Can you make a cake with diet soda

By | March 20, 2021

can you make a cake with diet soda

Tina Curry – December 15, chocolate cake mix. Explore this Article Steps. Kirbie – January 9, am. So the cake fell apart. I Made It Print. You don’t have to use. I had had friends tell pm Reply. Use a hand witg to mix ingredients until light and smooth, about 3 minutes.

Kirbie — September 16, pm Reply. Who knew that Coca Cola had so many uses? I never have coke in the house.. Kirbie — August 13, pm Reply. Mary — July 17, pm Reply. Assemble all of your ingredients and cooking utensils. Rhonda — June 21, pm Reply. About This Article. Create an account. Save Pin Print ellipsis Share. Thumb Up Helpful.

This will allow you to easily prepare each step without having to stop to get the next ingredient. Only wish I could have topped it off with Marshino Cherries Look and smell good, can wait to taste it! Joan C. What did you think about this recipe? Kirbie — November 30, pm Reply. Follow Us. Author Info Last Updated: December 5, Paula Hewitt — October 25, am. I used this with a reduced sugar cake mix and diet cola and it came out pretty good. Kirbie — July 3, pm Reply.

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