Ds day militaey diet substituts

By | January 3, 2021

ds day militaey diet substituts

Using substitutions on the Military Diet, you can create a gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan version of the 3 day diet. NEVER substitute orange for grapefruit. Oranges will create the opposite effect intended for the Military Diet. In an acidic environment, fat flourishes. So, alkaline producing foods will help improve the pH balance of the body. Grapefruit and baking soda create more alkaline conditions, better for fat burning. Any very lean meat can be substituted for tuna, but fish is preferable. Other substitutes for tuna include cottage cheese, chicken, tofu, or almonds.

The 3 Day Military Diet is simple. Many people like to use Military Diet Substitutions. Basically if you follow this meal plan for 3 days you can lose UP TO 10 pounds. Note: There are affiliate links in this post. See full disclosure. See below for ideas. Grapefruit and baking soda creates more alkaline conditions in your body. This helps with burning fat. Let me know if you have more questions about anything. Substitutions for Banana : 2 kiwi, 1 cup papaya, 2 apricots. Substitutions for Peanut Butter : soy butter, sunflower seed butter, almond butter, hummus. Substitutions for Tuna : cottage cheese, canned chicken meat, canned salmon, tofu, hummus, 30 almonds, 30 pumpkin seeds, 30 peanuts.

I did it a once with substitutions and lost 2 pounds!! I want to try this, but I am concerned about the amount of food intake. Unfortunately, no other fruit can be used in place of grapefruit. Will i still get the same results weightwise? I know everyone says not to substitute but I have to. Day 1 Lunch. Anonymous October 2, at AM.

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