Seven Star Sisters Lisa Herrera



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Seven Star Sisters  by  Lisa Herrera

Seven Star Sisters by Lisa Herrera
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After a mysterious fog settles over Dysna, the ancient city of TimeKeepers, seven young Star Sisters must escape and find their way to the fabled Mount Estrella to fulfill the destiny of the Timekeepers prophecy. To save the cycles of time from ending and falling under the control and power of the evil Kritarpa, they must travel across unknown lands and reach the Mount ahead of Kritarpa and defeat him, or all of the world will fall into darkness and fear.The Seven Star Sisters each have a purpose and gifts they must draw upon to succeed in their journey.Alysyn, Keeper of the Vision, fair and kind, struggles with doubts about her role in the prophecy as she faces the challenges ahead.Kyra, Guardian of Seeds and Medicine, being the smallest and youngest of the seven, can’t resist the comfort of safety and in doing so jeopardizes the safety of all.Aryana, the eldest of the Sisters, Keeper of the Flute and Storyteller, helps the others connect with their purpose.Myshala, Keeper of the Crystal, remembers her gift of receiving messages from the rocks.The Warrior, Enya, Protector of Animal Spirits, must learn to reign in her temper.Lyla, the shyest and plainest of them is Keeper of the Records.

She has a yet undiscovered gift that will be revealed.Sonya, Star Dancer, overconfident and at times cruel, discovers a staggering secret on her journey to Mount Estrella.Kritarpa is the leader of Darpah, the dark wicked place where time has shifted and all who live there only know fear and pain. He commands the Bringers of Hate and Cruelty, the creatures that feed on fear and doubt.Athelia, an elder and Queen of Crystalline Rose City, provides a safe haven for those escaping the grip of Kritarpa, but even she is in danger as the Star Sister’s Prophecy begins to play out and enrages Kritarpa.

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