Best for Men
  3. Eu Natural Glow – Best for Baby and Mom
  4. Eu Natural Regulate – Best for Hormonal Balance
  5. Eu Natural Nourish – Best for Lactation Support

What is Eu Natural Conception?

Sometimes it can be disappointing when you take a pregnancy test, and it turns out negative. This occurs mostly with those who are trying to have a successful pregnancy. The chances are your fertility is not at the right level to conceive easily. For such a scenario, you may want to consider the Eu Natural Conception product. 

This is a conception fertility prenatal vitamins supplement vital for boosting your fertility over a couple of months. Since it uses a blend of safe ingredients, including minerals and vitamins, you will likely increase your overall body health. 

Also, according to its reviews, Eu Natural Conception is highly recommended by top fertility experts in the industry. As a result, many people would find it safe and reliable, unlike when using another prenatal supplement with no approvals. 

Are Fertility Supplements Safe?

If someone got pregnant thanks to using fertility supplements, many people would also deem such a product great for them. However, are fertility supplements safe? That is what we look at in this section. 

Natural fertility can be great, but sometimes you might need fertility supplements to deal with irregular cycles and generally balance hormones. Eu Natural Conception with soft capsules is good for such applications and easy to swallow. However, it does not mean you should take different supplements without proper guidance. 

The chances are some women might throw caution out of the window when the product has a sticker claiming it is an all-natural product. Out of any reviews, considering that you can get Eu Natural Conception without having a prescription, the chances of abusing them are also high. 

You should keep in mind that each time you take something, it can interact with the body. Even if it claims to have natural ingredients, it can still have some effects. Some people tend to abuse such supplements thinking they would be safe regardless of the amount they consume. However, that is not always the case.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)[1] does not regulate supplements. So, you need to take them with caution. Let us say you are taking medication for other conditions; consider talking to your doctor first as some supplements can interact with your medicine.

Some vitamins and minerals are suitable for your body; however, they can still be harmful when taken in large doses. Vitamins and minerals are what most fertility supplements will claim to offer. Make sure to stick to instructions so that there are no other unwanted side effects when using the supplement. 

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Eu Natural Conception

Best Choice


  • It will help balance the user’s hormones
  • It has a blend of powerful ingredients
  • The product has no fillers 

10% Off Sitewide with Code: ENHEALTH10


  • It will help balance the user’s hormones
  • It has a blend of powerful ingredients
  • The product has no fillers 
  • The ingredients are clinically researched
  • There is also a men’s formula to boost fertility too
  • The product has an unconditional 90-day guarantee 


  • It contains high doses of some herbs, which need more discussing with your doctor
  • It takes too long before noticing the changes 

What’s inside Fertility Supplements – Eu Natural Conception Ingredients

Eu Naturals Conception supplement has super ingredients that will support normal reproductive health, cycle, and safe pregnancy. As much as it can take some time, the product is generally effective. 

The use of fertility supplements has been on the rise lately. More people are interested in trying out other ways to get pregnant. If that is you, wouldn’t it be better to know what is contained in the fertility supplements?

The focus this time is on Eu Natural Conception fertility supplement ingredients reviews. Here are some of the notable ingredients in the product and other similar supplements. 

Amino Acids

Amino acids are generally important compounds we need in the body. You might get them being referred to as the building blocks of life. 

The body produces some amino acids, while some can be found in other food types or supplements. Well, Eu Naturals also offers crucial amino acids as part of the ingredients. 

The two main amino acids you get from the product include L-arginine and L-carnitine. These amino acids are not found in the body naturally, so they can only be found in supplements. 

The work of the two amino acids is to promote women’s fertility. Studies show L-arginine is a top choice for women with PCOS[2] . This is because it will boost blood flow to the user’s ovaries. 


You might sometimes find it listed as NAC on the product package. This ingredient is a top consideration due to its antioxidant properties. So, whenever women use it when trying to conceive, NAC will optimize their fertility to increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

The compound is also vital for women with PCOS to help improve the chances of getting pregnant. 

Chaste Tree Berry

Since fertility prenatal vitamins may help regulate your cycle, it is a vital ingredient to help the user conceive. Thus the reason Vitex chaste tree berry is a top ingredient.  

The ingredient is crucial for balancing the body’s hormone levels to ensure you have a regular cycle. If the cycle is regular, you would know when it is time to try to get pregnant. 

Even though monks commonly used the vitex chaste tree berry to decrease sexual desires, this time around, it improves your fertility. 

Myo inositol 

Bodies produce myoinositol[3]  in small quantities in some people. It is why they might need a supplement to boost the myoinositol levels. 

Researchers argue that it falls under the vitamin B group, although the evidence is still scarce. 

This vitamin is essential for women with PCOS since it will regulate their menstrual cycle. As a result, it could also be an excellent option for improving their chances of conception. 

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

DHEA is part of the super ingredients found in the Eu Naturals Conception product. The hormone is crucial for those who might have lower ovarian reserves, mostly because of aging. The same is suitable for women going through IVF. 


Most, if not all, fertility supplements will have antioxidants as part of their super ingredients. The antioxidants are crucial for the body to remain healthier. There is no doubt that you also need to have healthy eggs for fertility to be at its peak. 

The same applies to sperm too. So, either gender should consider fertility products with antioxidants to improve their fertility. 


Vitamins such as folate folic acid[4] and vitamin D[5] are crucial for both the fetus’s conception and health during pregnancy. It is always a joy to carry the fetus until birth, so it is good to know such are necessary to make it happen. 

Folate will also reduce the chances of ending up with a miscarriage or birth defects. 

Lady’s Mantle 

This is another vital ingredient to promote healthy menstrual cycles. Having consistent menstrual cycles is the first sign of improved body functions. It could also mean better chances of someone getting pregnant when the ingredient is combined with other fertility ingredients. 

The herb was also used to heal diseases and wounds in the middle ages. However, it may have other uses. 

KSM 66 Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha may improve a woman’s fertility when used in controlled portions. The same is ideal for giving the mother and fetus more strength during the pregnancy. 

As much as there might be different opinions on how it affects pregnancy, it will have many benefits if used as directed by the doctors. 

How Does It Work for Fertility?

Eu Natural Conception Reviews 2021 - Do Fertility Supplements Work?

Once you have taken the Eu Naturals Conception supplement, there are several steps it will go through before boosting fertility. Here are the stages of how the supplement works. 

Stage 1: Within Hours

Within the first few hours of taking the supplement, the body will digest most of the ingredients. Such include folate folic acid, myoinositol, organic KSM 66 Ashwagandha, vitex chaste tree berry. 

Stage 2: Within Weeks

This stage appears when you have been using the supplement for up to one month now. It helps to regulate your cycle balance because of the blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in the product. 

Some users note their cycle’s return if they did not have one or might have experienced hormonal imbalances or fluctuations. There is no doubt being back to your regular menstrual cycle will be good news to many. 

Stage 3: Months 1 to 4

This is when you have been using the supplement for up to 4 months. Keep in mind that fertility improvement is not an overnight fix, as sometimes it can take more time. 

After using the product for all these months, you will notice major changes in the body, such as regulating your cycle balance, aid ovulation, and more. 

Since the product has a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can still return it if you feel it is not working. However, always be patient when using such a product. 

Stage 4: More than 5 Months

At this point, you have been using the product for five to 6 months. You will notice major effects of ingredients such as myoinositol and vitex. The supplement would also increase the storage of crucial conception ingredients such as vitamin B, D, folate, and others. 

For those who might have been trying to conceive, this will be an excellent time to go for it. This is because the body right now has improved fertility and can handle a pregnancy. 

Potential Side Effects 

Many women have had a positive experience with Eu Natural Conception. However, like any other fertility supplement, it can have potential side effects too. They include;

  • Mood swings, depression, anxiety
  • Temporary side effects such as breast tenderness, headaches, cramps, nausea
  • Increased pregnancy loss risk, depending on how much of the supplement you use
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

It would be best to follow the instructions on dosage as offered by the manufacturer to minimize the side effects as much as possible. And, always discuss this supplement with your doctor.

What do Real Users say About Eu Natural Conception?

All about Eu Natural Conception reviews are right below:

“I have experienced my fair share of disappointments before when it comes to getting pregnant. I had even tried the services of a fertility expert, but the results were not consistent. So, I opted for Eu Naturals after a friend referred it to me. Let us say I am a mother today.”

Melissa K.

“It took more time than I expected, but it worked. Yes, I understand fertility does not change overnight, but I am happy it worked for me.”


“I also decided to purchase the product after reading reviews just the way you are doing. Since most of the reviews were positive, it was good enough for me to get the capsules to try them out. So far, I am not regretting anything.”


“YES. This is one supplement I would recommend to anyone. After regular usage, I found out later I was pregnant with twins. Who would not want the bonus? It is interesting how sometimes things work out for the best. As much as results can vary from person to person, it worked out fine for me.”


Final Thought – Is It Worth Trying?

Trying to conceive repeatedly can sometimes take a toll on someone. The worst part is when you cannot get pregnant. However, it is not yet time to give up trying to conceive when the Eu Natural Conception supplement is available. 

The product might take longer before you start seeing results, but they will generally be consistently good results. Since there are many positive reviews about the product, it will be a great choice for most users. Let those reviews lead you, go ahead and give it a try to see how Eu Natural Conception works out for your fertility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fertility supplement to get pregnant?

Eu Natural Conception supplement will be useful to boost your fertility over a couple of months. Since it uses natural, safe, and has no filler ingredients, it will be a great choice to boost your fertility, thus increasing your chances of conception.

Do fertility vitamins really work?

Yes. It will, however, depend on the type of supplement you get. Some might not be as straightforward as others. Reading more reviews about a product will help you get the right one for the job.

What helps you get pregnant fast?

Other than using fertility supplements, there are many other ways of getting pregnant fast. Some of them include monitoring your ovulation, having sex during your fertility window, eating healthy foods, and cutting back on strenuous workouts.

How long do conception pills take to work?

The pills can take up to four months before you can experience the bulk of the effects. However, some of the ingredients are processed in a single day to start experiencing its effects too.

How long do I have to wait for shipping?

Most orders are processed within one business day. As for shipping, domestic orders can take up to 4 business days for product delivery. International orders take up to 14 days, and the manufacturer provides a tracking number.

Does it have any side effects?

The side effects are generally mild. Most of the time, they include mild headaches, cramps, anxiety, and depression. This is mostly for people who use the pills in large quantities.

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]]>Doctors Note For An Emotional Support Animal In 2021 Mon, 11 Oct 2021 12:15:07 +0000 Note For An Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals (otherwise known as comfort animals or assistance animals) are trusted pets that offer comfort to individuals with an emotional or mental disability. An ESA owner is legally protected[1] under state and federal laws. These animals enjoy a variety of privileges that are uncommon to other animals. 

Emotional support animals can live with their owners even in cases where the ‘No pets’ policy is in full effect. They are also not liable to animal deposits. What’s more, ESAs are allowed on airplanes and exempted from pet fees. 

To register your pet as an ESA, there are a couple of things you need to do first. This post will clarify a few points, including the essence of a doctor’s note for an emotional support animal, why you need it in your registration process, how to qualify for it, and so on. 

Why Do I need To Get A Doctor’s Note?

Most people wonder how to get a doctor’s note for an emotional support animal from their medical practitioner or medical clinic. When you get a doctor’s note for an emotional support animal, it puts you a step closer to getting the companionship of trusted assistance animals in your life to help you with your condition. 

It’s worth exploring with your physician if you really need an ESA. To qualify for a doctor’s note, your mental illness[2]  should be severe enough to limit major life activities such as the ability to learn, work, or sleep. 

On the same note, keep in mind that a doctor also has the authority to issue a legal ESA letter. Keep in mind that while physicians issue a good majority of ESA letters, most of these letters are not from them. 

Doctors are either unwilling or reluctant to give out ESA letters since they’re not fully aware of the patient’s mental health. If you can’t prove for sure that emotional support animals would help with your mental health symptoms, you’re better off not asking for a doctor’s note right off the bat. 

Doctor’s notes help to back up your need for an ESA. You can only get a doctor’s note if you have mild/severe panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and depression. Your doctor will see it fit to give you the note once the prescription medications you’ve been taking all along have had adverse side effects. 

The note will also prove helpful in cases where you need to have an ESA, but your landlord/landlady won’t allow any cats on their premises. The note will exempt you from their no-cat rule[3]  and prove to them that you have a valid reason for keeping a cat. At this point, the landowner will have no choice but to provide you with reasonable accommodation. The fair housing act[4] instructs them to do this. 

Keep in mind that landlords are not under any jurisdiction to ask you about your medical history or medical condition. Exercise your right to confidentiality, especially when sensitive details about your mental health are involved. 

How To Get A Doctor’s Note For Emotional Support Animal?

It’s only a qualified physician that can offer you a valid recommendation for an ESA. If you’re seeing someone who can help you cope with your mental illness, that’s great! Getting a note from them won’t be as tricky since they’re fully aware of your predicament. 

All you need to do to get a doctor’s note from your therapist is just ask. If your physician is a licensed mental health professional[5]  such as a licensed counselor, nurse, psychiatrist, or psychologist, they’re in the best position to write you an ESA letter. Note that they’ll only do this if they’re confident that you’re capable of owning and taking care of an ESA. 

Some patients find it rather difficult to ask their physician for an official recommendation in the form of a note. Hence, some back away from the topic for fear of rejection or judgment. While it’s a fact that your request for a note might be turned down, it won’t hurt to give some reasonable explanations why you think you qualify for an ESA. 

A legitimate ESA letter should have the following requirements: 

  • An official recommendation for an emotional support animal.
  • A detailed opinion about whether or not you meet the required standard of having an emotional or mental health disability. 
  • The healthcare professional’s license number and signature. 
  • A date along with the physician’s contact information. 

How To Qualify for An ESA Letter?

You can easily qualify for a sample doctor letter for emotional support animals using these three simple steps: 

Undergo a Thorough Screening Test

Your therapist will scan you for a mental health disability in the form of ADHD[6] , bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, severe depression, and so on. If you have any of these, you’re automatically eligible for an emotional support animal. It’s well understood that cats, service dogs, and other support animals offer the best therapeutic benefit to owners in the form of companionship and comfort. 

Contact a Qualified Therapist

Seek out a licensed therapist who can clearly assess your mental issues. Therapists often have unique areas of expertise, such as eating disorders or depression. If you’re familiar with your mental issues, look for licensed mental health professionals who deal in that particular field. 

Once you find one who can offer their expert input, ensure they hold a valid license[7]  and they’re in good standing with your state’s regulatory board. If they do, open up to them about your mental issues and allow them to assess their findings. 

Get Issued with an ESA Letter

Upon completion of your consultation, you may either be approved or rejected for an ESA. If you make the cut, you’ll receive a typed/handwritten legitimate ESA letter from your therapist almost immediately. From there, you can use the valid ESA letter to prove that you need your pets in areas where pets are not allowed. 

See Certapet Coupons

How Can I Connect With My Mental Health Professional?

You have plenty of options when it comes to connecting with a mental health professional. You can:

  • Ask your health insurance firm for a complete list of health providers. Most insurance companies keep an online record[8]  of the providers they cover. 
  • Check the internet or look up phone book listings under categories like social service organizations, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, or community service numbers. 
  • Scavenge the internet for associations with directories of mental health practitioners. This includes the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, or the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Contact a national or local mental health organization like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) via the internet or by phone. 
  • Find out whether your firm’s EAP (employee assistance program) or student health center provides mental health services. If not, don’t be shy to ask for a referral. 
  • Ask family, friends, or your local clergy. 
  • Seek a recommendation or referral from your local care provider. 

Factors to Consider Before Contacting a Mental Health Provider

If you haven’t been in contact with a mental health provider in the recent past, you’re probably struggling to find one who meets your individual needs. Here are a few things to consider before connecting with a mental health professional: 

  • The kind of mental health provider you want
  • Analyze your mental condition
  • Determine if you need counseling, medications or both
  • Your health insurance coverage

Your Preferred Mental Health Provider

A mental health provider diagnoses mental health issues and offers treatment. A number of them have more advanced credentials, training, and education. The average mental health practitioner should have at least a master’s degree. 

Ensure that your preferred professional is licensed to offer mental health services and to provide legal advice as well. The services and licensing aspects are primarily based on the practitioner’s specialty area, training, and state law. 

Here are some of the most common kinds of mental health providers: some specialize in specific fields, including family therapy, substance misuse, and depression. They also work in different settings such as community agencies, hospitals, private practice, etc. 

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatric-mental health nurse
  • Physician assistant
  • Licensed professional counselor
  • Licensed clinical social worker

Analyze Your Mental Condition

Many mental health providers today treat a wide range of conditions. It’s essential that you choose one that meets your specific needs. For instance, if you suffer from an eating disorder, be on the lookout for a psychologist who specializes in that specific area. 

If you’re stressed out about your marriage, look no further than a qualified family and marriage therapist. The more complex your mental diagnosis, the more training and expertise you need to seek out in a mental health practitioner. 

Determine if You Need Counselling, Medication, or Both

A high number of mental health providers today aren’t licensed to write medication prescriptions. Therefore, your choice might depend on the nature of your symptoms as well as your concern. 

In some cases, one person may visit more than one mental health provider. For instance, you might need to visit a psychiatrist to monitor your medications and another for counseling. 

Your Health Insurance Coverage

Your insurance policy might contain a list of mental health providers who may only deal with one or two mental practices. Do your research and check with your Medicaid, Medicare, or insurance company and explore the kinds of mental health services they cover. It’s also essential that you learn your benefit limits. 

Where Can I Get a Doctor’s Note for Emotional Support Animals? 

As you guessed it, there are tons of scammers out there who will do anything for money – including offering you a fake doctor’s note in exchange for cash. Fact is, you don’t need to part with anything to get a doctor’s note. 

You only need to contact a licensed mental health professional (could be a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, therapist, etc.). Ask around for available LMHPs in your area who will be willing to analyze your mental health and write you a sample doctor letter for an emotional support animal. Reach out to them and schedule an appointment. 

Ensure you share your honest history with mental health issues and raise any concerns you’d like your provider to address. Also, be clear about why you’d want an ESA and how it will benefit your emotional and mental health. Only then will you receive a typed/written note from your doctor. 

Final Thought 

It’s perfectly fine to have an emotional support animal to help you cope with your emotional distress and mental health issues. Emotional support animals give a new lease on life to most mentally unstable individuals. 

Contact a mental health professional or your local doctor for medical or psychological advice if you think you might benefit significantly from an ESA. If you don’t have access to either of these, reach out to qualified ESA doctors. They will help connect you to a licensed professional within your state, in line with federal law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a doctor’s note enough for an emotional support animal?

No, it’s not. Legal experts believe that you need to have a signed ESA letter to own an emotional support animal. The letter should be issued by a mental health professional like a social worker, counselor, or psychologist.

You can also get the ESA letter online from qualified medical professional websites, whereby you will need to participate in online video consults to determine eligibility.

How do you get a doctor’s note for an emotional support animal?

Check if you qualify for an ESA by booking an appointment with a licensed mental professional. They will determine whether or not you have an emotional or mental disability (ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc). If the professional confirms that you meet the requirements for an ESA, they will make an official recommendation via a signed ESA letter.

How do I get an emotional support animal letter from a doctor?

It’s not really as hard as you think. All you need is to see your therapist for a complete screening of a mental disorder of any kind. From there, you can have a sit-down with your licensed health care professional and open up to them on why you need an ESA. If the doctor confirms that you need a letter, they’ll issue you with a typed/written emotional support animal letter.

What factors should you consider before contacting a mental wellness provider?

Find out the type of mental condition you may be suffering from. This will help you determine the kind of mental specialist you need in your life. It also helps to check your health insurance coverage. Your individual insurance policy might contain a list of mental health providers who may only deal with one or two mental practices

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]]>How Many Emotional Support Animals Can You Have? [2021 Updates] Mon, 11 Oct 2021 10:12:48 +0000 Support Animals

Mental illnesses are common in the United States, affecting millions of people[1] each year. Unfortunately, only half of the people[2] with a mental illness will receive treatment. 

More than ever, we need joy and support in our lives. Recently, emotional support animals (ESAs) have gained traction for helping people combat a variety of mental illnesses. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or another mental disability, an emotional support animal could be just the prescription you need. 

In some cases, people may even need multiple emotional support animals to live comfortably with a mental or emotional disability. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding ESAs, including how many emotional support animals you can have. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about owning and qualifying for more than one emotional support animal.

Can I Own More Than One Emotional Support Animal?

Yes, you can own more than one emotional support animal. 

To qualify for more than one emotional support animal, you and a licensed mental health professional must agree that multiple assistance animals are needed for symptom relief.

How Many Emotional Support Animals Can I Have?

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) does not limit the number of service animals one may own. In fact, the FAQs section of the ADA website[3] specifically acknowledges the occasional need for more than one ESA.

However, under Title II and Title III of the ADA[4], emotional support animals are not considered service animals. While service animals are trained to perform a specific task, emotional support animals and therapy dogs are untrained and are not protected by the ADA.  

With that being said, there are no current laws governing the amount of ESAs one may have. Since there are no limits on emotional support animals, it boils down to your licensed mental health professional’s recommendation and how many ESAs you can handle. Your ESAs also cannot violate any state or local laws.

Animals require upkeep. The animal’s welfare should be taken into consideration when determining how many emotional support animals you need. You’ll also want to consider the size of your animal of choice. For example, owning multiple large animals would probably not be a good fit if you live in a small apartment without a backyard.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the financial aspect of owning more than one ESA. You should consider the cost of veterinary bills, grooming, and feeding before going out buying several emotional support animals.

Remember, you want your animal to help with your emotional or mental disability, not add a financial burden or cause unnecessary stress.

How To Qualify for Multiple ESAs?

To qualify for more than one emotional support animal, you’ll need to be sure your emotional support animal letter (ESA letter) includes each support animal. Your letter should also outline how each ESA provides you with mental therapy. Keep in mind, more than one ESA can help with the same disability.

With telehealth services on the rise, getting an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional online is relatively simple. Although you may find many websites offering ESA letters, it’s important to remember that you cannot simply purchase an ESA letter online. You must see a medical professional prescribe a valid ESA letter for any number of animals.

Thanks to well-respected, web-based companies like Certapet, you can be connected with a mental health professional and get an ESA letter in the comfort of your own home.[5] is an online telehealth platform designed to improve access to mental health professionals across the United States and Canada. Moreover, Certapet focuses on providing access to animal-assisted interventions as part of their treatment plan. 

According to their website, here’s a few mental health conditions applicable to an ESA letter:

  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Postpartum depression
  • Phobias
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Seasonal affective disorder

If you believe you meet the criteria for an ESA letter, here’s how you apply on Certapet’s website in three simple steps:

Step 1: Take a free online pre-screening test

In less than five minutes, you can find out if you’re a good candidate for an emotional support animal letter. 

Step 2: Speak with a licensed mental health professional

Once you pass your pre-screening test, Certapet will connect you with a licensed mental health professional in your state. The provider will set up a telehealth appointment to further evaluate your condition and determine how many emotional support animals are suitable for you.

Step 3: Get your ESA letter

If you’re approved, you’ll receive an electronic copy of your ESA letter immediately via email. You’ll also receive a physical copy delivered to your home via USPS priority mail within five business days. Your ESA letter will be valid for one year. 

Therapists often continue providing ongoing support after you receive your ESA letter.

It’s important to note that, according to the FAQs[6] on Certapet’s website, it is uncommon to be approved for more than one ESA. They claim it is challenging to justify the need for more than one ESA. Certapet also acknowledges having more than one ESA can cause pushback with housing authorities. 

Federal Law About Multiple ESAs

Whether your ESAs are cats, dogs, birds, or other animals, it’s essential to be aware of your rights by knowing the federal laws. Emotional support animals are protected under two primary federal laws, the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. 

Fair Housing Act

While the Americans with Disabilities Act limits the breed of service animals and excludes emotional support animals, The Fair Housing Act[7] (FHA) broadens the definition of a service animal by including ESAs. Under this act, persons can request reasonable accommodations for emotional support animals. It prohibits verified ESA owners from being denied housing or paying required pet fees.

The FHA act clearly outlines that an assistance dog is not a pet. To be protected under the FHA, one must have a diagnosed disability and provide a proper ESA letter to the property owner.

While landlords are not required to ask specifics related to your disability, they are allowed to interrogate. They can require a resident to show an ESA letter to prove how many animals have been prescribed and ask whether you contacted the servicer for the sole purpose of obtaining an ESA letter.

Air Carrier Access Act

One of the most controversial matters surrounding emotional support animals is allowing air travel. Until recently, the Air Carrier Access Act[8] recognized emotional support animals as service dogs. This called for reasonable accommodations, including waiving pet fees, allowing ESAs into the cabin, and prohibiting airlines from charging for additional seats.

The United States Department of Transportation[9] (USDOT) revised the Air Carrier Access Act late last year. As of January 2021, emotional support animals are no longer considered service animals and are not protected under the Air Carrier Access Act.

While airlines must continue to make accommodations for service animals under the revision, they can limit two service animals per disabled individual on each flight. 

Nevertheless, some airlines continue to allow ESAs on board. It’s always best to check with your airline of choice to see if your companion is allowed.

Accommodation Access With Multiple ESAs

Most of the time, places are required to make reasonable accommodations for people with multiple emotional support animals. This is especially true for housing.

According to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development[10] (HUD), an assistance animal is defined as, “any animal that provides assistance, performs tasks, or provides emotional support to alleviate identified effects of a person’s disability.”

Individuals with a disability may request to have multiple ESAs as a reasonable accommodation. 

According to the Fair Housing Act[10], here are a couple of examples of valid, reasonable accommodation requests for emotional support animals:

  • If a housing provider does not allow pets, you can request to live at the property with your emotional support animals. 
  • You can ask for pet fees, deposits, or any other fees to be waived.

There are certain situations when the landlord has the right to refuse emotional support animals on the property. If your housing provider can demonstrate that your animals pose a financial burden, are a direct threat to the safety of others, or result in damage to the property, you may be denied reasonable accommodation.

For example, you may be denied reasonable accommodation if you request five large breed dogs that frequently bark in an apartment complex. This could lead to other tenants leaving the premises, which may result in a financial burden.

If you believe that a housing provider has illegitimately denied your request, you may file a complaint with the Fair Housing Equal Opportunity (FHEO).

Other Situations

Since ESAs are not covered under the ADA, work, school, and other places are often not required to make reasonable accommodations for emotional support animals. However, if you obtain an ESA letter, you’re more likely to have your request for accommodation approved.

Final thought

As emotional support animals continue to grow in popularity for treating mental health issues, there remains debate surrounding the role of ESAs, let alone multiple ESAs. Many believe that emotional support animals can damage property and can be disruptive in public places. 

Although it’s certainly possible to have more than one emotional support animal, in some situations, it can decrease the chances of your request for accommodation being approved. 

It’s also essential to get your letter from a reputable company with a valid prescription from a mental healthcare provider to increase the likelihood of approval.

Finally, be sure to consider the space and care as well as the financial aspect of owning more than one ESA before deciding how many emotional support animals are necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many emotional support animals can you have on a plane?

With the USDOT’s new revision of the Air Carrier Access Act, emotional support animals are no longer classified as service dogs. This means they are not required to be accepted on a plane. In contrast, if you have a service animal, you will be allowed up to two animals per flight.

Do emotional support animals count towards the pet limit?

No, emotional support animals are not considered pets and, therefore, do not count towards your pet limit.

Are emotional support animals allowed in apartments?

Under the Fair Housing Act, landlords must make reasonable accommodations for emotional support animals regardless of their pet policy. However, if your animals present a safety or financial burden, your request may be denied.

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]]>Metabolism Reset With 5 Best Vitamins: What’s The Truth? Sun, 10 Oct 2021 15:36:09 +0000 Reset With 5 Best Vitamins

When there are conversations about achieving a healthy weight, reducing body fat, or preventing obesity, metabolic activity comes into play. It is essential to understand how the gut microbiome, hormones, diet, and other factors impact metabolism and one’s well being. Whether you are struggling with a sluggish metabolism or are looking for ways to boost metabolic activity, consider taking vitamins to boost digestion and optimize metabolism.

What Vitamin Increases Metabolism?

For the human body to work at an optimal level, consuming sufficient amounts of specific vitamins and nutrients is essential. If you wish to boost metabolic activity, it may be helpful to consume the following vitamins.

  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D3
  • Iron 
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

Of course, there are other helpful vitamins, minerals, and food sources that help boost metabolism. However, we choose to focus on the following for their benefits.

B Vitamins

Vitamins B1, B6, B12, and other B-complex vitamins are necessary for the body’s ability to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Also, B vitamins regulate energy levels, brain function, prevent infections, and support cellular health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, and interference with metabolic activity. Consuming enough vitamin D is vital to cellular function, regulating calcium and phosphate in the blood, and reducing metabolic syndrome risk.


An iron deficiency can bring on fatigue and a slowed metabolism. It is vital to ingest adequate amounts of iron for metabolism, cellular function, oxygen transport, nucleic acid repair and replication, and other necessary functions. Overweight persons may lose weight if they alleviate anemia and have enough iron in their blood.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an integral part of protein metabolism and energy-yielding metabolism. If you are deficient in vitamin C, it is possible to develop a slower loss of fat mass. Vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants and reduces many health problems related to poor metabolism. Free radicals in the body can throw off the gut microbiome, immune system, weight regulation, and efficient energy use. Vitamin C is used to stop the antioxidant disruption.


Magnesium is a critical vitamin that is a part of the chemical reactions within the body to produce energy. Without magnesium, the body cannot synthesize nucleic acids, proteins, and metabolic activity would be impeded. Additionally, magnesium may regulate blood sugar, insulin levels and help with weight loss.

Other Boosters For Metabolism

Aside from the listed vitamins covered above, it may also prove helpful to consume adequate amounts of calcium, green tea extract, chromium, CLA, and 7-keto-DHEA to boost metabolism. There are a variety of herbs, supplements, minerals, and nutrients that target body fat, improve metabolic activity, make energy use more efficient, and support bodily health.

Vitamins, Metabolism, and Digestive Health

To properly function and enjoy a normal or boosted metabolism, it is crucial to maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system. The gut microbiome[1] influences many of the body’s functions, including the immune system, mood, energy levels, and metabolism[2]. A gut microbiome out of balance lacks sufficient probiotics, and good bacteria may display themselves via metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of possible heart attack or stroke. Conditions such as excessive fat around the waistline, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar can all occur. One may suffer from obesity, insulin resistance, and other ailments from insufficient vitamin intake, genetic factors, advanced age, and poor digestive health. Taking specific vitamins in supplements, food and participating in physical activity can boost metabolism, improve the gut microbiome, and promote wellness.

How Does The Gut Microbiome Influence Metabolism?

The gut is a significant player in the body’s metabolism and regulating weight. The gut microbiome influences bile acid synthesis, digestion of food, nutrient absorption, and regulating metabolic activity. The gut is the producer of various metabolites, encodes enzymes[3], and impacts the body’s homeostasis. If the gut microbiome is out of balance, problems with poor nutrient absorption, reduced energy levels, and poor system function follow.

Best Ways To Consume Vitamins

If you are looking for solutions using natural ingredients that contain vitamins essential to healthy metabolic function and optimal health, you are in luck. You can consume the necessary vitamins for improved metabolism, balance your gut microbiome, and promote healthy bodily functions via foods, supplements, and smart lifestyle choices.

The digestive system plays a vital role in metabolism, breaking down and absorbing essential vitamins for metabolism. Additionally, when the digestive system is in working order, one typically enjoys optimal system function, weight regulation, healthy blood sugar levels, and increased energy.

Foods With Metabolism Boosting Vitamins

Make an effort to add foods to your plate that boost metabolism and keep the body in balance. If you want to take iron supplements, give it a boost by consuming coconut oil alongside it. Check out the following foods that contain ideal amounts of vitamins for optimal metabolic activity.

  • Protein sources like meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, fish, and legumes keep you fuller longer and increase metabolism higher than carbs and fats.
  • Iron-rich foods like seafood, legumes, seeds, and nuts improve the thyroid and hormone production that influences metabolic activity.
  • Drink coffee for calorie-burning caffeine and a boost of energy to burn fat.
  • Drink green tea to help improve the oxidation of fat and more efficient energy use.
  • Feed your body foods with fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics for optimal gut health, reduce overeating, and introduce good bacteria to boost energy levels and metabolic activity.

How To Support Metabolic Activity?

In addition to taking supplements, vitamins, and eating foods that boost metabolic activity, what else can be done? It is an intelligent move to eat foods rich in protein, fiber, and probiotics to support optimal system functions. Reduce the amount of time you spend being sedentary and regularly exercise a few times a week. Drink enough water daily, reduce carb intake, and avoid fad diets.

Understanding Metabolism

Every single person is different regarding their needs for caloric intake and their metabolic activity. However, the process of metabolizing food into energy for use and storage is influenced by multiple factors. A healthy metabolism is integral to optimal bodily function for cellular repair, hormone regulation, energy levels, and other necessary processes.

It is vital to focus on boosting metabolism if it is low and being careful if there are signs or symptoms of a fast metabolism.

A sluggish metabolism may display itself via the following.

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Constant fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Frequent headaches
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling cold often
  • Low heart rate
  • Depression
  • Constipation

A fast metabolism may be evident because of the following.

  • Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • Hot flashes and heavy sweating frequently
  • Weight loss
  • Constant hunger
  • Elevated heart rate

Ensuring that your digestive system is healthy and has a balanced microbiome is vital to healthy metabolic activity. Symptoms caused by leaky gut, such as chronic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, constipation, and fatigue, can feed into reduced metabolic activity. How the body processes food and eliminates waste impacts metabolism, efficient energy use, absorption of nutrients, and bodily function.

To measure metabolic activity, one looks at oxygen consumption, levels of enzymes, fluctuations in metabolic gene and protein expression, and cellular activity. Taking vitamins to remedy metabolic activity problems may take six to eight weeks to see noticeable results.

Metabolic Syndrome Diseases

When metabolic activity is less than ideal, certain diseases[4] may arise which require medical diagnoses and treatment. Many disorders triggered by the metabolic syndrome are without symptoms and may only be considered because of a prominent waistline. A healthy metabolism is vital to reduce obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Stress, smoking, a lack of exercise, and poor dietary choices may be significant factors. When stressed, cortisol floods the body and triggers cravings for sweet, fat, and salty foods. It is possible to consume too many calories than necessary easily, pack on excess weight, and have difficulties regulating blood sugar, weight gain, fat loss, and experience reduced energy levels.

Cortisol contributes to a reduction of lean muscle mass, body mass and increases insulin resistance. Symptoms of an excess of cortisol include the following.

  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Rapid weight gain in the abdomen, face, and chest, but arms and legs remain thin
  • Skin changes
  • Muscle weakness

Smoking cessation is not only crucial for the health of your lungs, but it influences your metabolism and weight. When one smokes, the body’s metabolism speeds up, and appetite is typically suppressed. However, when you stop smoking, it takes time for the metabolic activity rate to return to normal, and there is the risk of overeating and gaining weight. One may want to reset and boost their metabolism after quitting smoking to help reduce weight gain, curb cravings for fatty and sweet foods, and burn calories.

Living a sedentary lifestyle and enjoying an excess of poor food choices and alcohol can have a negative impact on metabolic activity. Binge drinking can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, upsets metabolism, and increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. Drinking high amounts of alcohol can impair the absorption of nutrients and reduce digestion, leading to weight gain and other ailments.

Not getting enough exercise and being sedentary can negatively influence hormone production, the thyroid[5],  mood, and does nothing to regulate weight, blood sugar, and lends itself to obesity. Regularly exercising helps reduce the loss of muscle mass, helps burn calories, and improves metabolism. A lack of exercise can lead to a build-up of fat and a sluggish metabolism.

Genetics And Metabolism

Eating a balanced and varied diet, consuming adequate vitamins, minerals, and working out help improve metabolism. However, some things like genetics are beyond your control. Whether you have a fast or sluggish metabolism can be influenced by genetics. Genes[6] may contribute to your weight, challenges with weight loss, and metabolism as much as your environment and lifestyle choices.

One of the most common metabolic syndrome diseases is diabetes, which can develop over time because of age, diet, or genetic factors. In some cases, sluggish metabolism and predisposition to obesity may be inherited.

Age And Metabolism

Even when you consume sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients to support optimal metabolism, advanced age can prove a significant influence. As people age, their rate of metabolism naturally slows, and the rate at which food is broken down is reduced. In addition to regularly consuming supportive and metabolic boosting vitamins and nutrition, it is helpful to engage in strength training and intense aerobic exercises to increase metabolic activity. Keep in mind, metabolic rate decreases in a linear fashion as one gradually ages.


When changing your diet or regimen by adding vitamins, it may be wise to consult your physician. Be aware of any possible interference or adverse reactions between a high dose of vitamins and prescribed medications or existing medical conditions. Consuming more vitamins that may improve metabolism may help one reduce body fat, regulate weight, and improve overall health over time. Additionally, it may be wise to exercise, eat balanced meals, drink water, and support a healthy digestive system and microbiome to optimize metabolic activity.

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]]>5 Signs Of Fast Metabolism: What You Should Know? Sat, 09 Oct 2021 15:33:00 +0000 to Tell if Your Metabolism is fast

Having a fast metabolism is generally considered to be a sign of good overall health and wellness, but how can you know what state is yours in? And are there things you can do to speed it up and promote your digestion

With all the available information out there, it might be difficult to understand what’s best for your body. Paying better attention to your current lifestyle habits and changing them to work for you instead of against you is a great first step. Here’s how to do just that.

5 Signs Of Fast Metabolism

Having a fast metabolism can sometimes also be a sign of an underlying thyroid condition[1], so always make sure to get a complete checkup, together with testing your hormone levels, in case you’re not feeling well overall. 

However, if that’s not the case, in order to figure out if your metabolism is fast or not, there are plenty of signs to look for. Here are five of the most common ones to pay attention to:

Weight Loss

One of the most common signs of fast metabolism is definitely weight loss or the inability to gain, or even maintain, weight on your current diet regimen. It means your body burns calories easier and faster as it’s able to break down the food you’re intaking more efficiently. 

If you’re not intentionally trying to lose weight, work through a gut cleanse, or cut down on your calories, seeing a drop on your scale is a definite sign of having a fast metabolism. 

Excessive Sweating 

If you’re suddenly feeling hotter during your workouts and sweat with less strain, it’s likely your metabolism has begun working at a much faster and more powerful rate. Unless you’re dealing with specific sweating-related issues[2],, you’re simply experiencing a higher basal body temperature[3],, and with it, quick metabolic reactions occur within the body.

This way, your body is burning more calories and it’s able to optimize your bodily functions with much more efficiency than it would if your metabolism was slower. 

Increased Hunger and Appetite

If you’re feeling hungrier than usual and your appetite seems to be through the roof, it might be a sign of a fast metabolism. Since your body is running through the calories you ingest very quickly, it’s also asking for new ones to increase your energy levels.

Running out of fuel makes your body work harder to do even the most basic of functions and that’s when it sends signals to the brain to wake up your hunger hormones and let you know you need more food. You might notice an uptick in your appetite when you’ve picked up a new fitness activity or suddenly started to walk more than usual. That’s a great showcase of your metabolism speeding up.

Sometimes, increased hunger can be a sign of an underlying condition (such as stress, pregnancy, menopause, etc), but in most cases, if you’ve increased your workouts and you’re having a generally faster-paced lifestyle, it’s your metabolism kicking into fourth gear.  

Increased Energy

If you’re generally feeling more energetic and hyperactive, it might be a good sign of a fast metabolism. As your body is breaking down food at a much faster pace, you’re having more energy at your disposal to use as fuel. This can, in turn, showcase as a will or an impulse to use that energy in any way, shape, or form. 

On the other hand, those with a slower metabolism are generally more sluggish and slow, since their bodies are unable to use the energy fuel with such great efficiency. 

Having a sudden increase of energy can also be a sign of other conditions, such as high stress, anxiety[4],, or an overactive thyroid, so make sure to rule those out first. 

Irritability and Difficulty Sleeping

Not all signs of having a fast metabolism are great. With an increase of energy, it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of irritability and restlessness, which can furthermore cause issues and difficulties with falling asleep or staying asleep. That’s why it’s crucial to create a healthy self-care and sleeping routine which will allow your body to unwind and relax in order to counterbalance the high-sprung energy sensations. 

Since these signs can also be associated with a plethora of other medical issues[5],, it’s important to get a checkup and make sure there isn’t something more going on. 

What is Metabolism?

Now that we’ve explored the most common signs of having a fast metabolism, it’s important to explain what metabolism actually is in the first place. 

Metabolism[6], is identified as literally all the chemical processes in the human body. Everything your body is doing to stay alive combined with any form of physical strain you throw at it. Its speed is also known as metabolic rate, which is the rate at which your body burns calories in a given amount of time. 

Metabolism consists of:

  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR) – the minimum amount of energy your body needs to stay alive. It’s the minimum amount of calories your body burns by literally not doing any physical activity – just breathing, heart pumping, brain ticking, and maintaining your body temperature.
  • Thermic effect of food (TEF) – the number of calories your body burns while it’s digesting and processing food.
  • Thermic effect of exercise (TEE) – the number of calories your body burns during exercise.
  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) – the number of calories your body burns while doing activities other than exercise. This includes moving around, fidgeting, changing your posture, and standing.

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Although your metabolism depends on a lot of factors such as your age, gender, the amount of physical activity, nutrition, muscle mass, outside temperature, as well as a variety of medical conditions, there are some ways to speed up your metabolism to increase your overall health and longevity. These include:

  • Increasing physical activity – whether you’re joining a regular gym class or hitting 10k steps a day when you’re moving your body, you’re burning more calories and therefore, increasing your metabolic rate. 
  • High-intensity interval training[7], – also known as HIIT, this type of training specifically takes your metabolic rate to a whole new level. 
  • Strength training and eating more protein – having more muscle mass makes your body burn more calories in order to preserve it. 
  • Increasing your water intake – an effect known as water-induced thermogenesis.[8],
  • Eating more fiber-rich foods[9], – can help digest food more efficiently. 
  • Improving your sleep performance – during sleep, we rest, digest, and repair. The better our sleep quality, the better and faster our digestion, and with it, our metabolism.
  • Drinking caffeinated beverages – coffee and tea are great beverages to add to your diet and temporarily increase your metabolism to have a more efficient workout or even a breakdown of food.
  • Eating spicy foods – just like caffeine, spicy foods can temporarily increase your metabolic rate. They bring your heart rate up and increase your body temperature, making you burn more calories. 

Having a fast metabolism is considered to be a sign of good health and it should be our priority to make changes in our daily routine to include actions that can help us do so. Take it one step at a time and soon, you’ll be more efficient in burning calories than you’ve ever been before. 

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]]>New Emotional Support Animal Law In Florida 2021 Sat, 09 Oct 2021 09:35:00 +0000 Support Animal Florida

Emotional support animals provide persons with specific emotional and mental disabilities a comforting presence that helps with their symptoms. Because emotional support animals[1] are medically valid, they are protected by emotional support animal Florida law. In addition to the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, Florida recently passed laws in 2020 to prevent fraud regarding emotional support animals in housing.

As emotional support animals are not considered pets, it is essential to prove that they are medically required. Law SB 1084, effective July 1, 2020, enacted criminal penalties for fraudulent ESA requests and invalidated online documents, animal registries, and certifications to prove or support an ESA request.

It is essential to review and understand fair housing laws and emotional support animal Florida housing law. They spell out responsibilities for tenants and landlords and seek to ensure access to housing without infringing on the parties’ rights. 

Some disabilities are not visible, and requests to prove a medical need for an ESA may come up. Also, an emotional support animal Florida cannot pose a health or safety threat to others, where housing accommodations would be unreasonable. The laws are in place to legitimize the function of emotional support animals and their service medically to tenants with disabilities.

Emotional Support Animal Laws in Florida

According to Florida’s housing laws, tenants are prohibited from being discriminated against[2] for needing an emotional support animal. Even in buildings with a prohibition against pets, tenants can live with their companion animals.

Emotional support animal Florida law establishes that an ESA is an animal that is not a pet. An ESA does not require training to work, perform tasks, provide assistance, or provide therapeutic emotional support. Unlike a trained service animal[3], which is also protected under law, an ESA is a unique medically prescribed animal. 

People prescribed an ESA may have an unconventional choice, opting for a ferret, pig, horse, monkey rather than a dog or cat. The choice of ESA is up to the client in need of a companion. However, there may be challenges if an ESA poses a health or safety hazard to others if placed in a building.

So, can a landlord deny an emotional support animal Florida? Although established housing laws protect tenants’ rights to live with their ESA, a landlord may require further documentation to verify claims. Before the new Florida law was passed in 2020 regarding ESAs, there were concerns about fraudulent activity[4]. In the past, clients have paid for emotional support animal registration online with certifications, IDs, and other materials. There is no need for a tenant to pay for an emotional support animal registration for housing, travel, or other accommodations.

The only proper way to confirm and legitimize an emotional support animal Florida registration is to get a letter from a licensed mental healthcare professional, such as a licensed counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or nurse. The medical professional writing the letter for the ESA should prove a few things to be in alliance with Florida law.

About Emotional Support Animal Florida Housing

If a prospective tenant to a property is concerned about emotional support animals in Florida condos, the new law fully protects their rights. If you are wondering, “Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal Florida?” or “What about emotional support animals in Florida condos?” review current emotional support animal Florida housing laws.  

A condo association cannot bar a tenant who requires the presence of their ESA and desires their animal to live with them in the property. All condos, rental homes, and apartments must follow law SB 1084. Before ascertaining housing, you should look into whether you need emotional support ainmal Florida registration and how to write an emotional support animal letter.

New Laws for ESA and Housing

Due to the prevalence of people passing off questionable animals that could be otherwise illegal, used for entertainment, as pets, or other uses than an ESA, Florida amended ESA laws. Law SB 1084 was passed July 1, 2020, and went into full effect. Anyone who is disabled or has disability-related needs that require an ESA is entitled to accommodations for their animal and housing. An ESA cannot be considered a pet to exclude a tenant or charging fees. However, if an ESA damages property, a tenant can be held liable.

If a tenant’s disability is not apparent, they may be required to give supporting information to confirm their disability and legitimate need[5] for an ESA to live with them. Documentation from a government agency, ESA letters, information from a health care provider, and other forms of evidence are permissible. As an emotional support animal Florida is a therapeutic and medically prescribed animal, the law provides protections for emotional support animal Florida housing applicants.

A potential tenant cannot be required to provide certain types of information related to their disability, including medical records. A prospective tenant cannot be forced to fill out a specific form and have their request for their ESA’s accommodations denied for not following particular methods of obtaining information or supplying the requested information.

The Florida law passed in 2020 is in response to abuse and fraud with ESAs. Thanks to the amendment, there can be more consistent standards for qualifying an ESA, penalties and dealing with false claims.

How To Qualify for ESA Letter In Florida?

Suppose you are living with a disability or have disability-related symptoms that are relieved with the presence of a prescribed emotional support animal. In that case, you need to get an ESA letter Florida to protect your rights. If you check out, you can quickly get an ESA letter from a licensed medical professional after following some steps.

  1. You will need to take an initial screening to gather the information necessary to build your letter and support your case.
  2. The client with an ESA will need to conduct a session with a licensed therapist.
  3. A follow up with the customer support team is required after meeting with a licensed medical professional.
  4. The letter is then written following the client’s state laws, alongside a treatment plan.

Visiting a site like to ascertain an ESA letter may be helpful if your physician or attending medical professional is unable to write an ESA letter. An ESA letter Florida is like a prescription for a companion animal to help treat or alleviate one’s symptoms and is an absolute must to exercise one’s legal rights.

How To Write An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

It is helpful to have a written letter to prove your right to an emotional support animal if there is a challenge to the validity of one’s disability, ESA housing accommodation, or other issues. A primary care physician or licensed therapist who has treated the client at least once in-state should provide a written statement. There is usually not enough supportive evidence provided by an online registry, purchased online letter, or a self-written letter for an ESA.

A letter for an emotional support animal should include the following information.

  • The ESA’s date of issue, how long the ESA has been under the client’s care, and expiration date if applicable.
  • The name of the patient prescribed an ESA.
  • The name of the licensed physician or therapist caring for the patient, their disability, and medical professional contact information.
  • Any laws that define and protect the patient’s mental or emotional disability should be mentioned.

An ESA letter should be written by the licensed mental healthcare professional or physician who prescribed the ESA and provides client treatment. An ESA letter Florida is helpful for tenants seeking housing, even in properties with a “no pet” designation. A landlord cannot charge a tenant a pet fee for an ESA but can ask for charges if the ESA causes property damage.

An emotional support animal letter lasts for a year and can be renewed annually. It is helpful to have a current ESA letter Florida if health symptoms persist and require the benefit of a prescribed ESA.

Which Animals Are Considered ESA In Florida?

There is a clear difference between a trained service animal such as a dog or horse versus a companion emotional support animal. In the state of Florida, ESA animals are at the client’s discretion. However, if substantial evidence suggests that a client’s ESA is a danger or presents a problem for others, it may be denied.

Common ESAs include dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, pigs, hedgehogs, horses, and ferrets. Just because a particular animal breed may have a questionable reputation or appears dangerous, there must be clear evidence to deny the request for accommodations for an ESA.

Accommodation Access For ESAs & Service Dogs In Florida

Service dogs are protected under the ADA[6] and housing laws. An emotional support animal may be prescribed as part of a medical treatment plan for therapeutic purposes, is not a pet, and is protected under housing laws. Accommodation must be provided for both ESAs and service dogs, as reasonable under the law. Service dogs and ESAs cannot be charged pet deposits or fees associated with tags or DNA testing.

A service dog or ESA cannot be denied accommodation unless it violates local health department regulations. Appropriate paperwork to confirm a service dog or ESA should be available for presentation upon request.

Final Thought

So, who qualifies for an emotional support animal? Emotional support animals are a legitimate medically prescribed treatment for persons living with emotional or mental disability symptoms. Although there are some differences regarding laws and accommodations for ESAs and service animals, both are medically necessary as support for the affected client. 

Law SB 1084 was passed in Florida to reduce abuses and fraud surrounding ESAs. Amendments to housing laws were enacted to more clearly define terms to determine proof of a present disability and support an emotional support animal’s legitimacy. Housing laws and the ADA help define and protect tenant rights to fair and reasonable accommodation for their ESA or service animal and housing.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies For An Emotional Support Animal?

Most persons seeking treatment for their mental health or emotional disability could benefit[7] from being prescribed an ESA. Common disabilities that qualify for an ESA include the following: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress, Post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, Certain learning disabilities

Can A Landlord Deny An Emotional Support Animal in Florida?

Tenants who have an ESA cannot have their medically prescribed companion animal denied by a landlord unless that animal poses a health or safety risk or accommodations for the tenant’s ESA would be unreasonable. In most cases, a tenant cannot be denied housing for their ESA.

Can A Landlord Request A Tenant’s Medical Information Or Details About Disability To Prove Need For An Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA letter in Florida outlining a tenant’s disability and the legitimacy of their companion animal that is not a pet but a prescribed health aide should suffice. A landlord is breaking the law if they demand a tenant’s medical information to validate claims of a disability. Tenants can provide other forms of documentation to support their claims without divulging sensitive information.

Can An Emotional Support Animal Be Any Type Of Animal?

Cats and dogs are the most common choice of ESA and pets. However, an ESA can be whatever type of animal the client needs for their wellbeing, as long as it does not pose a safety or health hazard. Clients have benefited from ESAs that were ferrets, pigs, birds, reptiles, horses, and other animals.

Can The Landlord Charge An Owner Of An Emotional Support Animal Pet Fees?

It is unreasonable and unlawful for an emotional support animal to be charged a pet fee by a landlord. ESAs are protected by housing law and are treated as medical devices, similar to service animals, and are strictly no pets. If an ESA causes any damage to a landlord’s property, the tenant can be held liable and may be requested to pay charges or face penalties.

Does A Tenant Have To Submit A Request For Emotional Support Animal Request Before Obtaining Housing?

It may be best to request an emotional support animal before obtaining housing to reduce challenges with a landlord. However, ESAs are protected under law. A landlord should allow tenants to have their ESA live with them, as the companion animal is not a pet. A tenant should communicate their needs with their landlord, requesting a waiver of any “no pets” policy, and provide legitimate documentation to support their disability claims and prescribed ESA.

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]]>7 Best Actionable Plans To Get Rid Of Your Beer Belly Fri, 08 Oct 2021 15:51:14 +0000 to Get Rid of a Beer Gut

A prominent beer belly is commonplace among people who enjoy drinking beer and is predominantly visible in men. However, beer may not be the only culprit causing beer bellies to form. Some people abstain from drinking beer but still develop a beer gut. So, what are the root causes of a rotund, hard abdominal section? And why is it so difficult to get rid of a beer belly? 

A combination of exercise, using oil, and a healthy diet can help. Let’s explore how and why body fat tends to be stored in and around the abdomen and healthy ways to remedy it.

How To Get Rid Of A Beer Gut?

Don’t settle with the idea that you have to live with your beer gut or struggle to get rid of it. There are healthy working solutions that can reduce stubborn belly fat and increase your sense of wellbeing. Consider the following solutions to improve your health, happiness and reduce a troublesome beer belly.

  • CBD Oils
  • Exercising
  • Change Diet
  • Change Lifestyle
  • Take Supplements

What Is A Beer Belly?

The term ‘beer belly’ is used to describe a protruding abdominal section that may be hard to touch. However, both men and women can develop a beer belly without even touching one drop of alcohol. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful solutions to get rid of a beer gut, from using oil to exercising more frequently and eating fat-burning foods.

It may take a combination of multiple solutions to resolve a stubborn beer belly and reduce one’s waistline. Getting rid of a beer belly is not solely about vanity and creating a more desirable physical appearance. When one has excess abdominal fat that is not being treated, it can trigger serious health issues in women and men.

What Causes Beer Belly?

If you want to get rid of a beer belly successfully, you first need to understand the root causes of its development. The following can contribute to a prominently protruding belly in men and women alike.

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress
  • Sleep Problems
  • Poor Dietary Choices
  • A Sedentary Lifestyle Devoid Of Exercise
  • Genetics

Let’s explore how each of these points can contribute to a beer belly and the related health risks each poses.


If you love drinking beer made from hops, your body may be absorbing more phytoestrogens than you would like. Phytoestrogens are found in hops, foods like soy and tempeh can increase estrogen levels. A downside of phytoestrogens[1] is the potential development of hormonal imbalances, leading to increased visceral fat in male pectoral tissue and a developing beer belly. Additionally, alcohol’s high caloric nature inherently leads to a beer gut. An excessive calorie intake from beer consumption can contribute to weight gain and an expanding waist circumference.


Certain hormones help regulate various functions in the body, from metabolism to food cravings. When hormones fluctuate in production due to factors like stress or advanced age, it can lead to weight gain around the abdomen and an extended waistline. 


It can be difficult living with stress that is ever-present in modern life. However, women are especially vulnerable to holding onto excess abdominal fat because of stress[2]. High levels of stress[3] trigger more cortisol to course through the body, creating a domino effect that leads to beer bellies[4], overeating, poor sleep, and exacerbating ailments. 

Sleep Issues

A beer gut could be caused when one is suffering from problems with poor sleep quality. Drinking in itself could trigger insomnia, and a gut with an unbalanced microbiome may also trigger sleep issues. There are documented connections to the use of alcohol and sleep disturbances, like leaky gut and a disrupted circadian rhythm can result from alcohol consumption.


Often, when enjoying alcoholic beverages like beer, it accompanies convenience foods that are less than ideal. Eating excessive fried foods, fast foods, sugar, processed foods, and indulging in too many calories can contribute to a beer gut. Make the switch to eat less unhealthy foods, control portion sizes, and eat healthier foods to curb cravings for fat and sugar. Don’t forget adding more fruits to your diet also adds fiber and keeps you full. Too many beers and processed food will only add excess calories.

Lack Of Exercise

Suppose you are spending too much time being sedentary or inactive, whether due to occupation or lifestyle changes, it can become a problem. A beer belly can result if one takes in too many calories and doesn’t burn them off. Making an effort to exercise helps promote healthy metabolism, cardiovascular health and reduces the tendency to overeat and stress.


For a certain amount of the population, genetic predisposition[5] to developing a beer belly may be to blame. Scientists have looked into gene variations that contribute to a flabby stomach and obesity[6]. Anyone with a genetic predisposition for holding onto abdominal fat may more easily become overweight and display a beer gut. 

Why Is It Important To Lose Your Beer Belly?

Losing a beer gut isn’t for appearances alone, as excessive abdominal fat can trigger various unwanted health issues. Binge drinking can be horrible for your liver, and consuming more calories than needed creates belly fat. Holding onto a protruding belly can contribute to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, sleep problems, stress, and low self-esteem over body image and overall health.

Healthy Ways To Get Rid Of A Beer Gut

Explore CBD Oil

Add CBD oil to your daily routine when you enjoy drinking alcohol or other beverages. CBD has been studied for its weight loss and fat-burning properties in rodents[7], as it may help the body break down fat more effectively. In addition to helping shrink fat cells[8] and boost metabolism, CBD oil contains multiple positive benefits for the body. 


Challenge yourself to get up and get moving more often to tackle a beer belly. Choose to regularly commit to planks and other exercises that target the abdominal area. Spend time engaged in aerobic exercise to get your heart pumping, burn calories, and boost metabolism to blast away stubborn fat deposits.

Make Dietary Changes

Eating more healthy foods high in fiber and probiotics can improve gut health, reduce symptoms of leaky gut and an unbalanced microbiome, and help reduce a beer gut. Make the switch when drinking and enjoy foods and snacks that are satisfying without excess grease, sugar, or fat.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Reduce a beer belly by not binge drinking, enjoying alcoholic beverages in moderation, and making positive lifestyle changes. Take the time to get regular exercise, drink enough water, and support a healthy gut microbiome to regulate stress levels, sleep, food cravings, and manage your weight.

Take Supplements

Consider taking supplements that include vitamins B6, B12, zinc, and other helpful elements to boost your health and wellness. Certain foods and supplements containing cayenne pepper, green tea extract, fiber, and probiotics can help reduce abdominal fat, boost metabolism and weight loss.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly?

It’s one thing to apply an actionable plan to get rid of a beer belly, but how long until you see noticeable results? Ultimately, the length of time it takes to get rid of a beer belly depends on your initial starting weight and the changes you make. Set a reasonable goal for yourself to lose weight and adjust your caloric intake. In as little as two to three months, you may notice a shrinking waistline, improved health, better sleep, and increased energy levels.


It is wise to reduce a beer belly because of underlying and related health issues that can arise. A beer belly can contribute to excessive stress on the body’s joints due to obesity, increased high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, and high levels of triglycerides. 

In addition, a beer belly can increase the risks of developing heart disease, sleep apnea, incurring a stroke, or developing type 2 diabetes. Overall, living with an extended waistline and prominent beer gut can make living well challenging. Consider consulting with your physician regarding positive changes to your lifestyle, diet, and taking supplements or medications to assist with reducing a beer belly.

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]]>Metabolism Reset In A Week: Can You Fix Metabolic Damage? Fri, 08 Oct 2021 09:33:26 +0000 Long does It Take to Fix Your Metabolism

When it comes to health in general, nobody lives a perfect life; most people are just trying their best to get their veggies in, leaving the matter at that. We fall into patterns of living that lack fresh air, vigorous movement, and the joy of whole-food, plant-based nutrition.

If this sounds familiar, the good news is that the power to change is already in your hands. How long does it take to fix your metabolism? The answer may surprise you.

How Long Does It Take to Increase Metabolism While Losing Weight?

Attaining the optimum weight and metabolic rate is not a process that takes place in hours, days, or even weeks in many cases. A better metabolism is a long-term lifestyle that you must commit to; there is no magic shortcut that will result in better health forever. If you can’t stick to a plan, you may very well end up right back where you started. 

If you’re focused on staying at the top of your game for good, the incremental changes required for a healthy metabolism overall will be small enough for you to handle. You don’t need to totally turn your diet and exercise plan around over the next couple of days. Hours and hours in the gym might actually end up stunting your metabolism more than it stimulates it if you’re not eating enough to recover from every workout. 

What Is Metabolism and Metabolic Rate?

Your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, describes the minimum amount of calories that your body needs in order to function, taking nothing else into consideration. This energy expenditure fuels the automatic inner workings keeping you alive as you read this, including the caloric intake required to maintain the physical structures of the body itself. 

Your resting metabolic rate, or RMR, is essentially the number of calories that your body burns daily without extra exercise or physical activity factored in. Every breath you take, every move you make, and every thought you think requires energy to happen. Energy expenditure certainly includes exercise and other physical exertion, but these small machinations that happen throughout the day are what RMR is based on.

After you’ve eaten something, your body breaks it down in a process known as catabolism. It then re-engineers the compounds it finds in your food, building each molecule and amino acid up into everything your cells need in a secondary process called anabolism. Combined, these two stages of digestion can be described as the metabolism of the food that you eat. In a general sense, metabolism is the mechanism responsible for the calories that your body burns, and a lot of things aside from your weight and your diet can speed it up or slow it down. 

Your habits can change how your body processes energy at the cellular level; many of us are familiar with the term “starvation mode,” a slowing of the metabolism when we begin to restrict our eating patterns too abruptly. Weight gain due to stress may be metabolic in origin..” Your metabolism could very well be the culprit behind it all.

The body is a sensitive instrument. Keeping it in balance (and maintaining your weight, too!) is a delicate dance. Once you get a feel for the rhythm, however, keeping the party rolling will become second nature to you. Whole, nutritionally dense foods at the appropriate times and in the appropriate portions, regular exercise, and a lifestyle that prioritizes your own mental and spiritual well-being are the answers that you’ve probably been looking for.

What Causes a Slow Metabolism?

Everybody marches to the beat of a different drum, so to speak. Some are naturally-gifted eaters, hungry throughout the day, consuming an ungodly amount of calories without retaining a single pound. Others may need to make choices that are more cautious, lest they suffer from the inevitable weight gain associated therein. 

Your own metabolism is likely not a mystery to you. A few key determining factors include:


The metabolism of men, naturally, will differ from that of women[1] in a general sense. Whether the difference is purely genetic or more, a result of activity and cultural difference remains a vehemently debated topic.


Few will be surprised to hear that your age will influence how effectively your body is able to lose weight autonomously. Again, our habits as we age may have something to do with this[2], but the facts certainly stand.

Body Size and Composition

Muscle mass percentage[3] is one major consideration; it takes more energy to maintain a muscle cell than it does to maintain a fat cell. Are you tall? If so, you’ve got much more of you to maintain; the more of you there is, the more cells you have to take care of. Each of those cells requires a minimum amount of energy to survive and continue working from moment to moment.


Even the place you call home may affect your metabolism adversely (or perhaps in your favor!). This study[4] found that one’s climate has a significant effect on their BMR. The conditions under which you developed as a fetus[5] may also weigh-in, for better or for worse.

Dietary Habits

Metabolic damage refers to the confusion and dysfunction that our bodies feel when we fail to nourish them responsibly. Starvation mode, also known as adaptive thermogenesis, may haunt you[6] if you aren’t eating enough when trying to lose weight.


This part of the equation is often more influential than your calorie intake. If you work in a sedentary profession or take part in a hobby that has you moving your body daily, your metabolism will adjust itself accordingly. If you sleep poorly, you may also struggle to improve your RMR[7].

What You’re Doing

Are you sprinting at top speed? Have you just exercised vigorously but are now resting? Are you sleeping? Have you not slept at all? Any of these scenarios must be factored into your BMR evaluation. If you used to exercise a lot but are taking a few weeks off, your metabolism will reflect the change, even if only until you start again. Bodily functions like menstruation[8] can also impact your metabolic rate.

Symptoms of Slow Metabolism

Most of us know and dread the feeling of carrying a few too many pounds on ourselves. Metabolism goes much deeper than our appearances, however:

  • Your skin may not be renewing itself as efficiently as it could otherwise – dry, cracked cuticles and lips are both indicators of metabolic dysfunction.
  • Your body may have difficulty achieving and maintaining homeostasis, leaving you cold when others feel fine.
  • You might fall ill more often than you would otherwise, and your body may have trouble recovering from small aches, pains, bumps, and bruises.
  • Those dieting especially may notice that they tend to crave sweet and starchy food more often than those with a faster RMR.
  • You’ll feel fatigued and “low” more often than you would if your body were operating at an optimal resting metabolic rate, even if your blood sugar levels are normal and adequate.
  • And, of course, you’ll notice that you tend to gain weight more easily and to store more fat deposits in your body than many people.

If you check off any of the boxes here, it might be time for a change. These changes will all happen ll in due time.

How to Improve Metabolism the Healthy Way?

Many wonder if it’s possible to reset metabolism in the body. Reset may be the wrong word to use; instead, we encourage you to take the process one step at a time, improving your basal metabolic rate gradually and safely. 

How can you increase body metabolism? We’re glad that you asked:

  • Increasing your activity level is the fastest way to improve your metabolism. This is due in part to an increase in lean muscle mass[9], but your body will also expend plenty of calories rebuilding your muscles after you exert yourself. Strength training is one excellent way to target your muscles and build them up. Recruiting the help of a professional personal trainer might help you find the right regime for your goals.
  • Improving the composition of your diet[10] may also help you increase your metabolism over time (And will naturally lead to weight loss in the process). Adequate protein intake[11] has been shown to help trial participants improve metabolic rates.
  • Changes in both diet and exercise can help you burn more calories and lose weight. Losing weight ties back into body composition[12] – less fat and more muscle mass means that your RMR will be working overtime just to maintain as the body uses calories to burn as fuel, which will increase your BMR. 
  • Drinking plenty of water[13] is not only great for weight loss – drinking enough water has also been linked positively to more active thermogenesis in the body, as well, encouraging your cells to burn more calories and energy than they would otherwise. 
  • Taking supplements may also help you regulate[14] your metabolism, but we advise that you avoid any claims that feel suspicious or less-than-credible.

Final Thoughts

Instead of fixating on the weight, you want to lose or the muscle that you would like to develop, focus on running one block further every time you go out. Eating less of the foods that you love doesn’t mean cutting them out entirely; instead, dial things back until you reach a point where you’re able to comfortably burn off everything that you want to eat. 

Read More:  Whats up with mejier diet grape soda?

We encourage you to find a healthy balance between indulgence and the activity levels you’re willing to partake in regularly. Once this balance in diet and exercise is found, you’ll be set. The rest will become easy with time, patience, muscle development, increased energy levels, weight loss as you continue to exercise, and the cognitive reinforcement of all of these healthy habits. 

To maintain a healthy weight, calories will always be important. Once you’ve reached the best weight for you, though, live your life – eat good food, shake your body down daily, and watch the positive results and benefits of a healthy metabolism unfold before you.

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]]>Piracetam Reviews 2021: Dosage, Effects & Where To Buy? Thu, 07 Oct 2021 16:00:00 +0000 Reviews

Science Bio Piracetam






  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Same-day shipping
  • Available along with other products as – product bundles
  • Products are tested to meet the highest standards of quality
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Brand Information

  • Extensive third-party testing
  • Impressive Catalog of Products
  • Consistently Tests 99% Pure
  • 30- Day Money- Back Guarantee
  • Worldwide Shipping to Any Country

Medical Benefits

  • Enhances brain function 
  • Reduces indication of dyslexia condition
  • Alleviates myoclonic seizure
  • A Boon for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Relieves inflammation

About The Brand is an elite entity and a popular brand with an intent to drive innovative research in nootropics, longevity, and metabolic science. is dedicated to offering products, materials, and biochemicals of the highest quality for life science research. Their complete product range is termed “reference materials” and is only meant to be used by scientists for research studies. This is why the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the products of for human consumption.

One of the most popular products of interest offered by Science. bio is piracetam. Piracetam is a chemical created in a lab for research purposes. In some European nations, it is used as a drug to enhance memory and brain performance.  In the US, some manufacturers sell piracetam as a dietary supplement. It is not considered a legal drug for human consumption because of a slew of psychological side effects associated with it. 

Though it is not FDA-approved, it is easily available online and in pharmacy stores and used by many as a recreational drug. 

Is piracetam legal? Is it safe for human consumption? Is this drug beneficial to your health? Let’s read more to learn more.

What is Piracetam? Is It Legal?

Piracetam was developed in the 1950s by Romanian chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea. It is also termed 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide and is an original nootropic (i.e., cognitive enhancer). It is used as a supplement created in a lab. It has a track record of safe and beneficial properties to cognition and brain performance[1]. With over forty years of peer-reviewed studies ( to assess the validity, quality, and originality) attesting to its potential, it is identified as having created a benchmark in cognitive enhancement.

Experimental findings show that piracetam offers a myriad of benefits for older people, like improving memory and reading accuracy in people with dyslexia. Unbroken concentration in laborious tasks and cognitive enhancement of brain function are additional benefits. It is an excellent daily tool for bursts of productivity. 

In the US, piracetam is available as a dietary supplement. However, the evidence showing the effectiveness of this drug is mixed, and many of these studies are of low quality. The FDA has not approved[2] this drug for human consumption, yet it is sold online and in pharmacy stores in many European countries.

Feature Product & Coupon

Science Bio Piracetam

Editor’s Choice

Science Bio Piracetam

  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Same-day shipping
  • Available along with other products as – product bundles
  • Products are tested to meet the highest standards of quality
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is it Legal?

Despite the gigantic rise in popularity, nootropic (piracetam in this case) legality remains a contentious matter across the globe – namely, the reason being that not even one government institution holds a uniform legal definition of what constitutes a nootropic. Piracetam is an uncontrolled substance in the US. That being said, it is legal to possess piracetam without a license or prescription.

Does Piracetam Work? 

Some studies report that piracetam aids the cells in the brain and blood vessels to function better. In another study, it was reported that eleven people took up to twenty grams of piracetam every day for eighteen months, along with their existing medication, to aid in alleviating myoclonic seizure symptoms[3]. The studies found that piracetam aided in reducing the severity associated with myoclonic seizures. 

Is Piracetam Powder Safe?

Side effects of piracetam powder include dizziness, drowsiness, and diarrhea. Some studies report that piracetam treatment does not cause any toxicity and is usually safe. 

It is not advisable to take piracetam if you have renal issues, brain stroke, hemorrhage, or Huntington’s disease. However, piracetam may interact with thyroid extract and anticoagulants (e.g., acenocoumarol). The piracetam drug is excreted in breast milk in lactating mothers. So, it should not be taken by breastfeeding mothers.

Please note: The above content does not serve as a comprehensive safety evaluation of potentially dangerous drug interactions. It is extremely important to consult your physician to discuss safety issues before trying any new supplement or medication.

How Can I Use Piracetam?

The products are available and sold for research and laboratory tests only. The company does not provide any information about the dosage or usage for human consumption, veterinary use, or other medical use. 

Science.Bio Piracetam Ingredients sells piracetam as Pramiracetam, which is in the same class as piracetam but far more potent. It has been created in a lab for scientific studies only. The company offers piracetam in powder form only. The powder is third-party tested, available with a tamper-proof seal and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. is a reputable and elite industry champion in quality, purity, ethics, customer service, and trustworthiness.

Science.Bio Piracetam Ingredients 

Piracetam is a cyclic derivative of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is the key ingredient in piracetam. GABA has anti-anxiety and anti-seizure effects. It works by blocking neurotransmissions (brain signals). It is a major metabolite of piracetam known for calming your mind and reducing the effect of stress. 

Overall, piracetam is an amazing product for boosting cognitive function. Older people take it to enhance mood, improve memory recall and boost learning speed.

How does GABA work?

GABA[4], or gamma-aminobutyric acid, serves as a main inhibitory transmitter in your brain. It creates a calming effect when you get overstimulated. GABA can impact brain receptors by targeting AMPA receptors (AMPARs) responsible for transmitting signals across synapses in the brain. By encouraging or suppressing several signal transmissions in the central nervous system, GABA present in piracetam aids in reducing symptoms associated with cognitive impairment and improves mental activity.

Maintaining adequate GABA can enhance some aspects of memory function. GABA improves motor-skill learning and enhances memory recovery up to 85%. It also helps ease symptoms related to cognitive decline and seizure-inducing disorders like epilepsy.

By alleviating inflammation and boosting the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, GABA may safeguard against the degenerative impacts of aging on short-term memory.

GABA plays an important role in learning-related brain activity[5]. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics make it a valuable neuroprotective metabolite, especially as you age. Reversing cell damage in some cases is another characteristic of GABA.

Piracetam Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

Product reviews create more informed customers and offer valuable insight and increased transparency about the effectiveness of the product. Let’s see what the customers have to say about this product – coming directly from the horse’s mouth.

5 stars

“I just recently started taking it for memory and overall brain function that I damaged from drug use. I have noticed an improvement in all aspects of my memory, cognition, mood, sleep, etc. From what I’ve read about it on the web, I think it’s going to help me greatly with my recovery. I am so grateful for this.”


“I’ve been taking piracetam every day now for about one month and have found it to be extremely effective in my daily cognitive activities. It helps me think clearly and has helped me become more sociable, giving me a positive attitude. I have also found that piracetam makes me more spiritual and thirsty for wisdom and knowledge, as I am more interested in prayer and reading when I’m taking it. I recommend buying it in bulk powder form and mixing in some powdered stevia to get rid of the bitterness. I take anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full teaspoon of piracetam a day with two 250 mg tablets of choline bitartrate, as recommended by nutritionists.”


4 stars

“I’ve taken piracetam (also called nootropil etc. – ) for two weeks, two times a day. I had no medical condition and used it for cognitive enhancement. I’ve noticed an increase in energy and even euphoria of some kind. I felt some improvement in productivity, but it wasn’t very significant. No side effects were detected.”


Alternatives to Science.Bio Piracetam

Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics

See Pure Nootropics Review

  • Tones damaged muscles
  • Inhibits brain damage
  • Enhances cognitive performance

  • Increased risks of side-effects

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot

SeeNootropics Depot Review

  • Best quality control procedures
  • Lab-tested and verified for purity and quality
  • Improves brain function
  • Misuse may result in adverse reactions

Effects of Piracetam

Piracetam is a potential alternative and a synthetic nootropic to other nootropic supplements that may boost mental performance and functionality.

The effectiveness of piracetam[6] is obvious from the reviews of users. Some benefits have been discussed below.

Enhance brain function 

Research studies have reported that piracetam is beneficial in enhancing brain performance. Older adults have been reported to be benefitted more and people with mental impairment or dementia. However, human clinical studies on piracetam and mental function are dated, and more in-depth studies are needed.

Reduce indication of dyslexia condition

Dyslexia is a learning disability – a condition that makes it harder to learn, spell, and read. In a study[7], children who were administered piracetam reported significant improvements in their ability to read and understand the text. Piracetam aids in enhancing learning and reading abilities in children and adults with dyslexia.

Alleviate myoclonic seizures

People affected by myoclonic seizures (epilepsy that causes the muscles in the body to contract) find it hard to eat, write, or move around freely and comfortably. This seizure is described as quick twitching movements. Piracetam consumption has[8] been shown to reduce myoclonic seizures in adults, and the dosage also alleviated the severity of the seizures.

Alzheimer’s condition counts for 60-80 percent of cases of dementia[9]. This happens when the amyloid-beta peptides build up and clump together between nerve cells,  blocking their function. Piracetam administration prevents the destruction caused by the peptides and so safeguards the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

Piracetam has been reported to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It has antioxidant properties that alleviate inflammation while boosting the brain’s natural defenses that decline as you age.

Potential Side Effects

Some of the users have reported the below-mentioned side effects of using piracetam. Knowing these possible side effects in the body may safeguard you from possible harm.

The side effects include:

  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Weight gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Agitation

Piracetam Pros

  • Effectively boosts mental performance.
  • Free of adulterating agents, excipients, and flow agents to ensure purity
  • It is the most popular “nootropics” or “smart drug.”
  • Analysis verified by an independent third-party laboratory 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The website contains useful information.
  • Secure Ordering & Easy Returns
  • Worldwide delivery

Piracetam Cons

  • The FDA has not officially approved piracetam powder for any medical application or other use.
  • The product generally lacks solid clinical research.

Final Thoughts

Piracetam is not approved by the FDA. However, it is the most popular, in-demand, and most promising nootropic. The scientific tests reported are animal-based studies. There is very little information in terms of medical sciences and research associated with human tests and consumption.

When compared to other nootropics, it is less potent. But the health benefits offered by piracetam are superb. Many old-aged users with mental impairment issues have acknowledged its benefits. It is also used by children and young adults as per their needs.

Overall, it is a completely safe drug with minimal side effects. Piracetam is most effective when stacked with other nootropics. 

Piracetam is sold as a medication in many European countries. The sale of piracetam is not illegal in the United States, although it is not regulated nor approved by the FDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe?

Consumption of piracetam powder is safe as long as it is taken within the recommended amounts and consistency. Doses of up to 24 gms daily have had no adverse effects. However, pregnant and lactating women should not take it without consulting the doctor.

Is It Legal?

The FDA does not approve the drug. However, the countries that have flexible regulations regarding the sale of this drug sell it online or in pharmacy stores. It is available in the US for research purposes and as an unregulated supplement.

How to Take Piracetam?

You can take piracetam in capsule or powder form. In capsule form, you can take three capsules in the morning, three in the midday, and three in the evening. If you take powder form, you can take it in hourly increments or at once per the prescribed dosage.

How Long Does It Last?

The benefits of the drug piracetam and the effects of the stronger sensory perceptions after administration are felt after about one hour. It usually lasts 5 hours, but it takes 8 hours to exit the central nervous system and around thirty hours to exit the body.

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]]>Service Dog For OCD 2021: How They Help? Thu, 07 Oct 2021 15:42:16 +0000 Dog For OCD

People who suffer from mental disorders[1] like OCD, depression, and anxiety can benefit significantly by having an emotional support animal. The difference in their day-to-day lives between having this type of assistance with animals versus getting only treatment on medication for issues such as OCD is immeasurable.

A psychiatric service dog will be there to help you during episodes that are too much for one person alone—giving you peace while also grounding you to reality at times where it may otherwise feel overwhelming.

A dog has a powerful calming effect, especially if someone close goes through difficult periods. Not only are service animals vital to help people with OCD, but they can also help people with hardship performing specific tasks and also play a considerable role as guard dogs.

So much so that getting the right psychiatric service animal is vital. Depending on the person, you may get a cat, horse, or dog. But according to Title II and III of the Americans with Disability Act, they recognize dogs as the only legal service animals.

A service animal is an animal that has been specially trained to do work or tasks for its owner. These can be anything from guiding the visually impaired, alerting anxiety attack patients if it is imminent, or retrieving dropped objects at your feet while you’re busy doing another task. The main difference with an emotional support animal is that ESAs provide comfort, security, and convenience, and service animals do all an ESA does, plus help with certain tasks.

Can I Have A Service Dogs With OCD?

Yes, you can, and you should. Because when you are facing mental health challenges and no one is there to help you actively, a service dog might.

The service dog will ensure that you are safe and do all the basic tasks without hurting yourself. The following section covers all the areas that a service animal can help an OCD patient with mental health care.

How Can Service Dogs Help With OCD?

Below are the significant ways that therapy dogs help a person with OCD:

Mental and Physical Benefits

Service dogs keep you present

OCD can make a person lose their sense of time and place. They might be so focused on something that they don’t hear what’s going around them. They might even not notice when someone calls out to ask for help because the individual has been consumed by thoughts in their head all day long without pause.

Service dogs are essential as they bring their owner back to the present. The service dogs often read or sense cues from their owner during work or home hours since mental episodes strike at any moment, causing great anxiety. If left unchecked, the OCD patient ultimately becomes less productive.

Calming the mind, reduce stress and companionship

People with severe OCD[2] often experience anxiety, and service dogs can provide companionship. When you get an anxiety attack, your best friend is available for support in any possible way, whether by bringing your medications or simply lying on top of your body during the commotion.

The connection between humans and their service animals is almost unbreakable, and this helps an OCD patient live a better life.

Service dogs help the OCD patient get fresh air and exercise

Service dogs can be more than just physical therapists for you. The act of obtaining, training, and integrating the service animal into one’s life will also create other benefits.

For instance: getting outdoors to enjoy fresh air which will improve your mental health by promoting exercise. You may also lose through spending time outside, where calories burn off slowly compared with sitting at home alone or inside working on electronics. Your heart will also become healthier due to activities like going on walks.

The possibilities don’t stop there either— these activities also lead nicely into some opportunities such as meeting others experiencing the same condition. This interaction helps you see that you are not alone and that it is possible to live with OCD and lead an everyday life.

What is OCD?

People of all ages and walks of life are impacted by obsessive-compulsive disorder[3] (OCD). It occurs when an individual gets caught in a cycle where they experience intense distress from unwanted thoughts, images, or urges that trigger them. The person will then engage with performing compulsions such as hand washing, hand tapping, or pacing.

These actions can decrease their distress but do not eliminate it entirely because every time someone has an obsession, there is still some level left over after being released back into reality.

If you’ve ever felt like your thoughts or behaviors were getting the best of you, then that is possible that is happening with OCD. People experience repetitive and compulsive behaviors on a spectrum from mild to extreme levels. This can become severe enough for diagnosis if they begin consuming too much time in an individual’s life and interfering with essential activities such as work duties at home. 

However, no two people will have the same symptoms because everyone has different capabilities when faced with mental health conditions.

Which Tasks Service Dogs Can Perform To Help OCD People?

OCD is a disorder that many people struggle with, but it’s essential to know the difference between obsessions and compulsions. The symptoms can be similar in both types of habit formations; however, each has its own unique traits, such as how long they last (some are short-term while others may linger).

They manifest within your mind and body is another difference; sometimes, you only feel the tension at only one specific part, like your stomach. Another difference is whether one needs help from another person, like an assistant groomer who does repetitive tasks while you focus on more critical ones – also known as “enactments.”

The following are ways that a psychiatric service dog can help an OCD patient;

Pressure and Warmth Stimulation, Deep Pressure Therapy, Tactile Stimulation

Pressure therapy and tactile stimulation[4] can help an OCD person feel more grounded while also providing a healing diversion from worry, melancholy, or a looming panic attack.

Psychiatric service animals can also be taught to apply deep pressure stimulation on their handler’s chest or lap to help them regulate their emotions, convey composure to a crisis, or just provide comfort.

Reminder or Medical Alert

A service dog can undergo special training to detect the early stages of a health emergency, such as a shift in respiratory function, an elevated heart rate, psychological aggravation, or imminent muscle spasms, and inform their owner.

Furthermore, a psychiatric service dog can alert their master whenever it’s time to take a prescription, go to bed, or conduct additional everyday tasks.


When individuals feel imprisoned by their feelings, whether they are caused by anxiousness, phobias, or other forms of anguish, anchoring practices can allow them to focus on their physical existence or surroundings.

Interaction, tactile contact, pressure treatment, or any other therapeutic means supporting their handler can help a service dog calm their handler.

How to get a Service Dogs for OCD?

Suppose you need a psychiatric service dog or therapy dog. In that case, you must first receive the recommendation from an attending licensed mental health professional and then have their signature on your certificate. The prescription takes form as either letterhead stationery with doctor’s license number printed at center-top.

The process varies depending on where one lives. Generally, it begins by meeting face-to-face with a therapist whose job is to identify individual needs alongside providing them coping skills specific to these mental disorders challenges before recommending that someone apply for such certification if desired. This simply means that an OCD service dog will differ from one that you get for bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are no limitations, no matter what dog breed you want to use as your psychiatric service animal. Your OCD service dog can be an already owned pet or one adopted from a shelter and undergone proper training by organizations like Guide Dogs for the Blind[5].

However, it must meet specific criteria to qualify under ADA guidelines. This body requires them to have excellent manners and superior intelligence and offer support at crucial times. They are instrumental during medical treatment, such as reminding someone they’re safe when lost on busy streets after experiencing frightening hallucinations due to their mental illness.

Best Service Dog Breeds

Service dogs are a lifeline for people with disabilities and mental illness, assisting them in tasks that would otherwise be very difficult. A service dog that has gone through proper and extensive training can make all of life’s little adventures more manageable and give their human companions what they need to keep going day after day—reassurance.

But not all dogs are suited as assistance animals; here is a list of the top ten therapy dogs for OCD.


The Lab is the perfect service dog. Not only are they brilliant and extremely friendly, but their soft mouths give them an edge when picking up items for humans with disabilities that need assistance from others; this also makes them great canine companions.

They will learn new tasks quickly, and they’re always sure to conduct themselves well in public situations.

The best thing about these dogs?

They form strong bonds very quickly, too: it doesn’t take long before your little one feels like family rather than another pet on walks or sitting under desks during work hours. And for that reason, they make one of the best OCD service dogs.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are another excellent choice for OCD service dogs, especially if you’re looking to train them yourself. They share many of the same characteristics as Labradors: smart and friendly with an easy-to-please demeanor that will make their owner glad every day.

The strength these large dog breeds boast also makes it possible for an entire workday alongside one’s human partner in crime. One more thing about Golden’sGolden’s is that you’ll never have any problems alarming people when out on walks since they look so friendly.

Border Collie

Border Collies are intelligent, highly trainable OCD service dogs that love to please. These pooches make excellent service animals because of their intelligence and easygoing nature; they’re also great for remote settings like farm life or living alone where there isn’t much society around them other than you and your canine friend.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are large, intimidating dogs with a gentle disposition. They’re usually associated with being guard or police dogs; however, they can also make excellent service animals for people who need assistance in different aspects of their lives due to disabilities such as diabetes and mobility problems!

Their sense of smell makes them perfect at monitoring blood sugar levels. Plus, this type has so much energy that it’ll be there chomping away by your side no matter what happens. So whether you’re pushing a wheelchair through crowds during busy days outside office buildings all day long—or helping you calm down after an OCD anxiety attack.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel[6] is an ancient breed with a rich history. It was originally bred as both a companion and comfort dog. They make great pets because they’re always happy to love you. Pet Cavaliers can provide relief from OCD anxiety and stress, especially during times of difficulty.

Final Thought 

OCD service dogs are amazing creatures that deserve all the thanks because they are accommodating. One patient claims that his dog cured his OCD and the need for total control. After they got a service animal, it provided love during tough times and some disorder in life because it left some messes around to break up patterns of perfectionism.

For many people with mental health issues[7], owning and caring for a service animal can be very therapeutic. OCD service dogs are not just good at alerting their owners about intruders in the house; they also offer companionship that is crucial to someone living life fully every day.

Walking your service dog may seem like a trivial task before worrying about other priorities such as work deadlines or personal relationships but consider how relieved you will feel once this becomes routine.

So much so that when anyone has OCD and wants to live independent lives, a service dog may come in handy to get your mental illness in check and guide you through your recovery journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ADA consider emotional support, therapeutic, comfort, or companion animals to be service animals?

A resounding no. These names refer to animals that bring comfort simply by being there with a person. They do not qualify as service animals under the ADA since they have not been taught to perform a specific job or duty.
Some state or local governments, on the other hand, have regulations allowing people to bring emotional support animals into public locations. To learn more about these regulations, contact your state and local government offices.

Is it necessary for service animals to wear a vest, patch, or specific harness that identifies them as such?

No, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or special harness.

Who is in charge of an OCD service animal’s care and supervision?

The handler is in charge of the OCD service animal’s care and supervision, including toileting, feeding, grooming, and veterinary treatment. A covered entity is not required to oversee or care for a service animal in any way.

Out of regard for other guests, may hotels allocate specific rooms for guests with service animals?

No, a disabled visitor who utilizes an OCD service animal must be given the same option to reserve any available accommodation at the hotel as other customers without disabilities. They might not have to stay in “pet-friendly” rooms.

All dogs in my city are required to get vaccinated. Is my service animal included in this?

Yes. Individuals with service animals are not exempt from animal control or public health regulations in their communities.

Can any dog breed be used as an OCD service animal?

Yes. The ADA does not place any restrictions on dogs that can be used as service animals.

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]]>Sudden Weight Loss: Is It Related To Diabetes? Thu, 07 Oct 2021 08:01:00 +0000 causes weight loss in diabetes

The major health challenges prevalent in our society today include diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. It often happens that those with one of these conditions also have one or both of the others. Because diabetes is a disruption in the metabolism of sugar and fat, these people are often overweight or even obese. Although CBD for weight loss might be helpful, their obesity is a challenge to their cardiovascular system resulting in related complications such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

CDC reports reflect the following statistics:

  • Diabetes:[1] Among the US population overall, crude estimates for the latest CDC report for 2018 were 34.2 million people of all ages or 10.5% of the US population.
  • Obesity[2]: The US obesity prevalence was 42.4% in 2017 – 2018.
  • Hypertension[3]: 47% or 116 million people in the US have hypertension.

Leading causes of death[4] in the US from recent CDC statistics include heart disease and diabetes.

Although a majority of diabetics are overweight, some lose weight rather than gain it. In fact, if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes, sudden weight loss can be an early indication of the onset of diabetes. Why does this happen?

What Causes Weight Loss In Diabetes?

If you experience unexplained weight loss, you should see a doctor. It is possible you may have what is termed prediabetes. This means that your pancreas and insulin production are already becoming compromised resulting in increased fat-burning because your glucose is not being properly metabolized to give your body the energy it needs to function. This increased burning of fat causes weight loss which needs to be evaluated by a doctor to determine the cause.

According to the CDC, 88 million US adults or more than 1 in 3 have prediabetes[5]. More than 84% do not know they have it. With prediabetes, blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes raises your risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The good news is if you are diagnosed early enough, you may avoid full-blown diabetes and its long-term effects on other systems in your body.

Several studies have proven that, although there is no cure for Type 2 diabetes, early diagnosis can actually reverse it for some people. Through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and maintain normal blood sugar levels without medication.

For example, Dr. Mike Lean, professor of nutrition at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, is an author of a 2016 study[6] that followed 306 people who had been diabetic, some for up to 10 years, who were put on a weight loss program.  At 12 months, almost half of the participants achieved remission to a non-diabetic state and off antidiabetic drugs when they lost about 33 pounds. 

“A person’s likelihood of remission from diabetes is greatest in the first five years after being diagnosed. Unfortunately, many people don’t attempt to lose weight and many doctors don’t know this either so they don’t give patients the proper guidance and encouragement.”

Dr. Lean reported

Unexplained weight loss in diabetes is typically accompanied by other signs and symptoms[7] including:

  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Excessive urination
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark skin around the neck and armpits
  • Slow healing of cuts and bruises
  • Yeast infections
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Mood changes, including irritability
  • Vision changes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a common metabolic condition that affects the way your body uses sugar from the foods you eat.  Insulin, produced by the pancreas is insufficient or not working properly preventing the body from metabolizing glucose from the blood and transporting it into the body’s cells to use as energy. When this occurs, the body starts burning fat and muscle for energy, causing a reduction in overall body weight.

Three Types of Diabetes

Doctors have known for some time that there are three types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes often develops quickly. Instead of being able to use insulin, your body stops producing it altogether. Because it usually appears in children and young adults, unusual weight loss is often first noticed by parents. If you have Type 1 diabetes, you will need to take insulin every day for the rest of your life to survive. Currently, no one knows how to prevent Type 1 diabetes.
  • With Type 2 diabetes, referred to as T2DM for diabetes mellitus, your body does not use insulin well and cannot keep blood sugar at normal levels. T2DM can be prevented or delayed with healthy lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, eating healthy food, and being active.
  • Gestational diabetes develops in pregnant women and usually goes away after the baby is born. This type of diabetes can increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Obesity and Diabetes

Does obesity promote T2DM or does T2DM cause obesity? This has been a difficult question to answer due to the metabolic complexity of this disease.

Reports indicate[8] that severe obesity in childhood and adolescence increases the risk of T2DM in youth and young adults. T2DM, which is commonly asymptomatic, frequently is not recognized until random blood glucose is measured.

Scientists believe that insulin resistance is the cause of the excessive fat accumulation associated with T2DM. Moreover, this resistance is the etiology of hyperlipidemia and excess fat accumulation characteristic of T2DM. It can be found in lean people before they are even diagnosed with diabetes and thus is a precursor to T2DM. So far it is not known what causes insulin resistance.

Hormones and Diabetes

There is also a complex relationship between insulin, glucose, and the appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin[9]. In diabetes, this relationship is out of balance affecting the metabolism of fat in the body. Thus, a diabetic may lose weight rapidly or gain weight.

Leptin, the hormone produced in the pancreas that indicates your stomach is full, is partially controlled by insulin. Since leptin decreases appetite and increases fat-burning metabolism it can cause weight loss.

Ghrelin, the hormone that indicates you are hungry, is inhibited by insulin and glucose. This may explain the low ghrelin levels found in patients with T2DM.

Also, it is worth noting that insulin sensitivity[10], rather than insulin itself, may play a more important role in the regulation of ghrelin.

Ghrelin and the other hormones associated with appetite have a vast range of physiological functions which influence eating patterns and weight management. Current knowledge of these hormones, particularly ghrelin and leptin, is far from satisfactory.  Further studies still need to be done to understand their complexity and biological roles in the body, particularly in the case of T2DM.

Weight Management in Diabetes

Controlled weight loss is the best goal in the management and possible reversal of T2DM. This can be done, especially if you notice a sudden weight loss, through eating a balanced low-calorie diet with attention to carbohydrates and sugar intake. Coupled with routine exercise, diabetics have managed to control their diabetes and some even reverse it. Beware of OTC diet pills and prescriptions for weight loss. These can be dangerous to a diabetic with your complex metabolism.

A riskier weight control procedure is bariatric surgery, used with obese people who have had unsuccessful weight loss. The American Diabetes Association reported that a resolution of T2DM has been an additional benefit of bariatric surgery[11]. It was observed that prompt reversibility of T2DM was due to the normalizing of peripheral insulin sensitivity and by enhancing pancreatic β-cell sensitivity to glucose. These changes occurred very early after the operation. The proportion of individuals achieving normal blood glucose levels was based primarily on the extent of weight loss.

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

As reported by John Hopkins Medicine, high blood pressure[12] is twice as likely to strike a person with diabetes than a person without diabetes. Left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. A person with diabetes and high blood pressure is four times as likely to develop heart disease than someone who does not have either of the conditions. About two-thirds of adults with diabetes have blood pressure greater than 130/80 mm Hg or use prescription medications for hypertension.


Sudden weight loss in diabetic and pre-diabetic people is not healthy and can lead to nutritional depletion and other conditions. Better to begin a controlled weight loss program that aims to normalize weight loss and eventually balance diet and exercise with the monitoring of glucose levels. Studies support this approach with the possible reversal of diabetes so that symptoms disappear. This is not a cure, but a positive maintenance regimen to keep glucose metabolism balanced and fat storage/fat burning within normal limits.

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]]>Marshmallow Root For Leaky Gut: Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects Wed, 06 Oct 2021 14:41:47 +0000 Root Leaky Gut

For centuries, people have used parts of the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis) for their medicinal benefits. The leaves and roots come in handy when you need to treat a plethora of illnesses. The marshmallow root is the ultimate pain killer as it offers you relief from pain and any inflammation.

While using a supplement to improve your health, add the marshmallow root into the mix for the best outcome.

However, it’s better to learn more about the marshmallow root before you brew some to take. Find out the benefits, dosage, and side effects of taking marshmallow root in this article.

Using Marshmallow Root For Leaky Gut

There are many ways in which people use marshmallow roots. One of them is to find relief from pain and inflammation when you have a leaky gut. A leaky gut[1] is a condition where the gut lining won’t absorb the nutrients from food.

In such situations, you end up with inflammation in your stomach and intestines, which is quite painful. The inflammation and pain can impact your quality of life. While you can seek a medical solution, it’s also better to try natural remedies like marshmallow root.

You can use this root by applying directly to your skin if you have any dry areas. That’s just one way. Any person with an inflammatory bowel disease can consider using this plant. It’s a natural remedy that can help you feel much better.

Apart from gut health, there are many other ways you can benefit from the marshmallow root. It works for cough relief and soothing irritations on your skin. Though there isn’t definitive research on the health benefits of the marshmallow root, you can go by the centuries of use.

However, before you can use it to treat a condition like leaky gut, it’s better to understand what it is and its cause.

What is Leaky Gut?

The gut comprises the digestive tract[2], which is where the food you eat is processed. This gut contains a lining inside, a healthy intestinal barrier, responsible for absorbing all the nutrients from the food you eat. The lining has to be less porous for the absorption to occur successfully.

However, when you have poor gut health, there’s more permeability in the gut lining. As a result, all the nutrients absorbed leak back into your gut. This is a sign of poor health and can come with inevitable consequences when the leak occurs.

When you experience leaky gut syndrome, you end up feeling pain, having a poor immune system, and inflammation in your intestines. People who suffer from such stomach digestive issues strive to find better solutions, including leaky gut supplements and natural remedies like marshmallow root[3].

Having a leaky gut can cause you so many issues. There are certain signs and symptoms you can look out for that are warning bells. These include:

  • Bloating and excessive gas
  • Running stomach or diarrhea
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Poor immune system
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Lack of nutrients in the body
  • Pain in the joints
  • Skin breakouts, including rashes and acne

Still, it’s worth noting that, medically speaking, leaky gut is not a recognized medical condition. There’s a need for more scientific research to ascertain the cause and ways to heal the body of this condition. However, you can use the marshmallow root to find relief from the symptoms above.

How Does the Marshmallow Root Work to Ease a Leaky Gut?

The marshmallow root[4] can come to your aid when experiencing leaky gut symptoms. But, it’s better to understand how it works before determining the right dosage to take. The marshmallow root extract is a slimy liquid that you can take.

Other people prefer taking it as a powder. But, overall, the slimy nature of the root extract is what you need. This mucus-like consistency is what goes into your body and lines the gut cells. Thanks to the marshmallow root extract, all those areas where you’re experiencing pain and inflammation find lasting relief.

In addition, you can apply the extract on parts of your skin where you’re experiencing irritation. One of the symptoms of a leaky gut is skin breakouts which can be pretty uncomfortable. The soothing effect of the marshmallow brings you relief from the pain and swelling.

There’s even evidence of using the marshmallow root when you have a wound on your skin. Pain relief and less inflammation[5] is the best way to start the healing process. Marshmallow root has many benefits to the human body, including relief from constipation and inflammatory bowel disease.

How to Use Marshmallow Root?

There are different ways of using the marshmallow root to relieve the leaky gut symptoms listed above. There are many natural products available today that contain the extract but always check the ingredients.

Perhaps the best way to take the extract is by drinking it. People make teas or mix them with juice. Both methods are effective in taking the marshmallow powder to ease intestinal permeability.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is perhaps the easiest way to take root. It would be best if you got the dried root to make the tea or a powder. Add the dried root to hot boiling water and let it sit for 5 minutes. After the time elapses, strain the root and enjoy the drink.

There are even marshmallow root tea bags available in the stores today. You can choose one that contains pure powder or mixed with other soothing herbs like chamomile. Always give the tea bag time to sit in hot water to get the best results. 10 minutes or so will suffice before you drink it.

While the extract works, the taste might put you off. In that case, add honey which is another natural ingredient that benefits your gut health[6].

However, if you don’t want to brew tea, you can add the powder to your juice or smoothie. This is also an effective way of ingesting the beneficial natural remedy.

Skin Ointment

Apart from ingesting the marshmallow root, you can use it on your skin. Today, there are many skin products available that contain dried root extract. This soothes the dry skin, inflammation, and pain, which are a result of digestive issues.

Apart from using these ointments, you can make a paste using the powder. Mix a little water with the marshmallow root powder to get a paste. Apply the paste on your skin and leave it for some time before rinsing it off.

While the marshmallow root works to alleviate leaky gut, there are several other benefits of using it. Below are other health benefits of using the marshmallow root.

Other Benefits of Using the Marshmallow Root

Cough Relief

Having a persistent cough can be quite hard when trying to go about your day-to-day life. The cough can result from infection and causes lots of pain in your body’s throat and chest areas. While you can try functional medicine, some natural remedies work too.

For instance, the marshmallow root has a soothing effect on your body when you have a persistent cough. It coats the lining of the esophagus, which soothes the irritation. This is why you’re encouraged to dry cough remedies that contain marshmallow root extract[7].

The soothing effect can help you heal faster from a respiratory infection. In addition, you won’t feel so much pain which is caused by a continuous dry cough.  This includes a sore throat and a painful chest.

Soothe Skin Irritation

For any person experiencing issues with intestinal inflammation, the marshmallow root is a natural remedy. In this case, you have less of the good gut bacteria in your body, causing issues with your gut lining.

One of the main signs that you have a leaky gut is skin irritation. Suddenly, you have a breakout of acne and dry skin patches, which can be pretty uncomfortable. The skin irritations can worsen if you don’t find a solution like taking marshmallow root to ease the condition.

Apart from taking the extract, you can apply the extract to your skin. But, do a patch test first to ensure you aren’t allergic to it. Still, using the extract on your skin is a natural remedy[8] when you have skin irritation.

The extract soothes your skin. However, if the condition persists, make sure you visit a dermatologist. They can recommend functional medication to use together with the marshmallow root extract for lasting results.

Antioxidant Properties

Another issue that can cause you pain and inflammation is the presence of free radicals in your body. This is why you need natural remedies with lots of antioxidant properties to get rid of the free radicals.

 Marshmallow extract[9] is one of those natural products you can use.

Protection from Ulcers

Many people suffer from painful stomach ulcers that can affect your life in many ways. There’s new research[10] that shows marshmallow roots can protect you from getting stomach ulcers. In this case, you need ginger and marshmallow root to act as a preventive measure.

Poor gut health can lead to stomach ulcers as the nutrients leak back due to gut lining permeability. But, when you use the extract as a preventive measure, you reduce the chances of this taking place. The mucous in the plant extract line the walls of your gut guarding against ulcers.

Side Effects of the Marshmallow Root

While the marshmallow root benefits your body, it’s best also to know its side effects. The solution is good but might not work the same way for every person with digestive disorders and other conditions.

Upset Stomach

Not everyone finds relief when using the marshmallow root extract for leaky gut. In some instances, the extract can bring you more stomach problems and pain.

You end up with an upset stomach which worsens symptoms of a leaky gut like pain and diarrhea.


Another side-effect to watch out for is feeling sleepy or dizzy after taking the mixture. Start by testing a little dosage to see how your body responds. If you don’t feel dizzy, you can take more.

Dry Mouth

Taking the powder can leave you with a dry mouth. It’s better to create a concoction to take other than using the powder as it is. A dry mouth can be pretty uncomfortable.

Allergic Reaction

Applying marshmallow root extract to your skin carries lots of benefits. It soothes the pain and brings down the swelling. However, in some rare cases, the extract causes an allergic reaction[11], so do a test first on your skin when using the extract for the first time.

Caution is vital when using marshmallow extract for different issues like soothing a leaky gut. While this is a natural remedy, it can have side effects that are worth noting.

Other Natural Remedies for Leaky Gut

Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Slippery elm is a tree that originates from the US and parts of Canada and has dark brown bark. The bark, at times, appears reddish-brown. Back in the day, this tree was one of the most beneficial for the Native American communities.

The natives had a knack for peeling the bark of the slippery elm to get the slimy extract. The extract came in handy when treating coughs, sore throat, wounds, and even stomach issues. This was achieved by mixing the slime with water to get sticky mucilage.

The mucilage would soothe the ill person, making them feel better within a short period. This natural remedy has been in use in these parts for centuries and continues to be today. You can use the slippery elm bark powder to ease a leaky gut.

Similar to the marshmallow root powder, it soothes the gut linings when you have a leaky gut. In some cases, you can even use slippery elm and marshmallow. But, be sure to first do a test before increasing the dosage to analyze the effects.

The slippery elm bark extract soothes your stomach lining. Its primary purpose is to ease the symptoms of the ailment and improve your quality of life. In one study[12], the extract successfully enhanced bowel movement for patients with severe constipation inflammatory bowel disease.

Apart from soothing your gut lining, the slippery elm contributes to an increase in good bacteria[13] in your gut. The presence of lots of bad bacteria causes a leaky gut. So you have to alter that by taking natural remedies like the slippery elm bark powder to improve this condition.

In Conclusion

A leaky gut can impact your quality of life and even lead to autoimmune disorders[14]. But, the good news is there are some natural remedies you can use to ease the symptoms of this condition. One of them is using the famous marshmallow root extract to soothe the gut lining.

At times, you may experience gut barrier function, making it hard for your body to get the nutrients you need. You can feel much better by taking the marshmallow herbal tea or mixing the powder in a drink. Just be sure to test it first to see if you experience any side effects from the marshmallow root extract.

In addition, you can use the slippery elm extract for a similar effect and even mix it with the marshmallow root. The slippery elm has probiotic benefits that add lots of good bacteria to your gut.

But, be sure to check out some of the side effects[15] of using the marshmallow root extract before you start using it. Still, there are many benefits of using marshmallow extract, not only for your gut health. You can benefit from the plant remedy in other ways listed in this article.

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]]>The Connection Between Adrenal Fatigue And Leaky Gut Wed, 06 Oct 2021 10:46:28 +0000 Gut and Adrenal Fatigue

There has been significant debate as to whether adrenal fatigue truly exists. However, a burned-out adrenal system may lead to difficulty sleeping, depression, aches and pains, chronic fatigue and other problems. Considering how much the gut’s microbiome impacts overall health and bodily function, it is safe to say that adrenal fatigue and leaky gut share a connection. You may want to consider using supplements in addition to making dietary changes to alleviate adrenal fatigue and heal your gut.

What Is Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are located at the top of the kidneys and produce hormones that help regulate metabolism, stress response and support healthy immune function. When the adrenal glands are fatigued, one may frequently experience body aches, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and other concerning issues. 

The term adrenal fatigue[1] isn’t necessarily a medical diagnosis, but it is a lay term that describes when a host of symptoms related to a taxed adrenal system is present. It is believed experiencing long periods of stress causes the adrenal glands to become fatigued. However, there may be a connection between adrenal fatigue and a leaky gut.

Experiencing chronic stress is not easy for the body to continue to deal with, as the adrenal glands can burn out from prolonged secretion of cortisol and adrenaline. According to The Endocrine Society, adrenal fatigue is not an official disease because other illnesses or health conditions could trigger many symptoms of an exhausted adrenal system. Seek healthy ways to cope with and reduce experiencing prolonged periods of stress to heal adrenal fatigue.

How Is Adrenal Fatigue Connected To A Leaky Gut?

The digestive system and gut microbiome can be considered a third brain for the human body. If the gut has a balanced and healthy microbiome, the body is less likely to experience health ailments caused by inflammation, stress, hypertension, and poor immune function. 

Stress has a significant impact on the healthy, normal function of the adrenal gland and digestive system. If the gut is stressed because of a poor diet, lifestyle choices, occupational hazards, or life events, the adrenal glands can overproduce cortisol and adrenaline, exacerbating adverse conditions.

Both the gut and adrenal glands are essential to influence the regulation of the immune system, stress response, and overall health. When these vital systems are fatigued or underperforming, one may develop depression, difficulty sleeping, low energy levels, and other problems.

Understanding Cortisol And Stress Response

The release of cortisol[2] affects the body’s function and wellbeing, as it is a fight-or-flight response hormone that impacts mood, fear and prepares your body to react. Throughout the day, an average level of cortisol will be released as needed. However, too much stress can lead to experiencing the following.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Poor Memory
  • Hearth Health AIlments
  • Development of Cushing syndrome

Cortisol is essential for boosting energy levels to tackle stress, regulates blood pressure, manages how carbs, fats, and proteins are used, and controls sleep cycles. However, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut contribute to and may be brought on by high-stress experiences. Valid forms of stress may be physical, emotional, psychological, or work-related.

Adrenal fatigue and leaky gut often share similar symptoms. There is no blood test for adrenal fatigue, but persistent symptoms should be investigated by your physician. Work with your physician to develop a plan to fix adrenal fatigue, reduce stress, and stop leaky gut.

  • Aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Skin discoloration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Depression
  • Feeling lightheaded or nauseated

Make an effort to regularly clean your gut, restore the balance of your gut’s microbiome, and reduce adrenal fatigue. In addition to periodically taking supplements or applying herbal medicine[3],  consuming particular foods with added prebiotics[4] may prove helpful.

Helpful Foods, Supplements, And Vitamins

Consuming prebiotics and probiotics is beneficial for controlling cortisol, can fix adrenal fatigue, and heal leaky gut. Add the following to your plate at your next meal, or try a supplement.

  • Kefir
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Sauerkraut

The prevalence of leaky gut and adrenal fatigue may be due to the demands of a fast-paced, modern society and convenience foods lacking specific nutrients and vitamins to keep the body’s systems balanced and nourished.

Getting adequate amounts of specific essential vitamins or supplements may support healthy adrenal function, heal adrenal fatigue, and address a leaky gut.

  • Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B12 and C
  • Magnesium
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Panax ginseng
  • Withania somnifera

Consuming more zinc, probiotics, fiber, L-glutamine, and vitamin D can help fix a leaky gut and promote wellness. Collagen may help support balanced hormonal function and can make up for degradation caused by cortisol. 

What Causes A Leaky Gut?

When the bacteria within the intestinal tract is imbalanced, it can develop a leaky gut[5]. Often, one may experience aches and pains, painful gas, cramping, bloating, and sensitivities to certain foods when leaky gut is present.

Eating a poor diet, refined grains, sugar, dairy, and genetically modified foods can cause the gut’s microbiome to suffer. Certain autoimmune diseases may be connected to leaky gut and symptoms of chronic fatigue, allergies, acne, obesity, and mental illness.

Since most modern diets are low in fiber and have an excess of saturated fats, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, it contributes to inflammation and imbalanced gut microbiota. The gut microbiome is critical to healthy immune function, reduced inflammation, and the elimination of toxins from the body. Prolonged stress is a significant factor that negatively impacts the gut and contributes to developing a leaky gut.

Make positive lifestyle changes, consume foods and supplements that fix leaky gut, reduce unwanted stress and related health ailments, and restore the gut’s microbiota for optimal function. If persistent symptoms of a leaky gut and adrenal fatigue are present, consider it a warning sign from the body to look out for autoimmune disease and a strong need to make immediate changes to improve one’s health.

How To Heal Adrenal Fatigue

Reducing sugar intake, processed junk foods, caffeine, and alleviating stress are a no-brainer that helps fix adrenal fatigue. However, it is wise to consume more vitamins and minerals to support healthy adrenal gland function and restore the body. It may take 1 to 2 years to see the positive impact of fixing adrenal fatigue and the harmful effects of chronic symptoms.

Treating adrenal fatigue helps achieve healthy blood pressure, regulate the hormonal release of cortisol and adrenaline, and improve stress response. You may wish to engage in weight training and light cardiovascular exercises to aid healthy adrenal function.

Seek to reduce inflammation, consume more B vitamins, and eat a more balanced diet, including leafy greens, lean meats, legumes, whole grains, and keep your plate colorful. Stay away from consuming excessive carbohydrates and sugar that can feed stress, inflammation, and trigger fatigue.

Precautions And Risks

If persistent chronic health problems, such as prolonged periods of stress, a leaky gut, and adrenal fatigue, are left untreated, it can disrupt daily activities and reduce the body’s functions. Take control of your life and seek healthy ways to heal leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and restore one’s health.

The distress posed by chronic stress[6], leaky gut, and adrenal fatigue can lead to Addison’s[7] disease, contribute to increased risk of mental health[8] issues, and make life unpleasant. Consult a physician before making significant changes to your diet, taking new supplements, investigating potential prescription medicine interference and other concerns.

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]]>Morning Complete Reviews 2021: Does It Work & Is It Safe? Tue, 05 Oct 2021 10:18:00 +0000 complete reviews

Morning Complete


Ingredient Quality


Support Research


Brand’s Transparency


  • The formula contains evidence-based ingredients.
  • The formula has digestive health benefits that promote regular digestive function.
  • It is jam-packed with antioxidants.
  • The company offers a money-

Brand Information

  • Manufactured by ActivatedYou Morning.
  • The founder is actress Maggie Q.
  • Dr Frank Lipman helped.

Medical Benefits

  • Improves daily energy levels.
  • Proffers digestive tract beneficial bacteria.
  • Supports the body’s overall health.
  • Helps with stress management.

About The Brand

We are what we consume, what we take dictates the quality of life we live. Using Morning Complete’s probiotic supplement is perfect for those who want to take care of their gut and improve overall health.

The pros make this product stand out, including its ability to help with digestion problems in addition to the many other benefits it provides, such as boosting your immune system.

This review will discuss all aspects from Morning Completes’ price point up until possible side effects you might notice when using them. The Morning Complete Activated You reviews will help you decide if the supplement is good for you.

What is Morning Complete?

Morning Complete is a green superfoods blend product that can improve your energy and overall well-being. The mixture of ingredients in the supplement includes prebiotics, probiotics (live organisms), antioxidants like Vitamins A&C, and other vitamins that promote healthy digestion. It also contains natural plant extracts known for their immeasurable abilities to relieve gut issues.

Morning complete powder supplement has been specially formulated by celebrity health advocate Maggie Q who obtained help from Dr. Frank Lipman. Dr. Lipman came in and helped create this innovative drink mix so you, too, may enjoy all these benefits without any hassle at home.

Does It Really Work?

The most obvious question for anyone who is to buy Morning complete is will it work? And the answer is yes!

Morning Complete is the leading daily dietary supplement blend from the ActivatedYou wellness product line. This fruit-flavored drink promotes an “all in one” health Morning routine by boosting energy levels, optimizing performance, and bringing about general wellbeing for those who take it regularly— all without unnecessary additives or preservatives.

It’s made with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work together so you can feel mental clarity every day.

Feature Product & Coupon

Morning Complete

Editor’s Choice

Morning Complete

  • The formula contains evidence-based ingredients.
  • The formula has digestive health benefits that promote regular digestive function.
  • It is jam-packed with antioxidants.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee for 3 months.

Is ​​Morning Complete Safe?

The wellness supplement contains probiotics and is generally recognized as safe. Some people may experience mild side effects like gas or diarrhea in their first few days of taking it. Still, these are usually only temporary inconveniences rather than something more serious such as liver problems.

The biggest concern is about aloe vera since some recent studies have identified cases where someone consumed too many supplements containing this ingredient before eventually ending up with kidney failure. This is an issue all too familiar among those dealing with a chronic illness already. So, in essence, ActivatedYou Morning Complete is safe, but you must be vigilant to read the label before you start taking it.

The manufactures also urge you to stop taking the supplement once you experience adverse side effects.


  • Some ingredients have been scientifically proven to work.
  • It may help with digestion.
  • Antioxidants are present.
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days


  • For several substances in the Morning Complete supplement, there is insufficient proof.
  • Concerns about the organic aloe vera’s safety
  • For a one-month supply, it’s quite pricey.

Activated You Morning Complete Ingredients

Morning Complete wellness ingredients are listed on the supplement label so that it’s easy to know what’s in each blend. But when you take a closer look, it becomes evident that individual amounts for these core nutrients aren’t provided. And this could be important if your diet needs vary.

The lack of information regarding dosages has been an issue with many Morning Complete customer reviews online. However, there is always room to debate whether this deficiency makes Morning complete less effective?

The following section covers all ingredients plus how they provide health benefits to the human body.

Activated You Morning Complete Ingredients

 4.05 g- Blend of Prebiotic and High Fiber

The fibers that feed the good bacteria in your intestine are called prebiotics. And this specific blend called ActivateYou Morning Compete is a prebiotic blend that includes cinnamon bark extract and chicory root Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

The two are beneficial for the potential to support good bacterial growth[1]. Nevertheless, a more recent study is required before conclusions can be drawn about these substances alone or in combination with other probiotic blends.

For example, the prebiotic effect of cinnamon bark was demonstrated in a 2019 pilot study[2]. However, it is not certain that this benefit will extend to all populations and unproven until human trials are conducted.

A 2018 lab-based[3] investigation explored a variety of spices, including cinnamon, to see if it had any probiotic characteristics. Still, these findings were limited due to the small sample size, so we cannot yet say for sure whether there’s the real-life significance here.

735 mg- Blend of Green Superfoods

Leafy green extracts found in this Blend include kale, berberine HCL, alfalfa leaf, spinach, mulberry leaf extract, broccoli, and barley grass.

If you’re looking for a natural way to control blood glucose and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes or heart disease, then look no further than barley grass[4].

Another study outlined possible medical applications for this plant compound, berberine HCL[5], in conjunction with alterations in the way of life, which can also lower your risk factors!

390 mg- Blend that is Metabolic Enhancing

The extracts in this Morning Complete combo include bitter melon fruit extract, black pepper, ginger root, turmeric root extract, green tea leaf extract, and white tea leaf extract.

Taking polyphenols[6], the active antioxidants found in green tea[7] may be essential for optimum health and weight loss. On the other hand, caffeine might produce jitters or anxiousness in sensitive persons, so drink no more than one cup of this beverage every day.

100 mg- An Antioxidant Blend

This ActivateYou Morning Complete drink blend contains pomegranate fruit extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract, and Lycium berry

Pomegranates are a fruit that has been found to offer body benefits. One of these is an antioxidant effect[8] on inflammation, which might help us maintain our general health as we get older. It also reduces markers for heart disease in those who consume them regularly – but not necessarily just pomegranate juice.

The benefits of antioxidants[9] are not limited to the skin. They can support overall wellness as well.

55 mg- A Blend With Adaptogens

This ActivateYou mix contains extracts such as Rhodiola Rosea root extract,  astragalus root extract, and diindolylmethane. Adaptogens[10] are extracts that help the body adjust to new situations.

A 2003 research[11] study by an international group Astragalus has been shown to boost our defensive system and increase our resilience to illness. However, more human studies need to be conducted before we can say how it works in humans.

Additional clinical studies on astragalus have focused on specific ailments, including hepatitis[12] and cancer[13].

A study[14] on Rhodiola Rosea extracts found it to be effective in reducing fatigue and improving energy levels. Nonetheless, the daily intake was four hundred mg, which substantially surpassing the amount in this diet supplement.

100mg- Sugar Balancing Support

Fennel seed, Gymnema sylvestre leaf, and pine bark extract are all included in this sugar balancing support blend.

It is well known that Gymnesia sylvestre can lower blood sugar levels[15]. However, it’s challenging to know which ingredient provided this benefit because most of the studies[16] were combined with others in some way, and there are ordinarily multiple ingredients involved when you’re looking at an extract like fennel seeds, for example.

One study[17] found that pine bark has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. The researchers discovered an increase in healthy beta cells and improved insulin sensitivity when patients consumed 200mg or less of this natural supplement per day. Still, no additional benefits were seen at higher doses up to 400 mg daily.

It’s unclear if the Morning Complete supplement provides enough for these effects. This is because their ingredients list only contains 30 capsules which is not very many compared with other brands containing 600+ pills, costing nearly double as much money.

10 Billion CFUs- Probiotic Blend

Morning Complete’s probiotic blend contains nine varieties and 10 billion colony-forming units.

Probiotics[18] are a great way to improve your digestion and food absorption. The nutrient types present in ActivateYou Morning Complete, such as bifidobacteria or Lacto bacteria, have shown potential for improving gut health by reducing inflammation which improves symptoms like abdominal pain with constipation—preventing complications related to irritable bowel syndrome, IBD.

A recent randomized controlled trial[19] found that this dietary supplement that contains B. bifidum is helpful in that IBS-related digestive symptoms are lessened.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is a bacteria that people consume in order to limit the risk of antibiotic-related diarrhea.

 Trials[20] have shown this microbe can be beneficial for both kids and adults, although it doesn’t always wholly prevent symptoms from occurring.

30 mg- Cellular Support and Liver Function Blend

Milk thistle seed extract and Aloe vera leaf make this blend.

Milk thistle helps alleviate blood sugar control[21], particularly in diabetic people. However, additional research is needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of aloe vera leaf. 

The same is required for the new compound found within milk thistles, called silymarin. This is needed before the experts recommend its usage for prolonged periods.

Health Benefits of Morning Complete

Here are some of the health benefits as listed on this and other reviews of Morning complete:

  • It benefits a healthy digestive health system: Because it is a probiotic supplement, it will help to improve your gut health. As a result, if you’re having problems with your stomach, it may be able to assist you in resolving the problem.
  • It is rich in antioxidants: Free radicals are dangerous particles that can induce oxidation in your cells, leading to a variety of health problems. To avoid free radicals, we must consume a sufficient number of antioxidants that Morning Complete has.
  • Gut health, skin health, heart health, and mental health are all improved.
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Support a healthy body weight to help you lose weight faster.
  • It is beneficial to the liver.

Potential Side Effects

Morning complete’s probiotics are generally deemed safe, although some customers may have minor side effects such as:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach cramps

Many people have reported experiencing side effects from the aloe vera[22] in this product. This includes liver toxicity and possible carcinogens, so if you experience any changes in your body, stop using it immediately.

Please speak with a doctor before taking supplements even when there are no issues present at first glance because we can’t predict what might happen down the line or how our health will change over time.

Morning Complete Dosage

One daily scoop of the supplement mixed with 8 ounces of water or tea provides your body with all the nutrients it needs. One serving is 7.6 grams worth, which contains more than 20 ingredients. You can also check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the bottle.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Review: What Do Real Users Say?

The following is what past Morning Complete customer reviews had to say about this dietary supplement:

I love the taste now. It keeps things moving. I have more energy at the end of a busy day. Excited, I’m getting the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics in one complete product.


After using 6 months, I found that the product, although very good, did not fit into my lifestyle. People should give it a try.

HighYa Reviewer

Where To Buy ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

The official company’s website is the best place to buy the product ActivatedYou Morning Complete. On Amazon, it might be a challenge locating any merchants who were offering this item.

Alternatives to ActivatedYou Morning Complete



  • Has 4 billion probiotics per bottle.
  • It’s a low-calorie beverage.
  • The brand has a multitude of flavors.

  • The side effects include bloating, vomiting, and nausea.
  • The bacteria in the supplement might react adversely with some patients.



  • Most clients attest that it works better than expected.
  • It helps people with their weight loss journeys.
  • The brand has accountability programs that keep Noomers in check with the supplement.
  • 60-day It is expensive.



  • Improved Blood Sugar Management.
  • Increased Bone Strength.
  • It has immeasurable fat loss benefits, inflammatory properties, and boosts the immune system.
  • It may worsen insulin resistance in diabetic patients.
  • Side effects include upset tummy, nausea, and vomiting.

Final Thought

ActivateYou Morning Complete supplement has an excellent reputation in the wellness industry. This product contains a variety of categories of substances with various properties.

Some of the products are scientifically tested. Therefore it leaves consumers frustrated about their spending money towards something unproven or ineffective without knowing which category an individual ingredient falls under since each one has multiple subcategories themselves.

All in all, if you want to use it, it is best to get advice from a medical practitioner or a wellness expert. That way, you are sure that your body will react well to this dietary supplement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Morning Complete have a pleasant flavor?

Yes, it has a nice, light flavor. It includes cinnamon and apple flavors, so you’ll enjoy it. Those supplements with an excellent taste can be consumed without a problem. If not, it could be the most challenging task of the day.

What is the Morning Complete Probiotic Supplement, and how do I use it?

It’s pretty practical. It would be beneficial if you brought a cup of your favorite beverage with you. After that, add a scoop of supplement. You can drink it after it has dissolved and enjoy the flavor.

Is Morning Complete a weight-loss supplement?

Yes, the chemicals in the product appear to be promising in terms of weight loss. Green tea, for example, is one of the ingredients in supplements, and studies have shown that it can help you lose weight.

Is it possible for me to return the Morning Complete if I have any problems?

Yes, you have the option to return the product if it proves to be ineffective in resolving your issues. However, you must return it within ninety days, or you will not be permitted to do so.

Is it a safe product to use?

Yes, if you take the Morning Complete dosage that your doctor recommends, it is relatively safe. Other supplements we found had a lot of side effects, but this one is much better.

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]]>Can Cats Be An Emotional Support Animal? How To Register in 2021? Tue, 05 Oct 2021 03:12:00 +0000 Be An Emotional Support Animal

Cat ownership can be a wonderful addition to any person’s life, with or without mental health issues to deal with. Most cat owners can relate to the feeling of wanting their cat by their side in every area of life. Few realize that this is perfectly legal, just the same as the service animals that we recognize as completely necessary for those with accessibility issues such as blindness or deafness.

While emotional support dogs are generally recognized as the norm, other domesticated species can be considered support animals, too. Some may wonder if they can register their cat as an emotional support animal. The short answer? Absolutely.

Many mental health professionals recognize the value that supports animals have to offer those who struggle with emotional or mental disability—dog, hamster, lizard, or even cat. Certified emotional support animals, or ESAs, for short, come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all able to provide an ESA owner with the same benefits. 

Our best bit of legal advice? Acquire the proper documentation for your ESA cat from a licensed mental health professional—an ESA cat letter will have you covered under any and all possible circumstances. Certapet’s emotional support cat registration will have you both on your way in no time at all. 

Can a Cat Be an Emotional Support Animal?

Are dogs the only animals capable of calming a panic attack? One may wonder if a cat’s love is sufficient for sensitive individuals in need of the positive effects of animal-assisted therapy. 

The good news is that your feline companion can certainly qualify legally as an ESA. In fact, any animal species can be an emotional support animal—some people even choose miniature horses.

HUD actually categorizes all service animals into one of two categories—common household pets and “unique” animals[1]. Service cats and service dogs, obviously, are considered common household pets. All other emotional support animal types are considered to be “unique”; these include monkeys, dolphins, and any other exotic friends. All of the above can be considered service animals, although some of these choices are probably just a bit outside of your own personal comfort zone.

Emotional support cats, thankfully, are included in the former category as household pets. There will be no need for you to prove that you require a cat specifically with extenuating evidence or medical advice from your doctor; an ordinary ESA letter will be more than sufficient legally.

The personalities of individual cats tend to make them more or less suitable as therapy cats. Some cats don’t really like to leave the home; it has less to do with the cat breed and more to do with who the cat is personally. If your cat is something of a homebody, ESA dog ownership may be the way to go. 

Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Animals

Emotional support animals[2] are not considered to be service animals like guide dogs are. 

Service animals are defined by their role as an accessibility aid. They must be specifically trained to perform tasks that their owners are unable to perform safely or comfortably on their own. An example would be a service animal who reminds his or her owner to take their medication daily or a service animal who prevents a blind person from walking into a busy intersection.

Emotional support animals do not perform tasks as service animals do; instead, the service that they provide ESA owners is their soothing presence, plain and simple. Many argue that this service qualifies as being just as essential as traditional accessibility considerations; some argue that ESA pets should, in fact, be considered service animals under the eyes of the law[3].

The Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Cat

It goes without saying that cats are able to give the same love that a dog can. Support cats may offer some advantages over dogs that may appeal to you personally. A few of them:

  • Cats are quiet and usually won’t be as loud or gregarious as an emotional support dog 
  • An emotional support cat can be specifically trained to use a litter box, precluding the need for a daily walk
  • Some housing providers will not charge any additional pet fees for cats; this will rarely be the case for dog ownership, even those who own smaller breeds

Other emotional support animal benefits[4] in a general sense include:

  • An overall improvement in the state of the patient’s mental health
  • A reduction in feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide
  • A life-saving calming effect, vital for those who struggle with intrusive panic attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • The ability to interrupt and to prevent negative, destructive, or disordered behavior

Anybody who’s ever had a cat that they love can probably attest to many of these positive benefits. For those with emotional or mental health concerns, the lifeline of an emotional support cat can be vital on a day-to-day basis.

Accommodation Access for Emotional Support Cats

Many ESA pet owners carry one primary concern with them as they go about their lives: reasonable accommodations for their therapy cat, at work, at home, and out in public. Not all people are cat people, but if your disabilities qualify, your right to an emotional support cat should never be denied. 

Housing is usually a top concern for many people with mental illnesses, whether they live with a service animal or not. Two very important points to remember when locking in housing while living with emotional support animals:

  1. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects you from being put out onto the street[5]; this is doubly true for support animal owners who have already secured their ESA letter. If your landlord is threatening to evict you unfairly, you can file a complaint[6] with Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A support cat should be treated just like a real service cat or any other service animal.
  2. HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) and the Fair Housing Act require landlords to provide reasonable accommodation[7] for their emotional support animal. ESA-wary landlords may charge pet fees monthly, but these additional fees should not put you under any undue financial hardship.

Where else does your ESA letter protect you and your emotional support cat? The Air Carrier Access Act ensures that your right to an emotional support cat is enforced even when you travel. The Air Carrier Access Act lays out many rules for what a code-compliant service animal entails, but all of them are relatively easy to follow. With an ESA letter, both of you will be safe to fly anywhere.

How to Make My Cat An ESA in 3 Steps?

Interested in how to register a cat as an emotional support animal? An emotional support animal letter is little more than the recommendation of a licensed mental health professional. 

You’re free to reach out to your local healthcare professional for a traditional medical clinic appointment. The process requires an evaluation, but if you already work closely with a mental health expert, it will likely not take long to secure an ESA letter. If you’re suffering genuinely, you have nothing to prove or to hide. A support animal might just be exactly what you need.

If you’re short on time and would like to proceed quickly, we invite you to make use of our online ESA letter registration service. Certapet welcomes any and all animal lovers to learn more about the possibility of an ESA in support of their emotional well-being.

Take Our Free Online Screening

To get started, you’ll need to take our online mental well-being screening—you won’t ever have to leave your home to receive your written letter. You will not need to pay additional fees for this screening; we use it to identify the emotional disabilities that you’re hoping to mitigate. 

Connect with One of Our Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Our team of independent mental health professionals specializes in doling out psychological advice remotely, through online video consults. This licensed mental health professional will evaluate your condition and offer you medical or psychological advice. Their prescriptive plan may involve the inclusion of a support animal in your life.

Receive Your Emotional Support Cat Letter

All that you need to do is finalize the transaction; after paying, you can either print out your ESA letter at home or receive it through the mail.

After being approved, you’ll be free to go anywhere with your emotional support animal; ESA law is now on your side, whether flying, shopping in a store, or even in the office.

See Certapet Coupons

Final Thoughts

Emotional support animals can be one of the brightest sources of joy in a person’s life. If you’ve got a feline companion that you’ve bonded with already, registering him or her as an emotional support cat ensures that you’ll never be far apart from one another. 

Many will seek a consultation with their physician or counselor, but if your housing arrangement or some other legal feud is leaving your safety hanging in the balance, asking a medical professional to provide legal advice is a waste of your time. Instead, you can book an appointment with Certapet to acquire your emotional support animal letter ASAP, with zero hassle. 

Our team specializes in emotional support animals of all varieties, your emotional support cat is most certainly included. To learn more, please feel free to explore our site for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Make My Cat an ESA?

To make your cat an emotional support cat, a licensed healthcare professional will need to evaluate your mental health in order to determine whether or not you qualify.

Do Emotional Support Cats Need to Be Trained?

Support animals do not need any special training before being registered as emotional support animals officially.

Do Cats Make Good Emotional Support Animals?

Absolutely. Most emotional support cat owners can attest to this fact first-hand. Cats are cute, clean, well-behaved, and will generally be welcomed warmly into most public spaces without too much of a problem.

How Do ESA Cats Support Mental Well-Being?

While, unlike a true service cat, ESA cats won’t generally be able to perform a specific task for you, they are able to serve as a constant source of companionship. Consider an emotional therapy cat to be something like a mini best friend, or even a tiny therapist that tags along with you everywhere, just in case you need them.

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]]>Multi-GI 5 Reviews 2021: Is It Effective & Is It Safe? Mon, 04 Oct 2021 03:20:00 +0000 gi 5 Reviews

Multi-GI 5


Ingredient Quality


Support Research


Brand’s Transparency


  • It has a general gut health benefit.
  • It is available for sale on online retailers.
  • The supplement helps with reduced inflammation, proper digestion, and healing of the gastrointestinal walls.
  • Both prebiotics and probiotics are present.
  • The ingredients are scientifically proven to support digestive health.

Brand Information

  • Unify Health Labs are the makers.
  • Randy Jackson, is the brains.

Medical Benefits

  • Helps with overall gastrointestinal health.

About Unify Health Lab

Unify Health Lab[1] is one of the leading companies that produce dietary supplements and products to help improve your gut health. They also offer probiotics[2] and other helpful supplements that can go a long way in improving your wellbeing.

Experts claim that there is a connection between[3] the digestive system and the general health of a person. As such, people are encouraged to take care of and maintain health at all times. Products from Unify Health Lab will ensure that your gut is 100% effective, processing all the nutrients better and eliminating some health problems such as nausea and gluten sensitivity.

The mastermind behind this outstanding company is renowned America’s Got Talent musician Randy Jackson. He has been a critical factor in the success of the business. He decided to come up with it after diving into health-related matters and becoming a health enthusiast. This was to attain a healthy lifestyle again after he was diagnosed with Diabetes (Type 2). The mission of this company is to ensure that all its products help its customers lead healthy lives.

What is Multi-GI 5?

Unify Health Lab continues to produce top-tier health lab products for its customers to use. Their most popular creation is the Multi GI 5. This is a supplement that is aimed at promoting a healthy gut. The supplement can reduce food ratings, increase the body’s energy, and help weight management.

Supposedly, this digestive support supplement is made using a revolutionary formula. This allows it to play a considerable part in upholding a balanced gut flora[4] and a healthy gut lining, rendering your whole body healthy.

One might wonder, what makes the supplement so helpful? We will dive deeper into this, but it is still worth noting that the supplement is a highly recommended gut health boosters.

All the ingredients have been tested to ensure that they fit human consumption and won’t cause any side effects. According to the manufacturers themselves, the supplement might remedy all your gut problems since it can revitalize your alimentary canal and help you attain that all-rounded health you have been looking forward to.

Feature Product & Coupon

Multi-GI 5

Best Choice

Multi-GI 5

  • It has a general gut health benefit.
  • It is available for sale on online retailers.
  • The supplement helps with reduced inflammation, proper digestion, and healing of the gastrointestinal walls.
  • Both prebiotics and probiotics are present.
  • The ingredients are scientifically proven to support digestive health.

Does It Really Work?

According to numerous Unify Multi-GI 5 reviews, the supplement is known to deliver results indeed as expected. Comprehensive gut health has helped a lot of people improve their gut health and lead a normal life. Customers worldwide have hailed the supplement’s ability to increase body energy, balance the gut flora, and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal lining.

That said, to begin with, how does Multi-GI 5 work?

The product has three different gut support ingredients. This includes the Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Special GI Health Blend. This creates a powerful combination that is claimed to heal the body’s intestinal lining and improve digestion.

For Multi-GI 5 to work effectively, the blend of these ingredients enhances bioavailability. This means that by taking the supplement as prescribed or directed by a medical health practitioner, you will be increasing the number of essential nutrients in your body, some of which play a role in supporting the digestive system.

Another thing you should note is that once you have taken the supplement and it has been incorporated into your body, it will soothe any digestive discomfort that might be present in your gastrointestinal lining. This is the main reason why Multi-GI 5 has been hailed as a top-tier healthy gut lining supplement. This makes it an important supplement; a healthy gut will only translate into a healthy body.

Multi GI 5 addresses problems such as:

  • Overall gastrointestinal health
  • Boosting our focus and energy
  • Gas and bloating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  •  Reduce food cravings- you will no longer needlessly binge feed.
  • Energy gain
  • Healthy mucus secretions

Is It Safe?

It is important to note that at the moment, no clinical studies have been done to validate or disapprove of the supplement. However, people who have used it in the past have heaped praises to the drug, claiming that it was helpful and a big part of returning their gut health on track.

Additionally, the Unify Health Labs Multi GI 5 reviews mention that specific ingredients used in the supplement are essential. After careful analysis, they rated the supplement 5-star. Studies are still being done to prove the effectiveness of the drug fully.


  • The manufacturers claim that the supplement helps boost your focus by increasing the energy in the body.
  • It improves your overall health by maintaining a healthy gut.
  • For those trying to use weight, the supplement combats and manages any uncontrollable food cravings.
  • The dietary supplements purport to improve digestive health and put you in a risk-free state.
  • It helps to reduce any gas building up in your alimentary canal.
  • Irregularities and bloating will also be a thing of the past when you start using the Multi-GI. 


  • Accessing the supplement may be difficult due to limited sales outlets.

Multi-GI 5 Ingredients

As we have seen, the supplement is made up of three blends that work hand in hand to support gut health. Below are some of the ingredients used in the supplement.

Every scoop of Multi GI 5 has approximately 6.5g, 4 grams of it being prebiotics alone. Every container of the supplements can last for about thirty servings. If you want to experience more effects faster and maximize them, take the supplement daily.

Multi-GI 5 Ingredients

The GI Blend

L-Glutamine (200mg)

This is a critical amino acid that plays a massive part in the body’s immune health function and metabolism. The L- Glutamine[5] used in the GI blend is fermented.

Taking 5 grams of L – Glutamine thrice a day for seven or eight consecutive days effectively reduces the permeability[6] of your intestines and reduces IBS symptoms in patients.

Licorice Root Extract (60Mg)

The root extract used in the Multi-GI 5 by Unify Health Labs is first deglycrrhizinated[7]. This ingredient is used to provide anti-inflammatory properties to the supplement. 

Additionally, it also has anti-ulcers[8] effects on the gut, thus adding more value to the supplement. It may be therefore effective for gastric ulcer treatment.

Licorice root extracts contain other chemicals, such as flavonoids that come in handy too!

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (70mg)

This is a ketone body released by the body whenever you subject it to fasting. When ingested, the Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate enhances human health and wellbeing, especially stomach health.

Abbreviated as BHB, the ingredient increases cognitive performance and ability, especially for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

BioPerin Piper Nigrum Extract (10 mg)

This is an ingredient that has been extracted from the black pepper plant. It plays a part in improving the body’s digestion and uptake of nutrients and mineral salts from food. This makes it a considerable addition to the supplement since it also helps with anti-diarrheal issues.

Black pepper is also helpful in promoting the growth of helpful bacteria in the body. It also acts as a prebiotic.


Zinc[9] is such an essential addition to the Multi GI 5 supplement. The mineral purports to boost the secretion of healthy mucus along the gastrointestinal walls. This will come in handy by stabilizing the bacterial population in the gut and mucosal lining.

A shortage of Zinc in your body might lead to several health problems, most of them to do with the gastrointestinal tract. When you make a habit of taking zinc dietary supplements, you will be in an excellent position to tackle such problems.

The Zinc used in Multi- GI 5 is in the form of a zinc carnosine complex. This material aids the digestive tract with mucosal repairs, ulcer healing, and reducing its permeability. There are no known side effects of working with zinc carnosine. Taking Zinc carnosine aids in lowering blood pressure, so taking an overdose might reduce the blood pressure[10] in patients with low bp making it potentially fatal.

Berberine Hydrochloride (7mg)

Found in several plants, the plant extract has such a huge influence on gut health.  This Berberine Hydrochloride[11] ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Probiotic Blend

Bacillus coagulans (7.25mg)

Added to the supplement as ProDura, this is a probiotic that aids the body in restoring a balance on the microbiota. Additionally, it is known to decrease inflammation as well as reducing symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can also help with different gastrointestinal ailments and improve diarrhoea.

Lactobacillus gasseri (7.12mg)

Isolated from human breast milk, Lactobacillus gasseri[12] plays a massive part in adding weight loss characteristics to the supplement. Supplementing your body with L. gasseri may lead to weight loss. It could help with a considerable reduction of the size of your waist circumference such that body fat won’t accumulate anymore.

Lactobacillus casei

This bacteria is actively present in different products such as dairy products (yoghurt etc.). It can also be found naturally existing in the human microbiome.

Lactobacillus casei[13] has shown signs of effectiveness in preventing weight gain, combating diseases, and obesity management. It also improves the functionality of the brain and supports immunity.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus

This is another effective probiotic[14] that helps improve the integrity of your gastrointestinal lining and walls. Other than that, the bacteria can also be used to prevent and treat several digestive diseases.

Lactobacillus plantarum

Lactobacillus plantarum[15] is a probiotic present in fermented products and pickled foods. The primary purpose of adding it to the supplement is to inhibit pathogenic bacteria and reduce inflammation and other intestinal diseases.

Prebiotic Blend: Inulin

Inulin[16] is a known fructooligosaccharide that Unify health Labs Multi GI extracts from the chicory root. The fermentable fibers of inulin have been seen to improve the body’s microbiota as well as stimulating immune cells.

Health Benefits of Multi-GI 5

The food we consume can cause problems to the lining of your alimentary canal. It is important to note that since it is such a sensitive part of your body, you need to take good care of it.

Below are some of the human health benefits of Multi GI 5.

  • It improves your digestion.
  • It reduces bowel permeability and digestive discomfort
  • It balances your gut flora
  • It improves gut health and digestion
  • Increases your body energy

Potential Side Effects

The perfect combination of blends in the Multi GI 5 has proven helpful in different instances that concern gut wealth.

However, there are some side effects portrayed in patients after using the formula. Even though an instance of severe and adverse effects is yet to be documented, several people have complained about some side effects after using the supplement. This has been heavily attributed to the combination of ingredients used in making it.

First of all, you should understand that our bodies are not all the same. As such, they react differently to the supplement when it is introduced into the body. It might be due to an allergy of a particular ingredient or the body responding differently to what is expected.

Some of the commonly reported side effects are:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Flatulence
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea

If you are just getting started with gut health supplements, it would be advisable to first get personal health advice from a trained professional concerning how your body reacts to these supplements.

Additionally, if you are already taking the supplements and begin experiencing such effects, you should halt the medication and visit the local emergency services immediately. 

Dietary supplements require consultation from medical professionals; do not just handle everything on your own.

How to Take Multi-GI 5?

If you want to use Multi GI 5, you can mix it with water and drink it. However, you are not just limited to water alone. You can also mix it with your favorite beverage, and it will still get the job done.

For the number of times, it is best to read the instructions provided on the package and follow them. Use the serving size recommended. You can also inquire from your physician. Since they understand your medical history, they will be in an excellent position to give the correct dosage.

You can also go online and learn more about the supplement through Multi-GI 5 reviews, testimonials, and such. However, be wary of fake reviews as they can be misleading.

Multi-GI 5 Review: What Do Real Users Say?

Multi GI 5 customer reviews all over the world have heaped praises to the supplement. Most of them claim that the results were evident by the first week of using the supplement. You will start feeling energized and comfortable right away.

Multi GI 5 weight loss reviews are popular since the supplement helps people solve weight gain and reflux problems. With it, you are guaranteed normal bowel movements and digestion. Here is what they had to say:

“I first ordered Multi-GI 5 to see if it would help with my years of suffering from heartburn and reflux. After about 10 days of taking it, I was so surprised to not wake up in the middle of the night with reflux. It was so nice. I also was very surprised to finally have normal bowel movements. This product has been a lifesaver for me, and since I am on my last jar, I will be ordering some more as soon as I can afford it. Thank you and good luck to everyone in their future with this wonderful product. Good luck to everyone on winning a 3 months supply of these wonderful products.”

Vicki Reeves

“This product has helped my GI tract do what it was meant to do! And without any side effects or discomforts of any kind. Hope it will always be available!”Thank you!

Misses K

“My husband and I decided to take Multi-GI 5 for different reasons.I had been having stomach pains and heartburn, and thanks to menopause, weight gain. My husband had decided that diarrhea was normal for him as it had been that way for over a year. We are on our second jar of Multi-GI 5, and both of us have found that our symptoms have disappeared. And I am losing about a pound a week!”

Rhea. L

Where To Buy Multi-GI 5?

There are multiple online retailers from where you can purchase the supplement. However, It is recommended that you buy it from the official website if possible. This is because, for one, you are assured of quality and authenticity.

Platforms such as Walmart and Amazon have the supplement in store too!

Alternatives to Multi-GI 5

Garden of Life Primal Defense

Garden of Life Primal Defense

  • It’s simple to use and produces results.
  • Some items are reasonably priced.
  • You can find their products at many retailers both offline and online.

  • Some probiotics have substantially higher pricing than the competition.
  • When fiber and probiotics are combined, the risk of gas and bloat is increased.
  • Some people may experience loose stools as a result of this supplement.



  • The manufacturing firm has been in business for more than 60 years.
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian;
  • Corn, meat, egg protein, milk protein, nuts, fish, gluten, or shellfish are not present
  • There is a small quantity of lactose in this product, and it may contain traces of soy.
  • There is no free trial available
  • .No money-back guarantee.

Final thought

Healthy adults are productive adults! Multi GI 5 is a top-tier gut healing product that, if used properly, will help you attain a healthy gut.

It is up to you to get the supplement, get the right personal health advice, and begin your journey towards a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I drink Multi GI 5 in a day?

It would be best to follow the prescribed doses on the package.

How much does it cost?

On average, a one-bottle pack will cost you something close to $ 69.90, while a three-bottle pack costs $ 189 on the company’s website.

Do they have a return policy?

There is a 90-day cash-back return policy for the supplement.

What is the amount of Licorice Root in the Multi GI 5?

Licorice root extract is 50 mg Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract, and it is utilized for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties[17], and its flavonoids may provide further advantages.

I’m curious as to how long it will take to see the effects.

Unify Health Labs’ Multi-GI 5 has three component blends to enhance gut health: proprietary GI Health Blend, Prebiotics, and Probiotics. Multi GI 5 reviews suggest that this product can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals starting from two weeks after starting the supplement.

Is there a free trial for Multi-GI 5?

There is no information about the product’s free trial offer on the brand’s website. This implies that if you want to test whether this product is as effective as it promises, you’ll have to buy it.

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]]>Therapy Without Insurance: Affordable Options In 2021 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 02:54:00 +0000 Without Insurance

As society shifts its attitude on prioritizing mental healthcare and removes the stigma of seeking therapy practices, one challenge remains. When you need specific health services and are looking for treatment without insurance, it can prove challenging. Thankfully, there are solutions like online therapy and other resources to receive affordable and quality healthcare.

Seeking out therapy services from a reputable, empathetic, and quality healthcare provider may take some effort. The demand for various therapy services has continued to rise as people realize the need to acknowledge and treat their health issues.

The most important takeaway is that it is possible to receive therapy without health insurance, depending on the provider. Some health services provide clients with sliding scale therapy. There are alternatives for therapy services, including local colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. Also, as employers recognize the need to support employees to increase retention and strengthen the community, some companies will happily cover therapy services.

How Much Is Therapy Without Insurance?

The cost depends on the specific type of service rendered and the provider. However, the average price ranges between $ 60 to $ 200, up to $ 250 for an hour-long session. Clients without insurance can also sign-up for low-cost therapy or find free services.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a familiar form of talk therapy clients seek. CBT is usually provided on a sliding scale for clients with insurance or averages $ 100 to $ 200 hourly without coverage.

Existential therapy still maintains its relevance since Freud, as clients without insurance pay an average of $ 125 to $ 200 per session or a flexible payment with insurance. Psychodynamic therapy has been scrutinized to the point that most insurance won’t cover it, and typically clients pay a sliding scale cost.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a modification of CBT, with the average cost for insurance-covered clients being $ 50 to $ 150 per session and $ 150 to $ 300 without coverage. Client-centered therapy lets clients be part of the therapy process and averages $ 0 to $ 250 without insurance or $ 20 to $ 50 with insurance coverage.

Types of therapyAverage cost with insurance/sessionAverage cost without insurance/session
Cognitive Behavioral TherapySliding Scale $ 100 to $ 200
Existential TherapyDepends on Insurance$ 125 to $ 200
Psychodynamic TherapyMost Insurance DeniesSliding Scale
Dialectical Behavior Therapy$ 50 to $ 150$ 150 to $ 300
Client-Centered Therapy$ 20 to $ 50$ 0 to $ 250

How Has Therapy Changed Over The Years?

The amount spent on mental health and substance abuse has continued to grow over the years. In 2009, the total projected spending was $ 171.7 billion[1]. In 2020, the projected number spent was $ 280.5 billion. The amount of growth annually spent on treatment was 4.6 percent from 2009 to 2020 and is projected to slow.

The cost and accessibility of therapy and mental healthcare services in America[2] have a complex history. There are barriers[3], including a shortage of mental health professionals to meet demand, and more resources are concentrated in urban areas than rural locations. Also, clients and health professionals face challenges with insurance coverage, out-of-pocket payment for sessions, and making counseling affordable.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Therapy?

The price for therapy services depends on one’s geographical location, whether a client is seeking services at a private practice or public organization, and the experience and education of the therapist. Specific types of therapy may be more expensive than others.

How To Get Therapy Without Insurance?

Local agencies offer therapy for the uninsured, helpful resources, and confidential support when in need of health care services. You can call a national helpline, ask for information by dialing 4-1-1, or look online for non-profit organizations, colleges, and hospitals that provide therapy without insurance.

The cost of therapy or a lack of insurance should not stop anyone seeking mental health services or a trusted professional to speak with about any concerns. There are individuals, organizations, and employers who are doing their part to reduce the stigma associated with emotional or mental health issues and provide support. Many licensed therapists and counselors offer sliding scale payments for sessions or refer clients to services with no cost. A client’s ability to receive therapy and address any personal struggles, mental, emotional, or physical concerns is essential to maintaining one’s health.

Sliding Scale Therapy

If successfully paying for therapy is a challenge, many healthcare providers allow clients to pay using a sliding scale[4]. The fees charged for a therapy session are determined according to a client’s financial need and ability to pay. Spending a specified amount that will not add to a client’s financial burden makes therapy more accessible to address mental health concerns.

Before determining a feasible rate for a client, most therapists require that a client undertake a consultation. The consultation may be free or low-cost so that the client and healthcare provider can better understand the therapy process, the type of counseling offered, and even provide referrals. 

The cost for therapy ranges from $ 60 to $ 120, $ 100 to $ 150, or $ 175 to $ 225, depending on the location and therapist’s credentials. Flexible payments[5] allow for greater access to therapy, as some professionals offer services for $ 30 to $ 80 per session.

Local College and University Services

Colleges and universities are a valuable resource for low-cost therapy[6] for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and general concerns. Students who are studying psychology, psychiatry, or practitioners in training offer therapy services at discounted rates. Many schools will provide clients with counseling using sliding scales, while more experienced professionals supervise the students.

Going to a college or university to sign up for therapy allows clients the opportunity to access short-term or even free therapy or counseling. Because everyone is not comfortable going to a student who is still training and learning about therapy and related services and health conditions, clients are likely to get more attention than private practices. 

In addition to seeing graduate-level students under supervision for therapy[7], you may even be able to get services from a professional with a master’s or doctoral degree. Consider contacting the nearest local university or college to inquire about any available programs or clinics providing a range of inexpensive therapy services.

Support Groups

Sometimes the power to heal works best when in a support group. Many clients discover helpful solutions and a sense of connectedness to others who share similar health issues within a support group. Many support groups focus on a single health problem, such as alcohol abuse, eating disorders, grief, and other major life-altering issues.

It is possible to connect to support groups in your local area or online. Unlike clients seeking individual counseling with one-on-one sessions, support groups provide a safe space for multiple people to help aid the healing process everyone in the group is actively undertaking. 

Compared to individual therapy, the ability to hear and share others’ journeys, opinions, and coping strategies while struggling with cancer, mental illness, or quitting an addictive substance builds a sense of community[8]

Many people involved in support groups find them to be quite helpful and make clients feel less isolated about the issues they are seeking to address. Additionally, support groups often focus on developing healthy skills and methods to deal with the group’s particular focus.

Employee Assistance Program

More companies recognize the need to provide emotional support to their workforce and employees rather than stigmatizing mental health needs and treatments. Professional counselors or counseling services can be accessed through an employee assistance program or EAP.  

Whether an employee is dealing with family problems, struggling with addiction or substance abuse, or needs a trusted person to help reduce stress, EAP-provided therapy can help. Providing employees connections to professional medical advice without stigma and full support is a smart business move.

According to sources like the International Employee Assistance Professional Assistance, 95percent of employers with over 5,000 workers have EAPs. EAP therapy[9] is often provided by EAPs offsite of a firm or company to further maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Most employees who receive therapy from an EAP counselor connect to licensed therapists with an educational background in social work, addiction counseling, psychology, and other disciplines. An EAP can be of service if the need to cope with workplace incidents, grief, mental health concerns, or substance abuse is present.

Online Therapy

The advent of virtual therapy makes health services more accessible at a lower cost than in-person therapy does. Today, apps allow one to connect to live therapists in real-time or rely on Artificial Intelligence to help clients navigate their concerns.

In most instances, online sessions are conducted via a live chat or video chat. The way the treatment works virtually is similar to in-person services. Some online therapy is available for free or offers a clinical trial, while others require paying a subscription weekly or monthly.

Cyber-therapy and text therapy are on the rise because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to connect. Some people may feel uncomfortable traveling to a licensed therapist in person, so offering online sessions may be more beneficial.

Before signing up for online therapy, it is vital to check that the therapist is licensed via the state and a professional. Also, clients will want to know that their information is confidential and what is said in therapy stays in therapy.

Non-profit Organizations

The best way to seek out non-profit organizations that offer therapy is online or via calling a hotline. Charities and non-profits of all sorts will provide treatment to address substance abuse, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other common health issues.

Non-profits are:

  • A source of therapy on a budget for many.
  • Providing sliding scale therapy.
  • Client-based therapy.
  • Focusing on specific concerns.

Most non-profits offering health services promote a greater awareness of common health concerns and reduce stigmatization[10] of seeking services amongst the public.

Interested persons seeking therapy can call trained professionals via a crisis hotline, schedule appointments at nearby locations, and even connect to support groups. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help a client in a time of need and offers a wealth of additional resources for mental health.

Additionally, non-profits often hold fundraisers, seminars and accept donations. The efforts of non-profits are focused on informing the public and rallying support for research, treatments, and education surrounding mental health.

Examples of non-profits of interest include Postpartum Support International, Freedom From Fear, Beacon Tree Foundation, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

What Therapist Says About Therapy Costs

“ There is no set industry standard. The cost of therapy can vary widely.”

According to Stacey Fuller, LMFT[11]

Because some therapists will not accept insurance – also known as being in-network with health insurance, or because rates are determined based on factors like client demand, experience, training, and specialization, there are payment options like sliding scale or prices reflective of private practice.

Therapists and mental healthcare providers are not out to overcharge or deter clients from seeking services. Master Career Counselor and Ph.D. Judy Kaplan Baron[12] responded on being a counselor, “… significantly helping people improve their lives.” as the focal point of her practice.

Most therapists decide upon a fair rate that reflects their education, experience, cost of rent, advertising, professional fees, insurance, and living costs. The prices that a therapist charges help cover essentials they need to continue operating and paying their bills. Often clients pay out-of-pocket or sign-up for sliding scale therapy. Some therapists may direct clients to resources that offer free services as well.

The Bottom Line

The potential sticker shock for weekly therapy sessions should not deter anyone from seeking help. There are plenty of options for anyone struggling with the financial hardship that desires therapy for mental health concerns. Be advised, certain types of treatment may not even be covered by an insurance policy, such as Psychodynamic therapy, which is often paid out-of-pocket.

The average cost of therapy without insurance ranges from $ 60 to $ 250, with the median being $ 100 to $ 200 per hour. Free or low-cost treatment includes apps or services rendered by non-profits, colleges, or local agencies.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get mental health care without insurance?

A lack of insurance doesn’t have to hinder receiving quality mental health care. Call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assistance National Helpline to connect to local providers and resources.

Is there a way to get free therapy?

Some organizations or charities provide therapy at no cost to clients seeking services. However, the specific types of treatment offered may be limited if there is no charge.

How much does therapy cost out of pocket?

The cost for therapy sessions out of pocket depends on the type of treatment sought. Fees run anywhere from $ 65 to $ 200 for each session. Typically, each session is an hour long.

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]]>Candida Cleanse Diet 2021: Does It Work For Gut Health? Sun, 03 Oct 2021 03:23:00 +0000 yeast cleanse

Have you ever heard of something called Candidiasis[1]? It’s caused by a fungus-like organism known in full as Candida albicans. Most of the time, the organism is normal flora in the guts and intestines. Candidiasis occurs when there is an overgrowth of Candida and is treated with antifungal medications.

Candida symptoms in a person’s body include fatigue, poor memory, brain fog, and even headaches. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you need to know about the Candida gut yeast cleanse diet, gut health support, and everything about it.

Sometimes called the yeast syndrome, Candida requires several dietary changes to eliminate and cleanse it out of your body. The gut yeast diet aims to eliminate sugar, cheese, yeast, white sugar, and many other foods that cause an overgrowth of the organism.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that having Candida in your alimentary canal is normal; the problem comes in when there is an overgrowth[2]. And a poor diet is the biggest cause of this overgrowth that may lead to irritable bowel syndrome[3].

Does Candida Cleanse Diet Work for Gut Health?

The Candida cleanse, a popular food diet,, is a traditional medicinal approach that eliminates sugar, white flour, and yeast to promote healthy digestion. Candida overgrowth can cause digestive issues[4] like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease found in the gastrointestinal tract.

It has also been shown to treat skin infections[5] like eczema because your body needs more fiber as found in the anti-Candida food plan rather than the current sugar-filled diet lifestyle most people lead today.

What is Candida?

Candida is a type of fungus classified as yeast. There are different types of Candida, each of which affects your body differently. Additionally, Candida is known to live in our environment, on the skin surface, and in the gut flora.

However, it does not always cause issues and body effects. Only some of the Candida types can cause the symptoms. Therefore, you need to learn about Candida cleanse and the Candida diet too.

Candida always develops into a problem for your gut health[6] after it has grown uncontrollably. Once it starts growing at alarming rates, it grows deeper into your body and treating it becomes quite a task. Candida can attack vital organs. The yeast cells can cause life-threatening infections known as Candidiasis.

Vaginal Candidiasis

Also known as vaginal yeast infection[7], this is one of the most common types of Candidiasis. The infection comes about when there is an overgrowth of Candida in the vagina. It is also known as vaginal yeast infection, Candidacy vaginosis, or vulvovaginal Candidiasis. To treat yeast infections and other fungal infections, doctors prescribe antifungal medications, pills, or creams.

Some symptoms that accompany the disease include painful sex, itching in the vagina, and abnormal vaginal discharges. It can even cause the vaginal walls to crack, which can be very painful for the lady. 

Candidiasis can also affect men and is referred to as penile yeast infection, candida balanitis, or balanitis thrush

Mouth, Throat, and Esophagus Candidiasis

It’s known to most people as oral thrush[8]. It’s caused by Candida overgrowth in the mouth and throat. Some of the most common symptoms exhibited include white patches in the mouth, redness, unusual patches on the tongue and mouth walls, cottonmouth, losing the sense of taste, and feeling pain when eating.

Even though it is common, thrush mainly affects children. However, people who have a weak immune system might be susceptible to the disease, even adults.

The Candida Cleanse Diet

Now that you understand most of the things about Candida, what does the Candida Cleanse Diet entail? How does it help your body? Does it clean your gut? Are there any foods that you should include and eliminate in your diet?

The diet generally involves eliminating all the sources of sugar, flour, and yeast in our diet. Additionally, the diet will also encourage lean proteins, healthy fats, and other non-starchy foods. Therefore, to avoid Candida infection, a healthy diet is key! It helps in stopping Candida, thus reducing its overgrowth.

Even though scientists have put a lot of effort into examining the risk factors caused by the diet, not much has been done to support the treatment plans. However, you can reduce your symptoms by following the healthy diet guideline.

Before starting on the Candida diet, experts and medical health practitioners recommend trying a Candida cleanse first. A Candida cleanse is a short-term dietary change that alleviates stress to your gut tract so that you release toxins. Even though studies do not fully outline the benefits, it might be an excellent start to get you in shape for the Candida diet[9].

You can do the cleanse in different ways. However, one may use two common ways to get the results in an instant.

Methods of Taking Candida Cleanse Diet

  1. The first way is a high intake of fluids. You will be required to take a strictly liquid diet. This includes lemon water and bone broth.
  2.  The second way is the vegetable-rich diet. Vegetables such as steamed cabbage and salad can come in handy. You can combine this with a bit of protein, and you will be good for the day.

Another important thing for you to note is that you can experience adverse symptoms when starting the diet. This includes mood swings, fatigue, and headache. However, you will soon get into shape and get used to it. Additionally, the Candida cleanse diet should only take a few days. After you finish cleansing, you will be in an excellent position to start on the diet.

Candida patients might experience the effects of the diet at different rates. This means that even though one might take weeks, another can take months or even more.

The best thing is to get into the diet under the close supervision of your physician after a proper diagnosis. At the same time, you need to be taking adequate nutrients from the right foods. This way, your journey towards a Candida-free gut will be smooth and straightforward, helping you avoid an unhealthy and leaky gut[10] which can be dangerous.

Another thing to keep in mind before beginning the diet is starting slow as you speed up. You do not have to exclude all of the prohibited foods from your diet at once. You make this more manageable by eliminating them one at a time until you are confident and ready to remove all of them.

Additionally, the diet and cleanse should be short-term. Therefore, you can stop the diet once your symptoms have improved.

Foods that You Should Eat on the Candida Diet

Candida is a simple yeast that does not require much for it to flourish in our body. Candida thrives in the warm and damp environment in the body, which promotes its growth. Additionally, if you get used to taking antibiotics, the fungus increases in the body. Also, these antibiotics may kill all the good bacteria that are good for the GI tract.

That said, below are some of the foods[11] to incorporate in your Candida Cleanse Diet.

  • Fruits with low sugar content. Some examples include lemon and lime. Berries can be a good fit too. These foods also help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Gluten-free grains such as oat bran, millet, buckwheat, and quinoa
  • Starch-free vegetables. You can eat them raw or steam them before eating. Best options include spinach, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and celery.
  • Proteins. High-quality proteins such as chicken, turkey, eggs, and salmon can come in handy. However, ensure that they are organic or pasture-raised to get the most out of them.
  • Healthy fats and oils such as ghee, butter, coconut oil, and olive oil are also a vital part of the Candida cleanse diet.
  • Condiments such as vinegar, apples, and coconuts
  • For beverages, you will have to turn to non-caffeinated ones such as chicory tea, herbal tea, filtered water, coconut milk, and water.
  • For sweeteners, no sugar ones are the best. Examples of such include xylitol and stevia.
  • Spices and herbs such as cinnamon, dill, ginger, garlic, oregano, black pepper, salt, paprika, rosemary, and turmeric can be part of the diet. Thyme might be a good option too.
  • Wild fish.
  • Green tea.
  • Cruciferous vegetables.
  • Ginger.
  • Nuts such as macadamia nuts and walnuts.
  • Avocado and dark chocolate.
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Foods that You Should Avoid on the Candida Cleanse Diet

Some foods are known to aggregate the symptoms in people with Candida overgrowth. Below are some of the foods that they should cut off from their diets.


Sugar should not be in your diet, be it brown or white. Additionally, you should avoid any simple sweeteners derived from honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, or agave. Also, avoid high fructose corn syrup; it is a processed form of sugar derived from corn and is problematic to people with yeast growth.

Refined Carbohydrates

You should also avoid refined carbohydrates and simple processed foods such as chips, crackers, pasta, and noodles. It would be best if you eliminated them because they are converted into sugars.


Any form of yeast should not be in your diet. As we all know, Candida is a yeast, and consuming more yeast will be like adding more of it to an already full environment. Fermented alcohol is part of the beverages that contain yeast. 

However, you can still take gin, tequila, and vodka as they have less yeast content. You should also eliminate fermented food products such as soy sauce, tamari, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup. Bread contains yeast, too, so avoid it too.


Foods that have a high mold concentration add to the fungal population that already exists in the gut. Foods with high mold content include smoked meat, hotdogs, smoked salmon, pork bacon, cheese, peanuts, dried fruits, and bottled fruits.


Mushrooms are fungus too. Yes, some mushrooms might have health and medicinal benefits. However, they will not be suitable as a Candida diet food as they won’t minimize the yeast overgrowth in the gut.


Gluten is restricted on a Candida cleanse diet. Research shows that gluten intolerance[12] damages the intestinal tract and gives the yeast the upper hand when affecting our body. 

However, little is known about how gluten can harm intestinal wall linings, especially in gluten-tolerant people.

Dairy Products

Some dairy products are also excluded from the diet. Theoretically, lactose can stimulate the growth of Candida[13] because it tends to increase mouth acidity. However, this is yet to be proven scientifically.

Effects of the Candida Cleanse

The Candida cleanse diet aims to prevent Candida overgrowth from the intestines. After following the diet for some time, you might notice a change or improvement in the symptoms. This can be heavily attributed to the reduced consumption of processed foods and carbs.

However, eliminating healthy carbs from your diet might affect your health. Therefore, you can instead switch to healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains.


Candida overgrowth can be a hidden culprit for several chronic diseases[14]. The yeast can grow over a long period without causing symptoms until there is an overgrowth. You can use the Candida cleanse diet to treat Candidiasis.

Even though it is not so simple, the diet is manageable and is potent as disease control for numerous conditions. If you are strict, you may even get to accomplish weight loss. Therefore, ensure that you get advice from your doctor, and you will easily maneuver through without any adverse effects.

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]]>Gastrointestinal infection: What You Need To Know Sat, 02 Oct 2021 03:41:00 +0000 infection symptoms

Viral gastroenteritis: it is an ugly moniker, one that describes an even more unpleasant condition. We have all had the stomach flu before. What happens when these acute symptoms begin taking on a life of their own?

If abnormal bowel movements and abdominal cramps have you down and out, a problem in your gastrointestinal tract may be to blame. In severe cases, you may even need to consult a doctor. 

Intestinal infections are no laughing matter – here is everything that you need to know.

What Is Gastroenteritis?

Sometimes, infection occurs in the gastrointestinal system, the lining of the stomach, and large intestines[1] in particular. Abdominal cramps and diarrhea ensue. We end up in bed and miserable all week long. Why?

Foodborne illness worldwide is largely responsible for digestive and kidney diseases of this nature globally. While eating contaminated food is one way to acquire an intestinal infection, contaminated food or water is far from the only source of infection in the gut and small intestine. 

Symptoms of Bacterial Gastroenteritis

Some common symptoms of gastroenteritis include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dehydration
  • Deep yellow urine
  • High fever
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss

If you are suffering from pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, or any other common symptoms, your large intestine or small intestine may have a secret to share with you. 

If left unchecked, you may develop other symptoms over time aside from bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain in the short term. These severe symptoms may include:

This list of symptoms ranging from abdominal pain to excessive diarrhea could potentially have many possible causes. If any of the following apply to you, however, one of several types of gastrointestinal infections may, in fact, be what you’re dealing with:

  • You have traveled recently
  • You have recently eaten contaminated food or under-cooked meat, commonly carrying E. coli or other dangerous bacterial infections 
  • You have handled either human feces or animal feces (Doubly so if the stool was soft or happened to be diarrhea)
  • You socialized with infected people in the past few days

Those who find themselves in any of the following categories may be at a higher risk of contracting bacterial or viral gastroenteritis, especially after exposure to contaminated food or water:

  • Young children; a constantly-wet diaper is one common symptom that may be an indicator of trouble
  • The elderly or infirmed
  • Those with a weakened immune system or another similar medical condition
  • Those who have recently undergone an unrelated round of antibiotics, the use of which has been shown to impair the balance of bacteria in the gut (Antibiotics do not cause this disease, per se, but they have been shown to aggravate the symptoms of gastroenteritis[3])

If you are experiencing unexplained diarrhea, discomfort, or any other symptoms and worry about affecting people close to you, identifying the underlying cause and taking the problem to your doctor should be the next step.

Causes of Gastrointestinal Infections

The most common cause of gastroenteritis is bacteria, but there are also parasites and viral infections to consider, as well. As expected, places like nursing homes, schools, and other less-than-sanitary settings are often rife with the type of infection known to cause gastroenteritis. 

Water contaminated with bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus is the most common cause of this illness; most will develop symptoms within a few days as the infection sets in.

The main culprits behind a gastroenteritis infection include:

  • Clostridium difficile, known especially[4] for its tendency to cause diarrhea
  • E. coli
  • Salmonella infections
  • Campylobacter 
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Giardia lamblia
  • Cryptosporidium parvum
  • Shigella
  • Rotavirus, a form of viral gastroenteritis (This used to be the leading cause of gastroenteritis and diarrhea in young children before a vaccine was developed[5])

Person-to-person transmission can keep the infection alive and strong between patients, but, as mentioned previously, food poisoning is the most common cause of gut infection. Exposure to the following are leading causes, whether viral gastroenteritis or bacterial:

  • Undercooked meat
  • Contaminated water or food
  • Exposure to the bacteria found in the diarrhea of an infected person or animal

How to Treat Gastroenteritis?

Before anything else, you should consult your physician and receive a stool sample to rule out anything darker afoot. If your screening comes back clear, your means of recourse will be fairly straightforward.

No matter what the results end up being, rehydration is of the utmost importance, especially if you are suffering from severe diarrhea. In the most extreme cases, hospitalization and an IV drip may be necessary. 

Many physicians also recommend soft, mild food while sick – excessively spicy or fatty food may irritate your bowels and keep you sick for longer than you would be otherwise. Doctors also suggest avoiding over-the-counter drugs like Advil or Aspirin, as they may also upset your stomach further.

Once the virus, bacteria, or parasite has been cultured and identified, you may need a prescription that targets the problem directly. This will vary depending on the origin of the infection. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the appropriate medication, if applicable at all. 

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed, it is best to lay low for at least 48 hours[6]. For children especially, taking a day or two away from school or play is highly recommended. Bed rest, antibiotics[7], and plenty of fluids and soup are all the perfect prescriptions.

How to Prevent Gastroenteritis?

The good news is that there is plenty that you can do to avoid contracting gastroenteritis – there is a reason they tell us that E. coli lurks unseen in the raw cookie dough batter that tempts us as children.

To keep diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gastrointestinal infections at bay, we recommend that you:

  • Avoid food or water of dubious origin
  • When in doubt and away from home, try to drink only bottled water
  • Practice good hygiene, especially when preparing or handling food
  • Avoid raw or undercooked dairy products, eggs, meat products, and fish
  • Contact the Center for Disease Control if you worry that you may have ingested food or water contaminated with bacteria
  • After recovering from gastroenteritis, we suggest that you disinfect your home thoroughly – this includes all parts of your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, and your nursing area and changing table if you live with young children

Once you come down with gastroenteritis, most will agree that it is an experience that you will not soon forget. If you are meticulous about the cleanliness of your home, food, and family, you likely will not have anything to worry about in the future.

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]]>UMZU zuPOO Reviews 2021: A Scam Or Effective Gut Support? Fri, 01 Oct 2021 08:55:00 +0000 reviews







  • Improves gut health
  • Rids the body of toxic waste
  • Reduces different gastrointestinal ailments
  • Helps in weight reduction
  • Manufactured from high quality, all-natural ingredients
  • Boosts immune system
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Brand Information

  • Founded by Christopher Walker 
  • Located in Boulder, North Carolina
  • Established in 2015
  • Mostly deals with organic products

Medical Benefits

  • Flushes waste from intestines/gut
  • May cleanse your blood
  • May eliminate hormonal blockers
  • Clears symptoms like constipation/bloating

About The Brand

When it comes to gut and stomach problems, we’re all cognizant of the effect they have on our well-being. It gets worse when these uncomfortable feelings catch us at the worst of times. However, thanks to zuPOO, you can go about your day without tossing and turning, just trying to get rid of the pain. 

This ‘magical’ product helps to reshape and detoxify your stomach. It’s manufactured to deal with stomach-related issues such as constipation. The manufacturer, UMZU has repeatedly mentioned that they use all-natural ingredients to get rid of gut issues without using harsh chemicals.  

There’s plenty you need to learn about the zuPOO supplement. You’ve probably heard it being mentioned somewhere, but you didn’t really understand its effects on your body. Keep reading to understand what zuPOO is, its ingredients, health benefits, side effects, and so on. Let’s get into it, shall we? 

What is zuPOO?

zuPOO is a product from UMZU that’s essentially marketed as a gut supplement and colon cleanser. It improves digestion and gets rid of 5-20lb worth of toxic waste from the body. zuPOO’s ingredient content works to detoxify your digestive system by eliminating hormone and waste blockers.

Additionally, zuPOO helps to ease symptoms such as gas and bloating and improve your digestive health. If you have a weight problem, this product helps to suppress your appetite and helps you shed a few pounds in the process. 

Feature Product & Coupon


Best Choice


  • Improves gut health
  • Rids the body of toxic waste
  • Reduces different gastrointestinal ailments
  • Helps in weight reduction
  • Manufactured from high quality, all-natural ingredients
  • Boosts immune system
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Does It Really Work?

Indeed, it does. Among the contents of the zuPOO supplement is Cascara sagrada. This is a shrub derived from the dried bark of a tree known as the California Buckthorn. Cascara helps to trigger muscular contractions that stimulate intestinal reflexes. This further allows you to pass stool effectively. 

Recent studies[1] reveal that Cascara has been a common drug used among Indians as a cleansing agent. Its safety is yet to be substantiated, however. 

zuPOO is also made with a compound known as Bentonite clay[2] that helps flush toxins from the body and relieve digestive issues. A huge portion of the ingredients contributes to getting rid of excess waste from the gut, keeping you fit and healthy. 

Is It Safe For Gut Health Or A Scam?

zuPOO is NOT a scam. It’s a genuine product made by the trusted supplement manufacturer UMZU. UMZU is notable for using high-quality ingredients and embracing science-based compositions. A good chunk of UMZU zuPOO product reviews gives testament to the functionality of the supplement and its trustworthy nature. 

Although there’s plenty of customer reviews that back up zuPOO’s trustworthiness, there’s very little science to prove that it works as a weight-loss supplement. Additionally, the absence of ingredient research, high cost, and multiple side effects give little room for weight-loss claims


  • Boosts immune system.
  • Encourages enzyme production.
  • Detoxifies the intestine and stomach.
  • Improves the digestive system.
  • Manufactured from all-natural ingredients.


  • Bloating and gas within the first two days of usage. 
  • It costs a fortune to afford all 15 servings of the supplement.
  • You need to take in larger-than-usual amounts of water for it to take effect. 
  • High customer demand often translates to low stock
  • Free shipping only for two orders or more

UMZU zuPOO Ingredients

The following is a list of the nine ingredients in UMZU zuPOO: 

  • Cascara sagrada
  • Bentonite clay
  • Cayenne pepper extract
  • Aloe ferox
  • Slippery elm extract
  • Milk thistle
  • Senna leaf
  • Fennel seed powder
  • Burdock root powder
UMZU zuPOO Ingredients Review 

Cascara sagrada

It originates from the bark of a tree from the Southern side of the US. Cascara sagrada[3] contains anthraquinone glycosides, a substance with laxative healing properties. It plays a major role in detoxing and cleansing the colon. It prevents the colon from reabsorbing water and electrolytes as a key part of the digestion process. Cascara helps to ease excretion and keep diarrhea away. 

Bentonite Clay

Clay contains different micronutrients, such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals play a huge role in absorbing waste products, thereby flushing toxins from the digestive system. Clay prevents the clogging of intestinal walls and allows waste to flow smoothly. Clay, therefore, acts as a deep cleanser. 

Senna Leaf

This herb has been used to treat constipation for the longest time. It also serves as an anti-parasitic. Senna leaf[4] powder’s ability to treat constipation may make it an effective treatment option for hemorrhoids. Further research needs to be done to confirm this finding. 

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne is known to stimulate the salivary glands and the stomach as well. It also aids in the production of stomach fluids and saliva. Each one contains enzymes that help in the breakdown of complex food components. 

Milk Thistle 

Milk Thistle[5] is another beneficial herb that positively impacts your digestive tract’s health. It naturally soothes the liver and keeps harmful deposits from forming. It generally promotes the overall health and well-being of your liver. It also has other benefits, including limiting cholesterol levels and controlling depression. 

Burdock Root Powder

Based on new research[6], burdock root contains powerful chemicals within its root system that eliminates toxins from your bloodstream. This powder boasts several health benefits, including inhibiting different kinds of cancer by stopping their growth on their tracks. Burdock root powder also detoxifies the blood and stimulates circulation on the surface of the skin. 

Slippery Elm Extract 

The slippery elm tree’s bark is demulcent. This means that it can protect the stomach and intestine lining from inflammation. The elm extract also reduces discomfort. Slippery elm[7] improves bowel movements in individuals with constipation-induced IBS. Further studies reveal that the extract decreases gas, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea, and indigestion. 

Health Benefits of UMZU zuPOO

Aids in Weight Loss

Cayenne pepper red is an active ingredient in the zuPOO supplement that suppresses cravings and hunger. This helps you lose weight faster since it decreases unhealthy cravings for salt, sugar, and other substances that contribute to obesity. 

Boosts Gut Health

zuPOO promotes a smoother digestion process by unclogging intestine walls and preventing the buildup of toxic waste. zuPOO is a perfectly balanced dietary supplement that contains beneficial herbs and organic products to promote better gut health.

Prevents Gastrointestinal Ailments

zuPOO acts as a laxative by preventing gastrointestinal ailments such as constipation, bloating, etc. The main ingredient, Cascara sagrada, helps to cause muscular contractions and stimulating intestinal reflexes. This allows stool to pass better, thus preventing gut-related issues.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects associated with zuPOO vary from person to person. Due to the continuous outflow of fluids and electrolytes from your system, you’re bound to feel weak, lightheaded, dizzy, thirsty, sweaty and a list of other side effects[8]

Additionally, frequent trips to the bathroom may lead to dizziness, nausea, and intestinal cramping. Electrolyte imbalance from the product’s ingredients may lead to loss of stamina and confusion. Other effects include abdominal discomfort and bouts of nausea. 

However, if the person taking zuPOO becomes predisposed to it, they’re likely to experience all the symptoms mentioned above. That’s why it’s recommended to only add this to your diet if you’re certain of your digestive tract’s condition and your health in general. 

How to Take UMZU zuPOO?

Before you go to bed, ensure you drown two capsules with a cup full of water. Stay hydrated every day for maximum effect. 

Within the first 12 to 24 hours, you may experience an uncomfortable gas buildup. Expect frequent bowel movements in the next 48 hours. For a thorough flush of your digestive system, we recommend that you keep taking the product every day for 15 days.

You don’t need to keep supplementing for more than the recommended 15 days. You have the option of taking a break in between, then returning to it in probably a month or even later. Keep consuming the product based on your individual needs. 

Alternatives to UMZU zuPOO

Dr. Tobias

Dr. Tobias

  • Contains a blend of three laxatives for a smoother effect
  • Cleanses intestines to reproduce beneficial bacteria
  • Encourages regular bowel movement.

  • You may have to repeat treatment for full effect



  • Offers fast pain relief
  • Promotes digestive health and weight loss
  • Contains probiotic Lactobacillus
  • 3rd-party tested
  • Some cramping and other forms of discomfort.

Final thought

UMZU ZuPOO aims to boost digestive function by flushing out waste and cleaning the colon. In addition, it helps ease symptoms such as bloating and diarrhea. No need to worry about this product’s legitimacy. It impacts your immune and digestive system in a way that no other formula can. ZuPOO is generally a safe product boasting of organic ingredients.

Whenever you experience serious symptoms from taking this product, stop taking it immediately. Furthermore, before you begin to use it, be sure to consult with your doctor first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use UMZU zuPOO?

UMZU recommends a daily dosage of 1-2 capsules with a full cup of water before bedtime. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage. By the next day, you’ll start experiencing digestive symptoms such as gas and bloating.
Within 12 to 48 hours, your system will have flushed itself out completely. Ensure to take this formula for a total of 15 days for a full zuPOO colon cleanse.

Can I take this product if I have an underlying medical condition?

Few conditions preclude consuming UMZU zuPOO. They include digestive issues such as Crohn’s disease, stomach ulcers, and ulcerative colitis. Also, steer clear from using this product if you have hormone-sensitive conditions, bleeding disorders, allergies to mugwort, carrot, or celery.

Are there any zuPOO side effects?

You’re going to experience some mild side effects that come about due to a couple of the zuPOO ingredients. When you consume fennel seed, for example, you’re going to have a bad stomach. Additionally, the red cayenne pepper may lead to other symptoms[9] such as heartburn, burning sensation in your mouth, and a bad stomach.

What is UMZU zuPOO’s Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee?

UMZU offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You need to wait for up to two weeks after buying the product to file for a refund. Get the company’s details and contact them to learn how to return the items. Do this within the 60-day timeframe. However, there’s an annual limit of 3 bottles for returns. Your refund will be minus the handling and shipping fees.

Who Should Use UMZU zuPOO?

There’s no particular age limit for anyone who wants to use this product. It’s ideal for anyone who suffers from digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. zuPOO is also suitable for those who want to flush out their toxins and cleanse their gut. Additionally, it’s ideal for individuals who are looking for ways to jumpstart the weight loss process.

Is UMZU zuPOO Vegan?

No, it’s not. Unfortunately, this product is unfit for vegans since the capsules coating contains a collagen-derived protein known as gelatin. This compound is present in the tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, bones, nails, and hair of all animals.

How Legit is UMZU zuPOO?

There’s no denying the beneficial effects of the zuPOO formula. It’s a genuine product from UMZU, which bases its compositions solely on scientific findings and uses high-quality ingredients. The majority of zuPOO reviews allude to the fact that it’s indeed a legitimate product and not a zuPOO scam.

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]]>Improving Gut Health When You’re Stressed: Causes & Remedies Fri, 01 Oct 2021 06:55:00 +0000 causing stomach issues

Experiencing stressful moments in life is inevitable. However, living with chronic stress caused by lifestyle choices, diet, occupation, and other triggers can throw the stomach and digestive system out of balance. It is common for many people living with health issues like irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, or constipation, who usually suffer from frequent bouts of stress. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful solutions to alleviate stress-related stomach problems and support gut health.

How Does Stress Trigger Gut Health Issues?

The human body is composed of a host of complex, interconnected systems. When the body responds to various stressors, it can comprise gut health and lead to unpleasant and undesirable symptoms. It can be challenging to function when the gut’s microbiome is unbalanced because of one’s diet, work environment, or events that influence mental or physical wellbeing. 

Finding ways to reduce stress and keep the digestive system balanced with probiotics[1],  a varied diet, and practicing healthy lifestyle choices can prove beneficial. When you utilize methods to support gut health, you can enjoy optimal wellness. Take positive actions to focus on living life instead of battling constant issues related to a stressed-out stomach and poor gut health.

When the body is stressed, the gut, responsible for most immune functions, is thrown out of sorts. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of most health ailments related to leaky gut, IBS, painful gas, constipation, nausea, fatigue, and nausea. Constantly experiencing high stress levels will likely reduce the number of healthy probiotics in the gut and disturb the microbiome’s equilibrium.

Symptoms Of A Stressed Out Stomach

If you learn to recognize the signals the human body displays when something is awry, you can better adjust your behavior, diet and make lifestyle changes for better health. Stress is a leading factor in many illnesses, disorders, and malfunctioning of various bodily systems. The stomach and digestive system are susceptible to stress and will quickly throw the body into disarray when it is imbalanced.

Everyday stressors on the human body that quickly show themselves via digestive issues include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Appetite Loss
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • IBS
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Painful Gas

Many symptoms of a distressed stomach and digestive system can be pretty alarming. If you are experiencing the following problems frequently, consider adjusting your diet to improve your gut health and reduce stress. Eating certain foods, drinking more water, consuming more fiber, taking supplements, and developing healthy coping mechanisms are good for the stomach and gut.

Ways To Remedy Gut Health Problems

One of the most important things you can do to improve your overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being is to reduce your stress levels. If there is anything you can do to alleviate stressful triggers that promote a wide range of various illnesses, do so. Your quality of life and gut health depends on it.

So is there a leaky gut diet one can follow to help reduce stress on the stomach and improve gut health? Consider using some of the following solutions to help improve and balance the gut microbiome, reduce stressors, and live a more healthy life.

  1. Practice exercises that reduce stress and aid digestive health
  2. Meditate
  3. Take supplements
  4. Change your diet
  5. Lose weight
  6. Develop healthy coping skills
  7. Reduce stress-response eating
  8. Consume more probiotics


Regularly making time to exercise doesn’t help keep your weight balanced; it helps boost self-confidence and uplifts your mood. When you feel stressed, it’s easy to fall into a slump and become inactive, and stress eat. However, within 15 minutes of starting an exercise routine, you get your blood flowing, forget your troubles, and begin to relax.


When life throws a curveball your way, sometimes you need to stop and do nothing. Taking time out to meditate for as little as 5 to 15 minutes a day changes the brain and body for the better. Meditation has been studied to calm the mind, change cognitive function[2],  increase one’s attention, and reduce stress levels. You can practice meditation while doing basic tasks, walking, or sitting in silence.

Take Supplements

There is an ongoing debate about the helpfulness of certain supplements to boost health and keep the body in balance naturally. However, taking a vitamin to support a calm mind and sound body can’t hurt. Consider supplements like Melatonin, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, or B-complex vitamins to reduce physical and mental stress.

Make Dietary Changes

When the body is stressed, it’s common for people to turn to junk foods for comfort. However, it is crucial to make wise dietary choices that don’t exacerbate bodily stress and inflammation. Consider avoiding sugar, alcohol, caffeine, refined carbs, and processed, artificial food that will only make your body feel more stressed after the cravings pass. Add more foods to your diet high in fiber, including probiotics, and support a more stress-free life. Eat foods that stave off inflammation[3] and restore and balance a stressed digestive system.

Lose Weight

If you live with excess weight due to stress, stress eating, unhealthy habits, and other health issues, it may be time to lose the weight. Being overweight puts a strain on the digestive system and other bodily functions. And, being depressed, anxious, or worried over one’s weight and image can feed back into a stressed gut and microbiome.

Develop Coping Skills

Unlearn unhealthy habits when you feel stressed that contribute to poor health and a negative vibe. Seek professional therapy or mental health services to learn how to handle stress better. Choose healthier foods that don’t exacerbate poor gut health if you desire to comfort eat. Try to find outlets to express yourself, acknowledge and deal with your current stressors instead of repeating bad habits.

Stop Stress Eating

If you find yourself stress eating in response to negative mental, physical, or emotional events, make an effort to stop. Instead of reaching for foods that exacerbate inflammation, reduce a healthy microbiome, and leave you feeling lousy later, opt for supportive foods. Also, try not to overeat either. 

Increase Probiotic Consumption

There may be something to eating foods high in probiotics and reducing stress levels. The nervous system and the digestive system are in communication with one another. Not only does eating foods high in probiotics help alleviate anxiety and stress[4],  but it may improve cognitive function and one’s mood too.

Ongoing studies[5] continue to reveal the intricate and complex balance between maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, brain health[6], hormone response, and stress. Protecting one’s health becomes incredibly challenging when the gut microbiome is out of balance due to stress, a lack of adequate nutrients, vitamins, and probiotics. 

How To Reduce Stress?

If you live with chronic stress in your life, it can kill you or slowly erode healthy bodily function. The gut, brain, heart, and mental state are all easily influenced by stress. Stress is often the culprit if you find yourself constantly battling symptoms like chronic fatigue, aches and pains, cravings, weight loss, weight gain, and depression.

The following suggestions, if practiced, may help alleviate stress.

  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Get a massage.
  • Spend time meditating.
  • Connect to a trusted friend.
  • Eat foods that boost health and vitality.
  • Take a nap.

Make an effort to reduce stress levels, dietary triggers, and other factors that lead to digestive health problems and related issues. Constantly living with chronic stress disrupts the healthy balance of the gut and impacts brain function, energy levels, and one’s physiology.

Potential Risks

You might be able to continue living with the symptoms of a stressed-out stomach and digestive system for some time. However, it is imperative to take preventative and active measures to reduce health ailments. Over time, if health problems like fatigue, depression, sleep difficulties, and anxiety persist because of an imbalanced gut and stress, the results are often detrimental and harmful to one’s health and life.

Studies show a connection to poor mental health, symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia[7] related to stress and poor gut health. When the body is constantly pumping out high cortisol levels, a domino effect ensues, leading to burnout of regulatory systems of the digestive tract, glands, and brain.

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]]>Betterhelp Reviews 2021: What’s Offered, Cost & Customer Review Fri, 01 Oct 2021 04:14:00 +0000 reviews






  • Free trial
  • Affordable costs
  • Reliable counselors
  • Easy to use video sessions

Brand Information

  • Founded in 2012
  • Origin in California, USA
  • Open 24/7
  • Contact no: (888) 688-9296

Medical Benefits

  • Improves mental health
  • Better coping mechanisms

About The Betterhelp

There are tons of online therapy reviews out there and they’ll help you give a better idea about their service as well as the ins and outs when availing. Now when it comes to Betterhelp reviews, it might be a good idea to look for a detailed review that shows you everything good about Betterhelp as well as the controversies surrounding their service. Checking out our article might be a good idea since this reviews Betterhelp from the ground up.

What Is Betterhelp? Should You Try It?

Betterhelp is an online therapy service that was designed to help people deal with their mental health problems in a more convenient way. Customers of Betterhelp can easily find counselors and therapists through their phones and computers without having to meet in person, making things easier and faster for both clients and therapists.

Is Betterhelp Legit?

Yes, Betterhelp offers counseling and all of their counselors are trustworthy for their positive reviews. It is a legitimate service and it’s even BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, showing us that they’ve gone through the measures to make themselves a legitimate business whom people can trust.

Is Betterhelp Good?

It depends on the person and their preferences but generally speaking, Betterhelp is a good service seeing that they have tons of positive reviews and the majority of people who have used their service are pleased and content with how they were treated.

How Does Betterhelp Work?

As mentioned in the above reviews, Betterhelp is essentially automating the process of finding a therapist or counselor. You create an account on their website and answer their Betterhelp questionnaire so that they’ll have a much easier time pairing you with a counselor that meets your preferences. 

You also don’t have to worry about the quality of their counselors as they have been trained and all of them are accredited and licensed for these kinds of work. It might take a few days to match up with a counselor if you’re very specific in the questionnaire but it’s worth it as most clients tend to hit it off with the counselors that are paired with. 

What Does Betterhelp Treat?

For reviews, Betterhelp usually treats mental health conditions and emotional problems. They don’t prescribe medication and their treatment is more on helping you get over feelings and problems like:

Feature Product & Coupon

Best Choice


  • Unlimited messaging services
  • Reliable online format
  • Free online counseling trial
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Wide range of counselors like family therapists
  • Easy to change therapists

How to Schedule an Appointment on Betterhelp?

Step 1: Choose Your Counselor or Therapist

Before you can start scheduling an appointment with better help, it’s important that you choose the right counselor for the job. Betterhelp does help you find mental health professionals, professional counselors, mental health professionals, and family therapists for your issues.

You have many different types of people to choose from so make sure to pick the appropriately licensed therapist that suits you. This can be challenging as different people have different counselor preferences. It involves factors like a doctorate degree, sexual orientation, positive experience, body language, and whether or not the lenient can afford therapy. They might even switch therapists because of financial issues. 

Once you’ve chosen the right therapist immediately, it’s time to decide on what Betterhelp services you want to avail of and other factors that will help you with your own mental health issues.

Step 2: Pick the Type of Appointment 

After picking and deciding on a Betterhelp therapist it’s time to pick the type of appointment you want to have effective therapy. Many therapists can handle things online and doing virtual sessions or a live session can be convenient for both you and your potential therapists. Of course, there are other types of sessions as well and each of them has its own sets of advantages. 

Chat or Email

One type of appointment that people tend to overlook is the chat or email sessions. Online therapy has a lot of possible methods to help people and chatting or sending an email with their client is one of those methods. It may be less personal and it may not seem like it but it’s worth doing things this way with your own therapist.

If you happen to be so busy with your life that you can’t do traditional therapy sessions or even live sessions, it might be a good idea to go for this alternative. Sending an email or communicating with your therapist via chat is time efficient and both of you can do it anytime you want. It’s less engaging but it’s certainly an option for people with busy schedules with hardly any free time. 

Phone Sessions

If for some reason you do not like live sessions or video sessions, then the phone sessions might be a good alternative. Some people might not be tech-savvy to handle video calls especially the older generation, calling your therapist by phone is also a viable way of dealing with your mental health.

And unlike video chat, you don’t have to see each other’s appearance so you don’t have to dress up for the occasion or make yourself more presentable. In fact, some lazy clients prefer this as they want to do therapy lying down in bed or on the couch without having to worry about someone judging their unpresentable appearances. 

Live Video Session

Live video sessions or live sessions, in general, are something that a lot of new therapists are familiar with. It’s simply a long-range in-person therapy where you don’t have to be physically present with your client.

These types of therapy sessions are very personal and it’s as if both of you are in the same room. A video call is one of the most recommended types of therapy sessions as it’s a good balance between convenience and an intimate session. 

It’s very convenient as you don’t have to meet in person and very personal as you are seeing each other as if you’re experiencing in-person therapy. Of course, there’s always the last option if you want a more hands-on experience. 

In-Person Sessions

Betterhelp doesn’t offer live sessions with their clients as it’s more of an online service but we decided to include this piece of info if you plan to go for other online therapy services that also include traditional therapy. If you’re more comfortable being in the same room as your therapist and feel like their words have more meaning in person, then this is your best bet.

Traditionally in-person therapy is very effective and a lot of psychiatric services still do them despite the advances in modern technology. Individual therapy in the therapist’s office is very effective for a lot of people and this is highly recommended if you can make it work.

Step 3: Set a Scheduled Date

Once you’ve decided on everything with your new therapist the only thing left to do is to set a schedule. Find a time that works for both your own schedule and your therapist’s schedule. Luckily for you, Betterhelp offers a lot of things and you’ll even have the option to change therapists if you and your old licensed counselor have a hard time coordinating a common time between your schedules.


There are many positive things to say about this service. For one, Betterhelp’s live video sessions are very easy for both client and therapist. 

Here is a quick list of all the amazing things that Betterhelp offers their customers so that you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the company and decide for yourself whether or not you want that Betterhelp subscription. In reviews, some advantages of Betterhelp you can see includes:

  • Unlimited messaging services
  • Reliable online format
  • Free online counseling trial
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Wide range of counselors like family therapists
  • Easy to change therapists
  • Affordable subscription
  • Good track record


Despite all of the positive things listed above, Betterhelp isn’t perfect and it still has its flaws like being unable to prescribe medication and not being covered by health insurance thus removing your financial aid. Here is a small compilation of the negatives about Betterhelp and its service.

Some drawbacks of Betterhelp you can see includes:

  • Has a controversy
  • Can’t prescribe medication
  • Partial support from some insurance company
  • Some Betterhelp review seems paid
  • Can’t fulfill court order therapies

How to Prepare and What to Do In Your Appointment?

Betterhelp offers counseling, family therapy, and a lot of treatment for your mental health conditions. However, you can make things easier for both you and your licensed therapist if you prepare for your appointment as well. After all, you are paying them a lot of money despite the many different features the online therapy platform has like having their clients try Betterhelp free once a week.  

Here are some guidelines to help you get better results in your appointments:

Pat Yourself on the Back for Accepting Help  

According to a study on psychotherapy[1], although many of its principles and mechanisms are left for debate it is still an effective method of intervention to help clients feel better about their experiences and problems which can help them function more favorably. Sadly not a lot of people accept they have problems or issues, let alone get help from a multimodal digital psychotherapy platform like Betterhelp. 

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”

Carl Jung

The quote mentioned above was stated by renowned psychologist and psychoanalysis Carl Jung which shows that you cannot change your problems if you do not accept them. If you are one of the rare people to understand that you need help with your problems then give yourself a pat on the back for accepting that you have issues. By doing so you are making the first few steps of facing your issues and changing them for the better. 

It may not seem much but by giving where credit is due, you are giving yourself the determination that you need to face your demons and problems with your new therapist.

Get Your Logistics Straight

One of the biggest things that people who’ve undergone online therapy regret in their previous sessions is not managing the logistics of their therapists. This is why it’s important to get to business right away with your therapist and handle things that might interrupt with your counselings.

Although you’ve probably taken the questionnaire Betterhelp gave you and your initial research might have given you a good idea of what to expect, it’s still better to talk and handle logistics with licensed therapists directly instead of a third party.  

Handle things like health insurance, financial aid, and handling of personal data. You should also talk about the fees, future schedules, what to expect from the results, and maybe even a timetable for your sessions with Betterhelp reports so that you can see for yourself if you’re making progress. If not, then it might be a good idea to change therapists since it might not be worth it for you. 

Be Open to Your Therapist

This might seem like very obvious advice when undergoing one of Betterhelps’s live video sessions and or any form of traditional therapy but not a lot of people are open to being told that they’re doing something wrong even if it’s being said nicely. This is why it’s very important that you keep an open mind before your appointment so that you’ll make things easier for both yourself and your therapist. 

Being open doesn’t mean that you should take criticisms or the opinions of clinical social workers and online therapists. If something is bothering you or if you disagree with what they’re saying, then make sure to express it. Of course, try to do this nicely and in a polite manner to avoid problems. 

Keep a List of the Things You Want to Discuss

It’s very obvious but it’s very rare that clients do this in the first place. During your first meeting with your own therapist, he/she will be asking you multiple questions so that they can better gauge your situation, your issues, and what they can do to help you resolve these issues.

Usually, your therapist won’t have trouble finding your problems out and finding ways to help develop or improve your mental health. And considering the Betterhelp cost of therapists, they know what they are doing.

However, you are wasting time doing this on your first therapy session when you can get to solving the problem right away. During your online counseling session or traditional in-person therapy, it might be a good idea to prepare a list of things that you want to discuss.

The list could be things you want to resolve like anger issues, or even things stressing you out in life like problems with financial aid and issues with an insurance company. It might not seem related to therapy but anything causing problems in your life should be discussed so that you can get a proper therapist-based official diagnosis. 

Set Goals With Your Therapist and Be Realistic

Now that you’ve set up things that you want to be discussed and resolved with your therapist including sharing personal data, it’s time for you to work with licensed professional counselors and clinical social workers as the result of your sessions. 

Set goals that will help you resolve your problem and it’s a good idea to do this with your therapist so that you can keep your goals grounded and achievable. 

Trust Your Instincts and Trust Your Therapist

You might be suffering from adult depression and your therapist might refer you to a doctor to prescribe medication for this problem. If this doesn’t sit well with your gut, then trust it. Explain to your therapist why you may not want to take certain medications because it makes you uneasy. Your therapist acts in your best interest and if a certain solution involves something that highly disturbs you, then they’ll be professional about it and look for other ways.

Of course, it’s also good to strike a balance between trusting your gut and testing what a licensed counselor would say. During your online therapy live sessions, it might be a good idea to try something uncomfortable for you. After all, if you just follow your gut all the time, then why even hire a therapist for mental health online counseling in the first place. 

Benefits of Using Betterhelp

You’ve seen a list of the various pros and advantages that Betterhelp can offer you but it may not mean anything to you without context. So we’re going to elaborate on some of the less clear pros stated on the list above.

Free Trial

Even with all the hype, some people can be skeptical about Betterhelp’s services and quality. This is why we’re impressed that they offer a free trial to new customers so that they can have a taste of what Betterhelp services can do. 

You can see for yourself the reliability of their online therapy video session and determine if you can have a smooth video call or video chat on your end. After all, your mental health is at stake and if you can’t do live sessions properly then you are wasting money. 

Thousands of Therapists to Choose From

What makes Betterhelp one of the best choices for empaths is the sheer quantity of their counselors. An empath can choose the best counselors that understand their condition and are mindful enough to respect your boundaries due to your oversensitive nature. 

Of course, this also applies to other people from all walks of life as well. They can choose the

This also means that you can easily choose therapists based on your preferences whether that be a female therapist, a therapist of the same age, and so on. 

Unlimited Messaging Services

One of the biggest advantages of  Betterhelp’s subscription is that you don’t have to about paying phone bills just to set a schedule for your online therapy. And considering that you have a lot of therapists to choose from, it’s very convenient that Betterhelp offers these kinds of features. 

Issue with Betterhelp

Just like with some of the pros, some cons about Betterhelp might need more explaining. This will give you a better idea of why Betterhelp might not be a service that fits your wants, needs, and expectations. 

The Betterhelp Controversy

Betterhelp might be a reputable and popular service but there is a controversy about it which could be a problem for some people who want their privacy respected. The controversy started when Youtubers started promoting the platform. Sadly this blew up as more and more Youtubers kept doing this with some of them faking or exaggerating their mental health problems.

This caught the eye of the Youtubers who started pointing out issues or problems with Betterhelp. Some YouTubers like “Memeology”  looked more deeply into Betterhelp and even stated that Betterhelp sells the data they’ve collected from you which is concerning. 

Of course, Betterhelp’s privacy policy[2] states that it will never sell your personal information. And whether the claims about Betterhelp selling data is true or not, people still believe in it causing controversy.

Not Backed by Medicare

Major insurance companies like Medicaid and Medicare do not back up Betterhelp. Because of this, it might be hard for people to afford their services. This also limits potential clients as well. So if you don’t want to spend money from your personal bank account, then it might be time to find an alternate online therapy service for your mental health. 

Can’t Prescribe Medication nor Fulfill Court Order Therapies

Betterhelp counselors cannot medically prescribe anything to their clients. This is why they often refer you to a doctor if you want medication for a particular case. Their therapists are more about helping you deal with your problems rather than treating them with medication. Because of this, they cannot also fulfill court order therapies as they often require a medical prescription since they usually involve people with mental health problems that put other people at risk. 

Alternatives to Betterhelp



See Regain Review

  • Encrypted messages
  • More relationship focused
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not BBB accredited

Betterhelp vs Talkspace 

Betterhelp and Talkspace are direct competitors and you’ll find either one of them as the top spot for the best online therapy services on the market. With that being said, Talkspace shares a lot with Betterhelp and it even has more flexible payment plans which is definitely a big advantage over Betterhelp especially for people who don’t have much to afford therapy. Betterhelp on the other hand offers better live video sessions so it depends on which one you prefer.

Betterhelp vs ReGain

When it comes to these two services, both of them have their fair share of advantages. ReGain is more focused and designed for couples therapy which makes it a good choice if you want to sort out relationship troubles with your partner. Betterhelp on the other hand is more diverse and they might be a better option if you want counseling on other matters.

Betterhelp vs In-person therapy

Being an online therapy service, Betterhelp was built for the convenience of both the client and the therapist. A single therapist can have multiple clients a day depending on the type of service the client avails to. In-person therapy on the other hand is time-limited as a single therapist can accommodate one client at a time and it’s much harder to schedule meetings and sessions due to logistics.

However, in-person therapy does have its advantages since it’s more personal and it’s more hands-on which could be more effective for some clients who want to talk to a real person a few meters away compared to talking on a computer screen or your phone. Either way, both services are viable and it all depends on your preferences. 

How to Find The Best Betterhelp Counselors Near Me?

Betterhelp is an online therapy service so you can have counselors all over the world. But if you really insist on finding Betterhelp counselors near you since they might relate more to your experiences, then you’re in luck since their website[3] can help you find local counselors as well. 

Now when it comes to Betterhelp pricing depends on your membership renewal and the plan you’ve chosen. The best way to know about the specific pricing of their services is to visit their website[4] yourself.

Betterhelp Counseling Reviews: What Real Users Say?

Now that we’ve said our piece about Betterhelp and its various advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to take a look at actual clients and customers of their service and their Betterhelp review. And to give you a wider and broader perspective about Betterhelp, we’ve taken multiple reviews ranging from 1 star to 5-star ratings.

Hopefully, after reading all of these reviews you’ll grow to understand Betterhelp more as a service. The majority of the reviews about Betterhelp are generally positive but there are some cases of clients experiencing glitches and unprofessional counselors so we also included their thoughts and experiences as well. 

5 Star Review

“Betterhelp is amazing! Reasonably priced and very accessible. My counselor has been amazing from the start. If you are on the fence about joining, I’d say give it a shot. If you don’t like your counselor you can change, it’s nice to have someone to talk to and help you work on being a better-centered person. Covid has caused so much fear, depression, and confusion in a world full of problems. This is worth it. Give it a shot.”

Kasey Swiontek

4 Star Review

“Overall, with honest reviews, I am very pleased with Betterhelp. My one complaint is a lack of overall structure. All of the therapists have been well qualified and I understand it is hard to structure teletherapy but it seems like each therapist has complete freedom to operate how they desire, which has pros and cons. 

My first two counselors specifically requested me to change counselors which didn’t feel good, considering everyone in therapy is in therapy for their reasons. But I admit it is good the counselors have the ability to make that request. Overall – very pleased. Just takes time to find the right counselor!”

Robert Holt

3 Star Review

“Useful, unless you don’t live in America I’ve tried a couple of Betterhelp therapists and while the therapists have always been lovely, the time difference made it worthless. If you’re not in America, you’re lucky to get more than one (often short) message a day, and that really doesn’t allow you to work through your problems. However, Betterhelp gave me a full refund when I realized the time difference was too much of an issue, so I can’t fault their customer service.”

Elizabeth Batty

2 Star Review

“Not worth it … The first therapist I had was a social worker and she just stopped responding to my texts mid-conversation which I thought was rude. She didn’t help me at all. So I tried another therapist who was an actual counselor and he was very helpful but he was only available biweekly so the sessions were around $ 130 each. That’s a very expensive situation and definitely not worth it.”

Susan Lewis

1 Star Review

“I used Betterhelp several months ago and am still salty about it. $ 300 for a total of maybe 15 minutes of counseling all via text and voicemail? Granted I didn’t change therapists during the month I was signed up. The one I had seemed great, she just spent so little time, and rather than validating my feelings she kind of shamed me for them. “Well, I feel that way too. Who doesn’t?” Ummm… don’t recommend it.”

Joni Lawrence

Final thought: Is It Worth Trying?

Overall, our opinions are very similar to what other Betterhelp reviews say. This is an amazing service with so many features for their client’s convenience. As for the pros and cons, we can say that the pros of Betterhelp outweigh the negative things said about the company. And if you happen to distrust Betterhelp despite its reviews because of the controversy, there are still dozens of alternatives that you can choose from like Talkspace and ReGain. Hope the reviews can help you decide on Betterhelp as your number one choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betterhelp worth the money?

Yes they are, they’re one of the top online services in the market and their rates are affordable.

How much does Betterhelp cost per month?

 It depends on what type of package you’ve chosen and it’s better to check their website yourself.

Why is Betterhelp bad?

Betterhelp has had some controversies with Youtubers which severely damaged their reputation.

Is Talkspace or Betterhelp better?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Betterhelp provides better live sessions while Talkspace is more flexible with their payments.

Can Betterhelp be trusted?

Yes. Despite the controversy, as above reviews, Betterhelp has managed to live up to its name and they should follow federal law when it comes to handling personal data.

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]]>Abdominal Massage To Improve Your Gut Health Fri, 01 Oct 2021 03:35:00 +0000 Massage

Don’t be so quick to reserve a doctor’s appointment whenever you experience digestion issues such as bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. 

There are other better, more subtle ways to deal with gut-related problems. One of them (and probably the best) is by performing a gentle abdominal massage. If you prefer using supplements, it’s still fine, provided you don’t exceed the dosage. 

In this post, we’re going to explore everything there is to know about belly massages. Stick around to learn the different abdominal massage techniques, their benefits, and other significant info. 

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massages have a wide variety of benefits that you may not be fully aware of. The following are some of them:

  • Boosts digestive function
  • Relieves constipation
  • Lowers premenstrual syndrome symptoms
  • Releases emotional and physical Stress
  • Improves Immune system strength
  • Improves physical posture

Boosts Digestive Function 

Probably the most obvious fact about abdominal massages is that they aid in proper digestion. Gentle and continuous pressure in clockwise motions will help smooth food flow in your gut for digestion. 

Regular abdominal massages will help those suffering from serious digestive problems. To put this into perspective, a 2018 research[1] looked into the effects of abdominal massage on individuals with an endotracheal tube. 

The results of that study revealed that a 3-day 15-minute massage yielded positive results compared to those with no treatment at all. The massages helped in lowering the levels of stomach liquid, along with their constipation and abdominal circumference.   

Relieves Constipation

Abdomen massages aid in the relaxation of stomach muscles. A relaxed stomach translates to no constipation and stimulate digestion. A 2016 study[2] looked into the effects of post-surgical gut massages on constipation. The study revealed that those who received a massage had:

  • Better bowel movements
  • Lowered constipation symptoms
  • Little time between bowel movements

Abdominal massage also had a positive effect on their life score qualities. Deeper studies are needed to expound on these results and shed more light on the effects of massages on constipation. 

If you’re performing an abdominal massage specifically to relieve constipation, put more emphasis on the following acupressure points[3]:

  • CV6 (two finger widths below the navel/belly button)
  • CV12 (along the middle of your torso, at the center of your rib cage and navel)

Avoid these acupressure points if you’re pregnant.

Lowers PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Symptoms

A study from 2005[4] showed that abdominal massages were highly effective in alleviating cramping and menstrual pain. Eighty-five women who had a five-minute gut massage every day for six days before their menses had incredibly lower levels of cramping and pain in comparison to women who had no treatment at all. 

Additionally, researchers from the University of Miami School of Medicine[5] revealed that massage styles such as circular abdomen stroking lowers PMS symptoms like distress, water retention, and pain. 

Relieves Emotional and Physical Pain

One of the common reasons for getting a massage is to release stress. A similar benefit is present in the practice of a professional stomach massage. 

There are certain societal pressures that surround our midsections. When you let go and allow a qualified massage therapist to work on that area (or even do it yourself under the right instructions), you can offer yourself some much-needed self-care. 

Dismiss your insecurities and judgments to take care of your stomach. You don’t need to wait until you experience severe abdominal pain. Anytime is a good time to cleanse your gut and offer yourself some physical and emotional comfort. 

Improves Immune System Health

A good part of our health and wellbeing centers around our gut. In fact, you’ll be more surprised to find out that a massive part of your immune system is your GI tract[6]

The GI tract includes the organs that liquids and food pass through once they’re digested and absorbed. The organs include the mouth, throat (pharynx), esophagus, stomach, ileum, colon, rectum, and anus. 

In the event that your gut health is under stress, you’ll feel the painful ramifications all through your entire body. Stomach massages help to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

Improve your defense system by performing activities such as getting enough sleep, managing your stress, maintaining a nutritious diet, and getting regular abdominal massages.

Improves Physical Posture 

When you constantly suffer from stomach and gut ailments, your posture is bound to suffer. The best way to deal with discomforts such as cramping within your midsection is through a thorough abdominal massage. It will help a lot in relieving tension and will consequently correct misalignment.  

Which are the Different Belly Massage Techniques? 

There are two major ways of administering a thorough belly massage: 

  • Pelvic floor abdominal massage
  • Abdominal self-massage

Pelvic Floor Abdominal Massage

Perform this technique specifically around or before the time you have a bowel movement. It’s mostly effective at the start of the day rather than any other time. Do this one or twice every day for 10 to 15 minutes to maintain a healthy bowel movement pattern. 

How to Perform a Pelvic Floor Abdominal Massage

  • Rest your back on a firm surface, then bend your knees directly into your chest. This helps to relieve the tension in your abdomen and back. Slowly stretch out your legs until you’re completely comfortable.
  • Place your left hand under your left ribcage and gently massage the area around it in a clockwise motion. Your hand movement should go as low as your hip bone and as high as your left rib cage. 
  • Repeat that motion around ten times for both sides of your gut. 
  • Stroke down your lower abdomen as you incorporate a horizontal stroke in the form of the letter ‘L.’ Perform this at least ten times. 
  • Complete this move by massaging your stomach in a clockwise movement. Do this about 2-3 inches from your navel. This helps to stimulate your small intestines. 

Abdominal Self-Massage 

Perform this technique at any time of the day. It’s easy to implement and helps a great deal in manipulating the abdominal area. It also helps to rid your colon of any stool that may be stuck. Abdominal self-massage[7] also relieves symptoms of bloating, cramping, pressure, and tightness. Here’s how to do it:  

  • Lay down on a firm surface and bend your knees. Ensure your lower back is evenly laid out and that there’s no space between the surface and your back. 
  • Place your hands on the right side of your lower belly. Using your palms, press gently while breathing out, then stroke up toward your ribs. Repeat this part 10 times to prepare yourself for a deeper massage and get your abdominal muscles warmed up.
  • Next, lay your palms next to your lower back and exert a gentle amount of pressure. Do this as you move your hands gently to your front, above your hips, then down to your pelvis. Perform this twice for two minutes to improve bowel movement. 

You can also perform a pelvic floor massage using a kneading technique in a clockwise motion. When you apply pressure, ensure you make small circular motions before moving on to the next massage points. 

Place your hands on your belly firmly, then make upward and downward movements, followed by back and forth motions. These movements will cause vibrations that trigger a bowel movement. 

When Shouldn’t You Perform an Abdominal Massage?

Although abdominal massages are good for you, there are certain instances where you should think twice about it. Never have a stomach massage when:

  • You’ve had abdominal surgery recently. Wait for some time (approximately 6 to 8 weeks) to ensure the incision has healed completely before receiving a deep tissue massage. 
  • You have any health concerns, or if you’re pregnant[8]. Having an abdominal massage within your first trimester increases the risk of a miscarriage. Some experts also fear that the high rate of blood flow during the massage may be harmful. 
  • You’ve eaten spicy or heavy foods. If you really must eat something, make it light. Ensure you have something in your stomach to help stimulate your digestive system. Having a massage on an empty stomach might lead to excess hunger by the end of the session.  

The Bottom Line 

Stomach massages serve as a low-risk treatment alternative to take care of a variety of health conditions. You can do it on your own or schedule a session with a qualified massage therapist. 

Even if you receive regular professional massages, it’s advisable to spend short amounts of time every day to perform a self-massage. This should be the case, especially if you’re looking to treat a certain problem. Ensure you see your doctor in case of any serious condition or if your abdominal symptoms become severe. 

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]]>How Does Glutamine Heal Your Leaky Gut? Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:25:00 +0000 for gut health

Leaky gut is a syndrome many people struggle with nowadays and with the cure still being unknown, it’s no wonder they’re still hoping for a miracle. Could glutamine be the answer to help heal their leaky gut and promote metabolism

Glutamine and Gut Health

Glutamine has an important role in our immune system and our gut health. It acts as an important energy source[1] for our immune cells as well as the cells of the intestinal wall which depend on it to survive and function properly. 

This way, glutamine helps maintain the health of our intestinal wall barrier[2], protecting against leaky gut syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by increased intestinal permeability which allows bacteria and toxins to pass through and cause inflammation. 

Specific growth factors and various nutrients act as mucosal protective factors which preserve the gut barrier integrity. A form of glutamine, L-Glutamine, is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and it plays a vital role in the maintenance of mucosal integrity.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

In its essence, the leaky gut syndrome[3] isn’t a syndrome per se, it’s a digestive condition that involves bacteria and toxins “leaking through” the intestinal wall. This can wreak havoc on the body and potentially cause a myriad of issues such as autoimmune diseases, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and other issues. 

Celiac disease[4], diabetes[5], irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)[6], and Crohn’s disease[7], as well as many food allergies and intolerances[8], have increased intestinal permeability in its core, as bacteria and toxins cause almost irreparable inflammation and damage. 

Although the intestinal wall already has specific small gaps, its role is to let water and nutrients in, not bacteria. Once these gaps, also called tight junctions[9], become loose, they make the gut more permeable and allow bacteria, antigens, and toxins to pass through. This condition is then called increased intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut. 

Once the pathogens leak through the intestinal wall, they can enter the bloodstream and cause extensive damage and inflammation which can cause our immune system to activate and start fighting. 

The most common symptoms[10] of leaky gut include:

  • Bloating
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Food sensitivities
  • Skin sensitivity and breakouts

The Cause of Leaky Gut

Although the exact cause of leaky gut is still unknown, the research did shine some light on certain factors that characterize it. A protein called zonulin[11] is the only regulator of intestinal permeability. When activated, it can lead to leaky gut syndrome. The most common reasons for its activation[12] are intestinal bacteria and gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. 

That being said, researchers agree on some specific factors which can play a major role in the development of leaky gut syndrome. These include:


This amino acid is the most abundant and versatile[19] in the human body. It’s an essential nutrient and a building block of the immune system with a special role in intestinal health and promoting metabolism. It can be found in many foods, but it’s also produced by our bodies, which makes it hard to know whether we’re intaking enough. 

Since it’s being produced and synthesized by our bodies, it should be considered a non-essential amino acid, one we don’t have to obtain from food. However, it’s considered a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that it has to be obtained from food under certain conditions, such as injury or illness.

Glutamine exists in two different forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine[20]. L-glutamine is used to build proteins and perform other functions, but D-glutamine seems to have no specific important roles. 

Glutamine can be found in many foods, with the largest amounts in animal products. Those that are most abundant include eggs, chicken, beef, fish, pork milk, tofu, lentils, and beans. 

Glutamine and the Immune System

Glutamine’s most important role is in helping fuel the immune system. It’s an amazing energy source for white blood cells[21] as well as specific cells of the intestinal wall. Therefore, the health of the immune system can be compromised when glutamine levels are beyond ideal or imbalanced in some way. 

Some illnesses, burns[22], surgeries, and wounds can cause the glutamine levels to drop as the body then works hard to break down protein, so a high-protein diet will most likely be recommended as a part of the therapy treatment. Specific studies[23] even showed its incredible positive effect on healing and decreasing infections after some surgeries. 

Furthermore, studies[24] found how supplementing with glutamine can drastically improve a patient’s state when in critical conditions.  

Gut Microbiome 

Also called our “second brain[25],” the gut microbiome[26] is a collection of all of the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms residing in our gut. It’s incredibly important in the functioning of our entire organism, with a specific role in immune health[27] and brain health[28]

Every one of us has a different microbiome from the moment of birth and passing through the mother’s birth canal and breast milk. Later on, everything else we get in contact with shapes our microbiome and either makes it beneficial or places a greater risk for disease. 

Environmental exposures, air pollution, diet, as well as stress all impact our microbiome and change the balance between good and bad bacteria. Everyone has a blend of beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria which work in unison to maintain a healthy environment for nutrients. 

The microbiome works hard to synthesize macro and micronutrients, as well as to break down potentially toxic food compounds and help flush them out of our system. Furthermore, Some vitamins, like B12, can only be synthesized from enzymes found in bacteria. When that balance is compromised, it can create space for inflammation and diseases. 

The gut-brain connection[29] became an important field of research in recent years as their cross-communication is thought to be the key for a plethora of diseases and issues in the human body, hoping to be the miracle that will not only help heal but also prevent them from developing in the first place. 

The network of neurons in our gut and brain communicate with each other all the time, but when faced with stress and inflammation, the fight-or-flight response is triggered, causing the digestion to stop so all of the energy can be diverted to the situation causing the threat. This just goes to show how strong the connection between these two areas actually is and how important it is to maintain a healthy microbiome.

Additional Ways To Heal Your Gut Health

It’s important to know you’re more than capable of helping your gut heal by implementing some healthy routines into your lifestyle. Such as: 

  • Reducing and limiting your intake of processed foods, sugars, alcohol, and cigarettes
  • Lowering your stress levels by actively working on it through self-care – meditation, exercise, journaling, reading, walking in nature
  • Taking probiotics and prebiotics[30] to improve your gut flora
  • Improving your sleep routine
  • Limit the use of NSAIDs
  • Eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, miso, kombucha to replenish your good bacteria
  • Taking vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Eating foods high in antioxidants such as berries and pomegranate to help fight free radicals and decrease or prevent oxidative damage

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]]>5 Natural Tips To Cleanse Your Gut At Home Wed, 29 Sep 2021 09:45:00 +0000 to clean your gut

The digestive system is not only extremely important for maintaining our health, but it can also cause discomforts and even diseases when allowed to go out of balance. Acute digestive problems are often due to bad food, overeating, stress, or an infection. They usually abate in a few days. If left unattended, some digestive problems can become chronic, leading to disorders and diseases in other areas of the body.

Our gut health or microbiome must stay in balance to function properly in the digestion and absorption of the nutrients from the food we eat. The billions of good organisms in the gut can be thrown out of balance by bad organisms, causing unhealthy symptoms. Eating foods that support good organisms and supplements to support gut health can help to maintain the health of not only the microbiome but also the entire body.

Why Stress Causes Stomach Pain?

The most prevalent trigger to digestive upset is stress. Our society is experiencing more anxiety and stress than ever before documented. Stress is commonly known to cause intestinal imbalances[1], often resulting in problems with digestion. It can induce muscle spasms and gas in the bowel, which can be painful and interfere with the absorption of nutrients into the body. Stress can not only increase the risk of disorders in the cardiovascular and digestive systems but may also cause neuropsychiatric problems resulting in anxiety.

The three major components of the digestive system are the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine or colon.  The main function of the colon is to absorb the remaining water and electrolytes from the indigestible material, producing and absorbing vitamins, and solidifying this material to form stool for elimination.

If the waste material from digested food does not move through your colon properly, it can result in several uncomfortable symptoms. An overworked colon will make you feel bloated, tired, and constipated, especially the day after overeating. Also, improperly mixing your foods may lead to food remaining in your intestinal tract for days, dumping harmful toxins into your system due to putrefaction, fermentation, and rancidity.

How Do You Know if You Need a Gut Cleanse?

Some obvious indicators include indigestion. irregular bowel movements, constipation, or loose stools. Other reasons which you might not link to your digestion are fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and weight gain. All of these can be indicators of an imbalanced gut.

Traditional Treatments for Colon Cleansing


Enemas have historically been used for cleaning the colon. Some of us may have even experienced one, sometimes with some trepidation. It is not a pleasant experience. Often done at home, an enema introduces a liquid mixture of water and herbs or other substances into the rectum as a way to cleanse the colon. In the past, substances such as mineral oil, Castille soap, salt, and even coffee have been used.

These substances act as laxatives to help clear out the colon. They can be dangerous if administered incorrectly. The coffee enema[2] gained popularity years ago, especially among cancer patients. Sometimes known as Gerson therapy, it was developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s. His two clinics are in Tijuana, Mexico, and Budapest, Hungary.

There is a lot of conflicting research regarding coffee enemas. As a result, doctors do not recommend them as an alternative method for cleansing the colon. Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, a gastroenterologist at NYU Medical Center, said she would never recommend coffee enemas. “There’s a downside and really no upside to it,” she said.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, colon cleansing, also called colonic hydrotherapy[3] or colonic irrigation, can help digestive issues such as bloating, inflammation, constipation, and indigestion. However, this procedure comes with some cautions and should be done by a trained hydrotherapist.

Oral Laxatives

Over-the-counter laxatives are a popular option, especially for constipation. Castor oil was grandma’s treatment for anything related to stomach discomfort especially constipation. A 2011 study[4] from Turkey found that castor oil helped older adults, some of whom had been constipated for 10 years!  Unfortunately, it comes with some risks not known in grandmothers’ day. Besides tasting ghastly, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or those taking certain medications.

There are actually more gentle ways to cleanse your colon than these traditional treatments, which can be harsh and unpleasant to experience.

Five Natural Home Remedies for a Colon Cleanse

Warm water flush.

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is a great way to regulate digestion. Detoxing your system by drinking 6-8 glasses of warm water a day is a natural and easy way to help reduce stomach cramps and heartburn and to keep your bowels moving.

Saltwater flush.

Mix two teaspoons of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt with lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach. Doing this more than twice a day can have risks. If you have high blood pressure and must keep your sodium intake low, avoid salt water flushes.

High-fiber diet.

Including high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and grains in your daily diet helps keep you regular. The fiber adds bulk and absorbs water from your colon, helping to form a stool. Assure that the fiber is taken with sufficient fluid to be effective.

Herbal teas.    

Infusions of ginger, peppermint, and chamomile work great for indigestion. Simply steep for ten minutes in hot water, strain and drink at least twice a day, generally an hour after meals.

You can also use aloe vera alone by making a drink of warm water and the gel from inside the aloe leaf. Simply cut the leaf, peel off the green skin to obtain the translucent jelly inside, and add it to warm water. Drink this mixture every morning for more regular bowel movements.


Probiotics are living microorganisms that are found naturally in fermented foods and are known as good bacteria. They compete for space and food against harmful bacteria in your gut. Many of the microorganisms in probiotic products are the same as or similar to microorganisms that naturally live in our bodies.

Fermented foods are foods and beverages that have undergone controlled microbial growth and fermentation. Research has shown[5] that many fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, and even beer contain probiotics that support intestinal balance and can also be part of a leaky gut diet.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Colon cleansing should only be done occasionally when your digestive system is not feeling or acting right. Overuse can quickly lead to chronic constipation or even bowel injury. A healthy body should not need cleansing. “Generally, I would argue that when our bodies are in good health, they are equipped to cleanse themselves,” notes Dr. Eric Johnson, a colorectal surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic.

If you feel your gut needs cleansing, try the gentle remedies mentioned here. If these fail to bring you relief or if you have unusual results, contact a doctor for further advice and possible treatment. You may need a more professional approach, such as colonic irrigation.

Overdoing colon cleansing can be harmful. Watch for these side effects of intense cleanses:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Cramping


There are many products on the market that offer pre-packaged herbal colon cleanses for home use. Before you try any of these, it would be good to check with your doctor or healthcare provider as to their safety in your particular situation. Eating a healthy whole foods diet will also go a long way in supporting not only your health but your entire digestive system.

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]]>How To Get An ESA Letter For Housing 2021: Step By Step Wed, 29 Sep 2021 04:31:00 +0000 Letter For Housing

For those with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, or a number of other related mental health concerns, an emotional support animal, or ESA, can be a vital lifeline. Without a valid ESA letter, however, your animal companion might not always be allowed in the same spaces as you are on your own.

Under the Fair Housing Act[1], an ESA letter for housing guarantees your furry friend a place in your home, even if your housing providers do not normally allow regular pets on the premises. These housing providers are required to provide reasonable accommodation for you and your emotional support animal; when a landlord refuses, the transgression is considered a federal offense. 

The only documentation that you need to provide is an ESA letter on professional letterhead. An ESA letter for housing is not difficult to procure from your own healthcare provider, but many ESA owners don’t know where to begin. 

If you happen to be one of them, Certapet makes defending your ESA rights easy, all without requiring an in-person visit with a mental health professional. First things first: what is an ESA letter? Why should you be interested in getting one?

Who Can Provide An ESA Letter For Housing?

An ESA letter for housing can potentially be provided by many of the healthcare professionals that you regularly consult for your needs:

  • Your primary care physician
  • Your counselor
  • Your psychiatrist
  • Your social worker

If you are already working with any of the above, you can certainly make your wishes known during your next appointment. If you would prefer to expedite the process, however, Certapet’s team of ESA doctors online can get you what you need as soon as possible.

How to Get an ESA Letter for Housing: 3 steps

Certapet makes the process of acquiring a valid ESA letter easy and simple. There are three steps to this extremely convenient process:

Step 1: A Free Screening Test 

Our digital screening process allows you to qualify for your ESA letter online. All that you have to do is declare any mood disorders and symptoms that you are experiencing currently, no medical records required. This screening helps us to determine your ESA needs and whether or not you would be a good candidate for an emotional support animal.

Step 2: A Session With One of Our Licensed Mental Health Professionals 

Once your mental health needs have been determined, you’ll be able to choose whether you need an ESA letter for housing, for travel, for work, or for anything else. Your appointment with a licensed therapist will be reserved. Simply submit your payment information to continue.

Step 3: A Custom Treatment Plan

 After being evaluated by a medical professional, you’ll be given recommendations for dealing with the mental illness that you’re struggling with. If you qualify, you’ll be able to print your ESA housing letter yourself, instantly. We can also send you your prescription letter in the mail.

Our licensed professionals are trained to be sensitive, understanding, and kind, no matter what your circumstances happen to be. We pride ourselves on the service that we offer ESA owners of all possible circumstances.

What Does a Legal ESA Letter Look Like?

ESA doctors like to keep this part simple. ESA letters are nothing more than a glorified doctor’s note outlining the type of emotional support that you require. They also provide the contact information of the licensed mental health professional who has diagnosed you and that they agree that your need for emotional support is sufficient to warrant an emotional support animal.

ESA letters can vary significantly in format. If you’re curious to see what one looks like, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a really great ESA letter for housing template available for direct download[2]. While a sample ESA letter isn’t exactly valid in a legal sense, this ESA template will show you everything that a real ESA housing letter must contain in order to be recognized by any sort of housing discrimination authority.

What Information Should Be Included in an ESA Letter?

Legitimate ESA letters must adhere to several important ESA letter requirements. Your counselor, doctor, or social worker should include the following in your own ESA letter:

  • The emotional disability that your emotional support animal is here to help alleviate. The mental disorder detailed in your signed ESA letter must include its classification in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV).
  • The reason why it’s necessary for your furry friend to be with you at all times. The DSM IV diagnosis maybe PTSD. The reason for an ESA associated with this condition may be that your support animal is able to calm you down when a panic attack sets in.
  • The fact that you are, indeed, actively under the professional’s care.

Aside from this information, your emotional support animal letter also must meet the following qualifications in order to be considered valid:

  • It must be less than one year old to date.
  • It must be signed by the licensed professional on their own official letterhead. This ensures that the defending party is able to contact your provider with any questions or concerns that they may have.

The letter should also document the type of specific animal that you keep with you – dog, cat, lizard, hamster, or otherwise.

Where Can I Use My ESA Letter?

Aside from when together in public spaces, ESA owners and their companions will generally need to refer to their emotional support animal letter when doing two things: when they need to find housing and when they want to travel with their service animals. 

Those living in rental housing are able to keep their emotional support companion close to them as long as they’re able to provide an ESA letter for housing. Free housing may come with many restrictions in terms of having pets on the premises, but none of these rules supersede an official ESA letter from a certified professional. This includes Section 8 housing under HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)[3].

The Air Carrier Access Act protects your rights on the road and in the air, just like the FHA and the FHEO protect your rights in your own home. You may need to provide documentation proving the legitimacy of your need up to 48 hours in advance, but with a legitimate ESA letter, no ESA owner will be denied their right to fly so long as their companion adheres to all of the associated rules[4].

Do I Need to Train My Emotional Support Animal?

Can you picture a scenario more embarrassing than your emotional support dog running amok as you try to go about your errands in public? We’re all familiar with the discipline that service dogs for the blind and even police dogs carry themselves with. They’re 100% business, and it takes a lot of training and unconditional love to instill that discipline.

Support animals do not need to be formally trained in order to qualify for their ESA letters; no licensed medical professional will demand this of you. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA for short, federal law protects service animals in any space where their presence does not disrupt the nature of the service or program that the space is meant to provide, as long as the emotional support companion is “under control[5].”

This is kind of a broad term. In essence, as long as your emotional support animal is calm, collected, at your side, and not bothering anybody or destroying anything, they will be considered under control and covered by federal law. An emotional support dog must be kept on a leash and remain under the supervision of its ESA owners or any accompanying parties at all times. For many respectful support animal owners, this part will be a no-brainer. 

Benefits of Having an ESA Letter

Always having an ESA letter on hand means that the legitimacy of your emotional support animal will never be called into question. 

A few of the most immediately obvious benefits of having an ESA letter (For housing, especially):

  • You’ll be free to rent anywhere, even in communities where pets are normally forbidden. The worst that your landlord will be able to impose on you is a monthly pet fee accounting for your emotional support animal. Your housing status will never be pulled out from underneath you because of your ESA companion, no matter what.
  • Your employer will be legally required to provide accommodation for both you and your service animal, no questions asked. You will never need to worry about losing your job as a direct result of your companion animal’s presence.
  • You’ll be free to enjoy the emotional benefits that your ESA confers anywhere and at all times – you’ll be less anxious, less tense, less depressed, and more engaged with your daily tasks and your surroundings.
  • You will never have to worry about finding care for your ESA while at work, away on vacation, or in a space that would not be inclusive without an ESA letter in hand. . Both you and your ESA will avoid unwanted feelings of loneliness or separation anxiety.
  • There is an entire world of other ESA owners and ESA culture to explore and to become a part of. Who knows? You might just end up making yourself a new friend (And a friend for your companion animal, too!)

Final thought

Emotional support animals are a simple solution to a common and often crippling need: comfort, emotional support, and companionship, even when it feels like the walls are closing in on you. 

These beacons of light in our lives help us preserve the mental health of the most sensitive among us. If you feel like your own mental health may benefit from the inclusion of an emotional support animal, we recommend that you consult a licensed mental health professional. As always, we have to recommend our own team here at Certapet for all of your emotional support animal needs and concerns. 

To learn more about emotional support animals and compliance, you can reach out to us through our site. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Landlords Verify ESA letters?

Your housing provider may reach out to the licensed mental health professional who has issued your ESA letter without violating any privacy laws. The professional’s license number and contact information will be more than enough for this purpose; you do not need to verify your service animal status in any other way aside from your emotional support animal letter.

Can a Landlord Deny an ESA Letter for Housing?

While your landowner may balk at the needs of other tenants, they are not allowed to discriminate against you on the basis of your service animal, especially if you have backed up your claim legally with the appropriate documentation. They may ask for a pet deposit or that you pay pet fees monthly along with your rent, but these provisions should not put you under any undue financial strain.

Can an ESA Be Denied Housing?

The Fair Housing Act applies to all Americans living with mental health conditions. This includes those who require reasonable accommodation for any of the furry friends that make a happy and healthy lifestyle possible for them. If you feel that your rights are being withheld from you, you can file a complaint[6] with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How Long Do ESA Letters Last for Housing?

Federal laws mandate that ESA owner renew their own form annually. An emotional support letter that is more than one year old is not a legitimate ESA letter and cannot be enforced legally.

Is an ESA Dog the Same as a Service Dog?

A service dog is not the same as an emotional support animal. ESA companions come in all shapes, sizes, and species and are generally not trained to perform a specific task for their owners. Guide dogs, for example, are trained specifically to perform tasks for the blind[7]. In the case of an emotional support animal, their presence in the service that they provide.

How Many Emotional Support Animals Can You Have With an ESA letter?

The ADA imposes no limit on the number of emotional support animals that you’re legally allowed to have with you at all times. Many mental health professionals will agree that most patients will not need more than two emotional support animals, however. Three, as they say, is a crowd.

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]]>TriTrim Reviews 2021 – Is It A Right Supplement For Weight Loss? Wed, 29 Sep 2021 04:16:37 +0000 reviews

tritrim reviews






  • Includes various natural ingredients 
  • Efficacy
  • Company Reputation
  • Work with weight loss
  • Great Consumer reviews

Brand Information

  • Established in 2002
  • Based in Palm Springs, CA
  • Focuses on diet and nutrition products
  • Has won multiple health awards

Medical Benefits

  • Controls blood sugar
  • Curbs cravings
  • Block carbs and fat absorption
  • Boosts energy

Get The Deal

49% Off Exclusively With Our Above Ambassador Link

About The Brand

The weight loss journey is often not the easiest. Those who have tried it before tend to easily fall off the wagon if they do not see quick results. So, what can help? TriTrim is an excellent choice. You may want to keep reading Tritrim reviews to understand more about this weight loss supplement. 

But first, who is Dr. Steven Gundry? And What makes Gundry MD among the most talked-about practices in the industry?

Dr. Steven Gundry is the Gundry MD founder. The practice focuses on helping people feel more energetic, lose weight, and give them a better chance for a long and happy life. It is why the practice majorly focuses on diet and nutrition products. 

The TriTrim supplement is now a popular weight loss product many people use today. That is not the only product the company offers. Other products from Gundry MD include Primal Plants, Total Restore, Lectin Shield, and ProPlant Complete Shake. Read my reviews of significant products from Gundry MD in this website.

What is TriTrim?

Now that you know a bit about the founder let us shift our attention to TriTrim. 

TriTrim is a weight management supplement formulated to help suppress sugars, unhealthy cravings, block carbs and fat. When these three are all combined, you eventually lose weight and lead a happier life. 

Ask anyone who has been through a diet that did not work for weight loss. It can be frustrating knowing that nothing works for you. It is why Gundry MD came up with the Gundry MD TriTrim product to help improve your journey of losing weight. 

Like any other product that claims to help you lose weight, results take time. It is not something you can do overnight. 

Below are the most notable proprietary ingredients the supplement has to help manage your weight. 

  • BioPerine
  • Phase 2 Carb Controller
  • CQR 300 Cissus quadrangularis
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha

We will look at them in detail below to help you understand what you are buying and how the ingredients will promote your weight loss journey.

The Pros

  • Helps control your food cravings
  • Blocks fat and carb absorption 
  • The supplement helps you feel happier and healthier
  • Can boost your energy 
  • Help to achieve a calorie deficit

The Cons

  • A few diarrhea complaints 
  • Some users experience stomach cramps 
  • Vomiting can happen if you take large doses at once

Feature Product & Coupon

tritrim reviews

Most Effective


  • Losing the weight
  • Burn fat for the body’s energy.  
  • Help curb the unhealthy food cravings throughout the whole day.
  • Help controlling your blood sugar
  • Help in blocking carbs and fat absorption

Get The Deal

49% Off Exclusively With Our Above Ambassador Link

What’s Inside Gundry MD TriTrim?

TriTrim Ingredients Review

The TriTrim supplement has three main selling points: sugar suppression, fat blocking, and carb defense. When someone who has been battling weight loss sees this, they become confident the product may work for them. 

Here is a summary of the ingredients and their amounts in the product. 

  • Zinc -15mg
  • Selenium – 35mcg
  • Chromium – 100mcg
  • Cinnamon bark – 125mg
  • Berberine HCI – 125mg
  • Turmeric root extract – 50mg
  • BioPerine -5mg
  • Phase 2 Carb Controller – 500mg
  • Glucomannan – 500mg
  • CQR 300 – 150mg
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha – 125mg

Chances are you might have used a diet or supplement before, but the effects were not as expected. The results may vary from one product to another. What is essential is to understand the product ingredients to see how they can affect your health. 

Sugar Suppression

The sugar suppressing capability of any weight loss product will often determine its overall performance in managing your weight. Well, the Gundry MD Tritrim product contains a blend for suppressing sugar levels. 

The sugar suppressing blend contains chromium, zinc, selenium, BioPerine, cinnamon bark, berberine, and turmeric root. 

Below are more details of what you can expect with the ingredients. 

  • Zinc is a vital trace mineral crucial for supporting your immune system and improving protein synthesis. Gundry explains that Zinc is crucial for reducing the BMI and weight[1] when you use the supplement.
  • Selenium is an antioxidant for ensuring the normal metabolic function of the body is maintained even when suppressing sugar.
  • Chromium is a chemical compound that works with insulin in your body to further metabolize the carbs already in the system. The research on this is still scarce, so it might need more research to learn more about the compound.
  • The cinnamon bark ingredient is essential for dealing with diarrhea, obesity, indigestion, diabetes, and other common conditions. This one also has limited scientific research, but Gundry advocates for it. 
  • As for the Turmeric root extract, it contains curcumin that works as an anti-inflammatory compound. It may help in reducing the oxidative damage in the body.
  • Berberine in the supplement is a chemical that helps control and lowers the blood sugar and pressure in a user. 
  • BioPerine features black pepper fruit extract, a popular ingredient that improves curcumin absorption in your body. 

One good thing about sugar suppressing is that it also reduces the number of meals that a person can eat. Fewer meals may lead to faster weight loss. 

Carb Defense

Carbs affect blood sugar. So, what happens when you block carbs? The result is you can also improve your weight management and health. 

Under carb defense, the TriTrim product contains two ingredients that help with weight loss. They include;

  • Phase 2 Carb Controller[2] , which is a white kidney bean extract. It is a patented ingredient by Ashland Chemical, which is ideal for reducing the digestion and absorption of carbs by up to 66%.
  • The Glucomannan ingredient is a dietary fiber crucial for reducing food cravings and making you feel full for longer. As such, it is an excellent ingredient to improve weight control and loss. 

Fat Blocker

When someone sees that their favorite weight loss supplement has the word fat blocker, they assume it will be the best for weight management. However, it is crucial to understand what the blend contains and how it can affect your health. 

The TriTrim supplement has a fat blocker blend, which contains the following two patented ingredients. 

  • CQR 300 or Cissus quadrangularis is a tested nutrient as per PubMed publications[3] . From the tests, this ingredient showed significant reductions in the sugar levels and weight in the subjects. The same also decreases serum lipids, thus improving overall cardiovascular health. 
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha[4]  is another patented nutrient from Natreon. The nutrient has a backing of twelve clinical trials. They show how the ingredient is essential for stress reduction, improve focus, boost energy, and improve sleep quality. 

Dr. Gundry has managed to convince more users about the TriTrim weight loss supplement’s benefits with multiple scientific backing. 

Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits 

Dr. Gundry claims that you may eat what you want, but the junk will pass through your system without being absorbed. So it is easy to gain confidence in such a supplement. 

At this point, you will want to learn more about the health benefits of the supplement. Based on the various ingredients we look at above, TriTrim has the following health benefits;

  • It helps in controlling your blood sugar. This will generally help to keep the insulin low as much as possible. 
  • The supplement also helps in blocking carbs and fat absorption. Since these are significant ways a person can gain weight, you will then be on the right track to lose weight. 
  • Losing the weight you have been battling for a long time means you feel happier, lighter, and healthier. There is no doubt you would enjoy your life more. 
  • The supplement will help curb the unhealthy food cravings throughout the whole day. You might quickly notice you are eating less compared to before. 
  • With a calorie deficit in the body, you can now burn fat for the body’s energy. Burning more fat means losing more weight. 
  • No more worries about devastating crushes. The best part is that you will also boost your energy

Most people will start to experience better digestion during the first week of using the supplement regularly. However, it is advisable to give it at least 6 weeks or more to start noticing visible results for weight loss. 

Potential Side Effects 

The Gundry MD TriTrim may be a great supplement, but it also has a few side effects to watch out for if you have to start using it. 

When dieters start getting used to the supplement’s carb-locking mechanism, they are likely to face flatulence, increased bowel movements, and sometimes stomach pain. 

Considering the supplement has white kidney extract as a carb blocker, eating too much carb-rich food can easily lead to heartburn and diarrhea. This is because there will be a lot of unprocessed food remaining in your digestive tract. 

You are likely to experience constipation or stomach cramps if you do not drink plenty of water while using TriTrim. This is because the Glucomannan ingredient absorbs a lot of water from your stomach. So, ensure you hydrate fully. 

If you have to use TriTrim, ensure you also talk to a nutritionist to understand which types of food would work well with the supplement. This is to help minimize the side effects. 

How to Use TriTrim?

The best results will depend on how you take the supplement. It is important to follow the Gundry MD recommended dosage to see results in a couple of weeks. 

The manufacturer recommends that you take one TriTrim packet, which contains 5 capsules, twice a day with 8 ounces of water. 

If you want to see results faster, take the capsules with the largest meals you have per day. Other than taking it with your largest meals, some might take them after having a cheat meal. 

Since the packet design is convenient, you can easily slip one in your pocket and take it wherever you go. 

You might be wondering why 5 capsules per packet? Well, two capsules are the sugar suppressors, two are carb blockers, and one is for blocking fat absorption. It is an excellent combination to ensure better efficacy of the supplement. 

Is it Worth The Money? 

The diet and weight loss industry is estimated to be worth $ 72 billion. It is easy to see how many brands would try to capture this industry. That is what TriTrim has managed to do if the users are anything to go by. 

The supplement uses three key strategies that help with losing weight. Such include sugar suppression, carbs defense, and fat blocking. When you see more people sharing their weight loss journey with TriTrim, you also get encouraged to try it out. 

We can say the product is worth the money since clinical trials support its patented ingredients. More clinical trials performed on each ingredient help the consumers to understand why this supplement works in a certain way. 

Where to buy Gundry MD TriTrim?

If you are convinced that Gundry MD Tritrim is the best weight loss supplement you need, then the logical step remaining is to buy TriTrim. 

Proceed to the Gundry MD Ambassador website to place your order. The ordering process is simple and straightforward. In case you have any trouble placing the order, get in touch with the customer support team for help. 

Gundry MD offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products. It is a generous offer considering most companies only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Anyone who has sought a refund claims the process is smooth and fast. So, you can be confident your money will not be a total waste. 

Gundry MD Tritrim Reviews – What Real Users Say?

Here are some honest comments from real users who had experience with these weight loss supplements. We’d like to collect and choose the top 3 outstanding reviews for Gundry MD Tritrim.

“No more bloating and excessive gas. I have also lost my middle fluff. It takes time, but the supplement actually works”

Lori Nelson

“TriTrim has helped me experience better digestion with each food that I take. I can even notice I have lost a couple of pounds. I like this supplement”

Tom Shell

“I found this product after watching it being advertised on a health blog. So far, there are many good things I can say about it. The most important is that you can lose weight. Make sure always to follow the recommended dosage”

Adedayo Adegeye

Alternatives to TriTrim

Losing weight is always an interesting journey. You need to approach it carefully and use the right products. So, if you want a variety of options other than Tritrim, below is a list of other alternatives you may want to consider. 

  • Slim+Trim
  • Phentaslim
  • Vera Slim 
  • Valentus Slim Roast
  • Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets
  • HERdiet Energy Crush 

TriTrim multipack reviews are not the only ones you will find online about Gundry MD. You can also expect to see more reviews on the other products the company makes. So, always check them out to learn more. 

Final thought

With a 90-day money-back guarantee, fat blocker, carb defense, and sugar suppression, it will be easy to see how someone would want to get Gundry MD TriTrim. Also, Tritrim reviews make it seem worth investing your money to get such a product. 

As much as the product might receive all the positive reviews, it still lacks potent stimulants and thermogenics crucial for weight loss. For many, it will not be the silver bullet to losing weight. You will still have to do a lot more to start noticing your weight loss. 

Since the company is transparent about TriTrim, you should find it is a good choice for those who need to lose weight. Always consult with your doctor before embarking on using such a product as not all people might find it safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TriTrim?

TriTrim is a weight loss supplement that uses three strategies to help the consumer lose weight. The three strategies include sugar suppression, carb defense, and fat blocking.

Does Tri Trim work for weight loss?

Based on positive reviews, TrTtrim works for weight loss. The results may vary from one person to another, but you will notice results after using the product for 6 weeks.

 What supplements does Dr. Gundry recommend?

Other than TriTrim, Dr. Gundry’s other supplement recommendations include Vital Reds, Prebiothrive, Primal Plants, Total Restore, Lectin Shield, M Vitality, and 24 Strain Probiotic.

How did Dr. Gundry lose weight?

Dr. Gundry lost weight by eliminating lectins and other food types that would induce inflammation or generally make you gain weight. Thanks to his diet changes, he reduced inflammation, boosted wellness, and lost weight. He claims to have lost up to 70 pounds in one year.

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]]>Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Can Heal Your Gut: Here’s The Truth Tue, 28 Sep 2021 10:32:00 +0000 vera gut healing

Leaky gut syndrome got you down? Adequate gut health support is one of the most important aspects of a holistically happy lifestyle. 

Aloe vera is famous when it comes to healing burns. The health benefits of aloe vera go far beyond topical aloe vera administration, however. Aloe vera products can be used for everything from healing leaky gut syndrome to improving joint health to skin regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Why try aloe? There are so many reasons. Your immune system will thank you.

What Is Aloe Barbadensis Miller?

Aloe vera extracts have been used by human beings since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians, Greek royalty, and healers in India[1], China, and Japan have been using aloe vera medicinally for over two thousand years[2] as a purgative and skin protectant. Its name is Arabic and Latin in origin; “aloe” means “shining bitter substance”, while “vera” simply means “true”. 

There are over four hundred different cultivars of aloe vera, but the barbadensis miller variety is the aloe species that most will recognize as the most common genus. Aloe can be identified by its tough, scalloped fronds and cactus-like appearance. Each meaty appendage can be sliced down, revealing the gelatinous, amino acid-rich substance inside. These plants produce juice, the desired extract so valued by those of the past.

Aloe is extremely easy to grow outside in temperate regions. It can also be grown indoors with enough time, love, and care; to harvest it, simply pull off one of its leaves, slice into it lengthwise, and scrape the aloe gel out with a spoon. 

What Can Aloe Vera Be Used For?

Aloe vera juice and aloe latex can be used to treat a myriad of problems. As with any homeopathic remedy, however, your results may vary. At any rate, it’s certainly worth noting that clinical and anecdotal evidence in favor of aloe treatment is abundant and very convincing.


Far from a mere placebo cream, the aloe plant is known for its many anti-aging[3] properties, in traditional Indian medicine especially. Aloe vera juice is moisturizing and highly nourishing for all types of skin.

Skin Diseases

Skin conditions, fungal diseases, and surgical wounds can be treated with aloe products to prevent infection and to hasten the healing process.

Wound-Healing Management

Thermal and radiation burns, including sunburn, can be relieved with aloe vera gel; insect bites can also be soothed and made less itchy with the help of aloe. 

Chronic Psoriasis

Aloe keeps the skin hydrated and may help lessen the severity of the symptoms of psoriasis.

Digestive System

Aloe for digestion? Your gut lining stands to benefit greatly. The digestive tract, susceptible to many types of inflammatory bowel disease, can be settled by ingesting the compounds that aloe vera contains. It’s also a great prebiotic, feeding the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract so that they flourish.

Ulcerative Colitis

The delicate mucous membranes of the digestive system have been shown to respond well to aloe vera juice[4]. Those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut may experience a similarly beneficial effect. 


Aloe vera latex is a powerful stimulant laxative. Phenolphthalein is the active ingredient responsible for this laxative effect. Compared to similar over-the-counter remedies, you may find that this natural approach is easier on your system and will leave you less prone to dehydration.

Whether you would like to boost your immune function or mitigate the effects of leaky gut or other inflammatory disorders, aloe vera juice is one cure-all that you can rely on fearlessly.

What’s In Aloe Vera Juice?

Laden with a number of incredibly beneficial compounds, aloe juice contains all of the following:

  • Amino Acids: 20 of the 22 essential amino acids are represented in aloe vera extract. Other fatty acids found here include cholesterol, campesterol, β-sisosterol, and lupeol.
  • Salicylic Acids: This is the same substance that makes your favorite face wash feel so effective, thorough, and cleansing.
  • Folic Acid: This antioxidant is said to help prevent heart disease and even some forms of cancer.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is essential to the skin’s healing process. Aloe also contains many other antioxidant vitamins, all of which support healthy skin and a clear complexion. This cocktail of vitamins all work together to improve immune function and cognitive ability.
  • Minerals: Aloe vera provides many minerals necessary for optimal health throughout the body – zinc, selenium, potassium, calcium, and more are all found abundantly in aloe vera products. Zinc, especially, has been shown to improve the condition[5] of those who hope to use aloe vera juice to manage the leaky gut syndrome.
  • Enzymes: Much of aloe’s anti-inflammatory talent can be attributed to the enzymes found naturally in aloe pulp. 
  • Hormones: The hormones in aloe vera facilitate the treatment of wounds and burns. Wounds treated with aloe tend to heal themselves more quickly than those that go without.

Aloe Vera Side Effects

Ingesting aloe vera juice or using aloe topically will not expose you to any major risk factors unless you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic to aloe vera juice to begin with. Those who should reconsider aloe include:


If you‘re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you avoid aloe vera juice and aloe latex under all circumstances. Aloe stimulates contractions of the uterine lining, which may complicate your pregnancy.

Allergic Reactions

A dangerous immune response to aloe vera is uncommon but not unheard of. If you’re allergic to aloe vera, you may experience stinging, swelling, hives, and irritation at the site of application. If you’re feeling wary, test the aloe on a very small section of your skin first and discontinue your use immediately if any of these symptoms present themselves.


As mentioned previously, aloe vera juice can also be used to manage your blood sugar. If this effect is left unchecked, you may experience complications related to any drugs that you might be taking to regulate your serum triglyceride concentrations[6], including your insulin. Aloe may also actually increase the absorption rate of certain types of steroid cream, paradoxically decreasing their effectiveness and potentially robbing your body of potassium in the process.

Aside from these scenarios, there is little to concern yourself with here. Those taking aloe vera juice orally may experience cramps and, rarely, diarrhea, but that should be the extent of it. These symptoms should subside when you stop taking aloe therapeutically. If they do not, reach out to your physician to get to the bottom of the matter.

Compared to traditional commercial drug therapy, the side effects of aloe vera are usually minimal and will likely be negligible for most people. The benefits of aloe vera on the skin, the digestive system, and the immune system far outweigh any possible risk of complication.

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Balance Of Nature






  • Free health coaching for preferred members
  • Third-party tested
  • 100% Natural fruits and veggies
  • Gluten-free
  • Doctor formulated
  • Free of added sugars, pesticides, and additives
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

Brand Information

  • Founded in 1997
  • Formulated by a medical doctor
  • Research-based products
  • Based out of Saint George, Utah

Medical Benefits

  • Improved overall health
  • Energy

35% Off On First Purchase

About The Brand

Balance of Nature was founded in 1997 by Dr. Douglas Howard, a well-known chiropractor, and medical doctor.

After living in several countries, he observed those who had a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables were generally healthy. In contrast, those who experienced food insecurity and lacked proper nutrition were often unwell. 

As his interest in nutrition grew, Dr. Howard began to learn more about phytonutrients, or phytochemicals, which are compounds a plant develops to stay healthy and prevent damage. 

Although Dr. Howard found that phytonutrients are beneficial to humans to maintain optimal health, he realized there wasn’t just one phytonutrient that was a magical cure. As research progressed, he discovered thousands of phytonutrients found in plant-based foods that work together to promote overall health and wellness. 

With his newfound knowledge, Dr. Howard founded Balance of Nature to combat the lack of nutritional value in standard diets today and provide people with proper nutrition and a variety of phytonutrients to live healthier lives. 

What Is The Balance Of Nature?

Balance of Nature offers a natural way to get in over ten servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies are composed of thirty-one flash dried fruits and veggies. 

The company also offers a daily fiber supplement made from whole fiber sources and twelve spices called Fiber & Spice.

Feature Product & Coupon

Balance Of Nature

Best Reputation

Balance Of Nature

  • Free health coaching for preferred members
  • Third-party tested
  • 100% Natural fruits and veggies
  • Gluten-free
  • Doctor formulated
  • Free of added sugars, pesticides, and additives
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

35% Off On First Purchase

Does It Really Work?

Balance of Nature claims to be a results-based company. The products are made with real fruits and vegetables and, if you have a nutrient deficiency, you may see improvement.

Although the exact nutrient amounts in products are not available, the company reports their blends may promote a healthy immune system, repair DNA, protect cells, and more.

Many Balance of Nature customers report improvements in:

  • Energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Inflammation
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails 

Plus, if you’re not satisfied, the company offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is It Safe to Use?

Generally, Balance of Nature products is safe for most people. According to their website, all products are tested in an independent laboratory by a third party. However, it does not appear that there are any public lab reports available at this time.
To add even more concern, in 2019, the Food and Drug Administration[1] (FDA) sent a warning letter to Balance of Nature because their products were not meeting Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and they did not have a system in place to verify supplement quality. The letter also reports that the company claimed their products could prevent, cure, or treat disease, which is against the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


  • A convenient way to get fruits and veggies 
  • Health coaching for preferred members
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The whole health system offered


  • Expensive
  • The company has received an FDA warning letter
  • Requires six pills daily
  • There’s no exact amount of each nutrient on the label 
  • Multiple customer service complaints

Balance of Nature Whole Health System Ingredients

All products offered by Balance of Nature are made from 100% natural, whole foods and are free of additives, fillers, added sugars, pesticides, or synthetics. They’re also non-GMO and gluten-free. As of today, over 500 million products have been sold worldwide. One of their best sellers is the Whole Health System, which includes their Fruits and Veggies capsules and Fiber & Spice blend.

From seeds to the skin, Balance of Nature utilizes every part of the produce they source to keep its natural chemistry. Many companies use heat and light that result in oxidation, causing many nutrients to be destroyed. Balance of Nature uses a unique system of flash drying fruits and veggies to prevent oxidation resulting in a pure, clean supplement.

Balance of Nature Whole Health System Ingredients Review

Unfortunately, Balance of Nature Supplements does not have a “USDA Organic” seal. According to the company, this is mainly because they sometimes go outside of the United States to get higher quality produce.   

Balance of Nature reports that products from other countries go through rigorous testing to ensure it is free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals. 

In addition to their dietary supplements, Balance of Nature also offers health coaching to educate and support preferred customers both mentally and physically. If you choose to buy without signing up for the preferred customer subscription, you will not have access to the Health Coaching Program.

Balance of Nature fruit and veggie capsules are made up of proprietary blends, making it difficult to know what ingredients you’re getting. 

Let’s look at the supplement facts label of each product that makes up Balance of Nature’s Whole Health System.

Balance of Nature Fruits

Three capsules of Balance of Nature’s Fruits blend contains:

  • 731 mg of Maintain blend
  • 719 mg of Protect blend
  • 561 mg of Repair blend

The Maintain blend consists of tomato, papaya, banana, apple, grape, wild blueberry, strawberry, and aloe vera.

The Protect blend consists of orange, tart cherry, cranberry, wild blueberry, grape apple, grapefruit, and aloe vera.

The Repair blend consists of raspberry, pineapple, mango, sweet cherry, lemon, and aloe vera.

Balance of Nature Veggies

Three capsules of Balance of Nature’s Veggies blend contains:

  • 720 mg of Maintain blend
  • 713 mg of Protect blend
  • 576 mg of Repair blend

The Maintain blend consists of broccoli, spinach, soybean, green cabbage, wheatgrass, kale, cauliflower, celery, white onion, and zucchini.

The Protect blend consists of garlic, red cabbage, red onion, soybean, carrot, kale, cayenne pepper, shiitake mushroom, wheatgrass, and sweet potato.

The Repair blend consists of carrot, kale, green onion, soybean, spinach, cauliflower, celery, and zucchini.

Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice

Balance of Nature’s Fiber & Spice blend contains:

  • 10g of Balanced Whole Fiber blend
  • 3g of Protect and Repair Whole Spice blend

The Balanced Whole Fiber blend consists of whole psyllium husk, flaxseed, a whole apple, and whole monk fruit.

The Protect and Repair Whole Spice blend consists of cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cumin, fenugreek, coriander, clove, allspice, mustard, and nutmeg.

Balance of Nature Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

Balance of Nature has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, which is a pretty solid rating. Many of the reviews are either one star or five stars. Most of the complaints are related to poor customer service, delayed shipping, and the product simply not working. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into what real users are saying about Balance of Nature products.

Balance of Nature Honest Reviews

“I’m on my third month of this stuff – hasn’t done anything for me yet. I am a 62-year-old man in good shape looking for more energy. This stuff is definitely not the answer. Avoid the advertising hype and just stay away.” 1 out of 5 stars, verified Amazon rating.


“This product really works. I am an educator of elementary school children. After a full day with them, I am too tired to do needed things required of me when I get off work. After starting this program, it has only been a few days. I am not tired when I get home from work. I am actually physically alert to do things at home when I come home from work. I have EXCELLENT bowel movements using this product. In addition, when I take this product, I do not feel hungry. I am happy I decided to try this product.” 5 out of 5 stars, verified Amazon rating.


“I’ve watched all their commercials with testimonials and thought why not to try it. But after receiving Balance or Nature, it stinks to high heaven. Still it for a while and discontinued after 2 weeks. I did not notice a single difference in how I felt but did notice losing money out of my bank account for wasting money on this product. I also bought their Cinnamon Fiber, and that was awful!! And do not recommend it at all. You’re better off with a great tasting of Metamucil as fiber instead. Oh, and another thing is that I could not find an ingredients list anywhere. Even if they say they make this stuff in a cold refrigerated environment to ensure freshness, I can guarantee it’s probably not. I’d stay away from this product.” 1 out of 5 stars, verified Amazon rating.


Health Benefits of Balance of Nature

As most of us know, eating a diet rich in fruits and veggies may reduce the risk[2] for obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Read More:  Explain a keto diet

Balance of Nature does not claim to cure or prevent disease but emphasizes the importance of plant-based foods to help our body repair itself. 

Though the company has researched the effectiveness of its supplements, none of the studies are published in peer-reviewed journals.

One clinical trial[3] from 2004-2006 evaluated the use of Balance of Nature on patients with chronic hepatitis in the cirrhotic stage. The experimental group received triple doses of Balance of Nature for different durations of time. The study concluded that Balance of Nature might improve liver function in those with cirrhosis.

Another animal study[4] on lactating rats suggested that Balance of Nature may increase milk production and prolactin level. 

Additional studies on fruit and vegetable powders similar to those offered by the company have also shown potential health benefits.

One study[5] discovered that fruit and vegetable food supplements might reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress. However, the study also notes the need for additional research. 

In one clinical trial[6], healthcare professionals in Germany were given a fruit or vegetable supplement or a placebo for eight months. Researchers discovered that the group who took the fruit and vegetable supplements had 20% fewer moderate or severe cold symptom days.

A 2019 review[7] took a look at the effect of fruit and vegetable concentrate supplementation on risk factors for noncommunicable diseases. Researchers found that taking encapsulated fruit and vegetable concentrate may decrease risk factors associated with heart disease. However, these studies were small, and more research should be done to further investigate the potential benefits of supplementation.

One review[8] from 2017 found that psyllium supplementation may help improve symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome. 

Potential Risks & Side Effects

Dr. Howard reports Balance of Nature supplements is safe for most people, including those who are pregnant or nursing. They’re also safe for children.

According to their website, Balance of Nature products will not interfere with any other medications. However, the Fruits blend does contain grapefruit. Some medicines are known to interact with grapefruit and can cause side effects if taken together. 

The veggie capsules also contain soybean, which is probably not safe for people with a soy allergy. 

It’s always important to talk to your physician before starting dietary supplements, even if it only contains fruits and veggies.

If you’re not used to a high fiber diet, adding a dietary fiber supplement may cause unwanted gastrointestinal discomfort, including gas, abdominal cramps, and bloating.

How to Take Balance of Nature Vitamins?

According to their website, you should take three Fruits and three Veggies capsules each day for a total of 6 capsules. You can choose to swallow the entire capsule with a beverage, chew the pill as a treat, or break open the capsule and sprinkle the fruit and vegetable powders on top of your meals.

They’re also safe to cook with and can be added in with baked goods, smoothies, eggs, and more.

Users should consume the Fiber & Spice blend once daily. To make the fiber drink, mix two scoops in a glass of water or apple juice.

Where to Buy Balance of Nature Supplements?

You can purchase Balance of Nature supplements on their website at, or you can find them on Amazon. However, if you are buying directly from their website, additional discounts are offered. 

Alternatives to Balance of Nature



See Juice+ Review

  • Clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Affordable
  • Offers gummies

  • Amount of nutrients is not listed

Texas Superfoods

Texas Superfoods

See Texas Superfoods Review

  • 100% natural
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Products not backed by research
  • No third-party testing

Final thought: Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re not a fan of fruits and veggies or find it challenging to get in enough servings per day, Balance of Nature may be a good option. 

Additionally, if you struggle to get enough fiber in your diet, the Fiber & Spice blend may be a good option.

However, the company has had an FDA warning letter, and its products are expensive compared to their competitors.

It’s always important to research brands and consider alternatives before making a purchase. 

If you decide to purchase Balance of Nature, consider choosing the preferred membership to cut costs.

Although the Balance of Nature products come from whole fruits and vegetables, eating real fruits and vegetables will benefit you the most. 

Before adding in a supplement like Balance of Nature, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Balance of Nature any good?

Balance of Nature products appear to be high in quality and, if you struggle to get enough vitamins and minerals, may benefit you.

Does Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies have any additives?

According to their website, Balance of Nature products does not contain any additives or artificial flavors.

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]]>Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Gut: Does It Work? Mon, 27 Sep 2021 10:14:00 +0000 apple cider vinegar good for your gut

Have you ever experienced poor gut health and tried natural ways to find healing? Using apple cider vinegar is one natural health remedy that people explore. However, before you try this out, it’s essential to do some research.

People who use apple cider vinegar have many claims about its health benefits. These claims can seem like the solution when you have a leaky gut. But, it’s crucial to note there’s little to no scientific evidence that vinegar consumption works.

Therefore, take the notion that a spoonful of ACV every day will help your gut inflammation. It’s better to speak to a medical practitioner and even use a supplement to support gut health. With that in mind, let’s delve deeper and find out more about apple cider vinegar, a home remedy for digestive disorders.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Your Gut?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a liquid that you get from fermented apple juice. The apple juice goes through the fermentation process to give you the drink that many people love. All you need is to extract the juice from crushed apples.

Once you collect the juice, add yeast and good bacteria[1] that begin the fermentation process to give you some ACV. The sugars in the juice are converted to alcohol. Next, the alcohol becomes vinegar using acetic acid.

Apple cider vinegar might be pretty famous across the world today, but it’s been around for centuries. Many historic people used it to remedy numerous ailments, which is the same application taking place today. A popular claim is that taking apple cider vinegar can help improve gut health.

But, how valid is this claim?

Essentially, poor gut health is the result of having too much bad bacteria in your gut. The bad bacteria causes a leaky gut that won’t retain the nutrients from the food you eat.

In this case, you need more probiotic bacteria to help resolve the issue. Consuming apple cider vinegar can play a pivotal role in supplying you with more good bacteria[2]. However, more research is necessary to ascertain the claim.

The acetic acid in ACV is an excellent booster for digestion. It aids your body to digest the food faster and better, boosting your metabolism. The stomach naturally produces the acid for digestion. However, the production process slows down as we age, leading to low stomach acid[3] issues.

The low stomach acid production gives you acid reflux, which can be pretty uncomfortable. The acid reflux can lead to gut inflammation and severe pain if you don’t find a solution. ACV helps you with these digestive issues, especially when you need more acid in your stomach for better digestion.

Understanding Poor Gut Health

The human gut is quite a crucial part of your digestive system. It’s not hard to notice when you have excellent or poor gut health. The body gives you sure signs and symptoms that indicate you’re suffering from poor gut health.

When you have a healthy gut[4], it means you have plenty of good bacteria in your stomach. This gut bacteria aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. In turn, you can get rid of toxins and have ample energy to go about your day.

While searching for solutions for poor gut health, many people continue to try out home remedies like ACV.

Some of the signs of poor gut health include:

Upset Stomach

When you have harmful bacteria reigning free in your digestive tract, you end up with an upset stomach. This can cause you serious pain and even make symptoms worse.

Poor Sleeping Patterns

When you’re in pain, it’s hard to get ample sleep. Poor gut health causes an upset stomach, acid reflux, and even digestive disorders. This makes it hard to sleep for the amount of time you need to be well-rested before starting your day.

Rashes and Irritation on the Skin

An unhealthy gut[5] will be evident by the nature of your skin. Suddenly, you start developing a rash or irritation, which can be pretty annoying.

Cravings for Processed Foods

Did you know that craving for sugary or processed foods can be an indicator of poor gut health? That’s your body’s not-so-subtle way of informing you that there are less beneficial bacteria in your stomach.

Digestive Disorders

After some time, poor gut health can become a severe issue. You risk developing auto-immune diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome[6], acid reflux, and even bloating.

Finding a solution becomes a top priority, with all these symptoms alerting you that you have poor gut health. This is why you can recommend taking ACV with warm water to remedy the situation.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Better Gut Health?

While many people use ACV as a remedy for poor gut health and digestive issues, there’s still not much scientific evidence to prove this claim.

Still, you can give it a try to see if the apple cider vinegar will ease the signs and symptoms of poor gut health. There are many different ways you can take apple cider vinegar every day as part of your leaky gut diet. These include:

As Salad Dressing

A healthy and nutritious salad benefits your body in many ways. Add some apple cider vinegar[7] to your salad dressing. It delivers lots of probiotics to the meal that can help ease a leaky gut.

With Warm Water

Some people swear it’s best to take unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water in the morning.

All you do is add one spoonful of ACV to a glass of warm water, stir and enjoy. The apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water, not only works on your gut health but also curbs your appetite, which benefits weight loss.


Another way you can take apple cider vinegar is by skipping the coffee in the morning and having some tea.

Mix 2 tbsp. of lemon juice, 2 tbsp. of ACV, a little cayenne pepper, and 1 tbsp. of cinnamon in a cup of warm water

ACV Smoothie

If a meal is not your cup of tea in the morning, you can make an ACV smoothie.

Make your favorite smoothie and add 2 tbsp. of ACV into it. The smoothie jumpstarts your body in the morning and helps your body combat leaky gut issues.

ACV Tablets

If the ACV liquid isn’t your thing, you can chew some it as tablets. Today, you can find apple cider vinegar pills to take.

All the above are different ways you can take apple cider vinegar. However, while ACV does have benefits, it’s essential to look at the side effects.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Digestive Issues

For some people, taking ACV can benefit their digestion and help improve their gut health. But, for others, it might have the opposite effect. This is why it’s crucial first to test ACV’s effect on your body before you commit to taking it regularly.

You might end up experiencing less appetite when you take ACV. This is a side-effect that can aid in weight loss. But it’s not all roses because you might end up experiencing nausea[8].

Bone Loss

Taking ACV in small amounts for a short period is the best. Once you notice the leaky gut issue is resolved, you can discontinue the use. This is because prolonged use of ACV can cause bone loss due to low potassium levels[9] in the body.

In the case above, a young lady was admitted to the hospital after taking warm water with ACV for 6 years. The result of this prolonged was blood abnormalities and a reduction in potassium levels in her body.

It Can Burn the Throat

Did you know that raw apple cider vinegar can cause burns to develop on your throat with continued use? The acetic acid[10] in ACV can cause burns on your throat since this is a potent liquid. This is why direct ingestion is discouraged, and it’s better to take ACV with another liquid like warm water for dilution purposes.

In Summary

Gut health is quite essential in your life.   In cases where you experience a leaky gut, you can end up with pain, poor sleeping patterns, and other conditions. For people who experience issues with gut health, some tend to use apple cider vinegar to remedy the situation.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s no scientific evidence that shows ACV can heal your gut and boost your immune system. Apple cider vinegar can reduce the effects of leaky gut symptoms like low acid levels in your stomach.

With that in mind, it’s better to speak to a medical doctor about the condition. They can advise you better even as you use apple cider vinegar for its many health benefits.

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]]>The 10 Best CBD Oil Brands To Buy in 2021 Mon, 27 Sep 2021 06:38:00 +0000 CBD Oil

Royal Spectrum CBD Oil

Royal CBD

  • Premium, CO2 extracted hemp CBD 
  • Full-spectrum CBD 
  • Precise dosing with the included dropper

20% Off Coupon: HC20



  • Affordable prices
  • Wide variety of CBD products 
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 75

15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

Spruce CBD

  • Lab-grade strength
  • Heirloom strain 
  • Independent lab testing

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

People are always searching for the next secret to improved health and wellness. In recent years, CBD oil has been a rising trend. This all-natural supplement has touted benefits ranging from pain and anxiety relief to reductions in seizure activity. Not only does CBD offer a wide array of potential health benefits, but it comes in a variety of different forms. 

When shopping for CBD, you’ll find dozens of brands on the market, so how do you make the right choice? The best CBD oil is made from high-quality hemp and carefully extracted and thoroughly tested for purity and potency. Read on to learn about the benefits of CBD, how to shop for it, and which brands are best. 

Best CBD Oils On The Market in (October. 2021)

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, often shortened to CBD[1], is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis. Both Cannabis sativa (hemp) and Cannabis indica (marijuana) contain CBD but in differing concentrations. While marijuana contains high concentrations of another cannabinoid compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the hemp plant is rich in cannabidiol. CBD oil is simply an extract from one of these two plants. 

CBD oil is generally made from hemp extract combined with some kind of carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Depending on how the CBD is extracted, CBD oil products are labeled either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum oil contains the full array of cannabinoids[2] and other naturally occurring plant compounds from the cannabis plant. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all but the THC and CBD isolates have been processed to remove all additional compounds, leaving only the cannabidiol. 

The Line Up At A Glance

Royal Spectrum CBD Oil

Editor’s choice

Royal CBD

  • Premium, CO2 extracted hemp CBD 
  • Full-spectrum CBD 
  • Precise dosing with the included dropper

20% Off Coupon: HC20


Most Affordable


  • Affordable prices
  • Wide variety of CBD products 
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 75

15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

Best Lab Grade

Spruce CBD

  • Lab-grade strength
  • Heirloom strain 
  • Independent lab testing

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Tincture

Most Sustainable


  • Wide variety of CBD oil products 
  • Organically grown, non-GMO hemp extracts
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 35

25% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

CBDPure Hemp Oil 600mg

Most Natural


  • Certified non-GMO organic hemp extract
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Full-spectrum CBD oils

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Best Broad Spectrum

Joy Organics

  • All products are USDA certified organic
  • Flavored and unflavored broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Free carbon neutral shipping on all orders
NuLeaf Naturals Tinctures

Most Consistent

Nuleaf Naturals

  • Supercritical CO2 extracted hemp extract
  • Third-party lab testing 
  • All CBD oils contain 60 mg/ml CBD
Lazarus Naturals

Best Flavor

Lazarus Naturals

  • Wide range of flavor options
  • Standard and high potency CBD oils
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 25

10% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL10


Best Small Batch

CBD Essence

  • Dropper or sprayer application
  • Small batch company
  • Produced within 24 hours of shipment

20% Off Coupon: Health20

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Best CBD Isolate

Hemp Bombs

  • Six flavors for each CBD oil tincture 
  • Premium hemp CBD extract
  • Subscribe and save 20% on every order

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Top 10 Best CBD Oil Brand Reviews  

Royal CBD

Royal Spectrum CBD Oil

Made with 100% organic ingredients and lab-tested for quality and safety, Royal CBD is a top-of-the-line CBD brand. If you want the best of the best, go with Royal CBD.

  • Premium, CO2 extracted hemp CBD 
  • Full-spectrum CBD tinctures
  • Precise dosing with the included dropper
  • A limited selection of CBD oils
  • Somewhat pricey

When buying CBD oil online, it’s important to find a reputable company that offers safe, effective, high-quality products. Royal CBD sources top-shelf hemp and uses supercritical CO2 extraction to create high-quality CBD oil. Their tinctures range from 250 mg to 2,500 mg CBD per bottle and dosing is made easy with the included dropper which precisely measures 1ml of liquid. All products are made with 100% organic ingredients and rigorously tested by third-party labs. We also love that this brand offers free shipping on all orders and their oils come in several appealing flavors, including vanilla, berry, and natural mint flavor.



You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to get decent quality CBD oil. CBDistillery offers a wide range of products at affordable prices.

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide variety of CBD products 
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 75
  • Limited flavor options

Choose from a wide variety of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products, all at surprisingly affordable price points. CBDistillery offers CBD oils ranging from 500 mg to 5,000 mg CBD per 30ml bottle for human use and several concentrations for pets. This CBD company uses non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA using all-natural farming practices. Their hemp is U.S. Hemp Authority-certified and tested by third-party labs to ensure the highest quality. Every purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can save 20% with a recurring subscription (AND receive free shipping on your order).

Spruce CBD

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

When it comes to pure, high-quality CBD, you can’t do better than Spruce CBD. Made from an heirloom strain of hemp; this CBD brand offers high potency, lab-grade products.

  • Highly potent lab-grade products
  • Made with an heirloom strain of hemp
  • Independent third-party testing
  • Limited product selection
  • Unflavored
  • Fairly expensiv

Founded in 2018, Spruce CBD has gained a reputation for providing high-quality CBD products. This brand uses lab-grade, full-spectrum CBD to create highly concentrated products that contain the full array of natural cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids the hemp plant has to offer. All products are pure and natural, completely free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. Every product is thoroughly tested by independent third-party labs to verify its purity and potency. Choose from 750 mg or 2,400 mg CBD oil as well as CBD creams, salves, and lotions. Subscribe to save 15% and receive free shipping on your recurring order.


CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Tincture

If sustainability is a concern for you, you’ll love CBDfx. This CBD company offers a variety of CBD tinctures that are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural.

  • Wide variety of full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Organically grown, non-GMO hemp extracts
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 35
  • Limited flavor options

Founded in 2014, CBDfx has always been dedicated to producing the best, safest, and most effective CBD products on the market. Located in the San Fernando Valley, CBDfx has grown into the second-largest privately held CBD company in the world, offering full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. All of their products are expertly selected, organically grown, pesticide-free, and non-GMO. You can find a CBD oil tincture ranging from 500 mg to 6,000 mg, including sets designed to deliver specific benefits such as calming or sleep. All products are lab-tested, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. 


CBDPure Hemp Oil 600mg

Maximize the wellness benefits of your CBD products by choosing high-quality, pure CBD oil. CBDPure is true to its name, offering only organic, all-natural CBD oil products.

  • Certified non-GMO organic hemp extract
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Limited product selection
  • No options for flavors

While their product selection may be more limited than some CBD oil companies, CBDPure offers high-quality products that make it worth your while. Their CBD oil is made from certified non-GMO organic hemp grown in Colorado and Washington, guaranteed to be free from contaminants and artificial additives. Choose from three CBD oil concentrations (300 mg, 600 mg, or 1,000 mg CBD per bottle) and enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum, organic hemp extracts. Not only do CBDPure products offer exceptional quality, but they offer great value as well. Affordably priced and backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, these CBD products are a great buy.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Easily one of the most trustworthy CBD companies out there, Joy Organics is our top pick for broad-spectrum CBD oil. As the name suggests, all products are USDA-certified organic.

  • All products are USDA certified organic
  • Flavored and unflavored broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Free carbon neutral shipping on all orders
  • Somewhat pricey
  • No international shipping

While Joy Organics does offer full-spectrum CBD, they have a larger selection of broad-spectrum CBD oil. With prices starting under $ 50, this brand is surprisingly affordable and offers an array of benefits other CBD brands don’t. Not only do they offer a number of different flavors like Tranquil Mint, Fresh Lime, and Orange Bliss, but they offer low dosages as well. Joy Organics CBD products range from 15mg CBD per serving up to 75 mg CBD per serving. In addition to being THC-free, these broad-spectrum products are cruelty-free and backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Joy Organics also utilizes carbon-neutral shipping.

Nuleaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals Tinctures

If you’re new to CBD, you may be nervous about the hassle of determining the proper dose. With Nuleaf Naturals, all their CBD tinctures contain the same concentration of CBD per bottle to make things extra easy.

  • Supercritical CO2 extracted hemp extract
  • Third-party lab testing 
  • All CBD oils contain 60 mg/ml CBD
  • Limited product selection
  • No flavored options

While there are no standard dosing recommendations for CBD, the best CBD companies do what they can to make the process easier. Nuleaf Naturals is unique in that all of their CBD oil tinctures contain the same concentration of CBD per bottle – 60 mg/ml. Not only is Nuleaf Naturals incredibly consistent, but their products offer excellent quality as well. Using proprietary genetics, this brand has created their own whole plant CBD extra that is highly concentrated with CBD and secondary cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC. They use supercritical CO2 extract to remove the CBD from the cannabis plant, ensuring optimal purity and potency which is verified through third-party lab testing.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

Even the best CBD oils have an earthy flavor some people find unpleasant but Lazarus Naturals offers a wide range of flavored CBD oils that make the experience of taking CBD more pleasant.

  • Wide range of flavor options
  • Standard and high potency CBD oils
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 25
  • Some flavors may be overwhelming

If you generally find the taste of a CBD oil tincture unpleasant, you may want to try flavored CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals. Though still made with the standard carrier oil (coconut MCT oil), Lazarus Naturals CBD comes in a variety of flavors like Mint Chocolate, Chai Tea Latte, Apple Cider, and more. You get the same benefits from a premium CBD product without the earthy taste. Lazarus Naturals offers both standard and high potency CBD oil ranging from 20 mg CBD per milliliter up to 50mg CBD per milliliter. Choose from full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum oil and shop their selection of pure CBD concentrates and topicals.

CBD Essence


If you’re going to buy CBD oil, you want to know it’s going to work. CBD Essence is a small batch company that produces everything within 24 hours of shipment, so you know it’s fresh.

  • Dropper or sprayer application
  • Small batch company
  • Produced within 24 hours of shipment
  • Shipping only to theUS and Canada

Founded in 2014, CBD Essence is a small batch CBD company that offers premium quality products with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Older than many CBD oil brands, CBD Essence has a trusted reputation in the industry and offers a wide range of products, including CBD gummies, tinctures, topicals, vapes, and more. When it comes to their oils, CBD Essence offers only full-spectrum formulas in concentrations ranging from 300mg to 2,400mg. Their products utilize a sublingual formula for fast assimilation,and everything is guaranteed to be produced within 24 hours of shipment. Choose from a dropper or sprayer in your bottle and select from a variety of flavors including cinnamon, grape, mango, and spearmint.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

If you want to gain the maximum benefit from your CBD oil tincture, go with CBD isolate from Hemp Bombs. This pure CBD offers unbeatable quality and comes in six tasty flavors.

  • Six flavors for each CBD oil tincture 
  • Premium hemp cannabidiol extract
  • Subscribe and save 20% on every order
  • Limited info about the company available

Hemp Bombs uses the highest quality raw CBD and other hand-selected ingredients to make all of their products. Whether you’re going with pure CBD isolate or a full-spectrum CBD product, you can count on Hemp Bombs to deliver on quality. This brand uses pure CBD extract sourced from industrial hemp plants grown on American farms, all of which come with a certificate of analysis. Not only does this company use premium-quality ingredients, but everything is verified for purity and potency through third-party testing with the results published on their site. Choose from a variety of CBD products including oils, CBD gummies, CBD isolates, and more. Oils are available in concentrations ranging from 300 mg CBD per bottle to 5,000 mg CBD per bottle.

Benefits Of CBD Oils

Unlike THC, another cannabinoid compound derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive. That being said, it does have the potential to offer a variety of health benefits[3]

Some of the potential benefits of CBD include: 

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Reduction in seizure activity 
  • Addiction support
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits

While there is anecdotal evidence for a variety of benefits, the three most tested health and wellness benefits for CBD are related to pain relief, anxiety, and seizure reduction. Read on to learn more about the scientifically proven benefits of CBD. 

Pain Relief

The use of cannabis for pain relief dates back as far as 2900 B.C., but human trials are still somewhat limited. Scientists have recently discovered that the pain-relieving effects of CBD are related to its impact on the endocannabinoid system[4] (ECS) found in all mammals. By impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters, CBD may help reduce chronic pain[5].

In a 2012 animal study[6], rats treated with an oral dose and spinal injection of CBD experienced a reduction in inflammation and neuropathic pain. Human studies are still limited, but several countries have approved an oral spray called Sativex which contains both CBD and THC as a treatment for pain related to multiple sclerosis (MS). A small study[7] of 47 individuals found that Sativex improved pain, walking, and muscle spasms in patients with MS.


Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders in the United States and, according to the World Health Organization[8] (WHO), are among the largest contributors to disability worldwide. Some evidence suggests that CBD can help with both. 

A 2015 review[9] published in Neurotherapeutics comments that strong preclinical evidence exists to support CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder as well as other anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Though there are only a few human trials, the results are promising. 

A Brazilian study[10] published in 2019 found that a 300mg dose of CBD significantly reduced test anxiety. Several animal studies[11] have also shown that CBD has antidepressant-like effects. 


While studies for most applications of CBD are limited, the greatest amount of evidence exists in support of its anti-seizure properties. In fact, the only FDA-approved form of CBD is a drug called Epidiolex, which is used to treat certain forms of epilepsy. 

While the exact mechanism responsible for CBD’s anticonvulsant benefits is unknown, a 2014 article[12] published in the journal Epilepsia suggests it may be related to CBD’s effect on various receptors and neurotransmitters, including GPR55 and 5-HT1a. In a 2015 study[13], patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome experienced a reduction in seizures after 12 weeks of regular treatment with Epidiolex, most with minor side effects including decreased appetite, fever, and diarrhea. 

How To Choose The Best CBD Oils?

Cannabidiol is a natural plant compound, but not all CBD oil products are the same. The best CBD oil is made with high-quality hemp extract without any artificial additives and processed in a way that guarantees the safety and efficacy of the product. 

Tips for Buying CBD

Before buying CBD, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. First and foremost, what benefit do you hope to gain from taking CBD? This will help you determine whether you should go for broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil and it may impact your decision on concentration. Think about whether you prefer to take oil or if you’d be more comfortable with an edible like a gummy or a capsule. You may also want to consider your budget.

Here are some tips for shopping for CBD: 

  • Verify the source. Check and double-check the brand’s website to find out where they get their CBD. It may be safer to go with domestically produced CBD sourced from American farms.
  • Check the lab test results. It’s important to verify the safety of a product before putting it in your body, so choose a brand that has its products tested by third-party labs and publishes the results on their site. Some even have a QR code linking to those results on the label.
  • Look for satisfaction guarantees. Always check the return policy before you buy, just in case you’re not satisfied with the product. The best CBD oil brands offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Consider the flavor options. CBD is generally suspended in a carrier oil like MCT oil or hemp seed oil which some people find unpleasant. If you don’t like the natural flavor of CBD oil, consider a brand that offers flavored options.
  • Subscribe and save. If you enjoy the benefits of CBD, you may find yourself taking it long-term and it’s well worth looking into subscription options. Many companies offer savings of up to 20% (often with free shipping) for recurring orders. 

In addition to keeping the above things in mind, it’s not a bad idea to check customer reviews for a CBD company before you buy. While you can learn a lot from the company’s history and their published lab test results, other customers are a great source of insight for things like customer service, shipping time, and returns. 

CBD Oil Dosage?

Because CBD oil was only legalized in 2018 with the passing of the United States Agriculture Improvement Act[14], there is relatively little scientific research that has been completed in human subjects. As such, there are no standard dosing regulations for CBD products. Generally speaking, it’s best to start out at a low dose and slowly increase the dosage as needed until you achieve the desired effect. When it comes to how much CBD to take, it’s best to talk to your doctor for dosing recommendations.  

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

There is only one form of CBD approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a prescription anti-seizure medication called Epidiolex[15]. This drug is designed to treat two rare forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. 

While the FDA hasn’t approved any over-the-counter CBD products, they are generally recognized as safe. That being said, individual reactions may vary, and some people experience mild side effects[16], including changes in mood or appetite, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, and vomiting.

The Bottom Line 

While more testing is required to verify the benefits of CBD for humans, the current evidence available is promising. Whether you’re aiming for pain relief, trying to improve your sleep, or dealing with more serious issues like seizures, CBD could help. 

Before buying a CBD product, take the time to do your research. Think about what type of product you’re looking for as well as your budget, then do some comparison shopping. Always verify the third-party lab results and follow the dosing instructions carefully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid compound found in the cannabis plant. It is found in the highest concentration in hemp versus marijuana.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. The 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill) made CBD legal for sale.

How much CBD should I take?

It depends on your tolerance and what you’re treating. CBD products start as low as 10 mg CBD per bottle and go as high as 6,000 mg CBD per bottle, so follow the dosing recommendations on the package.

Is CBD oil safe?

While CBD is not approved by the FDA, it is generally regarded as safe. That being said, some users experience minor side effects[16] like nausea, dizziness, and changes in appetite.

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]]>5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil On Your Leaky Gut Sun, 26 Sep 2021 13:44:00 +0000 oil gut health

Living with health problems related to a leaky gut doesn’t have to persist. Coconut oil has proven good for gut health and a helpful solution to digestive issues and complications due to a leaky gut. Try adding coconut oil to your diet in creative and flavorful recipes, or take it as a supplement to reap the benefits. Maintaining a healthy microbiome and supporting a balanced digestive system is crucial to healing a leaky gut and enjoying optimal health.

How Does Coconut Oil Support Gut Health?

Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides that have antifungal, anti-virucidal, and anti-microbial properties. The MCT found in coconut oil and other sources on a healthy food list is easy to digest and may help restore the balance of gut bacteria. A poor diet can trigger increased symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a proliferation of harmful bacteria, and an imbalanced gut microbiome. Various elements within coconut oil may help heal leaky gut and support overall healthy body function.

More About Coconut Oil

Since ancient times, coconut oil has been a part of homeopathic medicine, skin and beauty care, and culinary traditions. Coconut has rich, thick meat, a distinct flavor, and can be used internally or externally. Due to the nature of coconut oil, it has enjoyed popularity in the public eye as a superfood that contributes to glowing skin and hair, weight loss, and managing symptoms of various diseases.

Coconut oil contains MCTs, which have been studied to improve gut health, lower blood sugar, promote weight loss[1], and support heart health. Reap the benefits of coconut oil for healing a leaky gut and more by taking up to 10 mL of coconut oil 2 to 3 times a day for up to 12 weeks. You can add coconut oil to your food or take supplements.

5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Heal Leaky Gut

Genetics, diet, and lifestyle choices may lead to the development of leaky gut and related problems. Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, IBS, and food allergies all have connections to digestive issues and an out-of-control gut microbiome. However, coconut oil can slowly heal and restore a troubled intestinal tract. Consider the following ways coconut oil has a positive impact on gut health.

  • Coconut oil has properties that treat bacteria, parasites, and fungi that trigger digestive disorders.
  • Taking coconut oil helps increase levels of certain healthy bacteria[3] in the gut.
  • Consuming coconut oil helps reduce bloating and symptoms of IBS.
  • Coconut oil helps improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins.
  • Adding coconut oil to your diet helps reduce body fat, gut-related weight gain, and health problems.

A poor diet, chronic stress, or persistent disease can increase bacteria, fungi, and parasites taking over the digestive tract. MCTs and laurides in coconut oil help dispel these problems and restore balance to the gut microbiome. 

It is vital to maintain a level of healthy bacteria in the gut, which is one reason eating foods that include vitamins, nutrients, or probiotics is beneficial. Taking coconut oil helps increase certain bacteria[4] that keep the gut microbiome in check. A healthy, balanced gut reduces stress, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and painful gas.

IBS is a significant source of discomfort and embarrassment for many adults. However, taking coconut oil supplements or adding coconut oil to your diet can change that. Reduce bloating, excess flatulence, cramping, and diarrhea related to complications of IBS with coconut oil. 

When the body cannot absorb sufficient vitamins and nutrients correctly, the gut microbiome and other bodily functions are out of sorts. Coconut oil has restorative properties to gut health because it improves the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients[5].

Signs of a leaky gut include persistent skin rashes, acne, aches and pains, bloating, and digestive problems. When the gut microbiome is imbalanced, it is easier to hold onto excess weight, have difficulty reducing fat levels, and related health problems caused by obesity. Add coconut oil to help treat a leaky gut and bring the body back into balance.

The gut microbiome is considered the third brain of the body. After years of consuming a diet in unhealthy fatty foods, lacking vitamins and nutrients, and being starved of probiotics, digestive problems shortly follow. The symptoms of a leaky gut include, but are not limited to, suffering bouts of diarrhea, brain fog, joint pain, food allergies, excess weight, bloating, and skin problems.

Leaky gut occurs when bacteria find their way into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system into overdrive and creating inflammation. Since coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, anti- virucidal, and antifungal properties, it can help temper the body’s adverse reactions to toxins, parasites, and other unwanted elements.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Health?

Explore other health benefits of coconut oil[6] beyond improving and balancing gut health and healing a leaky gut. You can easily make coconut oil part of your diet and lifestyle by doing the following.

  • Take a daily supplement.
  • Consume cold-pressed coconut oil raw.
  • Use coconut oil in dishes, saute vegetables or meat, add to smoothies, or in baking.
  • Apply coconut oil to the skin and hair.

Look for extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in the form of supplements or jars for external or internal use. Refined coconut oil may be helpful for cooking and has a higher smoke point. However, it is better to consume virgin coconut oil that has fewer trans-fatty acids and contains more MCTs for your health. 

The consumption of coconut oil shows promise to treat many persistent diseases, such as ulcerative colitis, as found in a study using animals[7]. Maintaining a balanced diet, watching out for excess bad fats that raise bad cholesterol levels, and using moderation is essential.

Add Coconut To Your Diet

Taking supplements or consuming a spoonful of coconut oil isn’t the only way to balance your gut biome and get healthy. Consider the following methods to enjoy coconut oil in your life.

  • Use coconut oil to saute vegetables or meat.
  • Replace butter with coconut oil to dress popcorn and other snacks.
  • Bake with coconut oil.
  • Add coconut oil to a smoothie.

Try to choose coconut oil that is cold-pressed and virgin for your consumption. Although coconut oil contains MCTs, most coconut oils retailed at grocery stores contain more lauric acid[2]. Lauric acid is connected to increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol levels. Compared to MCTs, lauric acid is metabolized more slowly by the body.


Take caution before starting a new supplement or adding new foods to your diet. If you do not regularly consume coconut oil, start with a small amount and watch for adverse reactions. Allergic reactions to coconut oil include but are not limited to nausea, hives, diarrhea, vomiting, a rash, trouble breathing, or eczema. 

Do consult your physician if you are already taking prescribed medications to lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Coconut oil may naturally reduce blood pressure and interfere with agents used to lower cholesterol. 

Be mindful about how much-saturated fat is in your diet, as coconut oil is an abundant source. Consuming too many saturated fats is connected to an increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and stroke. For best results, avoid an excess of coconut oil and take it for a short period.

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]]>BioFit Reviews 2021: BioFit Probiotic Scam Or Weight Loss Aid? Sun, 26 Sep 2021 03:03:00 +0000 reviews







  • Seven probiotic bacteria strains
  • Aids weight loss
  • No exercise or diet necessary
  • 100% organic
  • Restores good gut bacteria
  • Reduces unhealthy cravings

Brand Information

  • Developed by Chrissie Miller 
  • Manufactured in the US
  • 180 days return policy

Medical Benefits

  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Restores good gut bacteria 
  • Relieves digestive issues

60% Off When Buying In Bulk + Free Shipping

About The Brand

If you are running through diets even faster than you are running at the gym yet not losing weight, it might be time to try something new. Developed by 43-year-old housewife Chrissie Miller, who was in your exact position not too long ago, Biofit could make all the difference. Chrissie Miller claims that Biofit helped her shed nearly 98 pounds without diet or exercise, and she is happy to share this product with everyone.

Biofit is a probiotic containing billions of colony-forming units of seven good bacteria. In addition to giving you a ton of health benefits from the good bacteria, Biofit may make burning fat much easier for your body. Biofit promises to help you reduce your body weight without diet changes or workouts. You probably think that it all sounds too good to be true, and you are not wrong for thinking that way. If you want to know if the Biofit probiotic dietary supplement is a great weight loss tool, you have come to the right place. We will dive deep into what makes Biofit stand out from the other weight loss supplements and probiotics on the market. Is it a scam or not? The next few sections will answer all your questions. 

What is BioFit?

Biofit is a unique cocktail of healthy microbes from Nature’s Formulas that cares for your gut and aids weight loss. You are probably not new to the concept of probiotic supplements as weight loss supplements. Lots of companies are marketing their probiotics supplements as excellent weight loss tools, and some studies[1] support this claim. So, what sets Biofit apart? 

For starters, Biofit weight loss probiotic does not just contain one or two gut microbes. Rather, Biofit blends seven probiotic bacteria to give you seven times the goodness. They are not just a random blend of microorganisms. Each of Biofit’s seven probiotic strains has been studied and shown to be beneficial to your health. That means that you can be sure of the goodness Biofit is bringing to your digestive health.

Biofit’s creator, Chrissie Miller, used to be just like you, jumping from one diet to another, hoping to see the inches drop off her waist. However, she soon realized that of the 19 diets that she started, she failed 19. Yes, you read that right; she could not stick to them for more than three months without cheating and giving up altogether. Therein lies the problem of lots of popular weight-loss diets. They can help you lose weight, but like most people who jump on these diets, you might be having trouble staying consistent. When you fall off the wagon, overeating is likely, and you may end up facing weight gain after dieting.

It is not entirely your fault, though. It is almost impossible for someone to make such a drastic change and stick with it. Nevertheless, Biofit is promising to take that burden off you and make your journey to smaller dress sizes much easier.

Does It Really Work?

Biofit works and the hundreds of positive Biofit customer reviews support this claim. A lot of users commented on improved digestive health following Biofit use. This effect is likely due to the healthy bacteria blend in each capsule. Chrissie Miller, Biofit’s creator, shared her battles with her body weight on the company’s website. This probiotic supplement is a product of her frustration time and time again with weight loss diets. Biofit finally helped her drop about 98 pounds without the need to change her diet. However, it is best to take the product’s claims and reviews with a grain of salt. 

Once you land on the Biofit website[2],  the banner that reads “stuff your face, lose weight” first greets you. However, this banner might make it seem like it does not matter what or how much you eat; Biofit is there to melt your fat away. These claims are currently not verified. A calorie deficit is still very much the basis of healthy weight loss. Hence, if you consume more calories than your body needs, your body will still transform the excess to fat and store it away. 

The banner that greets you on the Biofit authentic website may simply be referring to not giving up your favorite foods to shed weight. If you love your pizza, fries, and burgers, they do not have to go just because you are trying to lose weight. Weight loss is possible even on such a diet as long as you are moderate. The secret is striking a balance and letting Biofit do its work. Taking sensible food portions and Biofit may help you maintain your daily calorie deficit so that your body can burn fat and lose weight naturally.

Biofit weight loss probiotic supplement also claims to encourage fat burning even without exercise. Nevertheless, throwing in a few minutes of cardio and strength training throughout the week will help you stay healthy[3]. 


  • All-natural 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Seven good bacterial strains 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Fight food cravings 
  • 180 days return policy 


  • Claims are not verified 
  • Only available on the brand website 
  • Cost more than other probiotics 

Feature Product & Coupon


Best Reputation


  • Seven probiotic bacteria strains
  • Aids weight loss
  • No exercise or diet necessary
  • 100% organic
  • Restores good gut bacteria
  • Reduces unhealthy cravings

60% Off When Buying In Bulk + Free Shipping

How Does It Work For Weight Loss?

If your digestive system is a mess, losing weight will likely be a challenge. Studies[4] show that your gut microbiota plays a role in obesity. Probiotics help restore the dysfunction in your digestive system that might be slowing down your weight loss progress. Digestive system dysfunction can affect other areas of your health, too, including your immunity[5] and cardiovascular health[6]. 

Pretty basic things such as antibiotics use and what you eat can affect your gut microbiome. Probiotic supplements help restore the balance of your gut’s natural flora. Good bacteria help aid digestion, and Biofit capitalizes on that. Natural sources of good bacteria such as yogurt can help improve your gut health but might be tedious to keep up with. Biofit supplement provides an easy way to regulate your digestive system’s microbiome. 

Each Biofit probiotic supplement capsule contains about 5.75 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of seven strains of bacteria. This boost of good bacteria should help restore your gut balance and promote better food digestion. Since Biofit is giving you seven different probiotic strains, you will be getting seven times the goodness. 
With hundreds of studies[7] done, Bacillus subtilis (DE111) is Biofit’s star ingredient. Bacillus subtilis (DE111 by Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes) can help your body metabolize food and burn fat quickly. Furthermore, probiotic supplements may encourage you to eat healthier. So, do not be too surprised if you find your unhealthy food cravings diminish during this period.

BioFit Ingredients Review

Biofit’s key feature is that it contains seven all-natural bacterial strains. Each bacterial strain contributes to reviving your gut’s natural bacteria flora. Restoring your gut’s healthy bacteria population helps protect your health. Unpleasant digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea, may improve with probiotic treatment.

BioFit Ingredients Review

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is one of the bacterial strains in your Biofit Probiotic. This bacterial strain can help improve digestion and relieve issues[8] such as constipation and diarrhea. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus may also come in handy for travelers too. For instance, if you are the type to get diarrhea during trips, taking Biofit before your trip may help relieve traveler’s diarrhea. 

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Lactobacillus Plantarum may decrease your blood cholesterol levels to protect your heart[9]. It may improve your body’s immune response and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Lactobacillus Plantarum may also relieve your symptoms of digestive disorders.

Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus Casei is another gut protective and weight-loss-promoting bacteria in Biofit capsules. Furthermore, it breaks bile acids down[10] to reduce serum cholesterol.

Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium Longum may help protect you from pathogens by improving your immune response[11]. It may affect your metabolism[12] to help you lose weight.

Bacillus Subtilis

This resilient bacterial strain found in pasteurized milk may help relieve bowel inflammation[13] and promote weight loss by improved digestion. Bacillus Subtilis can survive the harsh acidic environment of your stomach as it makes its way down your digestive system to your intestinal tract.

Bifidobacterium Breve

Bifidobacterium breve is present in your Biofit capsules and supplements the effects of the other bacterial strains in helping your weight loss journey[14].

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Naturally found in yogurt[15], Lactobacillus Acidophilus is also present in Biofit. This bacterial strain may help you lose weight even faster in combination with the other bacterial strains in Biofit. 

Health Benefits of BioFit

Weight Loss 

If you are here, losing weight is probably one of the top things on your mind. Obesity is a health condition that can amplify many others. About 73.6% of the American adult population is[16] overweight or obese. A healthy diet and physical activity are the recommended ways to get in shape, but staying consistent might pose a challenge. Research[17] shows that probiotics may make your weight loss journey easier.

Hundreds of reviews from people like you who have used Biofit probiotic supplement claim that it has helped them shed some pounds. One of the most notable success stories from Biofit for weight loss comes from the product’s creator, Chrissie Miller, who lost significant weight and claims that Biofit changed her life and body. 

However, the brand’s claims of promoting weight loss on any diet and without physical exercise have not been scientifically verified. So, supporting your Biofit supplements with a simple exercise routine and calorie deficit might be worth trying. Eliminating carbs from your diet is not the only way to burn fat. Instead, begin with portion control and limiting your consumption of unhealthy snacks while taking your Biofit supplements to help you with burning fat. 

Reduces Unhealthy Cravings

While Biofit supplement promises to help you burn fat no matter what your diet is like, it can also help you eat clean. You probably know all about how your sugar cravings have caused you to default on more than one weight loss diet. Bacterial imbalance in your gut may affect your feeding patterns[18]. Probiotic supplements such as Biofit may help you eat healthier by reducing your unhealthy food cravings. This benefit helps encourage weight loss by helping you meet calorie deficit goals.

Restore Good Bacteria 

Lots of people do not have a healthy balance of good bacteria. Things like your medication, illness, and what you are eating can kill off your good bacteria. With your good bacteria down, you may experience an overgrowth of the bad bacteria which may affect your health and slow your digestion.

Biofit can help increase your good gut bacteria population[19]. Hence, more good bacteria equals smoother digestion. Inadequate digestion that comes with bad gut bacteria overgrowth may affect your weight loss efforts. 

Gut bacteria imbalance may have something to do with your digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea. Probiotics such as Biofit probiotic supplement may help resolve such symptoms. Health conditions affecting your digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome[20] have been shown to improve with probiotics therapy. 

Vaginal Health 

Vaginal health is pretty sensitive. Bacterial imbalance in your vagina can cause bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections[21]. Lactobacillus from yogurt is one of the popular natural remedies that women use to restore natural vaginal flora. If you are using Biofit, you will be getting a rich dose of Lactobacillus to help regulate your vaginal microbiota without having to reach into your refrigerator.

Protects Your Heart 

Your heart is one of the many organs that being overweight or obese negatively affects and probiotics may help. Specific bacteria that produce lactic acid can help break down bile[22] in your gut so that less cholesterol is reabsorbed. This reduces your body’s recycling of cholesterol. Probiotics use is all related to increasing your HDL blood levels[23], which protects your heart. 

Boost Immunity 

Your dose of healthy bacteria from Biofit Probiotics can help boost your immune system. Research[24] shows that probiotics consumption may help increase your body’s production of antibodies and activation of immune cells.

Potential Side Effects

Despite all the potential benefits of taking pProbiotic supplements such as Biofit, there are still some potential side effects. Each capsule contains billions of actual bacteria. The bacteria might trigger digestive allergies such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. However, your symptoms may disappear as your body gets used to the new probiotics. If you have severe side effects, consider stopping the supplement and speaking to your doctors about it. 

A compromised immune system makes you vulnerable and you may react adversely to taking probiotics. It contains bacteria after all. Studies[25] show that a compromised immune system may make you more likely to develop infections[26] after taking probiotics. Best to tread on the side of caution and consult your doctors before you start a Biofit supplement, especially if you have got preexisting health conditions. Kids, pregnant women, and breastfeeding moms should not be taking probiotics without speaking to their doctor first too.

BioFit Dosage

Each Biofit bottle contains 30 capsules with instructions on how to take it. The instructions say that you should take one Biofit capsule with 8oz of water daily. Taking lots of water throughout the day is essential to get the best out of your probiotic supplement. Since you need to take only a single Biofit capsule each day, each bottle of Biofit probiotic pills can last up to a month. 

Taking more pills than recommended to boost its effects is not a good idea. You can only take more than one Biofit probiotic capsule a day with your doctor’s approval. If you are already on prescription medication, seek clarification from your doctors before starting Biofit.

BioFit Review: What Users Say About BioFit?

Biofit users[27] had this to say about the weight loss supplement: 

“BioFit probiotic is an easy-to-use…BioFit probiotic is an easy-to-use weight loss support plan that, according to, can help you shed as many as 20 pounds. Its manufacturers have mentioned how it has helped 27,000 people who have been struggling with weight loss but have failed so far. All that you need to do with this supplement is to be consistent and you can expect to see results in no time.”


“I’ve lost 72 pounds since I started using biofit regularly and I feel unbelievable. I cannot believe how easy and effortless it has been. Thank you!”

June Elliot

“I struggled with digestive issues and weight gain for years so decided to give this a shot. Boy, am I glad I did! My love handles are gone and I’m less bloated.”

Jack Miller

“This product is like the anti-diet! I still eat all my favorite foods, but the weight is just falling off me. People keep saying they don’t recognize me!”

Jinni Becker

Where to buy BioFit?

There is only one place where you can be sure that you are getting the authentic Biofit Probiotic and that is from the original Biofit website. Buying from other sources online does not guarantee the quality of your purchase. Worst case scenario, you could fall victim to a Biofit scam. Buying from other sites also does not grant you the 180 days money-back guarantee that Biofit offers. 

If you would like to save some extra bucks when buying your Biofit supplements, simply take advantage of their combo packages that offer you free shipping too. Buying more than one Biofit supplement bottle will save you lots of money.

Alternatives to BioFit

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3

See Bio Complete 3 Review

Get The Deal

33% Off Exclusively With Our Above Ambassador Link

  • Contains prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics 
  • 100% organic 
  • Aids digestion

  • Contains only one probiotic strain

Final thought

Want to snag all the amazing benefits of probiotics for weight management and your overall health? Biofit supplement is a great way to get that. The unique blend of seven strains of gut protective bacteria makes it a great addition to your health routine. Probiotic supplements such as Biofit have been shown to help improve weight management by improving your gut health. Better digestion means that you will have fewer episodes of constipation, diarrhea, or bloating. Biofit’s blend of bacteria also provides additional benefits for your health such as improved immunity and heart health.

The brand claims to help promote weight loss without working out or dieting. While these claims have not been verified, it is still worth a shot. Adding a simple exercise routine and trying to reduce your calorie intake may help you see faster results with Biofit.

Several positive Biofit probiotic reviews backing the supplement might give you the confidence to try it out. Plus, the 180-day money-back guarantee is another positive. Do not like it? Just send it back. Biofit is so confident in their supplement that they will let you send it back within 180 days of purchase for a full refund if you do not get results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biofit safe?

Biofit contains all-natural ingredients and is safe to consume. However, speak to your doctor first before you start taking Biofit, especially if you have got health issues such as a compromised immune system.

Does Biofit really work?

Several positive Biofit reviews claim that Biofit has helped them lose weight. It works by improving digestion and metabolism.

Is Biofit a good Probiotic?

Biofit is a good probiotic containing billions of colony-forming units (CFU) of seven probiotic strains that help improve your gut health.

Can you buy Biofit in stores?

The best place to buy Biofit is from the authentic Biofit website where you are sure of the quality and purity of your purchase.

Does Biofit take returns?

If you are unsatisfied with Biofit, you can return it within 180 days of purchase and get your money back.

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]]>What Is Maladaptive Behavior? Definition, Symptom & Treating Sat, 25 Sep 2021 08:27:00 +0000 Is Maladaptive Behavior

We all exhibit signs of maladaptive behavior in one way or another but only to a certain extent. For example, you occasionally witness your coworker’s meltdowns or figure out ways to deal with your child’s tantrums

While it seems like an alien or complex term, maladaptive behavior is quite prevalent in today’s world. There are so many amazing benefits of CBD. One of them is to help control signs of maladaptive behavior. In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of the term, the different signs to look out for, and the different forms of treatment. 

What is Maladaptive Behavior? 

To know what maladaptive behavior means, we need to delve deeper into the term “maladaptive.” The term ‘adaptive’ is made complete by the prefix ‘mal-.’ 

Adaptive means to alter, modify, or adjust. It’s often seen in forums relating to evolution, education, and growth. All of these bring attention to the action of continually expecting something new. 

When translated, the prefix ‘mal-’ means “ill” or “bad.” All the psychological constructs in regards to maladaptive behavior don’t necessarily quantify ill or bad behavior. Therefore, the phrase ‘maladaptive behavior’ describes actions that modify, adapt, or even adjust poorly. 

Someone with maladaptive behavior exhibits inappropriate reactions to external/internal stimuli. 

To put this into perspective, an average child might ask some relevant questions when there’s a change in their schedule: “Why aren’t you taking me out today? Why isn’t Dad driving me to school today? Isn’t it a bit early for lunch?” and so on. 

A child with maladaptive behavior throws themselves down and screams while hammering their fists on the floor. These behaviors stop the individual from adapting to difficult or new circumstances. They often lead to health, social, and emotional problems. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Maladaptive Behavior? 

Maladaptive behavior is recognized by these common behaviors:

  • Avoidance
  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Withdrawal
  • Anger
  • Self-harm
  • Maladaptive daydreaming
  • Substance use


It’s normal to disengage from an unpleasant situation or anything that you have no control over. However, when you continuously avoid new circumstances for fear of what they might bring, that’s a clear indication of maladaptive behavior. 

Some avoidance tendencies include: 

  • Opting out of eye contact in the middle of a conversation
  • Keeping your questions to yourself (especially when you need clarification)
  • Speaking in low tones or not speaking at all

Take, for instance, that you suffer from social anxiety, but you’re required to mingle and mix with people on a day-to-day basis. You won’t address the problem by sneaking out of work or faking illness. 

Adaptive behaviors in such a situation would be to seek professional treatment for your social anxiety, schedule therapy sessions, or find a less intimidating job. You can also read through these informative articles on anxiety and trauma treatment


Passive aggressiveness is the act of indirectly expressing negative feelings rather than head-on. When you’re passive-aggressive, you can say one thing but mean another in reality. You weave your true feelings into your actions. 

For instance, your better half cancels your dinner reservation since they felt like spending the evening at home. Because this is something you’ve been looking forward to for the longest time, you’re bound to get disappointed. However, rather than express your disappointment, you choose to smile and act like everything is okay. 

You proceed to slam doors and complain about totally unrelated issues. You’re visibly angry, but you’d rather bottle up your inner feelings rather than talk about them openly. 


It’s perfectly normal to want to keep to yourself and avoid engaging in social activities. There’s also nothing wrong with declining an invitation out of fears of meeting with an ex. 

When you pick avoidance as your key strategy, you withdraw effectively from social interaction. Take, for instance, the campus student who spends most of their time on video games just to avoid meeting new people or joining new clubs. 

The video games act as a temporary distraction and offer them that much-needed relief from anxiety. After all is said and done, withdrawal doesn’t do much to help[1] with coping skills. It leads to a spike in anxiety, and isolation becomes the end result. 


Everyone experiences anger at some point in their lives. Anger only becomes useful when you channel it into constructive actions. 

It’s not at all helpful when you entertain heated outbursts or stay angry all the time. Uncontrolled anger often leads to unresolved arguments and further problems. It hampers your communication skills and limits social interaction.  

Childrens’ temper tantrums would fall into this particular category. The majority of children come to realize later that there are better, more effective ways to achieve their desired results. 


When people with maladaptive behavior don’t know how to handle stressful events, they often hurt themselves. Some actions of self-harm include:

  • Picking wounds or scabs
  • Burning, scratching, or cutting the skin
  • Banging one’s head or self-hitting
  • Declining to take prescribed medications

While self-harm offers temporary relief, it may exacerbate issues and, in some cases, even lead to death. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming

If you consider daydreaming a healthy pastime, then you’re right to do so. Daydreaming helps you come up with viable solutions to problems and also frees the mind. Studies show[2] that the average human being displays more than a hundred daydreaming episodes every day. 

Maladaptive daydreaming is engaging your mind in extensive mental fantasy that gives you peace or satisfaction in return. Daydreams involve complex characters and plots and can last for hours at any given time. 

People who display signs of maladaptive daydreaming often want to stay rooted in their thoughts rather than face reality. 

Substance Use

Substance use presents itself in the form of prescribed/non-prescribed drugs, alcohol, and so on. It’s a common form of avoidance behavior. It becomes a huge problem when it’s used to obliterate feelings or ease anxiety. 

Substance use offers a temporary escape from reality. It could lead to physical/emotional addiction and create a whole new wave of problems. The more the problems, the worse the substance use becomes. 

What are the Treatment Methods for Maladaptive Behavior? 

If you’re a victim of maladaptive behavior, the first step you can take towards recovery is to recognize your problem. From there, you can make a conscious effort to alter your reality and make your life worth living. 

The following are some treatment alternatives for maladaptive behavior:

  • Anger management
  • Addiction counseling
  • Exposure therapy
  • Relaxation and stress-inducing procedures

Anger management

As earlier stated, anger is a significant sign of maladaptive behavior. One of the best ways to tame your temper is to apply for anger management sessions. Here, you’ll learn different techniques to learn how to express your feelings clearly and in healthier ways. 

When you learn how to keep your anger in check, you will strengthen your relationships, find better ways to handle conflict in your life, and meet your needs faster. 

Addiction Counselling

Substance Use Disorder is a chronic illness that involves never-ending cycles of remission and relapse. You can break the cycle by seeking professional assistance. 

Once you enroll yourself in an addiction treatment program, you’ll begin learning the strategies and skills needed to repair the damage caused by drugs. 

Even when you complete your addiction counseling lessons, you need to have a support system that helps you keep track of your progress and strive to avoid future relapses. 

In most cases, individuals in lengthy remission periods may not need active treatment. However, they may still benefit from participating in recovery groups or communities like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Exposure Therapy

If you experience anxiety disorders, exposure-based therapy is just what you need. It’s defined as a treatment that encourages active participation in feared stimuli. These could be internal (physical sensations, feared thoughts, etc.) or external (e.g., feared situations, activities, or objects).

The main objective behind exposure therapy is to limit or eliminate the individual’s frightful reaction to the stimulus. 

Professionals in this field use a rather graded approach whereby the first targets are the mildly feared stimuli, then the most feared stimuli. It’s a rather complex treatment process, but the end results are pretty encouraging. 

Relaxation and Stress Inducing Procedures

This treatment alternative needs personal commitment and dedication. In the 1970s, cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson formed the ‘relaxation response’ technique. 

It’s quite the opposite of the well-known stress response. It’s described as being in a state of unexplainable rest that you can elicit in so many ways. 

The six relaxation techniques[3] associated with the relaxation response include: 

  • Guided imagery. Conjure up peaceful experiences, places, or scenes in your mind to help you focus and relax. 
  • Breath focus. Take deep, slow, and long breaths while disengaging your mind from negative sensations and thought patterns.
  • Body scan. This particular technique combines progressive muscle relaxation with breath focus. It helps to heighten your awareness of your mind-body connection. 
  • Mindfulness meditation. It involves a deep focus on your breathing, as well as focusing your mind’s attention on your status quo. It’s especially beneficial for people with pain, depression, and anxiety. 

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]]>Eat These 5 Foods Can Help Heal Leaky Gut & Boost Digestion Fri, 24 Sep 2021 08:39:00 +0000 that heal your gut

Have you ever had an issue with your gut and poor digestion? Your gut is a crucial part of your body and requires utmost care. When you experience poor gut health, this can also affect your entire digestive system.

Indeed, your gut is essential when it comes to the digestive system. When you eat food, and it gets digested, it’s the gut lining responsible for absorbing the nutrients in the food. The moment you have a leaky gut, all those essential nutrients leak out, causing you problems.

But, there are gut-healing foods you can eat to remedy this condition. These foods ensure you have healthy gut bacteria in your stomach to boost gut health and digestion. In addition, there are some excellent supplements for gut health to take.

5 Foods That Heal Your Gut

Having a leaky gut can be quite an uncomfortable experience as the walls of your gut become more permeable. In severe cases[1], this can lead to Crohn’s disease, which is a chronic ailment. In such extreme cases, you need to see a doctor for better assistance.

However, in minor cases, there are steps to take to improve your health. There are certain gut-healing foods that work to your advantage. You develop a leaky gut when there are more bad bacteria in your gut. The leaks can irritate your gut and inflammation, which can be pretty painful.

The gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients from food after digestion takes place. When you have a leaky gut[2], the nutrients come out. At that moment, what you need is healthy gut bacteria to protect the lining of your gut.

How do you know that you have a leaky gut? There are specific symptoms[2] to look out for like:

  • Severe bloating
  • Frequent diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Pain in the joints
  • Stomach upset
  • Skin inflammation
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Poor concentration and confusion

These symptoms are a cry for help by getting some good food in your systems to remedy the situation. Certain foods are known for their high probiotic content or ability to promote good bacteria. Probiotic-rich foods are pretty standard, and all you have to do is change up your eating habits.

As you make the change, stay away from processed and fast foods. Also, avoid soft drinks, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners.

Some of the best foods that can heal your gut are listed below.


Did you know that yogurt is a natural probiotic? This means this is a superfood loaded with beneficial bacteria. The bacteria works to your advantage by strengthening your gut which in turn prevents the leaky gut condition.

This is essentially a dairy product you can take every day that’s made using fermented milk. When you want to make some at home, you need some cultures. Yogurt is full of calcium and protein. For a long time, this has been a natural solution for anyone suffering from irritable bowel disease.

Fermented foods contain plenty of probiotics[3] that help heal your gut and boost the immune system. This makes it easier for your gut lining to absorb nutrients.

There are several types of yogurt you can get to improve your gut microbiome. These include:

Greek Yogurt

As the name suggests, this is a type of yogurt that originates from the Mediterranean region. It’s thick and creamy and is also known to have loads of protein.

Low Fat Yogurt

This type of yogurt is made with 2% fat milk and is quite suitable for your health. It’s a better option if you don’t want the full-fat option.

Non-fat Yogurt

Non-fat yogurt is made using non-fat milk. Another alternative is skim or 0% fat milk to help with leaky gut symptoms.

Kefir Yogurt

While most yogurts have a thicker consistency, kefir is lighter. This simple type you can make at home and is full of crucial probiotics to help solve digestive issues.

Soy or Coconut Milk Yogurt

Some people are allergic or opt to steer clear of dairy products. In such cases, you can use soy or coconut milk yogurt to improve gut health.

Skyr Yogurt

Skyr yogurt shares a lot of similarities with Greek yogurt but originates from Iceland. You have to use up to 4 times more milk to make it, and it helps heal your gut naturally.

You can take yogurt on its own or add it to a smoothie or fruit salad. Choose from the different types and see which works for your gut.

Bone Broth

More people are paying attention to what they eat as it directly affects their health and well-being. Bone broth is among the favorites for many people experiencing gut health problems. You achieve this excellent broth when you simmer animal bones with their connective tissues intact for some time.

The result is a stock loaded with nutrients that you can drink or add to soups or other types of food. People have been making bone broth for the longest time as a way to improve digestive health. It would be best to have bones from an animal like a cow, chicken, goat, sheep, pig, bison, etc.

One of the top benefits that come with making bone broth on numerous occasions is better digestive health[4].

Are you suffering from a leaky gut and want a natural remedy? Add some bone broth to your daily diet for better digestion. Bone broth is so much better for your digestive system because it contains gelatin from the bones.

Once the gelatin is in your stomach, it naturally binds liquids, thus quickly assisting food to go through your gut. In addition, it heals and protects your gut lining, preventing leaky gut, which can result in severe inflammatory bowel disease.

Bone broth also comes in handy when you do experience inflammation due to a leaky gut. It contains an amino acid known as arginine that fights off chronic inflammation. Simple inflammation isn’t harmful, but it can cause you so much discomfort when you have a chronic case.

Leafy Greens

The human gut consists of both good and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can have a significant effect on your gut health. So, it’s crucial to find natural ways like eating foods that promote proper gut health. These foods include leafy greens that are fantastic healing foods[5].

There are so many superb leafy greens you can make part of your meals every day. You can eat foods like:

  • Kales
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Watercress
  • Beet greens
  • Green herbs
  • Cabbage
  • Arugula
  • Swiss chard
  • Turnip greens
  • Bok Choy
  • Romaine lettuce

All these come with all manner of wonderful vitamins[6] like vitamin c and minerals that help in improving gut health. In addition, they play a crucial role in gut health. The leafy greens have a unique sugar molecule that the gut bacteria love to eat.

In the process, you get more good bacteria that protect the digestive tract and the lining of your gut. Better gut permeability is the end goal since there are no more bad ones responsible for leaky gut.

You have to include a healthy spoon or two of leafy greens in your smoothie or meal as they help is gut-healing and getting in shape.

Some of the ways you can add leafy greens to your meals are:

  • Salads: Think of your favorite salad and add some spinach or kales into the mix.
  • Smoothies: Most smoothies you prepare have extra benefits when you add some leafy greens or add yogurt, kefir.
  • Soups: How about preparing a leafy green soup? The soup can include many other nutritious vegetables.
  • Sautee: Sautee a mix of leafy greens using coconut oil or olive oil, then enjoy.
  • Stuffing: Add leafy greens in your chicken or turkey stuffing for the whole family to enjoy. Once you have the leafy greens, you add so much fiber and nutrients to your body, boosting your immunity[7].

Whole Grains

There are enzymes always at work in your gut, ensuring your body gets the nourishment it needs. The health of your gut is important and can benefit significantly from the food you eat. Some of the best foods you should consider adding to your meals are whole grains.

Whole grains[8] play a crucial role in your gut welfare since they promote the growth of microbes. These microbes are good gut bacteria that your body needs. Good bacteria are responsible for getting rid of many of the agents that can cause ill health.

Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the health of your gut and what you eat. Food like whole grains gets broken down in the gut and ensures you have more good bacteria growing. This keeps the lining of your gut strong preventing leaky status.

In fact, you can quickly tell when you have a leaky gut syndrome because you start to experience stomach pain and intestinal inflammation. Eating the wrong food can play a role in the spread of harmful bacteria. That’s why it’s better to steer clear of processed foods.

Whole grains are the best option. The excellent news is there’s no shortage of variety when choosing whole grains. You can enjoy:

  • Oatmeal
  • Buckwheat
  • Barley
  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Millet
  • Bulgur
  • Whole wheat bread

When talking about whole wheat, it essentially means the seeds are complete. For instance, rice contains endosperm, germ, and bran. There’s no processing involved to get rid of the germ like in processed white rice or flour.

There are so many ways you can incorporate whole grains into your meals every day.  Oatmeal is the best to have for breakfast with milk from almonds and some fruit and chia seeds.  In addition, you can prepare brown rice or whole wheat pasta for lunch or a light dinner.

Ultimately, the choice is yours but ensure you have some whole grains daily. These are great probiotic foods that your gut will love and all your body as you work towards better health.

Lean Meat

Meat is a good source of protein intake. You want to go for the lean option since it’s the best for a healthy diet. When you opt to take a diverse diet[9], incorporate meat into your meals. You can be sure you have an excellent source of protein plus essential minerals like iron and zinc.

Since meat is an excellent source of protein, you might wonder how this benefits your gut. Well, protein is relatively easy for your gut to digest. After you cook lean parts and eat them, your gut will have an  easier time digesting to derive all crucial nutrients that your body needs.

The breakdown process, known as denaturation, is responsible for breaking down protein in your gut. Essentially, your gut produces enzymes that convert the protein into crucial amino acids. The amino acids then leave the stomach and are further digested in the small intestines before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

There are so many types of lean meats you can eat. These include:

  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  •  Emu
  • Bison
  •  Lobster
  •  Mussels
  •  Pork

All these have numerous essential minerals and vitamins that your gut will love absorbing. You can choose to roast or prepare the meat in stew or soup.

Summing Up

Proper gut health is essential for your health and well-being. It would be best if your gut were in the best condition to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. However, this won’t happen if you have a leaky gut.

A leaky gut is quite uncomfortable and can end up disrupting your day. Specific symptoms like indigestion, constipation, fatigue, and nausea can indicate you have a leaky gut[10]. However, the situation isn’t final.

You can remedy the condition by choosing to eat better. Certain foods are rich in probiotics or trigger good bacteria production that can reverse a leaky gut. Add the 5 foods listed above for better health.

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]]>Best Nootropics 2021: Top 5 Smart Drugs & Brain Supplements Fri, 24 Sep 2021 02:45:00 +0000 nootropics



  • Helps with depression
  • Helps combating excessive sleepiness
  • Enhances memory, and boosts mood


  • No stimulants like caffeine
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Increase cognitive function

60% Off When Buying In Bulk

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

  • Popular with athletes, students and senior citizens.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 11 mind-boosting ingredients

Nootropic stacks[1] are dietary supplements designed to boost your brain function and mental performance. The best nootropics stack contains ingredients that offer cognitive benefits such as improved memory recall, productivity, learning focus, and overall brain function.

We often take for granted the enormous capabilities of the brain. From what we do to where in the world we are located, each brain cell plays a vital role in fulfilling responsibilities with complete sets of tools—but not if you’re having trouble focusing!

Nootropics can help give those sluggish neurons some fuel, so they’re ready and able enough every day. But which ones are we talking about?

We’ve researched all possible options available on the best nootropics in the market today before recommending any particular product because there are too many smart pills claiming the “best” status out there, and here are the five that prove to be the best.

Best Nootropics on the market in (October. 2021)

Nootropics For Your Brain

The human brain is a complex, multifaceted organ that has posed significant challenges in understanding how Nootropics work. Nootropics, natural or synthetic supplements, improve brain function[2] and make the human brain healthier.

They increase blood circulation in the head by increasing nutrients delivery and oxygen flow throughout these vital organs, making us more productive. Nootropics and smart drugs also boost cell-to-cell communication and nourish compounds in the brain while removing destructive toxins.

A lack of eradication of these toxins can lead to increased cholesterol levels that clog up your arteries. Still, Nootropics found ways to help the body become better, starting with the brain. 

Instead, the brain opts for calmness at an appropriate time. And this is why nootropics do wonders towards preserving cognitive function long term.

The Line Up At A Glance


Best Performance


  • It helps with depression.
  • It helps with combating excessive sleepiness and helps you focus and stay awake.
  • The product helps to maintain cognitive performance, enhances memory, and boosts mood.

Strongest Nootropic Supplement


  • The products do not have stimulants like caffeine.
  • The brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is an excellent remedy to help one increase their cognitive function.

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Mind Lab Pro

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Mind Lab Pro

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Qualia Mind

Best Nootropic to Enhance Focus

Qualia Mind

  • The products are 100% vegan and gluten-free.
  • The brand offers a 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • The formula boosts energy, brain clarity, concentration, creativity, and memory.

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Best Nootropic to Boost Mental

Performance Lab Mind

  • The formula contains no caffeine, synthetic additives and is non-GMO.
  • The product is perfect for memory enhancing.
  • The company offers fast and free shipping.

5 Best Nootropics Supplement Stacks & Smart Drugs



Modafinil is a powerful wakefulness-promoting agent that can help you to stay awake when your body needs sleep. Modafinil tablets are used to treat excessive daytime naps and shift work disorders, which causes overwhelming drowsiness at other times during the day than those scheduled for sleeping hours. Also, when you have sleep deprivation while you still have to work.

  • It is effective in treating sleeping disorders.
  • The formula has minor side effects that anyone can easily manage.
  • The potential of abusing the medication is relatively low.
  • The Modafinil prescription is expensive.
  • The long-term effects of using Modafinil are unclear.

Modafinil is a psychostimulant[3] that is primarily used for treating narcolepsy and shift work disorders. It has also been found helpful when people are excessively sleepy due to obstructive sleep apnea or another medical issue like multiple sclerosis—its effectiveness depends on what kind of disease you have first!

Two racemic versions (Modalert and armodafinil) have been repurposed in psychiatry to treat resistant depression, bipolar disorder[4], and depression.

For people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, it is recommended that continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)[5] be used before considering Modafinil to help with daytime fatigue.

The European Medicine Agency[6] has recommended new patient prescriptions only for those suffering from narcolepsy due to being extremely sleepy during the daytime.



Noocube is a nootropic stack that will improve your memory, mental processing speed, and focus. Whether you are a professional or a student, Noocubes help the mind perform at its best.

  • The brand is reputable for using natural ingredients.
  • The brand’s website comprehensively offers the clients all the scientific evidence of their formula’s effectiveness.
  • Noocube supplements have no known side effects.
  • They offer worldwide free shipping.
  • The company is not forthcoming about what the ingredients do.

Noocube’s patented formula, combining seven powerful ingredients into a single brain-boosting drink, is designed to improve both your cognitive function and memory within just 30 minutes of ingestion.

Noocubes has a 60-day money-back guarantee allowing you to try it virtually risk-free! The nootropic stack also comes with free shipping when a one-month supply is purchased for all customers worldwide.

Noocubes are a new type of brain therapy that can improve your cognitive function[7], enhance concentration and mental energy. The NooCube is said to have many benefits for the human body, including an increase in short-term memory capacity and enhanced creativity when it comes time for innovation or problem-solving.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a brain supplement that can improve your memory, focus, and other mental functions. The product is effective at enhancing cognitive performance in adults and boosting motivation levels when trying times arise.

  • The Mind Lab Pro supplements are all-natural without synthetics.
  • The supplements improve brain function, health, and stress resistance for all ages.
  • Their products are third-party tested.
  • You can get the Mind Lab Pro products all over the world.
  • The Mind Lab Pro supplement does not stack well with other nootropics.
  • The brand’s products are a bit costly

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement made by Opti-Nutra. This company has been around for years, and their product comes from good stock, after refining over time, making it better than before.

You can only buy this on the specific site of Mind Lab Pro. One container will last you about 30 days when taken once per day at breakfast. It also comes with some other benefits, like having minimal side effects in most cases. There are also free shipping offers depending on how much your order. 

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is a cognitive-enhancement supplement that aims to work on your brain’s health, and not just with the usual benefits you get from taking smart drugs. It has 28 ingredients in total! This product promises increased focus & concentration as well as better mood stability.

  • It is a potent formula for boosting brainpower that eradicates brain fog and enhances memory, creativity, and concentration.
  • The formulation is all-natural with no synthetic additives at all.
  • If the product does not meet your expectations, the brand offers a money-back guarantee.
  • The dosage is quite a lot; seven pills in one go!
  • They have a high price on them for a 22-day dosage.

The Neurohacker Collection produces Qualia Mind. The company has funded a study[8] on its effectiveness, which can be viewed on their site! This brain supplement seems to have minimal side effects and offers a 100-day back refund if you don’t find it compelling enough for your needs.

However, note: The return window only applies for those who’ve made their first order—after which point all sales are final.

Performance Lab Mind

performance lab mind

Performance Lab Mind is the perfect supplement for anyone who requires dynamic brainpower. It’s been crafted with intentions of nourishing and restoring your mental health in order for long-term cognitive well-being, protecting against burnout or stress while boosting performance during working hours.

  • It is commendable to help you bounce back by restoring the brain’s natural chemicals.
  • The formula is stimulant-free.
  • It is the best nootropic in the market to boost memory retention.
  • The brand offers fast and free shipping.
  • It would be best to take the capsule on an empty stomach; otherwise, it will not work.

Performance Lab Mind is one of many unique cognitive enhancers that help you make the most of your brain’s energy, focus, and motivation. Whether studying hard before an exam or tackling challenging projects at work, a Performance Lab Mind supplement can give you an edge in any situation.

Performance Lab Mind supplement contains potent ingredients to improve mental performance. These nootropics work together synergistically for users to optimize cognitive function, retain memories better and recover from physical activity or stress quicker.

The power behind this supplement isn’t just psychological but also physical due to its unique ingredients. These components support recovery from stress & pressure by restoring chemicals depleted during intense effort—all while giving users the mental agility they need when performing under high standards without feeling too exhausted afterward.

Best Nootropics Substances

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract[9] is a traditional medicine said to help grow new brain cells. The suggested mechanism for this product’s action is due to the compounds found in its extracts.

They are effective in causing your body to produce more nerve growth hormones which cause faster and better functioning brains with increased cognition; all these are good traits if you want an intelligent mind.

Lion’s mane works well when stacked or used alongside other nootropics like Ashwagandha, Maritime, Pine Bark Extract, and Tyrosine.


If you’re under a lot of stress or have an important deadline coming up fast, tyrosine can help. It’s vital in producing other chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine (known as “happiness neurotransmitters”).

Tyrosine[10] also helps with anxiety which is helpful for those who suffer from it—mainly because they might not know where else to turn if their usual treatments don’t work out well enough anymore! Combined with citicoline, ashwagandha & Rhodiola Rosea, they are an excellent nootropic stack.


Citicoline[11] is the most popular nootropic in existence, but it’s not just for brains. Citicoline can be converted into uridine and choline, which are both cognitive enhancing supplements.

Furthermore, this excellent chemical has an additional ability: increasing your brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. It does this by converting them into acetylcholine with tyrosine or phosphatidylserines as catalysts. This is another excellent way of boosting mental and physical performance capabilities while relaxing muscles simultaneously.


Ashwagandha[12] has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. The herb is thought to be adaptogenic, which means that it helps maintain your body’s homeostasis or balance by acting like an over-the-counter remedy. This is because of its calming properties on stress hormones such as cortisol levels in your system.

At the same time, it also provides cognitive benefits when taken alongside tyrosine supplements like Lion Hearts Mushroom Extract.

A recent study[13] showed how Ashgwandha might help reduce anxiety symptoms among healthy people. Those taking this herbal supplement reported feeling less tense in their bodies.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine bark extract is an antioxidant, which means that it fights free radicals. Too many free radicals cause all kinds of damage, including cancer, if left unchecked for too long. Luckily there’s more than enough protection against this happening thanks to Maritime Pine Bark containing natural chemicals such as quercetin[14]

Maritime pines can be used alone or with other ingredients like citicoline (which increases mental alertness), tyrosine and the amounts may vary according to your needs.


DHA[15] is a type of omega-3 fatty acid found all over your body, especially in the brain. It helps alleviate depression and anxiety; it also keeps moods steady for those who take this supplement.

You may get DHA from foods rich with them, like fatty fish, or by taking dietary supplements such as maritime pine bark extract.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba[16] is a prevalent ingredient found in many stacks, but it has been used explicitly with older adults. Ginkgos are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help the body and the mind.

When combined with citicoline or Bacopa monnieri, they help increase cardiovascular health by opening up blood vessels so your brain can be better supplied.

Bacopa Monnieri

A nootropic known as a straight brain-booster, Bacopa monnieri[17], can improve memory and process information faster. It does this by increasing the number of dendrites you have, essentially making your neurons more interconnected within themselves so that transferred memories are easier to remember than ever before—an effect augmented with bacosides found only in extracts rich with them!

This supplement has been shown effective for older adults struggling to remember recent events and those just getting started when seeking educational degrees who find their study habits lacking enough energy or motivation. Pairing up against other popular Nootropics like citicoline and phosphatidylserine may be a good idea.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate[18] is one of the most valuable supplements for building muscle. It also helps stimulate brain cell regeneration, increasing cellular energy and strength.

Frequently found in body-building supplements because it has been shown to improve energy, motivation, among other things.

In general, creatine may lead you to have an easier time remembering short-term memories[19] when compared with individuals who do not supplement their diet regularly or at all.

Frequently found in body-building supplements because it has been shown to improve reasoning skills, among other things. Creatine may lead you to have an easier time remembering short-term memories when compared with individuals who do not supplement their diet regularly or at all.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea[20], also known as the “adaptogen of Russia,” improves mental performance and cognitive function. It works by dealing with depression and anxiety while helping fight mental fatigue. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help your brain to heal up. This may be due to stress from working hard in tasks requiring memory or processing speed.


Caffeine[21] is a powerful drug that will give you the energy to finish your work. But in large doses, it can cause difficulty focusing and intense withdrawal symptoms. It’s also found in many nootropic blends, making its usability advantageous over other supplements with similar effects, such as Adderall.

Coffee has always been your favorite way of starting each day – some people might even call them “powerhouses.” But did you know caffeine shots aren’t just reserved for getting through those all-important classes? The popular psychoactive stimulant increases alertness while battling fatigue; helps us stay productive throughout long hours at desks without feeling too gunked up inside ourselves.

Benefits of Using Nootropics

Lowers Stress Levels

Nootropics are a class of supplements that can reduce stress. Unlike most medications, nootropic drugs don’t work by targeting one specific receptor in your brain. Instead, they stimulate the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine through various pathways—a process called “agonist-activator” pharmacology[22] (or sigma-1 agonism).

The result is improved cognitive performance because these substances make you feel happier while promoting relaxation. In some cases, natural Nootropics have even shown more significant effects on mental alertness than their synthetic counterparts.

They Help You Sleep Better

Sleep deprivation is terrible for your brain. It can cause you to lose focus, pay less attention during the daytime, and decrease short-term memory retention. 

Tyrosine helps to reduce anxiety and to relax a stressed brain, thus allowing you to sleep better at night.

It Improves Your Memory

Bacopa monnieri has been used to improve short-term memory in healthy individuals. It also enhances signaling within the hippocampus, where memories are stored for future recall.

Research[23] on creatine suggests this supplement may help you remember things better no matter your age or mental state right now.

Nootropics help boost brain power by physically improving your body’s cells via amino acids[24] that help neurons quickly transmit signals.

Helps with Mood-Balancing

Mood swings and anxiety can affect a person’s mood and memory performance levels. Nootropic supplements seem to help with these issues, while others like L-Theanine may improve alpha brain waves[25] which promote relaxed alertness.

Boosts Focus

Think of your brain as a muscle. It gets tired from doing one thing for too long, like exercising or working out at the gym with only weights to stimulate it physically before switching over to cardio exercises that require more mental endurance (such as running).

Nootropics can help by focusing on one task while ignoring environmental stimuli, so you don’t get distracted when trying something new. This could lead to more productivity in various areas, such as studying without worrying how much time has passed since the last break.

You Boost Your Mental Energy

Nootropics offer sustainable ways to improve your brain’s fuel efficiency, which means you may be able to think more clearly and quickly. Nootropic supplements are not addictive like caffeine so that they won’t give you that jittery feeling in the morning.

20% of your body’s energy is consumed by thinking; thus, physical health and mental wellness matter, and nootropics help a lot.

How To Choose The Best Nootropics?

The process of buying nootropics may be confusing for some people because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this emerging industry. So here is a simple guide to help you get the best nootropics.

Define Why You Need the Nootropics

Your needs for the nootropic vary; you may want to boost your creativity or enhance your focus. Once you know what you want, go for the best nootropic in that category.

Therefore, conduct extensive research by reading articles, studies, and journals to find this out. Online review sites are also a great place to get this information.

Consider the Dosage

There are many different types of nootropics, and not all may have adverse effects. Additionally, you don’t know how it will affect your body; the dosage can be cautiously increased over time to see what happens with less system shock from a new substance if used sparingly at first.

Try Pairing Up Ingredients or Getting Alternatives

If you run out of your nootropic choice and have difficulty re-acquiring more, it’s best to be prepared with alternative recipes/alternative supplements.

For example, another prevalent option for people looking to avoid caffeine is L-theanine which has a better effect on many individuals while still providing some caffeine benefits as well.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want nootropics ingredients to be most effective, they must work in harmony with your lifestyle. The best way for this is by living a healthy life and getting enough sleep, ideally 8 hours per night.

It’s also essential to have an exercise plan that suits you perfectly and avoid too many unhealthy snacks or processed foods. Do this while still sticking closely by the requirements of calories & nutrients needed but not going over your Body Mass Index ( BMI) limits.

Risks & Side Effects

Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” can be a risky and side effect-filled game.

Some of the risks include:

  • Insomnia may lead to more serious problems like high blood pressure.
  • Blurry vision due to an increased heart rate that could result in circulation issues if not appropriately monitored by doctors:
  • Addiction is also possible with nootropics use since there’s always a risk factor when it comes down to unmanaged dosing.
  • Risk of interactions with other drugs.

How to take Nootropics?

Taking nootropics will mostly depend on the form they come in. Some are powder, others gummies, or capsules. All in all, you must get the dosage recommendation from an expert. Ideally, you should ingest nootropics in the morning or the evening so that you have a productive day or a good night’s sleep.

You may mix them with food while taking them on an empty stomach, again, something you need to clarify with the experts.

Final Thought

Nootropics have far more benefits to your brainpower, helping you become better and more efficient with an improved mental function. The five products are the best nootropics to help you rewire your brain pathways to be better and better as time goes by. Regardless, it would be best if you were careful not to overindulge as there are risks involved.

All in all, they do work. So get one and see how your life will change for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nootropics safe for kids?

It depends. Natural nootropics are the best to use for kids as they contain additives, thus safe for children.

Can I mix Nootropics?

Yes, you can. These are called nootropic stacks which contain multiple nootropics that give you a beneficial synergy effect.

Do Nootropics work immediately?

Many nootropics take a while to build up in the body before their effects are felt.

How do Nootropics make one feel?

When a nootropic works, you feel a rush of energy plus a boost in your mood. You can focus better and become alert. Your memory and verbal recall become impressive, and you eradicate all the brain fog.

How often should I take Nootropics?

Depending on the type you get, the general dosage is a daily one. The amount and how to take it are indicated on the packaging. Follow that to the letter.

Are Nootropics addictive?

Some of them are, like caffeine. But as long as you take the proper dosage at the right time, you will be okay.

Can Nootropics be detected on drug tests?

No, they will not because they are not an illegal substance. You must, however, be super careful where you buy them. Sub-par qualities may have illicit substances that might raise a red flag during a drug test.

Can you overdose on Nootropics?

You can if you take too much of it, and the results would be adverse effects like a raised blood flow pressure or even death in rare cases. You must be very vigilant to follow the dosage to the letter.

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]]>BistroMD Reviews 2021: Is It Worth Buying? Thu, 23 Sep 2021 02:33:00 +0000 MD Reviews







  • The brand offers specialised meal plans for diabetics, menopausic, and people with heart issues.
  • The meals are jam-packed with macronutrients.
  • The brand provides one-on-one dietitian support.
  • BistroMD offers tools and education for its clients.
  • BistroMD uses four components to help people with their weight loss journey: social support, proper diet, adequate sleep, and moderate exercise.

Brand Information

  • The company was founded in 2005.
  • Its headquarters are in Naples. Florida, USA.
  • The founders are Dr Caroline Cederquist and Ed Cederquist.

Medical Benefits

  • They offer healthy meals for numerous groups of special diet people, diabetes patients.
  • It helps you healthily lose weight.
  • The ingredients are all-natural and fresh.

25% Off + Free Shipping on First Order

About The Brand

BistroMD is one of the leading brands in the weight loss industry. They offer numerous weight loss programs specifically designed to make healthy eating and weight loss a breeze for their clients.

The brand became known in 2005, and its founders are Dr. Caroline Cederquist and Ed Cederquist. They are based in Naples, Florida, in the United States. In this review of BistroMD, you will find everything you need to know about the brand and its legendary meal plans that took the world by storm.

What is BistroMD?

BistroMD is a weight loss program and meal delivery service that distributes full meals to its clients. They deliver lunches and dinners in packages to the client’s doorstep.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist, one of the founders, is a board-certified bariatric[1] specialist who wanted people to enjoy pleasant and nutritious meals without breaking a sweat. The company offers its clientele numerous programs to cater to their dietary needs. They also provide them with a plethora of subscriptions, opinions, and an exclusive members-only online community.

But that is not all!

The icing on the cake is support from its broad team of registered dietitians who can answer any questions you have on diet and nutrition. BistroMD is really big on customer satisfaction, and that is why they are a beloved brand that grows day-in-day-out.

Feature Product & Coupon


Best Reputation


  • The brand offers specialised meal plans for diabetics, menopausic, and people with heart issues.
  • The meals are jam-packed with macronutrients.
  • The brand provides one-on-one dietitian support.
  • BistroMD offers tools and education for its clients.
  • BistroMD uses four components to help people with their weight loss journey: social support, proper diet, adequate sleep, and moderate exercise.

25% Off + Free Shipping on First Order

Who Should Try BistroMD?

BistroMD has done its due diligence to help people looking to have a structured weight-loss using healthy meals. BistroMD delivers frozen and fully prepared meals such that you just warm the food and enjoy it. For that reason, they help people who lack time to cook or even go shopping for their condiments to prepare meals.

The company offers their client an extensive weight loss program in that there is something for everyone. And so, the people in the following groups are the target group for BistroMD:

  • Diabetics
  • People with cardiovascular issues.
  • Women in menopause.
  • Gluten-free people.
  • Men and women that want to lose weight through diet or who have dietary restrictions.

On the flip side, people with adverse food allergies, those living on a tight budget, and those under strict dietary watch are not the ideal clients for these frozen lunches and dinners


  • The brand has a large selection of healthy meals.
  • The meals BistroMD curates are healthy, balanced, and fit for several special diet people.
  • You have the choice to go with either a 5-day or a 7-day meal plan. They come as tasty snacks, full meals, lunches, and dinners.
  • Clients may cancel BistroMD meal programs at any time they wish to.
  • The online support from the BistroMD team of dietitians is commendable.
  • You get free shipping when you do group buys and fantastic discounts.
  • The meals save you time to cook.


  • Frozen BistroMD frozen meals are costly.
  • The shipping fees are high.
  • They do not do meal delivery services to Hawaii and Alaska.

How Does It Work?

The unique thing about BistroMD is that they allow their clients to select their meals one after the other. Their system is sophisticated and straightforward to use in that you understand everything pretty quickly. Even though it might take some getting used to, it still works once you get the basics.

Here is how you start an order:

  • You first enter the site and begin selecting the meals you want.
  • Whenever you like something; a tasty snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you add it to the cart.
  • Next, you sign up or log into your account so that you can check out.
  • You make your payments, and the delivery dispatch is prepared.
  • In a day or two, you get your meals well packaged and ready to eat.

Once you get the meal kits in this meal delivery service, your part is to continue freezing the food until you are ready to consume it. They will come to you on dry ice, but you still have to place them inside a freezer.

You have to remember that food poisoning is still likely, especially if you let food like grilled salmon and other white meats thaw and not consume it. That said, it is better safe than sorry.  

Health Benefits of BistroMD

The brand’s 150+ meal plans offer their clients the following health benefits:

  • Gluten-free, vegetarian meal kits help the consumers take in balanced diets that do not cause any stomach upsets due to allergies.
  • It offers the body a healthy calorie, protein, and fat intake.
  • The high-protein diet is instrumental in weight loss[2] and helping one control their appetite.

Meal Plans & Menu 

The meal kits under the BistroMD brand are free of monosodium glutamate[3], MSG, trans fats, and aspartame[4] that may cause cancers. Instead, they are entirely made with fresh ingredients. One downside that people question is the source of these ingredients; are they grown or sourced from the local farmer’s markets? No one knows.

All in all, here is the list of all their meal packages:

Heart-Healthy Program

This program consists of seven breakfast and seven lunch meals that have a set number of calories, total fat, sodium, and saturated fats in the right amounts for a healthy heart. That is if you decide to do the 7-day program. The idea behind this meal program is to proffer you a healthy heart.

The brand ensures that the recipes comply with the American Heart Association guidelines for a healthy heart’s fat, sodium, and calories levels. Each serving contains less than 3.5 grams of saturated fats 600 mg of sodium.

You keep your cholesterol and blood sodium levels down, thus a healthy heart with a diet plan. Sodium in large quantities may lead to a raised blood pressure[5], and cholesterol may block the heart arteries[6] causing heart attacks.

Gluten-free Program

This plan is mainly for people who are sensitive to foods that contain gluten. Each meal package in this program includes a minimum of 20 grams of protein. They also do not have additives, and they are never freeze-dried.

The FDA approves that this meal is undoubtedly gluten-free[7], and this program has a total of 80 plus meal options. Your dietary preferences may revolve around getting a few meals delivered to your doorstep. You could even try the spicy tomato leek sauce that is gluten-free.

Diabetic-Friendly Program

The diabetic meal program from BistroMD is yet another loved meal package that contains low sugar levels to help with controlling blood sugar levels. The meals have under 25 g of net carbs that allows a diabetic weight loss on track without compromising their health.

Menopause Program

Women undergoing menopause can also feel included with this plan that helps them control their meals and weight all at once. The wholesome and nutritious meals are rich in antioxidants and other helpful nutrients that help curb menopausal symptoms. The portions are perfectly curated to ensure that a lady under this program gets their daily dose of foods that help with hormone balancing[8], which is thrown off with menopause.

This meal plan focuses on lean proteins and complex carbs[9] that help burn fat and regulate insulin levels.

BistroMD Men’s program

This meal package includes meals that are specific for men who are on a weight loss journey. It is jam-packed with macronutrients with over 200 suggestions to select. From this selection, men can get seven breakfast meals, seven lunch meals, seven dinner meals for a few weeks without having the same meal.

This program is perfect for a gentleman who has no time for cooking or simply wants to lose weight with minimal effort.

BistroMD Women’s Program

Women also have a weight loss program that offers immeasurable benefits like lowering stress women face every day. It reduces time spent heading to the local farmers market or cooking every day, juggling work and home duties. With this meal plan, a lady can have a delicious meal delivered at her doorstep, lose weight and still get to enjoy a quiet evening.

The program comes with meal packages that amount to 1100-4400 calories per day.

Menu Options

There are two complete programs that you can select. Then there is one more that contains two lunches and dinner programs.

Here is the breakdown of the weekly menu and BistroMD cost.

1. The full program for seven days per week

This menu option includes seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and seven dinner meal packages. Under this menu option, there is also the ‘My Night’ option, and it costs $ 190.

2. The full program for five days per week

This includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinner meal plans—the price tag is $ 160.

3. The lunch and dinner programs for seven per week

This menu option includes seven lunches and dinners that cost $ 160.

4. The lunch and dinner program for five days per week

This menu has five dinner meal packages for only $ 130.

Here are some of the meals that people absolutely love:

  • Green chile pork with southwest salsa.
  • Meatloaf with honey bourbon glaze.
  • Hickory smoked BBQ pork with broccoli.
  • Sweet onion frittata.
  • Chicken marsala.

How to Register for BistroMD Program?

Signing up is pretty straightforward. Follow the following steps, and you are in!

Step 1: Head on to the website.

Step 2: Click on the “Get Started” button.

Step 3: Pick one of the five available meal programs: men, women, menopause, gluten-free, and heart-healthy.

Step 4: Select one of the four meal plan options.

Step 5: Fill in your credentials, names, gender, email, and a secure password.

Step 6: Start placing your meal orders into the cart.

BistroMD Review: What do real users say?

Here are some of the reviews past clients of BistroMD had to say about their experience with the brand:

5 stars

Last summer, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Meal planning, shopping, and preparation were daunting to me. As a widow and 67 years old, I just no longer wanted to deal with all that, so I just didn’t know what I was going to do. I tried Nutrisystem (so awful there are no words for it). Then I found BistroMD, and what a relief! The meals arrive promptly after ordering via FedEx with dry ice, and I enjoy two meals daily simply by using my microwave. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this diabetic program (Silver Cuisine), not only for the ease and convenience but for the absolutely delicious food and the selections I have to choose from. This company is so responsive and friendly when you reach out to them for any problem.

Cathy of Lafayette, IN

The packaging is earth-friendly. The food is healthy and good. The portions are satisfying. I eat less garbage and extra food in general when I stick to their plan every day. I can avoid shopping for food at all with this subscription.

Dave of Reno, NV

3 stars

BistroMD I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed my first box of BistroMD meals. There are, however, a couple of issues that deserve your attention. I waited until Monday to start enjoying my meals but was delayed for almost a week. Here’s why. I pulled out the breakfast from the freezer with difficulty because the printing of the meal’s name is hard to read because it has little contrast and the lighting in the kitchen from overhead casts of shadow from the top of the refrigerator preventing any light on the package name. I went looking for a flashlight to help me read the food titles, and, naturally, it was out of batteries. I called my daughter, and she didn’t have any either, so I got on Instacart and ordered some double-A batteries from Albertsons. They didn’t come until the evening, so I had to wait until Tuesday morning to start my meals.

John of Las Vegas, NV

How To Choose The Best Meal Programs?

Selecting the perfect meal service is straightforward, but you must conduct an extensive study. The company you choose must be compatible with your preferences and any unique dietary requirements you may have. 

For example, if you are menopausal or have celiac disease[10] that necessitates only gluten-free meals, BistroMD is an excellent choice. And they also have BistroMD coupons frequently.

Regardless, it would be best to research BistroMD reviews and any other meal services that interest you to make an informed conclusion. The ultimate goal is to create an effective food plan and program that provides results while keeping you healthy. So, if one is not working for you, do not be scared to switch. All in all, BistroMD is worth buying!

Alternatives to BistroMD

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

  • They create meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • They offer their clients personal medical advice on specific meal programs.
  • They have a wide selection of meals.
  • The meals are budget-friendly.

  • The meal plans do not work for all special diets.
  • The Jenny Craig consultants are not certified healthcare professionals.



  • Nutrisystem prepares nutritious frozen meals.
  • The brand has an extensive meal menu to choose.
  • The brand offers personalized support from weight loss coaches.
  • The portioning is small and users say they get hungry after a while.
  • It gets expensive where you have to add extras like snacks and fruits.



  • They are an effective meal plan delivery service.
  • They offer ready-made meals that aid in weight loss.
  • They have overwhelmingly positive reviews about their meal plans.
  • The Diet-to-Go may not provide enough calories.
  • This is not suitable for long-term weight loss maintenance.

Final thought: Is It Worth Buying?

People who sign up for BistroMD’s meal service get thoroughly cooked healthy and delicious meals. They provide meals as well as nutritionist help and an online community for anyone to join.

BistroMD offers meal plans and programs tailored to specific dietary requirements, such as heart-healthy or gluten-free diets. The service does not require a subscription; however, it does necessitate a plan selection. À la carte meals are not available.

However, it may be pricey for some. On the other hand, the prepared meals may aid in achieving and sustaining weight loss objectives for interested individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BistroMD certified organic?

Many, but not all, of the dishes at BistroMD are organic. Nonetheless, the brand is conscientious about using healthy and fresh ingredients. When the opportunity arises, they collaborate with local farms.

From where does BistroMD ship?

BistroMD is based in the United States and ships continentally. Food is delivered frozen in sealed packaging and must be thawed before consumption.

What is the return policy at BistroMD?

BistroMD, understandably, does not offer food returns. The company is unable to accept refunds due to FDA rules. You have the option to put your subscription on pause or cancel it at any time.

What is the duration of BistroMD meals?

Balance meals can be frozen and kept fresh for up to a year from the date of manufacture. Of course, after you have tried them, they would not be around for quite as long!

When it comes to BistroMD meals, how long do they last in the freezer?

The advantages of freezing the meals go beyond keeping BistroMD’s signature restaurant-quality flavor. When frozen indefinitely, the freezing process automatically extends the shelf life of each meal to up to a year.

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