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The Werewolf Chronicles - Complete Trilogy  by  Joshua Vine

The Werewolf Chronicles - Complete Trilogy by Joshua Vine
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For the first time ever, The Werewolf Chronicles is bundled into this neat little package. Speaking of packages, how about that Ryan Gosling? What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Own: An Even Newer Moon, The Werewolf and Vampire Diaries, and The Hungry Werewolf Games together for the first time. The complete saga of ridiculousness awaits you…Don’t believe me, read these reviews:F*** you, Im not reading that! - NewsweekGuy! you cant jerk-off in here! - Manager of Arbys“Better than Obama-care!” – John McCain“This is the greatest piece of literature ever written. It exemplifies the courage of America.” – President Obama (At least he told me he was…Is President Obama a 40-year old white homeless man who lives behind a Shell station?

It probably wasnt him.)“Sir, Ive already told you. You cannot jerk-off in Arby’s. If you’re not going to zip up your pants and order an Arby-Melt, you’re going to have to leave.” – Arby’s Manager.“I don’t feel so good. Did you put something in my drink?” – Bradley CooperAn Even Newer Moon: Two werewolves begin a wacky adventure to acquire some cheesy snacks. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends in this fun musical adventure. Werewolves and vampires must learn to work together and put their differences aside to survive their journey. To obtain the desired cheesy snacks, the wolf-men must give up more than they bargained for, which will lead to an epic battle to end all battles.

They come across vampires, sea “creatures,” a professional figure skater, wizards and even a few Oscar winning actors during their journey. Read this soon to be hit Broadway play, I’m only assuming, before witnessing the hilarious journey on stage.The Werewolf and Vampire Diaries: Everyones favorite werewolves and vampires plan a heist to steal some valuable possessions. Expect the unexpected as the group once again encounter celebrities and creatures on their epic journey. Will this dangerous mission be the end of our heroic group?

Will Robert Pattinson finally let the truth come out? All questions will be answered...maybe... in this amazingly entertaining sequel to the breakout hit An Even Newer Moon. If you liked the first one, you will love The Werewolf and Vampire Diaries!The Hungry Werewolf Games: An Olympic figure skater has raised the dead in attempt to rule the world.

It’s up to your favorite team of: werewolves, vampires and Hollywood movie stars to save the world. Can Gary and his loyal followers finally rid the world his enemies? Every question will be answered, unlike in Lost. Warning to all you people who were offended by the last two stories: This book is offensive, you will be offended! This is not like Twilight! If you love Twilight, you probably won’t like this.

You will be uncomfortable and cringe while reading this. Do not buy this if you are sensitive, it is not politically correct. I don’t know how many more ways to say this. However, if you like to laugh and like silly comedy, buy this, you won’t regret it. You should read this now so when it is made into a movie you can say, “I liked the book better.”

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